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May 28, 2019


Coby Hanna-Butler

I have only been knitting since 2016. The lovely Lauren E. taught me how and I've been addicted ever since! I think for my next project I think I'd like to make the Suburban Wrap by Joji. Would love to win a gift card to pick out new squish!


I have been knitting since I was 8 years old. Hate to do the math on that one but lets say over 5o years or more. I would love to tackle Brioche. So far the technique has escaped my grasp despite numerous attempts.

Thanks for the chance to win the gift certificate. Fingers crossed.


I’ve been knitting since 1968, and am working on stoles for charity. I’d love to try a speckled yarn - any one - as I’ve not worked with them before!

Thanks for the contest!

Kate Greenwood

I learned to knit in 2003 from my mentor for a college internship spent in Grand Teton National Park. She was amazing and inspiring and had been knitting since she was around 4 years old.
My next project is a fingering weight sweater but brioche is nagging at me to try again after a couple of semi successful attempts. I need the right yarn/color combo and pattern to get me hooked on it!
Happy Anniversary!


I have been knitting since my teens, so over 40 years. I too have been planning on trying brioche, but so many projects so little time. Maybe soon. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have many more successful years, and I promise to do my part to help.

Brenna Delosier

I’ve been knitting since 2001. This year I am tackling sweaters for the first time. It time to make myself something! Happy Anniversary and many more!


I learned to knit in 1972 during lunch recess when I was in 6th grade. Picked it up again after my first was born in 1987 and made a few items, then picked it up again a few years ago and have been knitting since. I do want to try brioche, but would also like to try a fade and an intricate lace pattern...just don't have the memory for that anymore!


I learned to knit when I was 6 years old. My mom was the leader of my sister's girl scout troop. I had to tag along to meetings since I was too young to stay at home alone. My mom taught them to knit so I learned along with them. My sister never did take to knitting but I haven't stopped in 50 something years. I have tried brioche a couple of time and it hasn't worked so well. Maybe it is time to take a class.

Kate S

I have been knitting since 1997 (I think). I would like to work with a mini set I have and make some sort of fade shawl/wrap type thing.


I've been knitting since 2004. Wow, 15 years, I can't believe it's been that long. Off and on, only constant over the last maybe 7 years. My next big project is to knit all the Caitlin Hunter patterns I already have yarn for. I realized about two weeks ago that I have 5 of her sweaters ready to knit so it's time. I need to finish up some Mad May projects and then I can start this adventure.

Barbara Belden

I have been knitting for 60 years!!
My absolute jam is entrelac knitting!!! I love your dyers and looking forward to more wild colors!!


I learned to knit as a kid from my grandmother probably fifty years ago but have only really been knitting for the past ten years or so. I think I want to tackle a lacy, beaded shawl next - with silk, lace-weight yarn.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Sabrina Snyder

I have been knitting since 1988. I took a class and the rest is history. My main hobby at the time was cross stitch. I didn't let knitting fully take over until about 15 years ago when health problems made doing cross stitch too hard to do.
The last 2 years have been devoted to making baby items. It looks like this trend is going to continue for me.2018 I became a grandmother for the 1st time. 2019 my BFF is going to become a grandmother. 2020 a good friend is due with her first child.

Linda Hanford

I have been knitting since 1959, when my grandmother and her best friend argued over the best way to hold my yarn. I don’t recall now who won, but I have tried a variety of approaches and switch up according the the pattern and my sore thumb joint.
I am really adventurous - my next new trick will be to learn Cat Bordhi’ Sweet Tomato Heel method. You will shortly be getting a large order for Fleece Artist thrum kits, as that is the family’s request for Christmas.


I've been knitting since college. I taught myself using YouTube and knitting books. I'm slowly staring to k it more sweaters; I want to work on teqniques for shaping and adjusting them to fit me.


It’s hard to believe but I’ve been knitting since early 1963 - so ~56 years. There’ve been periods when I haven’t knit much - mostly in the 80’s & 90’s when I was working a lot of hours to support my kids & when it was hard to find LYS & yarn anywhere. But, even during those periods, I didn’t stop completely. My next project (& I should get started soon if I want to finish) is nice wooly vests for myself & partner to wear under our raincoats when spending Christmas in the Pacific Northwest with my daughter’s Family.


I have been knitting 20 years. The project I’d like to tackle us Glacier Tunic.
Thanks for your contests and sales..

Tobey Shepherd

I have been knitting on and off since the 70’s.....I taught myself (all wrong i might add, knitting the left needle to the right, then the right needle to the left, it was some weird looking stuff! I learned pretty quick then right way from my one of my aunts and her daughter. They were avid knitters and fortunately I still have my cousin to help me out.......

The next thing i would like to do it to get better at knitting simple lace patterns and some more complex knitting i stick to fairly simple patterns right now.

I love the variety of yarns you have and how you are always finding new the kits and the 3 month yarn subscriptions too!!! They subscriptions are a good way to not miss out on something special...

Stacy Clayton

I've been knitting for about 13 years. I'd like to try steeking. So many beautiful patterns and yarns. Thank you for all you do to make such a great yarn shop!!


I don't even remember how long, other than it's been more than 50 years. My mother was a Knitter, and I wanted to knit just like her. She taught me to do the backwards loop cast on when I was 3 or 4, and I just went to town casting on!

My next big project will be either the Catdigan or Tegna, I keep flip-flopping on that one. Meanwhile, I'm working on a few pair of socks for my dad.


I started knitting about 20 years ago. I am pretty much self taught at first and then I took some classes. My next project is going to be the downhome shawl with my Chicken yarn from Hue Loco. I made myself promise I would finish two WIPs first.

Elisa g.

I have been knitting since 2012 and I've never knit a top or a sweater. This summer I aim to accomplish this goal. I"ve been eyeing the My Boy Lollipop top!

Jody Laake

I always thought brioche was beautiful but never got around to trying it. Your post on “Ask the Knitters” the other day has rekindled my interest in it, especially with so many readers offering up ideas for first projects!

Lugarda Cappetta

I taught myself to knit 58 years ago as no one in my family knew how. In that time I’ve tried all the knitting techniques that interest me and much prefer knitting socks. I find myself now wanting to make more fingering-weight sweaters.

Sheree L Kuntz

I have been knitting for 14 years now. I think the next technique I would like to tackle is steeking.

Hilda C.

I learned to knit from my next-door neighbor almost 40 years ago. She was a sweet lady who had the patience to teach me. One technique I would like to learn is fair isle. I love looking at color work. Just need to get brave and jump in!


I’ve been knitting since about 2004. Maybe this will be the year I actually finish a wearable sweater. 2 color brioche is also on the list.

Redan Dahle

I have been knitting since about 2015. My dear friend Kathleen taught me and it has been a wonderful gift! This year I want to learn how to knit baby sweaters.

Donna Reed

I would like to learn brioche but I think I like the idea of it more than really learning. I am always up for trying new yarns. I have been knitting for about 40 years. It wasn’t always my primary craft. But became primary about 10 years ago.

Kara Williams

I've been knitting off-and-on for almost 20 years, but only got serious about 4 years ago when my 8 year old daughter wanted to learn. I brushed up on in to teach her, and ever since I've been knitting up a storm and loving every minute. what took me so long?!?! I haven' yet tried knitting two socks at a time, and I'd also like to tackle a cardigan, which I haven't done yet.

Wendy Chase

I learned to knit at age 11, just basic knit and purl stitch. About 30 or so years later I picked it up again and have been learning new skills for at least a decade now. After making a couple simple baby sweaters, I'm ready to tackle one for myself.

Rose Birchall

I started knitting about 30 years ago. I’m working on Christmas stockings. Socks are my favorite. You never know what I may Knit next.


I've been knitting for about 60 years. I would like to try more shawls; maybe a poncho.


I took up knitting in 2017, when I managed to break both feet and desperately needed a sedentary hobby to distract me :) My next project is going to be my first sweater for myself— I just ordered some fantastic Mineville Wool Project dk-weight from SSYC for it!

Jeanne Bush

I learned to knit from my grandmother in my teens, then let it drop on and off until about 2004 when i got back into it BIG time. Funny that you should mention brioche because that's what I've been thinking of trying next - two color brioche in fingering weight.

Nancy Connelly

I have been knitting for about 60 years. I was the oldest of three girls and the one mommy chose to teach to knit. I am so thankful she did since I have enjoyed the craft so much.

Kimberly Wiggin

I recently set myself the goal of knitting something in brioche this year. The unfamiliar abbreviations in brioche make me feel like a new knitter, and I've been knitting pretty steadily for over 30 years now. I did have a slow start when my girls were very young, but I've made up for it recently. I absolutely love the look of two-color brioche, although I should probably start with something simpler.


I did some sweater knitting back in the 1970s, and then spent decades away from it. In 2003 I came back, and I’ve been going strong ever since. Learning to knit socks is probably the reason it stuck with me this time, and all the great info on the internet.

My favorite technique is stranded knitting, so I am planning to knit some stranded socks in June. One of my favorites for this is the Opal Uni 4-ply, and I am so happy you carry it!

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Taught myself to knit in the 1980s but only knit regularly around 2002. My next project is a top-down sweater (Summer Square) which includes provisional cast-ons with wrap and turns. So this one will be a learning experience. Hopefully it will encourage me to try to knit a cardigan (maybe with a steek).

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki

I have been knitting for over 30 years. I began when I was working in a crafts shop while in graduate school. At one time I thought if I could just master entrelac, I would be in great shape but after doing that I went on to double knitting, brioche, and more. But thinking about your question, I would say I would like to tackle designing a vest because there are never enough good vest patterns. And ideally it would include one of the special techniques mentioned above.


I want to do something using Brioche. I've been knitting off and on for over 60 years, but on a regular basis for the last 10. I just noticed the comment above, and I have been looking for a good vest pattern too!

Gail L.

I learned to knit at the tender age of 7 ...... knit and crocheted on and off for many years and then when I moved to Canada in 2001 I got into knitting seriously again. My next "thing to learn" is to read a simple chart and knit socks with a pretty pattern ...... so far I'm a vanilla sock knitter.


This fall will make it 8 years since I've started knitting - and I keep learning new things! My next project is going to be a pair of socks so I can use my Addi FlexiFlips for the first time - hopefully it goes well. I can't wait!

joyce hancock

I have been knitting for about 50 years. I have used sock yarns for making shawls, but have yet to make a nice pair of socks and that is at the top of my list.

Cindy Carpenter

Learned to knit 35ish years ago, but didn’t do much with it. Picked it back up 12 years ago when I watched a coworker using double points to knit a sock. I had to learn that. Been infatuated with knitting socks ever since. They are the perfect pallet to try ideas on. Thanks for the contest.


I learned to knit as a kid, taught myself when I was about 10, so about 30 years ago. But it was about 10 years ago that I started knitting again and it's become my primary hobby.
I'd love to learn brioche or double knitting. Haven't tried either!


Learned to knit in 1982. However, I really began to knit actively around 2006. I want to knit more sweaters. I have done 2. Soon to attempt the comfort fade cardi.


Congratulations on your shop anniversary! I learned to knit when I was eight from my grandma and mom. I stopped for awhile, but have been actively knitting again since 2006. I’d like to learn to knit colorwork.


I've been knitting for probably about 15-16 years, I don't really remember when I started. I've been crocheting for about 40 years, my grandma taught me when I was about 4 or 5 years old, about the same time she taught me how to sew and embroider.

I think the next new thing I might try to do is steeking. I've really been into colorwork lately and think cutting something in half sounds fun.


I've been knitting for about 6 years. Self taught. I would really would like to knit an actual pair of socks. Don't know why I haven't taken the jump yet. My first ever knitted item was a cabled scarf, the second was a brioche wrap. I would also like to knit a sweater one day.

Sarah R

I've been knitting for four years now and the next thing on my list to try is a cardigan. I might even swatch! I have the pattern; I'm just trying to decide on colours. The pattern is the Timely cardigan by Libby Johnson, a New Zealand designer.


I've been knitting for about 41 years (!). The next thing I'd like to tackle is Fairisle, maybe Ysolda's Saudade hat to start small.


I have been knitting about 16 years. I would like to try the Miss Babs Estrallita because everything is better with sparkles


I've been knitting just over 10 years. Currently knitting on some Monet with the History yarns on deck!

Ann Knepper

I started knitting when I took a Saturday AM class with my babysitting money. I was in the 8th grade. I want to learn/try to knit some type of stuffed animal...or maybe even try a sweater for myself!!


I learned how to knit from a friend, about 15 years ago, while we sat together waiting for our sons, who were taking a soccer class. I think the next challenge I would like to take on would be steeking! Makes me nervous just thinking about it!


my little granma taught me to knit [and crochet, embroidery] when I was 6, 73 years ago! knitting was my favorite … you name it, I could make it. but, now that i'm older, my old polio that I had as a young teenager has returned to plague me and i'm in a wheelchair and barely strong enough to knit sox. I am going to try brioche! i'm collecting sox patterns [so few] and swatching, practicing those tricky stitches and about ready to cast on!


I have been knitting for just over 5 years, close to 6 maybe? I can't believe it's been that long. I really want to knit a fun sock pattern. I once knitted basic socks with a class and lots of help. I haven't tackled them again since that first pair a few years ago and I want to get up the nerve to try them again and do one that's got a pattern in it. I love all your sock yarns and I really want to make more socks!

Kat Gatzke

I’ve been knitting for about 9 years now. I’m afraid of them but I really need to learn how to do short rows. There are so many patterns that I love that use them.


I have been knitting since 2007. I am 12 years strong. A project I have yet to tackle is a sweater. I started one one, became discouraged over 1 mistake and ripped the entire thing. I need to attempt again

Patsy Coats

I’ve been knitting about 12 years and I plan to do a 2 Color brioche scarf with increases and decreases next.


Ive been knitting about ten years and I'd like to try brioche and two-at-a-time socks.


I’ve been knitting for about 6 years. A dear friend taught me. I would like to become more proficient at brioche and knit another adult sweater.


i started knitting in 2011. i'd like to give double knitting another try, as my first attempt was clumsy and slow. i've learned to hold my yarn differently since then, and have tackled some stranded knitting with two hands, so hoping both of those things would make double knitting go more smoothly.


I have been knitting for 45 years. When I went back to work I didn't do much, but now am in it full time all the time. I would like to learn double knitting.

Happy Birthday!!


I have been knitting for about 15 years and I love it! My friend and I went into a brand new yarn store that had opened and signed up to take classes and 15 years later we are still going there and taking classes! I have learned so many knitting techniques which is wonderful. I would like to get back to knitting socks, which I learned to do many years ago and made many, but haven't done in a long time because of sweater/shawl/blanket projects.


Started knitting in case college (lots of helpers in the dorm), but serious knitting for only the past few years. An article in the newspaper about a LYS about sock knitting got my attention, & a visit there resulted in my first pair of socks & I haven’t stopped since. Taught myself (with YouTube videos) mittens, stranded knitting, & Fair Isle. I just finished a baby blanket & am trying to get up my courage to make a lacy wrap.


I've been knitting around 5-6 years and AM tackling my next big "to-do", the Zweig sweater in MT Twist Light Outlander and Blood Runs Cold!

Lisa W

I started knitting in 2006 after my 8 yo daughter learned to knit at a birthday party. I wanted to be able to help her because she was fascinated. She quit soon after and I still knit daily 13 years later! I plan to focus on weaving this summer, which I’ve only dabbled in previously. But I always have small knitting projects going for commuting - socks, hats, etc.

Diane MacMillan

I've started knitting when I was a teenager (late 60's), but only really became a serious knitter around 1984 when I moved to Minneapolis. Knitting enough socks to keep my old toes warm through an Indiana winter is my next project.


I've been knitting about 10 years. I would like to learn brioche. But what I'd most like to master right now is a simple stranded yoke sweater. I've knit and ripped out a yoke sweater 3 times. I can't seem to make it fit correctly. No matter what I do, the stranding ends up above my chin, with the neckline at my nose.


I’ve been knitting since 2004. I would like to learn stranded knitting. There is a pair of socks that have little socks knit in them that I really want to make. I have watched many videos on it. It is just having the time to do it. So many things to knit.


I’ve been knitting off and on for the last 13 years, but I’ve been knitting the most the last five years. I’d love to learn brioche, and I have yet to attempt a sweater, so those two would be my the next things I’d like to master.

Lisa M Barrett

I hadn't realized I've been knitting 14 yrs. until you asked! I'm kind of in a knitting funk lately so I'm hoping that reading through the responses will spark some interest. You have several new dyers I want to try but I prefer to have a pattern first which then inspires my yarn selection. Happy Happy Anniversary!!


I have been knitting for many, many years without much consistency. I guess I am easily distracted. After watching several videos and attempting the tubular cast-on numerous times, I used my standard German long tail cast-on.

Have a wonderful anniversary summer!


I have been knitting for over 50 years and next on the agenda for me is a two color brioche project. There is always something new to learn or improve on!

Marilyn Hunley

I would dearly love to have the courage to steek. I've taken a class on it, read about it, watched videos and still am lacking the courage to actually do it. I love so many of the stranded yoked sweaters and I'm not really a pullover sweater type; I much prefer a cardigan. Maybe this is the year?


I have been knitting for 3 1/2 years and crocheting for 32! I would like to try the "wrap and turn" technique used on some pretty shawl patterns that I like.

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