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May 07, 2019


Rose Birchall

Dr. Amp and The Big Teal Wave. Reminds me of the lake.

Kate Greenwood

Combat Boots Baby & Succulent


Snapdragons and Sugar Pop Fizz


Breakin Loose and Reapers Rags would be really pretty together.


Filthy Animals & Rumor jumped out at me as a great combo (although I might have to find something to make with Big Teal Wave also).

Thanks for the opportunity!


Graffiti Overlay and Hocus Pocus


I really like Holy Crow and Snapdragons, or The Walkers and Treasured

I'd use them for a Kirra shawl, which has been in my queue for a while


Graffiti and Rumor for a seed stitch scarf.


Dr Amp and the big teal wave


Breaking Loose and Dirty Demin


I'd pick The Lonely. I wouldn't pair it with another colorway--it needs to be Only the Lonely. ;)


I'd knit The Tourist Shawl with Reapers Rags and Pavement.

Anne Marie

Party Streamers & Snapdragon, and I still want to knit The Girl From the Grocery Store


Dr. Amp and Big teal wave ! Teal yarn always speaks to me. Thanks!


Monster Mash and Speckled Magic would be my choices but not sure about a pattern yet!


Snapdragon and party streamers


Treasured and Where My Mind Is for a Shadow Shawl.

Juli Sordelet

Feathered Friends and Filthy Animals would look great together. Plus the names alone 😜


Snapdragons & Big Teal Wave. Not sure about the pattern


Leaping Lizards and Snapdragons.

Harriet A Levy

Dr. Amp and the Big Teal Wave. Sounds like a punk band, and I love the colors.


Pavement and Reaper’s Rags - I’m so monochromatic!

Melissa Krizik

Ectoplasm and Treasured for a round shawl to make a parasol. We're moving to AZ from the Midwest and I want cute sun protection. 😍

Katherine Ballard

I would choose The Walkers and Succulent :)

Lateia Sandifer

Strange Trip and Treasured in Double Scoop!


Strange trip and treasure. Looks like a fun combo!


Dr Amp & Big Teal Wave... to remind me of the ocean that does not exist in my Arizona desert.

Michelle Carter

I love Dr. Amp and the Big Teal Wave but I need to make something brighter, and Rumor and Breakin' Loose are gorgeous. 😍

Janice Stewart

I'd choose my favorite Pack your Maniac and Reapers Rags for a Stephen West "Clockwork" shawl!

Janet Godshalk

Dr.Amp and Big Teal wave is lovely


Snapdragrons and Part Werewolf would make a great, bright combo!

Bonnie Marr

Singles Frost and Pack Your Maniac to knit Color Courage Shawl, what a beautiful gradient shawl for all seasons❣️


Dive Bar and Snapdragons for one of Lisa Mutch's shawls.

Penny Kallmyer

Treasured and Where is my Mind. Lovely colors!


Snapdragons and Party Streamers, maybe knit Cladonia, which is one of my very favorite shawl patterns!

Donita Young

Strange Trip and Treasured. Wonderful colors.

Beverly Davis

Speckled Magic and Pavement would let my gray obsession continue!


Definitely “Bug jar and “Treasured”! Love that spring green color after this grey drab winter and wet muddy early spring


Breakin' Loose and Reapers Rags.

Kelli L

I am loving that treasured color! Maybe treasured & where is my mind or treasured & strange trip (your 1st option listed!) love love!


I would love to see strange trip and rumor together. Those would be some happy feet

Cori abrams

Nervous breakdown, and Dr Amp. I would love to make socks from these.

Cindy h.

Treasured and where’s my mind.

Colleen Dallura

Rumor and Reapers Rags!!

Anna Kollar

Strange Trip & Treasured 🍏

Heather Cunningham

Strange trip and treasured


I would do Dr. Amp and Snapdragons. I’d aim for a pattern that lets both colors shine, maybe a brioche shawl or cowl.

Sabrina Snyder

I think Frost and Dr Amp would look nice together.

Jody Laake

I would like to try The Walkers and Where Is My Mind because they appear to be almost the opposite of each other. The pattern to use is yet to be determined lol but a Pom Pom would have a place for sure if it winds up being a hat!


Thinking about knitting Casapinka's Loop using Reapers Rags and Filthy Animals


I personally like treasured and breakin loose together, but and LOVING big real wave just by itself.

Susan Miller

I would choose Snapdragons and Party Streamers. It would knit up beautifully in the Zarya Shawl.


Breakin' Loose & Treasured to be used in the Free Your Face shawl/scarf!

Sharon Lewis

Strange Trip and Rumor would make a nice Third Time's a Charm shawl by Elizabeth Davis de Herraiz.


Dr. Amp and The Big Teal Wave is my favorite. I think an awesome pair of socks would be great! Maybe 2 pairs.

Mary Beaverson

Treasured and Breakin’ Loose

Julie Marshall

Frost and Pack Your Maniac (love that name!)

Julie Marshall

Frost and Pack your mania to make the new Casapinka shawl Magical Thinking!

Cathy Augsburger

Breakin Loose and The Big Teal Wave

Margie Farley

Breakin Loose and Treasures
I think these would compliment and play off each other. They are beautiful
Hard to pick only teo

Carolyn Holmes

80/20 socks and Squish DK seem to catch my eye,


Monster Mash and Snapdragon

Stephanie Vachon

Strange Trip & Treasured.Love it!!

Elizabeth Nagle

Bon Voyage and Creature

Colleen Gorecki

Pavement and Snapdragons.
I would choose this pattern by Barbara Benson


I would love to knit Zorzal out of Snapdragons and Combat Boots Baby.
I love the name Combat Boots Baby; I tease my son sometimes about his 9 months in the Army as I was on active duty when I gave birth.

Helen Messner

Rumor and werewolf I love pinks!!

I think I'd add another skein and do Cacsapinka's LYS day "not a poncho"!


Rumor and Breakin’ Loose

Rachel R.

Rumor and Filthy Animals!

Margo Chang

Leaping lizards & succulents.


Feathered friends and Filthy Animals!


Party Streamers and Monster Mash. Such a hard choice!

Gail L.

Reapers Rags and Snapdragons - I'd knit a shawl for next winter to be worn over the black and dark grey which I wear a lot of.

Amanda Walton

Dr Amp and teal. I’d do The girl from the grocery store with them!

Wendy Chandler

Ohh I picked Dr Amp and the Big Teal Wave before scrolling down and seeing the two pictured!!! So beautiful !!

Mamie Rudd

Dr. Amp & Big Teal Wave to make the Free your Fade Shawl.
Mamie Rudd
[email protected]

Angela Bergeron

Dr Amp and Big Teal Wave! Definitely would make a shawl!

Cathy Z

Strange trip and rumors. Thank you!

Patsy Coats

Reapers Rags and Rumors

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Dr. Amp and The Big Teal Wave to make the Salter Path shawl

Frances Graff

Strange trip and treasured. My happy colors for socks


I'd pair together Frost and Rumor.


Big Teal Wave and Graffitti


I would pair Speckled Magic with Poison. Thanks for the chance!

Jean VonNieda

Succulent and Sugar Pop Fizz pulled me in. Thanks for the chance to win.

Heidi Maloney

Crowded Cloud and Breaking Loose-two color brioche of some sort!

Karla Hartzell

I would pair up "Where is my mind" and "Speckled Magic"

Thanks !! - Karla

Susan James

I think I like The Walkers and Treasured together. That would make a lovely shawl......


Sugar Pop Fizz and Snapdragon. Not sure what two color shawl I would make, I have so many that I like.

Erin Stone

I like Dr Amp and Frost together!


I love Dr Amp and the Big Teal Wave! So many great choices — you can’t go wrong

Katherine S.

Filthy animals and crowded cloud


Frost as Big Teal Wave


Rumor and Snapdragon to make Oranjestad!


Frost and Part Werewolf. So many good options swimming around in my head!


I love leaping lizards and blender! I am not sure what I would make


I liked Strange Trip and Treasures, the minute that I saw them.


Ooooh, rumor and graffiti overlay for sure! Wouldn’t they be pretty? Probably something by Melanie berg, maybe a quicksilver!

Laura Whitman

Strange Trip and Treasured
Exordium shawl.
(But they're all gorgeous yarns!!)


Dr Amp & Poison for no pattern in particular. :)

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