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September 22, 2019


Mary Schreiner

I’m very new to sock knitting but love the Everyday Shorties pattern by Nicole Bracey. My daughter and her husband are stationed in Japan (Navy) and I’m working on making several pair of these to send to her and other Navy moms in her support group for Christmas presents. Thanks for offering this contest!

Sandy W

The Sheldrake for a Hitchhiker Shawl! Thanks


I absolutely love Life in the Long Grass. I think it would be so lovely in a shawl with a variety of patterns.


West Fork would make a fantastic hat, maybe a sock head.

Susan Smith

I think the Pumpkin Spice would make a sassy pair of fall socks.

Laura Whitman

I think I like Monument Valley the best. Probably because I was there when I was a little girl... I have fond memories of my time there.

Oh, squishy sport socks sound like just the thing to knit this fall. Winter is coming! And the Farmer's Almanac says we're in for a lot of snow this year!


Monument Valley would make amazing socks like Into the Woods by Melody Hoffman

Susan Ritchie

The colors I like best are Barnwood and Acid Wash. I usually just make, for me, a plain pair of k2p2 rib socks.

Carol Kennedy

Can't you just picture a gorgeous shawl for fall using Yarn Less Traveled's LTY 757 Sock Aurora Borealis with the Easy Goes It pattern by Finicky Creations. Sorry.. just the mental picture makes me drool.

Sylvia Ricica

Time less traveled,I knit socks,love knitting socks,thanks

Donna Gerber

How do I choose just one? They’re all gorgeous! Since green is my favorite color and Granny Smiths are my favorite apple, I’ll have to pick Granny Smith. Might just make myself a pair of socks since it’s been quite a while since I’ve made a pair.

Claudia Bardi

I just started knitting socks, and just finished my 4th pair! I would so love to have Monument Valley for my 5th pair


I would choose Nordic Narwhal and I think I would knit Mermaid Scales Slouch Light


I would choose Nordic Narwhal, and make a Copilot cowl.

Barbara Vaughan

Oooooooh! I'd make a pair of socks with LTY 757 SOCK AUBERGINE or ORION or AUBERGINE!!!

Gorgeous colors!

Jeanne Bush

Choosing between Aurora Borealis, my usual color range, and Coy Coral which is outside my norm, so thinking i'd go with the Coral and make a scarf in a pattern that i've not done before.


Oh! I love Dragon Seed. I would make a matching hat and mitten set of my own design.

Sarah D.

I’d love to knit a shawl in Merlot!

Paula Allison

I think dragon seed would make some awesome socks.😍🥰


I’d knit a pair of socks with Pumpkin Spice, that would be a fun color to have on the needles.


I think Cactus Flower would make a nice cheerful shawl. Maybe a two color shawl with Merlot so it would be big enough to wrap up in!

Thanks for the opportunity!


I would love to make Syncopation socks with Stone Fox to wear with my jeans and pink sweaters and sweatshirts for cooler weather.


pumpkin spice socks!!!

Kindra garber

I love all these colors!!!

Karen machado

I really would love “sock, stone fox,” as an excellent birthday present! My birthday is the 27th; don’t you think that is just frutuitous! Excellent color for an excellent day! I probably would use this in Tecumseh. I have wanted to knit this, for awhile, but haven’t completely nailed down the look, just yet! I love the colors in this skein, because I am considering all of them. It is just having the correct look. I think the crosses, on the Tecumseh, would be so pretty in the stone fox color . So, if you are feeling the same... Happy 55 bday to me! Yeah!😻🥳🧶💜


I'd knit simple fingerless mitts in Monsoon.

Lisa Patterson

These make me brave enough to try my very first Arab at socks!

Lisa Patterson

These colors make me brave enough to try my very first go at socks!😍

Janet McFarren

The colors are beautiful! I would use the Monarch to make up the single skein shawl pattern "Reyna" from Ravelry. I have a feeling it would work up well with the color combination. Thank you for making this available.


Socks in Monsoon! I'm in need of a new pair, my last pair has holes. (Which I am working to repair, but still... I would love a fresh pair!)

Denise Reynolds

Bar wood for a hat to match my winter coat


I have a couple of patterns in mind for colorful yarns, where the dyer's artwork is highlighted by solid space and simple lace to showcase color. Just Another Manic would make a stunning Peace of Wild Things shawl: The Yarn Harlot recently knitted this, and I've made it before. The swirling greens would be gorgeous.


I'd knot Topography Kerchief.


I would like to wrap a hitchhiker over my shoulders in pumpkin spice as I transition to fall.


Aubergine for sure. Perhaps a Hitchhiker shawl.


I love the dragon seed it is exactly what I have been looking for to make a new pair of socks. A pattern with a subtle texture would be neat in this colorway.


LITLG Dragonseed and my favourite plain sock pattern, which I have memorized. But I should write it out someday.

Sue Graham

Life in the Long Grass in either sport of fingering would make a gorgeous shawl!!!!


I think I'd choose West Fork. It has lovely fall colors. Thanks.

Steffi Block

Nordic narwhal
I'd make a lace poncho/cowl out of it. Love the pattern, it's a one skein genius.

Naomi J in OK

Aubergine please! for a one skein shawl


I would knit the “Jessica Jones Wardrobe Basics Cowl” (on Ravelry), with “Nordic Narwhal”. I have a deep blue winter jacket and a dark teal jacket, this colour would go nicely with both!

Lisa M Barrett

I'd used LTY 757 Sock in Prickly Pear to make one of the following -

Bracket Form by Meghan Jackson

Pennant by Laura Aylor

Havu by Meiju K-P

Thank you!


Acid wash is intriguing me and I would maybe make the Veiled shawl or 2 pair of socks.

Hilda C.

I just can't resist Harlequin Robot and would make a pair of short socks since I live in the desert Southwest where it doesn't get very cold.

Lisa S.

I'm going to say The Sheldrake, since it's a little different from what I usually gravitate to. I'm currently working on a Stacked Eyelet Cowl, which is a great easy pattern for a pretty variegated yarn.

Joan Francis

Wow the Life in the Long Grass Lughansa is rich, warn and lovely. I love it!!

Joan Francis

Wow the Life in the Long Grass Lughansa is wonderful. Would make a lovely shawl.

Melissa Westphal

I love Granny Smith and think it would make a wonderful pair of socks!

Nadezhda Severns

I don’t know it’s name, but I really like the bottom colour you show above. It is fall-like, yet simple enough it could lend itself to some patterning. I have been recently widowed, so have little money for gifts, but my kids really like handknit socks and hats. I would knit gifts for the holidays with my yarn.

Enid Burns

I'm not quite ready to give up on summer. I love the Orion, LTY 757. I'm not quite sure whether these would be socks or a lovely shawl.

Coby Hanna-Butler

I'm into fall colors currently, so I would pick Pumpkin Spice and make a Nelia by Ambah!


Cabinwood for a pair of socks


A single skein of Acid Wash would make a lovely Copilot ( or a Wild Ride (, both of which have been in my queue forever.


I would love to win a skein of Frida. It is just the perfect shade of pale blue-green, and I think it would allow the delicate patterns of the ( wildflower socks to shine.


Pumpkin Spice- don't know if it is the cooler weather today but they scream make me into fingerless mitts!!!

joyce hancock

I would love to win some aubergine. It is beautiful and I would make some lovely fingerless mitts with it.


I'd love sour grapes and I'd make a Martina Behm shawl.


I love Granny Smith. It would make a perfect pair of socks.

Elizabeth Parker

Mmmmmm Acid Wash from Yarn Less Travelled would make such a luscious neckwarmer. It will look great with my black coat!

 Shannon O'Donnell

So hard to pick just one! My top three are Nordic narwhal, aurora boealis, and pumpkin spice. I am currently pregnant with my miracle after 7 losses and I would love to knit him a very special sweater. Thanks so much for this opportunity and your generosity!!


The soft blue-green of Prickly Pear is calling my name! I would make socks, of course. I would just have to go through my patterns to see which one would pair nicely with it!


I would love a skein of Gatsby to knit my mom a shawlette. Maybe the Onshore Breeze Scarf pattern. It's not to big and very pretty, I knit myself one in Malabrigo Whales Road and i know my mom would love the Gatsby colorway :)


I would use West Fork to make socks. I think a leaf pattern sock would be perfect!


I would like to make the Norby hat by Gudrun Johnston in the color Canyon from Yarn Less Traveled.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Sock Monarch with a shawl to be determined. So many choices. Yeah!

Cassandra Brown

Life in the Long Grass for a shawl or scarf.


Stone Fox, and I would make vanilla latte socks!


Gatsby. I'd make a neckerchief

Fran Nichols

Love love love those Fall colors


I would love to make a pair of socks with Aurora Borealis!


I'd make socks with Vanta. They'd be great to wear to work!

Kathie Jones

I am seriously loving Lagoon. I would purchase Aurora Borealis and Orlon, so that I would have them to make a beautiful faded shawl. <3


I would make a doll's dress for my niece with the LTY 757 SOCK PEONY.


i hear the Ranunculus sweater only takes one skein of fingering, so i'd use Pumpkin Spice to add a little more orange to my wardrobe.

Cheryl Hudson

Life in the Long Grass looks so lush and squishy! Would love a beautiful cowl to keep warn for the winter!


Merlot...reds are not usually my first choice, but this is beautiful. I’ve been on a bit of a mittens and fingerless mitts kick lately and think this would be gorgeous in some elbow length arm warmers.


Have to be "Monsoon" for fingerless mittens, perfect with my denim jacket!

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