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April 16, 2019


Kate  Greenwood

Unspoken lies!

amy g

I think Number 3. It has a great combination of color to go with almost anything, and there are wonderful spots of bright color to make it work for three seasons. Have fun!


I like #3. The colorway lends itself to many things. The brightness yet the cool of the blues.


Unspoken Lies and Folsom Blues are both beautiful, but I think I’d choose Folsom Blues.


I choose A Boy Called Sue.
You probably have plenty of green.
And I think blue with jeans is too much blue.
So now you have opinions for every color!

Marilyn Hunley

Folsom blues. It'll go with more summer colours, esp white.


Folsom Blues - love that bit of aqua!


Definitely “Unspoken Lies”, and I love the “Jessica Jones Wardrobe Basics Cowl” on Ravelry.

Joyce Correia

"Folsom Blues" will go perfect with blue jeans while listening to Johnny Cash singing "Folsom Prison Blues."


#3- I like the blue and the pop of bright colors.

Linda Scarborough

Folsom Blues would look great with your coloring and has a cheerful look to it.


Love the colors in #3! Have fun with your cowl! Would love to see how it knits up.


Folsom Blues

Cindy  H.

All three are so beautiful. Birds and ships cowl by Caitlin hunter would be beautiful in those colors.


I'm in a "pink" phase, so I choose #1 - A Boy Callled Sue.


One of my favorite simple cowls is Purl Soho’s Reversible cowl— and I think A Boy Called Sue would contrast beautifully with Unspoken Lies. Then you get to enjoy two colors instead of just one :)


Folsom Blues


A Boy Called Sue for spring. But dang, they are all three so pretty and all the colors sing to me.


Folsom Blues for sure!


A Boy Called Sue. It definitely looks the most spring-like of any of the colors.


I like #2


Unspoken Lies is just gorgeous.

And for a very simple cowl that would let the yarn shine, I like knitting a circular tube and grafting the ends together, like the Bad Blood Cowl on Ravelry (, but without the stripes, of course, and shorter with just one skein. These have become my absolute favorite cowls.


#2!Perfect mix of gorgeous greens.
(She said, heading off to order some.)

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