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June 04, 2019



I think I would pair Artichoke and Hypnosis for a 2-color shawl!


I love Bering Sea and Onyx


Confetti and Cabana a Sucre


Rhubarb and Revenge!

Jeanne Bush

I'm really liking Cherry Blossom and Denim.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

This yarn line is beautiful. So many to choose and great to combine but I would choose 2 skeins of AY BELLE SOCK PAINTERS PALETTE. The way they would interact with each other would be a masterpiece.


I'm loving Bering Sea and Seashells


Two opposite colors. Santorini and Neapolaton


I would love to try out the Belle Sock with Star Dust and Onyx. I am thinking some kind of mosaic project.


Morning Coffee and Rabbit Hole are my favs. For socks, of course!


All of it is beautiful! I love seashells and seafoam.


Morning Coffee and Copper!

Love the colors.


Soo hard to chose...they are gorgeous! Love Sunflower and Rabbit Hole.


The solo simgke in Pigeon is just gorgeous! It’s hard to choose between Mossy and Artichoke to pair with it but I think I lean towards Artichoke. I’ve never tried Artfil before but I may have to now...


What a hard decision! I LOVE the 2 singles you featured - Brewing & Bering Sea - but I think I may like Hypnosis & Durbec in the sock better - especially when you add Frosted Rose. I may just have to get all of it if I’m not the winner (which, face it, is the likeliest outcome).

Sarah D.

Orchid and Frosted Rose!


So hard to pick just two! But I'd have to go with Seafoam (I like all their blues), Painters Palette (and Harvest)!

carolyn ensminger

Stardust and Seashells look lovely together...would be a beautiful shawl, maybe then going into Seafoam as a 3 color fade?

Emily Cossins

My picks are Bering Sea and Hypnosis. Love the tiny speckles.


Seafoam and Sangria!

Heather Cunningham

Brewing and Bering sea - so moody!!

Linda Ladwig

Star Dust and Ikebana caught my eye!


Rhubarb and Gypsy Soul!


Hypnosis and Duracell for a cowl or shawl.


I love Brewing and Hypnosis. So beautiful!


That’s a hard choice! Harvest and Copper


Rabbit Hole and Pigeon on Artfil Solo Singles - BEAUTIFUL colors! and they look so vibrant, too.


Belle Sock--Hypnosis and Sea Foam. This was more difficult than I thought it would be, so many beautiful yarns.


Sea Foam and Sea Shells.


Oh I could dive right into that Aqua, with Denium and the H2O right behind, which is odd for me I don't have alot of blues in my stash. But when it calls your name, what can you do?? 😉💖

T Craven

I'm still smitten with adrenaline and rabbit hole!

Sarah  Moerman

These are just gorgeous! I'm partial to Santorini because the colours make me think of vanGogh and because my recent cruise had to cancel our stop there due to high winds. I can't pick a second colour, lol...maybe a surprise colour that would pair well with Santorini. They are all so pretty.

Wendy Chandler

I LOVE Bering Sea! It would make a beautiful shawl to match blue jeans which I live in.


Harvest & Bering Sea. Harvest . . . such warm fall colors -- perfect for socks.


Star Dust and Railway would be interesting together, especially in something geometric. They remind me of a steel manufacturing plant that my bus drove by on the way to high school - weathered blue metal building and the various patinas of both metal oxidation and soot. I'd be tempted to add a shot of a mustardy yellow, too.

Lucy Kesler

Ooooo....always so hard to choose just one or two, right?! I love the Belle sock Copper (looks like coffee with cream!) and the Eggplant. So pretty.


I LOVE Painters Palette and Harvest. All those deep earthy colours cheer me up as we wait for warm spring weather to arrive in Toronto.


I really have a longing for pink speckles right now, so the Belle Sock in Neapolitan or Durbec are calling to me.


Firework and Ikebana!

Sue Finucane

Painter’s Palette and Bering Sea


Painters palette and denim awesome

Georganne Oldenburg

I really like the Mantra and Neapolitan because I need a push out of my comfort zone. Wouldn’t use them together. My first lover was the Aqua.


H2O and Cherry Blossom are my favorites, but it was a tough decision. So many yarn, so little knitting time......


I think I'd put Belle Sock Cherry Blossom & Seafoam together in a shawl - such happy colors!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Penny Kallmyer

I lover Fjord and Harvest.


Orchid and Sangria, so pretty.


So many beautiful colors it’s hard to pick just two! I usually only work with mostly solids but I love Pigeon and Rabbit Hole. It’s time to branch out my color pallet.


Copper and Cabana a Sucre ....... these are not the shades of purple which I usually gravitate towards and would make gorgeous socks or shawls to wear with black in the winter.

Michelle Carter

I think I'd pair Cabana a Sucre and Bering Sea. I've been wanting to try making a shawl for the first time and those two would be beautiful contrasted together. Thank you for the opportunity!


Confetti and Cherry Blossom

Susan James

I LOVE Ikebana & Hypnosis! those would make a lovely shawl!

Starletta Schipp

So beautiful but oh does Brewing and Bering Sea call to me!

Zoe Juniper

Painters pallet and winter - two very contrasting colourways that would really work collaboratively in a shawl!

Kelly Rippy

The colors are stunning but Ikebana and Santorini in the AY Belle Sock are calling my name.

Carol C

Morning Coffe and Cabana a Sucre.

Kate Greenwood

I love Belle Sock Le Fleuve & Mossy!

carol funicelli

Beautiful yarn... the Belle Sock in Painter's Palette and Harvest really sing to me...

Cindy Rittmer

Harvest! And Bering Sea,


Purple always speaks to me.
Bearing and Hypnosis but if I win, I'd pick something to use with one of them to make a two color shawl


The very beautiful Bering Sea and the very enticing Eggplant!

Laura gavis

Love Bering sea. Great for a evening shawl!

Audra Lecy

Pigeon and Eggplant 😊


I'd like to know how everyone is picking only two colours!
I am strangely keen on the muted Le Fleuve, and I'm having a hard time deciding on the second....maybe Ikebana, although Morning Coffee is also awesome.


So many pretties to pick from. But the two that caught my hungry eyes the most was Mantra and Durbec in Belle sock.


Adrenaline & Painters Palette

Teresa Knittingdancer

Belle Sock in Aqua and Seashells reminds me of the ocean and beach

MaryAnn Baker

Frosted Rose and Eggplant would be divine together!

Elaine Whitesel

I am loving cheery blossom and frosted rose!


For me it’s harvest then copper gold. Harvest reflecting the vibrancy of growth and fertility then Copper Gold the muted shade of the paddock stubble after the harvest. Never seen anything like it.

Christi Coffey

So many lovely colorways! But sunflower, the green door, morning coffee and mossy are favorites!

Jody Laake

Oh I love Hypnosis and Monet in Belle Sock! Thank you for all these great contests!

Patsy Coats

Pigeon and Neapolitan

Karen Morrison

I like Winter and Fireworks.. And I’d knit Jodi from the grocery girls new shawl, when the pattern is released.


Tough decision but I think I would pick Cherry Blossom and Confetti in Belle Sock.


Belle Sock Scarlet and Belle Sock Fireworks for s fabulous Red Scarf Project!

Thanks for the beauty in today’s look at yarn! Brightened MY day!


Hurricane and Ink. Both dark and mysterious.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Louann Chatfield

Hard choice but Solo Singles Harvest and Solo
Singles Painter Pallette are the choices.
Thank you for the giveaway.


I'm thinking Eggplant and Fireworks Solo would look great together. Thanks!


Monet and Denim.


I really like Belle Sock Morning Coffee and Sangria. I have to tell you though, I changed my mind about 10 times. They are all lovely.


eggplant & frosted rose

Diane N

Seashells and Durbec!

Elizabeth De Long

It truly is hard to only pick two colors!
I love Orchid and Revenge but I could easily pick A dozen!❤️


These yarns are gorgeous, so many beautiful choices...... I would love to make one of Janina Kallio's (Woolenberry) shawls with one of the colors "Seafoam" and "H2O" yarns, with mostly blue and hints of green in it. They are so lovely! I've been looking for two coordinating yarns to knit one of her shawls with and I think I've found the perfect combo with these yarns! If you can suggest two other jewel tones that go together, I would love some options. I'm not great at choosing coordinating colors and could use your help with that. Thanks!


Belle Sock in Seafoam and Fjord would be at the top of my list.


I think Bering Sea and Hypnosis. But the colors are so wonderful that it's difficult to decide.

Rhonda Atkinson

I'd love to have Frosted Rose and White Sands. All the colors are beautiful. Thank you.


Lovely yarn and colorways. My choice would be santorini and copper. Thanks for a chance!

Marlene Biddle

OMG love ❤️ them all but really am drawn to Fjord and Scarlet.

Wendy G

My favs are Bering Sea and Artichoke! So many pretty ones to choose from!!!

Karen Grant

I like them all, however Painted
Palette reminds me of autumn.


Sangria & Seafoam. Yum!


White Sands and Aqua look beautiful like a beach vacation


rhubarb and peach are lovely fruity colors!!!


So many ... Laguna and Dust look great together.


So hard to choose just two, but I’m thinking Pigeon (my granddaughter ‘s nickname) and Sunflower.

amy g

The Copper immediately drew my eye - lovely and so beautiful for a pair of patterned socks. Then the Denim came in because I need some more blue. But - they are all great!


I love Bering Sea. I was going back and forth between that and Fjord when I realized I already have Fjord in my stash 😊.

Traci schanewolf

My daughters would never forgive me if I didn't say confetti, and I'd be so in love with brewing. ♡♡♡


Love Harvest and Cabana a Sucre

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