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July 05, 2019



So many beautiful colors! I would choose Bottle Green and Ireland.


I love Hemlock and Ireland!


I love November sky and Nightshade.


My favorites are Terrarium and Sailor's Deight.


The colours are all so amazing, but I am especially drawn to Ireland and Terrarium.


Cosmic Dawn and Puffin!


Shell pink and saltspray!


Radiant Orchid and Moon Dust are calling to me today (with Raspberry whispering a bit also).

Thanks for the opportunity!


Love Beach House and Moon Dust.

Rita Redden

Such beautiful yarn! My choice would be Terrarium and Beach House.


Cosmic Dawn & Cosmos

Joyce Correia

I'd choose Terrarium and Marine. Such rich colors!


Today I would choose Agave and Raven.
Thank you.


There are A LOT of great colors to choose from! I'd pick Ireland and Cosmic Dawn.


Nightshade and Cedar are both lovely!

Kate  Greenwood

Peridot and November Sky are beautiful!

Susan Miller

I love Moon Dust and Arctic Sunrise!!


I fell in love with Red Fox years ago and it's still my favorite.


Beach house and Agave

Anne Reaves

Your anniversary red and ocher. So lovely!

Breanne whitney

I love the SSYC anniversary color and Ireland


SSYC and Turkish Delight


Puffin and Pumpkin because they would make a lively 2 colored shawl

Linda L.

Hard to pick just two... but Cosmic Dawn and Pansy are gorgeous!


Today needs bright colors, so it's Phoenix and Kazoo for me! But I love all their colors.


Oh! Shell pink and Cosmic Dawn!


Loving me some Merino Terrarium and Peridot


Love Terrarium and Peridot!


I think I'd go for Aurora and November Skies. There are so many beautiful ones to choose from!

Cathy s

Cosmic dawn and raspberry. Thank you!


I'd pick Terrarium and Hibiscus!

Anne Marie Hart

Cosmos would be my choice ... my kids are into all things space these days!


I'd like the Terrarium colorway. This is one of my favorite yarn producers!

Karen. Baker

I love the nightshade and cedar. Thanks

Sheila Hensler

Terrarium and Aurora


I’m drawn to terrarium and Ireland since those ar my usual colors, nut SSYC is stunning and so different from my usual picks, I like it best!

Lisa Viviano

I love this sock yarn! Terrarium and Arctic sunrise are my picks.

Carolyn Perry

I would choose Cranberry and Victoria. Such richness and depth of color!


This is such beautiful yarn.
I love Cottage sock beach house and cottage sock hemlock


I’d choose Merino Beet and Merino Cinnamon


Cosmos and Agave. Thanks

Stephanie Luhnow

I would choose Cloudburst or Hemlock

Cori Abrams

I would love Blomidon, and fire opal!!

Becky VanDeren

Lovely yarn! Sailor’s Delight has s my pick.

Debra Aarhaus

I love the terrarium colorway, so serene.

Linda L

So many beautiful skeins, but I love Mermaid and Hemlock!

Gretchen Paul

I could feel the frost in the air when I saw Red Maple. Would love to do a shawl for the Fall in that color.

Allise Vicens

Salt spray and Sailors Delight to start!

Morgan James

Cosmos and SSYC would be my top choices.

Terri Brinegar

Terrarium and Ocean look great, as does every color. I love their yarn!


Bronze and SSYC!

Stella Gray

I adore this yarn and find it night on impossible to choose! Victoria is right up my alley but so is Terrarium. I think Terrarium wins out. fingers crossed...


Sailor’s Delight and Terrarium are equally gorgeous.


Happy anniversary! My top choices would be Sailors Delight and November Skies.

Geri Heagy

I’m loving the November Sky!


I would choose Torngat. Lv E the blues and greens with gray.

Myra Freberg

Love the Terrarium, they remind me of the ocean where we used to go before we had to move across country to take care of my Dad. But any I would love to win. Thank you.


Jacobean Blue is my choice. Such pretty soft blue. Thank you!


I would love Terrarium. The colors remind me of the colors in the ocean. However, any would be just fine.


I love Terrarium and Ireland!


This is hard, but I think I'd go with Saltspray and Sailor's delight.


Pastels have been catching my attention recently. I’d go for Beach House and November Sky, and fade them together into a shawl or wrap.

Niki Vogler

I’m delighted (!) with both Turkish Delight and Sailor’s Delight, and also love your anniversary color.

Beth Hayne

I love the Hercules and the bullrush. So many beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing your love of yarn arts.


Oceans and Red Maple!


Blomidon and Arctic Circle. I love them all!,


Puffin! and Aurora!


SSYC and Sedona, but they all are lovely.

Donita Young

Bottle Green !


Pumpkin and Cinnamon, I think. I changed my mind about twenty times looking at all the pretty colors lol


Bottle Green and Terrarium are gorgeous!!

Heather J

I love the Aurora and the Cosmos Dawn. Such deep rich colors. Besides I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights and excuse of needing to compare them in person with a pair of socks I knit sounds like a good reason to plan a trip.


I would choose two skeins of Ocean!


Such a hard decision but I finally settled on Ireland & November Sky


Ugh, just picking two is hard! Probably Corsica (because it is delightfully coastal and happy without being obnoxious) and Terrarium (because it makes me think warm ocean thoughts!).

Donele Monte

I would just love “Sunrise”!
Thanks for the opportunity!

Beth Hoffman

Definitely the anniversary colors! Love pink and brown!

Rose Birchall

Moon Dust and Pansy. My color tastes are changing.


SO difficult to choose, but I’m going with Hercules - it’s absolutely gorgeous!!!


I think I would choose 2 skeins of Corsica. Love it!


SO many beautiful colors to choose from - I think Raven would look dynamite under a pair a dark denim jeans.


Tough choice! I'd choose Pansy and Ruby Red.


Cardamom & cinnaman are beautiful!

Dana Snyder

Glacier and Terrarium


Love the Terrarium
Returning to knitting after many years and this color speaks to me.

Sarah R

I have room for Red Fox and Torngat to come and live with me!

Patsy Coats

Bronze and fire opal

Luanne Garcia

I would love one Fire Opal and one SSYC!!! These are beautiful!!!


I love love the SSYC!!

Debra Cohen

So many colors to choose!! I think I’d choose Cosmos as one, As for the other I really like Terrarium...I love the richness of their colors!


Blomidon and Ocean. Very hard to choose, lovely colors.

Lauren B.

I'd love 2 skeins of Ivory!

MaryAnn Baker

Moss and November Sky! But they are all beautiful!


So many beautiful colors. Fire opal is my favorite.


Love the subtle coloration of Jacobean Blue!

Sandra Sprouse

Sailor’s Delight and Peridot (my birthstone).

Laura Knoke

Ocean and Terrarium are amazing (along with many others!)

Evelyn Baxter

I would make a great shawl or caplet. Terraium is the color

Kelly Lopez

Sunrise and Sailor’s Delight.


Cosmos and Radiant orchid are pretty!

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