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April 23, 2019



I think a Grain shawl by Tin Can Knits would be pretty with two of these skeins!


I would make a mitten with the one color skein- Nora pattern
Then I would make a hat with the multi color yarn- Fisherman hat

Colleen D'Allura

A shawl for my mom. She loves purple!


Socks obviously. Which patterns? Depends on the colors. I have this thing where the colors/dye method (tonal, speckles, striping, etc.) has to speak with the pattern, not just knit anything with any yarn.


Striped socks!

Karen Kegate

Socks for my sister and my son.


I love the yellow/gold combination and I would knit a lovely pair of socks!


I would use any of these to make a Chevron Scarf.

Susan James

I'd knit a Tokerau Shawl

Kate Greenwood

Socks for my husband and me!

Julie Olsen

Socks of course!


Socks! I'm so predictable.


I would love to make the Glacia Shawl by Tammy Cadavan-Soldaat.

Jeanne Bush

I have been wanting to learn to knit a two-color brioche item, and I think one of these sets would be the perfect inspiration for a shawl or scarf.

Rose Birchall

A shawl

Harmony G

Striped socks for myself and my grandson for sure! So fun!!

Kate S

I would make one of Ambah O'Brien's many two colored shawl patterns.

Hilda C

I would make a pair of mosaic patterned socks -- pattern on Ravelry. This yarn would be perfect!


I’m working my way through Nordic Stitches shortie sock collection, so socks, socks and more socks!!

Coby Hanna-Butler

I think I would make this!


I would love to make fingering mitts! I have some asymmetric patterns that would be ideal for these colorways.


Ugly Duckling Socks (

Geri Heagy

I have been wanting to try a pair of socks with contrasting toe and heal. This would be perfect!


Zorzal shawl. Right now I am making Emiliana. Still super addicted to the 2 color shawls!

Susan Kirkland

I would love to try socks with alternating rows. So beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️


Probably a fun stripey sweater/top for one of my girls. :)


I still haven't gone crazy making socks yet, but I think this yarn is calling out for a lovely pair of socks. I'm not sure what pattern I would use.


I would love to make Spark of Grey by Melanie Berg!


I would make this sweater for my 4-yo granddaughter:
She LOVES when I make her something, and I think this pattern would be amazing in one of these sets!

Cindy Lowery Rittmer

Either striped socks or prism wrap especially if I got the gold combination

Cathy Guinn

I would knit a shawl, my favorite item to make.

Jody Laake

Wow! Targhee wool is amazing! I love to work with it and all of the beautiful colors would make picking a project really hard. I’m thinking it’s a toss up between socks and a beautiful cowl.

Karen Leonard

CandyFloss socks (, maybe two pairs with colors reversed!


I would finally make the Kallara shawl that has been in my pattern queue!


Always knitting for babies, I would make a striped onesie or a sweater and socks, then remaining yarn would become newborn hats


Depending on the speckled yarn it might work really well for Dunedin by Lucy Hague - I'd love to make the large size of it for winter!

Thanks for the opportunity.


I would love to make one of the shawls by Lisa Hannes.


I’d probably make the Wednesday shawl with them


I would make a pair of socks


The lime and purple would make a great pair of socks for my sister in law.

Jenny Leigh Jacobs

I would add them to existing stash yarn to make a Vertices Unite shawl by Stephen West :)


I’d like to knit a shawl from this yarn, the purple is especially pleasing.


I’d make one of these two cowls, which both look gorgeous with a solid + a speckle:

Ninety Degrees (
Garter Snake (


Socks!! The pattern will speak to me when I see the yarn.

Barb B

Socks and fingerlees gloves for my sister. She used to raise Targhee sheep for 4-H.Love the green and purple skeins.

Anna Marr

I would make a shawl. They are all gorgeous but I especially like the teal combo.

Joyce Donaldson

I would make beautiful socks!


I think a shawl...but still searching for a pattern.

Cathy Friedmann

Romi has a MKAL going right now that would be amazing in the greens.Jelefried (on Ravelry) don't yoy agree?

Donna Reed

I have a shawl pattern just perfect for one of those sets.

Gail Fairman

I would make a beautiful shawl for cool summer nights at the beach.

Penny Kallmyer

Funky socks!


With the red or the purple I would make the Spotlight shawl by Janina Kallio. The sets would work well for it, red for me or youngest daughter, purple for older daughter.

Kelli Layher

A wrap/shawl for sure, especially with the gold combo! Too many patterns to choose from! Maybe the Marley from Andrea Mowry.


I would knit a Stephen West shawl but haven't decided which one yet.


Socks and/or a shawl. It would depend on the colors.

Sandra Parr

I'm a shawl girl, can't have too many of a colorful thing!

Teresa Knittingdancer

A colorwork cowl or socks

Joan M

Decisions, decisions! A shawl but I also like fingerless mitts. I think it would have to be a shawl!


Shawl and hat set!


I think they’d be perfect to try brioche with but I’d have to search for a pattern


So many choices...

Margie Farley

I am would have to make socks.
The pattern would depend on colors.
They are all beautiful


I would either make a shawl or maybe combine it with a third color for the 3 color cashmere cowl.


I'd knit a shawl with space to show the speckle and a stripe for the solid as in "Blossom"
Last time I knit "Abaia" and loved the yarn.


I think Sideswiped would showcase the speckled yarn nicely. But I would have to look through all of my Rav favorites and the patterns I own before deciding. I really love the gold color.


i'd like to make a wheelchair cover for my legs and feet, something light for summer a green pair would make a gorgeous cover and lighten my day!

Georganne D Oldenburg

I would like to knit a faded cardigan with this yarn. It's beautiful.

Marsha Divilio

I would make special socks with the yarn. pattern to be determined

Jenn H

oh 2 skeins would be perfect for a sweater for my kids (you know you're a knitter when you measure your kids by how much yardage they take!) my daughter would love those rainbows as stripes!


Probably some plain socks, as my wrist has been hurting :(

Patsy Coats

A brioche cowl.

Patsy Coats

A Brioche cowl.


I think this yarn duo would shine in a Leyla shawl!


Darn auto correct! Keyla is the name of the shawl!!!

Mary Anne

After reading That Targhee is a soft wool, I think I would make a scarf.

Rhonda Atkinson

I think I'd make a hat and cowl combo. They are lovely.


I would make a lacy shawl with any of those combos, but I especially love the red set. So pretty!

Jody Laake

Oooh sock head hat and cowl - and mix the two colors in both! This yarn would be perfect for that!


I would love to make a french can can shawl. I have not made it with 2 colors before. thanks

Karen Hohmann

I think I would use it to make the Emiliana shawl - the contrast would be beautiful~

Lynn B

I have been admiring the Zarya shawl. I think these 2 color contrasting skeins would be perfect. Thank-you!


I would make a pair of Zigzagular socks (my favorite sock pattern) and add the leftovers to my Parachutey.


I'm rather obsessed with the Newsprint Cowl recently - think this would make an interesting combo!


Purless Shawl

Thank you for the giveaway.

deblyn153 on RAV


I would like to make a Maia Tee. Thanks!


The Polarity shawl would be stunning in these sets!


These would make a great pair of Lots of Socks by Paper Daisy Creations.


I've been into long cowls that I can wrap around twice, so I'd find a great new-to-me pattern for sure!

Lisa T.

Knee socks with polka dots!


Some awesome slipped stitch socks!

Gretchen Paul

I would repeat the Game of Thrones KAL Ice and Embers shawl using the two skeins. I know several people who would love that shawl whatever colors were used to make it.


I think I would try this shawl

Katherine B

I’d make a pair of amazing socks (pattern would have to be decided once I saw the color combo!). I love knitting socks!


I would try Saltwater Taffy shawette, in a blue of course!

Suzanne Kosek

Oooooo a Dragon Belly Shawl💕💕💕 using the teal set

Hazel Mechlem

I like the red and multi. Would be lovely in “Diminishing Colors Cowl” by Stephanie Shiman on Ravelry

Deb Monnin

A really cool shawl! Thanks for the great colors!


Ooh i would make the Towanda! shawl.

Annie Tarbox

I would make Dual Carriageway by Casapinka. I love crescent shawls!

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