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October 01, 2019


Kate  Greenwood

I plan to finish a vertebrae cardi and a pair of socks using the Coffee Talk pattern and a recently purchased Hedgehog Fiber sock set.
Thanks for the giveaway!


My goal this month is to keep up with the clues in the Stephen West Starflake MKAL.


I am determined to finish my projects that are cast on already- and complete a few hats for the family for fall!

Rhonda Atkinson

I love fall. I am starting hats for my grandkids. I got your special of 6 skeins a couple months back and each grand kid chose the color they wanted. Now to knit away. I do love knitting in the fall and winter. Thank you.


I started a sweater several months ago and haven't been knitting it.
My goal is to get back to it and of course finish it.


My goal is to finish the pair of socks I am making and complete another pair this month. Also work on the sleeves on the sweater I have been working on since January.


I just cast on two sweaters—my goal is to finish the one that was already on the needles!

Naomi J in OK

I finished my first hand dyed yarn sweater and would love to make a pair of socks while contemplating my next project.

Jody Laake

Oooo that’s easy! I want to order some of the gorgeous Life in the Long Grass yarn that was attached to the postcard you enclosed in my order and knit a shawl - maybe Storm. I am also whittling away at my wish list which is filled with your original Smooshy replacement suggestions. Thank you for all of these wonderful contests!


I decided that my dad could use a new pair of socks - last year I had to severely darn his last handknit pair, so they are clearly well-loved. But this time I'm using worsted wt instead of fingering, so hopefully they will last a little longer...
My real goal is to finish one of the 3 sweaters I have started for my self, but keep setting aside to work on things for other people!


I want to keep finding time to work on my husband's sweater, but I'm also going to start a small side project for times when the giant sweater is too large to take along... Maybe something with the mohair set I bought from you recently. 😁


I want to finish my 3 color cowl and then move on to the comfort fade cardi. I thought it would be knitted way before fall.


I am planning on finishing the socks that I’m knitting my husband for Christmas, and toques for my daughter and her boyfriend (also for Christmas).


For Socktober I so want to knit my first pair of socks! Yes, I know. lol I also want to knit a Trilobite hat for my son. Both have been on a way too long bucket list.


I wish I had time for a sock knitting goal in October, but we're moving on the 11th, go to closing on the house we're selling on the 15th and leave on vacation on the 30th, so in between I'll be cleaning the new house (which we've already closed on) and setting things up and then unpacking boxes once we make the "big" move! I guess my goal is to get my quilting/knitting area set up so I can participate next year!


Using lace weight mohair for the first time! Knitting it holding a strand of dk, and I am knitting this project while I walk outdoors for exercise and listen to '70s Elton John music. Living my best life LOL


Goal for Socktober is to finish another pair of socks. I have a test knit that needs to be done mid-October and I haven't had nearly enough time to knit them.


For Socktober I want to finish the fade I have been working on and finish a pair of boot cuffs for my granddaughter and start a pair of socks for my husband with Christmas Robin color. But I may get distracted along the way....


My Socktober goal is to finish my Christmas sock gifts for my sister and my niece. I make them two pairs of socks each. Right now I have two pair done with two to go.


I want to make some fingerless mitts this month. The first six months of the year I made several pairs of socks, but I’m in a mittens and mitts mood now.

Gail Fairman

My daughter actually requested a pair of socks and a cowl to wear with her new winter ensembles.This is a first!! My goal is to complete her first ever requested mom knit projects and then sit back and admire the results.


I'm expecting a baby in mid-November, so my October goals are making some things for him. I'm trying to finish up knitting a blanket and toy tiger quickly, so that I can start (and hopefully finish) a hat and bootie set for him.


I've started gifts. I need to decide on a non-wool shawl for Mom - thinking of silk since she's in FL and doesn't need a lot of warmth. I'm currently tinking back to find my error on a shawl for my daughter - wish me luck!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Julie Vance

The Seraphine wrap from Brooklyn Tweed.


I want to knit my granddaughter a pair of socks from Regia Arne Carlos Pairfect Sock Yarn for children.


What I really want to get done is some blocking. Next to seaming it's my least favorite part of knitting. I have a pile of things that have needed blocking for months now, some probably a year! That means I haven't worn any of them yet. Crazy, right? So my goal for October is not knitting, but blocking.


I want to finish all of the socks I have half-done. If I do that, I'll have a huge pile of Christmas gifts!


I’d love to finish the pair of socks I have OTN.


My brother has a baby due 10/31, so my first goal is to finish up a couple more hat and mitten sets, as well as the stripy kimono cardigan I’ve started. One hat will definitely be a little pumpkin! Maybe I’ll do some matching socks for Socktober. Meanwhile, for myself I’m planning to finish my Fading Point wrap so I can snuggle up with it in November.


Socktober is for finishing up any knit or crochet mini-stockings in progress, as well as making the sewn ones I have planned, by mid-Socktober so that I can get them to Warmth for Warriors for them to stuff for our deployed troops. Then I’ll move on to Christmas cowls that are promised.


My oldest son has just recently shown interest in my hand knit socks so I'm trying to crank out as many pairs for him before the snow starts to fall!


So many goals... so little time. I am finishing a pumpkin hat for my pumpkin grandson. Then on to starting a hat with wonderful HM Halo bundles I bought. I am hoping to get 2 or 3 done for Christmas presents. and socks.. there is always socks on the needles. Oh and I have to pick up my latest yarn order at SSY...


For "Socktober"../I'm admitting I have never knit a pair of socks! A few weeks ago, I ordered,yarn, needles and a copy of Knitting Pure and Simple Beginner Lightweight Sock pattern.These are sitting by my chair waiting for me to "just do it".. Socks are one of my favorite things..I've got to do this...I'm 70+years!!!....there, I've confessed...

Diane P Smith

I want to finish a Halloween shawl I started before Halloween arrives.

Brenna Delosier

I plan to start the Christmas stockings that I was gonna start months ago.


I would like to finish some projects I have on the needles so I can start some new ones!

Sarah D.

It has been a long time since I've actually knit a pair of socks, so that would be my goal! To knit a pair of socks! I do a lot of things with sock yarn - shawls, etc. But haven't knit socks in a long time!


My goal is to finish up the two socks I'm behind on in my LYS sock class, and to participate in the new Stephen West MKAL, but not necessarily to keep up with him.


Finish 2 of the pairs of socks currently in the “patiently waiting” pile. Start Christmas hats.


I have several Chanukah and Christmas gifts to make.


My goal for Socktober is to knit two pairs of socks for Christmas gifts.


I’ve been so busy lately I completely forgot about Socktober 😱. I think this month is going to be just as busy too so if I can get two pairs of socks completed, I’ll be happy.


I am planning to learn a new way to knit socks - on circular needles instead of dpns. I did my first pair (Knitting Pure and Simple Lightweight Beginner socks) on dpns but had a bit of trouble with slight laddering. Used 4 needles instead of 3, that helped a bit, but would like to see if using one or two circulars to knit in the round would work better for me. And I want to try a new pattern, maybe one of many that I've bookmarked or one of Helen Stewart's sock patterns. Something with a pattern in it. I was also told about a stretchy bind off for the cuff that I didn't learn first time around, hope to try that, too.


At work, I'm working on a Joji cowl and I want to finish that. I would also like to make some progress on a sweater I'm working on for me and another one for my great niece.


As always, I have some socks OTN. But I’ve knit a couple of hats from some neon coral Caron Simply Soft acrylic yarn someone gave me. And I plan on knitting at least one more. They’re for a service organization in Maine that works with African refugees. A color that looks awful on me will look great on someone with much darker skin.
I never knit gifts for occasions. I’ll knit hats, socks, or Wonderful Wallabies for my grands but never for a special occasion - I just can’t knit on deadline any longer. The hats for the African refugees are as close to deadline knitting I do now.

Jeanne Bush

Finish the pair of socks I have in progress and start (finish???) another pair I want to knit for a friend. Oh, and start a fair isle sweater as I recuperate from hip surgery.


I have lots of knitting plans for October. Fingerless mitts are on the needles now. I'm also planning on a bulky sweater and a cowl for me. If I have time, I also plan on a sweater for my 4 yo granddaughter. Plus a hat & mitten set for her.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Hats, wristers and maybe a cowl or two from my queue.


I wish I had a really good goal...really would just like to find my knitting mojo....somehow I have lost interest and would really like to dive into a project that would re-motivate me.


My goal is to just knit.

Ashley W

It sounds silly, but my goal is just to knit. I have a precocious toddler and am trying to remember to take more me time!


i'm going to finish the sox on my needles and begin a layette for the baby my great-granddaughter announced they're planning for! I am thrilled!

Marilee Reinhart-Davieau

Oh, so many goals! I plan to finish a pair of Soft Pretzel socks for my SIL and a brioche scarf I have been working on. Also, I have the pumpkin costume kit for my Dolores doll, and I'd like to get that done by Halloween!


My goal is to resist signing up for any more test knits, and instead finish the pair of socks for DD that have been languishing on the needles since July.

Karen machado

I am busy making pumpkins for family and friends, currently. I, also, have to get started for my holiday gifts knitting, such as hats and mittens. In addition to these projects, I have a cardigan to finish in a spring green color and a pullover (v necked), in yellow to finish. This next month is going to be busy on my needles!


I'm finishing up some WIPs before casting on my first ever pair of Christmas socks.


My goals: Finish my shawl, knit something for my mother (either for her birthday at the end of the month or for Christmas), and work on a pair of stripey Halloween socks.


My goal for October is to finish the Halo Jacket with only one sleeve to complete. Finish up 2 pair of socks currently on needles. Start Hitofude pattern with Mad Tosh Merino Light. Your contests are so easy to enter, thanks.


My goal is to knit up at least some of my big stash of sock yarn before I buy any more, but I doubt that I will be able to resist some new colors


My goal is to finish a pair of socks for myself and one for my husband. Both already cast on.

Dana Snyder

I’m starting Starflake on Friday so I’ll be busy with that this month. I want to start some Halloween socks and finish some of my socks that are in progress.

Melissa Westphal

My goal is to finish 2 pairs of socks I'm designing. One is going very well, but the intarsia one has been frustrating and is currently in timeout.

Amy C

My goal is to finish the sweater I'm working on so I can pile up my scraps and make a colorful pair of Raspberry Lemonade socks in memory of Adrienne Fong (the irrepressible and very sorely missed BellyButtonKnits of Ravelry)

Amanda Z

Happy Socktober!!! This year my goal is to knit a sweater in sock-weight yarn. Bulky yarn sweaters go so quickly but there isn't a huge amount of time in Texas I can wear such heavier sweaters. So lighter weight (and SLOW) it is!!


My goal is to have the shawl with the beaded edging done by the end of the month. 270 edge stitches that are decreased by 1 stitch every 2 rows of edging. Started and stopped and put it in time-out for several years but it will be finished this month!

Sarah S

My goal is to knit some cozy things for my 4-month-old niece! Maybe a cute hat and booties for the winter :)


I'm planning on finishing up a shawl I'm knitting.


Gotta finish up my sock yarn sweater before I'm allowed to cast on anything new.

Teri E Persing

I just cast on an all-over-colorwork sweater; my goal is to have the body completed this month.


I'm finally going to start my Timely cardigan! And finish two pairs of socks and a dress for my niece - it's good to have goals but I think I'm being hopeful with October :)

Deb Adams

I want to finish unfinished socks in my stash for gift giving.

Lauren E

I just started knitting my VERY FIRST sock yesterday and my goal for this month is to have a complete pair! Fingers crossed!

Kara Williams

It is time. to. make. a. plan. for the holiday knitting! My goal for Soctober is to figure out what the holiday gifts are going to be this year and get cracking! And also finish the stuffed whale i'm working on, that pair of socks still on the needles, and at least four other projects. YAY fall!


My goal this socktober is to finish this sweater and the second sock to this poor abandoned sock I've left alone all summer!


My Socktober goal is to make a shawl for my mom!!


My goal is to design, knit, and write up a sock pattern specifically designed for a skein-and-a-mini.

Mary Beaverson

Hope to finish a new scarf with the gorgeous LITLG I picked up last Saturday.

Debra Cohen

My goal this Socktober is to use up some of my I can order more yarn!


I just finished two cowls made with sock yarn leftovers. I'm now knitting a pair of nice, ribbed, self-striping socks that require very little brainpower. I have no specific Socktober goal.


I'm trying to finish a knitted Christmas stocking for the newest little one who's is my sister's first granddaughter!
Then a toque for my oldest granddaughter and knitted slippers for my youngest granddaughter,


I want to finish the shawl I started last weekend!

Cindy Carpenter

To finally finish a pair of skew socks. I have 2 pairs started so....

Susan Kirkland

My goal is to finish a shawl for my mom for Christmas. I started it yesterday. I would also like to make socks for my daughter and husband and have a Star Wars double knit scarf to finish for my daughter. I’m gonna have to prioritize! 😊

Marilyn Hunley

For me, Socktober is all about hats! So I'm making my plans now, choosing patterns and yarns. Such a quick and functional knit.

Mary Ellen

My goal is to knit a pair socks using "the two socks at a time" method--something I have never done.

Barb B

Over the summer, I started 2 pairs of socks. I am 1/2 way through the first sock on both the Summer Lovin pattern and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star pattern. I would really like to finish both pairs this month.

Amber P

My goal is to finish the two pairs of socks that I have been working on for the last several months (years). One pair is my first 2 at a time, and just needs toes. The other pair is on DPN's, and needs a foot.


would love to finally expand my skills into sock knitting or brioche

Rose Birchall

My goal is to finish the Christmas stockings.

Kat Gatzke

My goal is to get my knitting mojo back! I’ve done almost no knitting this year at all and I really want to get back into the swing of it. I’m taking a few days off so I’ll have a long weekend for my birthday this weekend so I really want to get finished with some swatching and get started on a throw.

Julie Olsen

My goal is to finish my current pair of socks and start my next pair.

Diane N

My goal is to just knit!! And finish one thing this month.


I'm going to a little knitting retreat next week -- first time, SO EXCITED!! i have at least 4 projects planned to bring along there. But two goals i'd like to attain for october are to whip up a baby afghan (Bounce by TinCanKnits), and to make some "lucky hunting socks" for my husband (Vanilla Is The New Black pattern).

Katie Porter

My goal is to finish the 2 projects I'm working on now - one of them is my first cardigan!

Elizabeth Kroll

Knit a pair of Xmas socks!


My Socktober goal is to finish up the handspun Georgiana shawl I started this summer. It's coral to orange kettle-dyed Targhee locks, so it's light, fluffy, stretchable, warm, soft, and if I fall down in a snowbank while wearing it someone will see me. Keep up the good work, I love the colors you highlight in your blog. Always makes me go look at the selections you have.


My goal is to make a dent in my yarn stash!

Lisa M Barrett

I'm finishing up pair of Stitch Surfers,, using Poste striping in Helix Nebula. Next up will be another pair, same pattern (it's my favorite) with another Poste striping from my stash :) Yea for Socktober!!

Geraldine Scott

Finish up a pair of socks for Granddaughter K, and crank out a pair for her sister, Granddaughter T! And then there's always their little brother, Grandson N! I better go knit.... (their feet just keep getting bigger and bigger!)


I have a second sock that needs to be completed. Of course, then I have to decide on the next pair. One must always have a pair of sock on the needles!

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