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June 11, 2019



Hi Gretchen, How I Roll are shortie socks (you could always make them taller) using a blending technique to use up scraps. Pattern is toe-up or top-down. Really cute!


I like to knit fingerless gloves if I have enough leftover.
If not, baby socks.

Louann Chatfield

Hi Gretchen...Land of Sweets cowl and The Southern Charm Cowl came to mind with your left over yarn.
Have fun choosing something that will remind you of your projects.

Joyce Correia

Hi Gretchen. I'm using my leftover sock yarn to make tiny socks using Classic Elite Yarn's "Mini Socks" pattern. They make cute Xmas tree ornaments or you can string together to make a longer hanging. I've been rolling dollar bills or gift certificates and stuffing them into the socks as gifts for grandchildren. These are also good sellers at group holiday sales events.


I'm using my leftovers to make a "Fiddly Bits" infinity scarf.

Cindy Carpenter

No on the cowl, Opal is great sock yarn. Key word is Sock. This is not snuggly yarn. Just my opinion.


The Sock Knitters Anonymous groups does monthly themed knits and leftovers comes up every coupme years. I think this shows the most recent patterns used from 2017:

From that list, Cranberry Biscotti socks are always what I plan to knit, but I'm bad at follow through.


Monster Socks (there's a wonderful Ravelry group) which are just socks from multiple yarns, especially scraps.

Beekeepers quilt. Knit hexipuffs!


Sandy W

I’m using my leftover sock yarn to knit squares for a Barn Raising Blanket. It’s a forever WIP!


On Instant gram have seen lots of "scrappy" socks using multiple leftovers in a single sock. Currently I am taking my left over sock yarns holding 2 together and making "Marled hats" for the Homeless. Pattern is LOSY hats (Left Over Sock Yarn) pattern on Ravelry. Have fun with all the suggestions :)

Susan James

I love to use leftover sock yarn for socks for my grandson, and baby socks. But also have started a Blankie


I have done helical knitting with a scrap and a solid, changing colors at the end of a round. Fiddly bits is a cool scarf pattern. A mitered square or granny blanket if you crochet could be a long-term project. Miniature stockings for an ornament or a baby would also be nice.


I was at a yarn trunk show at a LYS and a spinner was working on her wheel, with the most beautiful pair of socks on her feet. I asked her what yarn she used and she said it was all her leftover sock scrap yarn with her favorite "vanilla sock" pattern. You could see that some of each scrap was represented in both socks, in narrow bands, but the bands might be wider or narrower by a row or 2 -3, but no wide bands. They were the most striking, beautiful, unique (but not identical) socks I've seen (she has great taste in sock yarn and putting colors together) and I aspire to make a pair like that some day, when I've generated enough scraps of sock yarn.

Pat Girbach

I used a lot of mine in a Zik-Zak scarf. Available on Ravelry for free. I loosened the gauge and only cast on 72 stitches. Still have plenty left.


I use bits of leftover sock yarn for baby slippers, the Magic Slippers pattern in Ravelry.

JoAnne B

I'm planning to make the Vertical Kaleidoscope Cardigan pattern in Ravelry.

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