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August 20, 2019



My kids, ages 6, 9 and 12, return to school on Thursday. I had a hysterectomy and bilateral salpingectomy 11 days ago. I had a minor issue with my incisions the other day, but everything seems to be okay. My summer was not fun at all... 35+ appointments (I kid you not: dentist, orthodontist, eye doctor, physical therapy, sports medicine, gynecologist, audiologist, pediatrician) between me and my kids. The kids did get to do a few fun things, but no family vacation for us. We also had a lot of house repairs (flooring, helical piers for chimney, mason for chimney, roof, gutters, then they did the roof wrong so they had to remove the new roof and redo it).

Soo.. I'm hoping for a HEALTHY and repair-free autumn!!!


Jessica, you are one strong woman to go through all that in a short time and still look with hope and happiness for a good fall. You are made of awesome! Wishing you health and a bit of relaxation once the kids go back to school.
And the wrong roof? How does that even happen? I. Can't. Even.


Thank you, Allison! Knitting and crocheting have kept me sane. The roofers did not install the edge vents properly. They put them 4' from the edges instead of at the edges. So they had to tear off to the joists and redo the whole thing, including the decking, underlay, waterproofing / reflective membrane and shingles! Doing this, they spilled tar on my new gutters. So they had to replace a section of the new gutters, too!


Your emails are a true inspiration. Thank you for being there!!


I enjoyed reading your post! My 4 year old boy is starting Pre-k, and August has been a roller coaster. This transition hopefully means more knitting time!

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