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September 04, 2019


Pat W

I would like to knit with these two colors:
Earl Grey and Chai Complexity

Jody Laake

I would love to have Pink Copper and Rosehipster. A Celadon Shawl would be my project but I would probably need help with the other colors lol! Thank you for all the great contests! Have a wonderful weekend!


I think a shawl in Silver Fox would be lovely. Thank you!

Sarah D.

I would get 2 of Tomato. Such a lovely color!


I would go with Abiquiu and Danger Will Robinson.
They would be lovely together!


Scout and Rain Water are calling to me. Thanks for the contest!

Anne Marie

Video Baby!!!


2 of Abiquiu


I love these two colors: Ayo and Kitten.


Paradox and Prairie Fire catch my eye today.

Thanks for the opportunity!


I would love to knit a sweater out of Push Pop 😍


I love Wink!!

Sandy Harwood

I would love to knit 2 different Joji Storm’s using Antique Moonstone and Arctic


Cousteau and Black Sea look good together.


Pashmina envy, please. Love the shawl, too.


Cloud Dweller & Deep caught my fancy today.


I think Spicewood and Cousteau would make a stunning combo in two-color brioche!


Antler, or Kitten, or Salt - I'm eyeing a classic off-white sweater and I love Pashmina!


Arctic caught my eye, I'm obsessed with blues lately!


It’s tough to choose because there are so many beautiful options, but I’m drawn to “Translation”.


Hard to decide but I think "Envy" would be my choice today....beautiful choices!


Gosia and Heart of Glass! I love purples. I think that's rotten that people stole your photos. I have had several "careers", and my current one is copywriter. I have had clients steal my work and not pay for it. A letter sent to their webmaster usually clears up that digital content and copyright violation, but an attorney's letter would also work well! It's sad that people think they can get away with stealing intellectual property. I'm glad you defend your work!


Spicewood and Bark are calling my name.


Arch and Arctic 💙


Cold Shoulder and Cloud Dweller are trying to jump in my cart. Thanks for the giveaway.


Arch please to make Wave


LOVE Pashmina!
Dr Zhivago Sky is calling to me.


Calligraphy and Pebble for a brioche or the start of some colorwork.


I think Undergrowth and Time to Pretend would make a beautiful shawl!


Blood Runs Cold and Deep. But I think I’d really like a skein of each color you have - so much beauty! Sadly, the budget and the storage space cannot do it.

Thanks for the contest!


I'm definitely thinking shawl, although exactly what pattern is still up for debate. Do Favorite Pair and Filtered Light go well together? It looks like Filtered Light might have some of Favorite Pair in it!

Geraldine Scott

So many to choose from! Electric Rainbow is my winner! Thanks for the chance to win!


Oh, sweet thing and tannenbaum look amazing together! I don't know what I'd make with it (probably get a third hank to make another Goldfish Memory)

Rebecca L Garza

Brick Dust is so pretty and also The Wildlings. Probably not together. :)

Meg Caulmare

That was FUN! I'd go for Flannel Blanket and Foundry! Lovely mix of autumnal reds/oranges/russets/golds! Thanks for posing the question. I needed that break in a tough work day. Color is amazingly refreshing.

Cindy Carpenter

Brass and Brick dust please


I would like Those Martian Chron and Red Fox.

Coby H

Flannel Blanket looks and sounds lovely for fall. I would love to try and make something with 2 skeins!


Maple Leaf and Beta would make a wonderful fall scarf or cowl!


Gosia x 2 or Blood Red


Two Cousteau would make a stunning cowl!


2 skeins of Maple Leaf!

Susan Mercy

Arctic and Cosmic Silver would go together so well!

Susan Smith

I like Whiskers and Cold Shoulder.


Scorched and Woodstock are calling my name.

Lynn B

Love pashmina! I would choose Dirty Harry for
a shawl. Thank-you for the contest. Lynn


1st choice - 2 of Cosmic Wonder Dust, or 2nd choice, 2 of Leaf Fall.

Diana Hook

Firewood and Black Sea for me!


Librarian's Dream.

Kate G

I would knit a sweater in Rocky Mtn High!

I love that you take your own photos and keep them current and accurate- I also really like the color MT Pashmina Wildflower and appreciated your photo of the current batch because it is definitely different than previous versions and it's great to be able to see that variation in dye lots before purchasing.

Thank you for the contest and happy weekend!

Alecia Helton

Cosmic Wonder Dust and Cousteau


Cousteau is my favorite, among so many others!


Ha! It would be far easier to weed out the few colors that are less appealing than to pick one or two favorites. Yikes. I'll say Rocky Mountain High, but many others would be welcome additions to my stash. :)


I like New Moon and Dark Moon, though I’m not sure if they would look good together!

Linsey H

Deep and Farmhouse White have my heart

Jennifer Cameron

People are real pieces of work sometimes. Bet they’re shocked when they hear from a lawyer. I once had someone come after me with a lawyer for supposedly stealing their business name for my collaborative blog. Spoiler alert, I didn’t. We literally dropped one word of the name of the blog that had already been in existence for several years. It also wasn’t the same name. She also had emailed me several questions over the years about how to do things we covered in the blog and miraculously I never deleted them. Thanks to all that, my lawyer made quick work of that situation.
As for colors, I really want all of them. Tosh is one of my favorites and I adore the pashmina. But if I had to choose, I think probably Joshua tree (since we’re going to see a reprise of the Joshua tree tour later this year in Australia) and mandala because totally my colors.


Oh my, a tricky decision! I can't go past Dopamine. I think it would look fabulous with Raspberry Cordial or maybe even Bluesteau! I'd have to ask you which works better in natural light.

I can't believe people are STILL stealing images! Let's hope your lawyer quickly sorts them out.

Sarah R

Arch and Dubrovnik for me please - because I'm going to be on holiday in Dubrovnik next week!

Jeanne Bush

I'm loving Hydroponic right now.


I would love to make a scarf in Iron Out the Detail and Arch!

Marilyn Hunley

Neon Pink and Neon Peach....need something to help me through the transition to winter! So many beautiful colours to choose from, tho.

Sharon Charbonneau

Would LOVE 2 skeins of the Iron Out Color. Beautiful! This would motivate me to knit my first shawl for sure.

Linda Hanford

I think Copper Pink and Alizarin would work in a two colour shawl.
Thanks for the chance to win.


A Clue Board is really calling my name! It would make a lovely shawl for fall!

Rickye Heffner

I would love to make a wrap with Modern Fair Isle and Paper. It looks like Paper would pick up the very faint pink in Modern Fair Isle.

Susan Ipavec

I would love to knit a shawl perfect for fall with Pashmina Blood Runs Cold---makes me think of watching Twilight under a fluffy blanket!

joyce hancock

I love the colors Cousteau and Paradox. What lovely projects they would make.

Liz K

Copper pink and Earl Grey

doreen m gilmartin

I love the colors Cenote & Author

Jann Johanson

I love the colors Jaded Dreams and Raspberry Cordial. I would probably make cowls for Christmas gifts.

Carol C

Fiji and El Greco


Would Mercury and Leaf Fall work? Or Carbon Dating and Leaf Fall?

M Reedstrom

Ceremony and Gosia


Thank you for a chance to win. Cherry and Cold Shoulder would work so well together and are calling to me.


So many beautiful colors. I would select Artic. I love blue.

Molly Bauer

I really like the electric rainbow and Gosia is also beautiful. Naming yarns is an art in itself!

Cathy Guinn

I choose Blind love and Heart of glass.

Beverly Anderson

I would choose two skeins of Beach Bonfire. My daughter has always loved that colorway!


Soooooo many beautiful options! I'd love 2 skeins of 'Those Martian Chron.' Thanks for the opportunity.


I would love to make a shawl with the pattern Touchstone shawl in the MT Pashmini Fuji would need 2 skeins I think it would be beautiful. Thanks for a change.


I’m crazy about Cactus Flower!

Pauline Tan

Copper pink and silver leaf.

Lisa M Barrett

Argh, so difficult! I'll go with The Uncola. I'm trying out contacts and I'm having such a hard time making out the glorious colors, LOL

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