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August 21, 2019



I would choose Mal Mechita 698 Moon Trio Cresc.


Mechita Ninfas! It was so hard to choose, every time I scrolled down I had a new favorite. But I'm trying to keep in mind my wardrobe as I pick new colors for accessories.


It’s always fun scrolling through the yarn pictures, dreaming of the possibilities. I think a shawl knit from Amal Me hits Piano would be pretty.


LITLG Emerald Eve would be amazing.


I have never knit LITLG so Corrode or Artifact would make me happy.


LITLG Silk Henna Rose!


I agree it’s hard to choose, but I would have to say LITLG Silk Stellar.


Tough choice but I pick LITLG Silk Pressed Flowers!


I would choose Mal Mechita Cirrus Gray.


I would use Mal Mechita Whale's Road. Gorgeous!

Meg Caulmare

Looking at the colors made my heart race, but I went back to the Malabrigo Mechita Moon Phase New. I've not noticed their Moon Phase colors before - really interesting effect! It would make a beautiful shawl with some depth from the color effects in the skein.

Love the little stitch markers with mittens and am going to look at the others....

Thank you, Allison, for these offerings! I always look forward to your newsletters.


Emerald Eve

Debra Cohen

What a beautiful pattern! I’m a Fall person so the color that called out to me was LITLG Terra Cotta.


I love LITLG colorways, and would love to work with the silk/merino base. So LITLG Stellar


A little out of my usual color range but LITLG Rose Gold is calling me today.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Nancy Nathanson

Ooh, Mal Mechita “Dried Orange” for fall!

I love this pattern!


Mechita in Galaxy!


LITLG Terra Cotta for me, please!!

Linda C

Harbor would be my favorite.

Robin Zalob

So hard to pick!!! Any Moon Trio would be awesome!!!


i would choose LITLG garden party, i think!!! very pretty...


LITLG in Rose Gold

Pat W

LITLG SILK TERRA COTTA for me. I love it in Mechita storm but LITLG TERRA COTTA is calling me.


I like LITLG Shield.


Ohhh!! I would have to choose LITLG in Harbour! I was tempted by Amethyst since it is my birthstone but that Harbour is my JAM!

Nadezhda Severns

I would use Artifact by Life in the long. There is just something about that colour that calls out to me.


LITLG Shield is lovely!


Thank you! I’d choose Malabrigo Mechita 033 Cereza. Beautiful colors in both lines!

Hilda C

LITLG Corrode for me -- its beautiful!

Faye J

Decisions, decisions....LITLG in Barogue or Henna Rose!


Mechita in Moon Trio New (close second: Moon Trio Crescent)


Ann Sinclair

I would choose LITLG Garden Party. So pretty!


LITLG Silk Mineral is my choice!

Heather Lyons

The LITLG “Stellar” is stunning. Really, you can’t go wrong with any of them!


I love Amethyst!


Mal Machita- Sandbank

Kim Holbrook

I would choose LITLG Silk Merino in Amethyst. There are so many gorgeous colors!

Sandy W

LITLG Silk Terra Cotta. So many great colors!

Linda Scarborough

I would love the Amethyst by LITLG. It is my birthstone and beautiful.

Anne Marie

LITLG Silk Baroque looks so elegant and sophisticated. That would be my choice.

Jana Ames

Definitely Harbour!

Marilyn Hunley

Artifact by LITLG. I want that silk!!!

joyce hancock

LITLG amethyst would be my choice. It is beautiful and would make the loveliest shawl.


I love LITLG Silk Corrode

Shaw Mumford

Poipu looks just like what I imagine the Hawaiian island of Kauai feels, smells, and looks like. The multiple shades and layers of blue are like the ocean. The colors are both soft and assertive, like a breeze with multiple tropical scents. I love it.

carolyn ensminger

LITLG Silk Rose Gold is what I would love to do this in...such a delicate color for a delicate shawl! Gorgeous!

Julie Keillor

My choice is Mechita Cirrus Gray. It has some blue in it and appears to be “stormy”.

Kat Gatzke

So many great colors but I think I’d go with LITLG Amethyst.

Gail Fairman

I love the vivid LITLG SIlk Stellar.


LITLG Forest Bathing - love this!

Doreen Righter

MAL MECHITA 416 INDIECITA is my choice as I wear jeans all the time and it would match perfectly! I LOVE your blog. I learn so many new things!

Cindy Carpenter

Mineral please


I love the speckley colors of Mechita (and already have a few). Storm was definitely the first that caught my eye, but I'm currently drawn to Piano.

Andrea Walker

I would choose LITLG Silk Pressed Flowers. The colorways are all beautiful + usually I go for more jeweltone ones. But for some reason this colorway makes me feel happy + soothed... what more could any knitter want?


I'd choose LITLG Silk Emerald Eve. It's such a calming color.

Rose Birchall

Such a pretty green


LITLG Silk Merino in Amethyst is so perfect for winter

Jody Laake

I would love to make this shawl in Mechita Volcano or Archangel - or practically any other color Malabrigo comes up with!! Thank you for all the great contests you hold for us!

Jeanne Bush

I think this pattern would be stunning with Life in the Long Grass Stellar.

Erin Manning Santiago

Impressionist would be the one I would pick. But it was a hard choice- so many beautiful colors!

Patricia Carroll

Mal MECHITA 666 Piprika. Nice color for the Fall

Barb B

I would pick Mal Machita Impressionist. Incredible shade of blue and would really show off the pattern.


Oh that LITLG Henna Rose without a doubt, such a pretty color 😍

Alberta Hopper

Like a kid in a candy store....LITLG Silk.Terra Cotta.....catches my breath...

Kathy Fox

Silk Mineral - it makes me think of the blue waters and the sunset colors after a stormy rain is over. Just the time that you need a beautiful shawl to drape over your shoulders as you sip a glass of wine.


LITLG Mineral. I've got Mechita in stash, so I know what that's like to knit (lovely!), but I haven't used the silk-merino blend before.


I like the richness of LITLG Baroque.


Love the Corrode from LITLG.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Life in the Long Grass (LITLG) Harbor would be a delight to knit.

Sandy Harwood

I would love to knit it in LITLG Silk Forest Bathing

Julie Vance

Sill Artifact has me all 😍😍😍.


LINTG silk/merino in Harbour is perfect!


I’d go for LITLG Podzolic— the mixture of shades reminds me of late afternoon in the desert.

Patsy Coats


Dana Snyder



Malabrigo "teal feather" - I've been looking for a rich teal to make a shawl, and this is it!


You had me at the LITLG silky merino Harbour


Mechita Aureo!

Rhonda Atkinson

This pattern is perfect! One skein and a beautiful shawl in a little time. I think I'd like Piano for my choice. Thank you.


LITLG silky merino Amethyst please!

Sue Smith

I really like “Life In The Tall Grass” Baroque. Thanks..


Beautiful pattern. I think LITGL Silk Terra Cotta would make a lovely fall shawl.

Connie G

I recently bought this pattern and think it would look AMAZING in Life in the Long Grass Silk Terra Cotta.


Thank-you! I would choose LITLG silk Corrode.

Sally Goodman

No contest - I’d have to use LITLG Harbour! Such a perfect color for the Storm shawl! I’ve used Mechita Storm for Joji’s Paris in Berlin and it too is beautiful yarn and color but Harbour is my favorite! By the way, thanks for the gift of stitch markers especially the little ruler I’ll put it to good use!

Enid L Burns

Of course there are too many colors to choose from. But I really like Mal Mechita 667 Storm. A friend is knitting a shawl with the new Mechita, and the stitch definition on the really variagated colors is quite interesting.

Coby Hanna-Butler

LILG Pressed Flowers would be beautiful!


Ooh, how about Mechita in Ilusion?


Too much “Oh, shiny”! I do love LITLG Corrode though; yum.


I love LITLG Silk Merino in Amethyst its awesome! Thanks!


I love the LITLG Rose gold. :) thanks!


Mal Mechita in Moon Trio would be amazing!


LITLG Silk Corrode please!


Teal feather.


I also like the old color zarzamora but you don’t stock it in mechita, just sock.


I can't see it in any color but Storm.

Mary Eagen

I would pick Malabrigo Mechita in Mal Mechita 005 Aniverario. Thank you !

Janet Dendy

LITLG Silk in Mineral please!


Life in the Long Grass Silk in the delicious oil slick colours of Mineral would be fantastic!

Kate  Greenwood

LITLG Forest Bathing please!

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