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April 18, 2019



Enjoy the holiday and your family.


Happy Easter! Enjoy time with your family and leave work thoughts on the shelf. Every day with a child is a unique day that only happens once. And family time is the most valuable "currency" on earth! Spend it with abandon on all of them. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!


And thanks for sharing the picture, it brings back a lot of memories and nostalgia for that time, now that my girls are grown! I appreciate it, it made me smile and reminisce! And he's SO cute. And so proud of that tooth! Love it!


All the things have gone wrong. Kroger double charged my debit for last week's groceries, my house urgently needs a new roof, new gutters and major masonry/chimney work, we're in the middle of painting and getting some flooring replaced. I haven't had time to knit or crochet :( Our cat died a month ago of brain cancer. My kids are out on spring break starting today. They are ages 6, 8 and 12.

Cindy Carpenter

Where does the time go? First time I ever ordered from SSYC you were BIG pregnant with the one who became known as Hank the Tank. Seems like just last week. I think that Opal yarn might still be in the stash too...


Wow! It seems like a year or 2 ago I started buying yarn from you - at which time you had no children & your spare room was Simply Socks’ storage room. And now your baby lost his first tooth! My baby turned 43 today! And was able to use the oldest grand as their designated driver when they went out to celebrate her birthday!! The current issue of Pieceworks has a great textured sock pattern in it using Heritage Silk. So that’ll be in my next order since I’m almost finished with my current socks.


Wow! Time flies so quickly. Thanks for sharing! Makes me smile and remember when mine were little

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