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March 26, 2019


Rhonda Atkinson

These are all very lovely. If I had to choose one for myself I'd have to say Cobblestone. So rich looking.


Well, since I can’t say all of them (I see trouble ahead!) I’ll say Golddigger.


Bontanica is just what I need right now, as the spring green shoots are popping up everywhere


Rose Gold and Rustle all the way for me please!


I have to choose just one? Jelly Bean. Because I love a gradient that blends so smoothly!

Anne Marie

How on earth to pick a favorite?! Voyage is lovely. They are ALL lovely.


Most definitely Aurora. Love purples and greens together.


I like knotting with minis. I like Royals. My color choices tend toward purple waay too often

Amy C

Botanical for me! Those greens are singing.


Maybe it’s the hint of spring in the air, but Salt Water Taffy is calling to me.


So many pretty combinations but Seashore is my favorite - for the moment!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Becky Myer

How can you pick just one? But I do love the Botanica. Love everything on your site. You do a fabulous job.


What great colorways. It is so hard to pick one as there are a number I like. The one that really stood out is the Honey Fig set.

Joyce Correia

Whisper looks like a shawl you would knit to wear to a special show -- and then whisper to your friend/partner what a great occasion it was. And the people around you would whisper what a beautiful shawl you were wearing.

Rose McDonald

How do you choose just 1?! Aurora would match more of what I wear, but Salt Water Taffy calls to me more! I should probably go with what matches my clothes though, so Aurora.


I love so many, but Escape is really speaking to me. I love these!


Blueberry Cobbler!

Kate Greenwood

Sea to Sky please :-)


I’ve had my eye on “Voyage” for awhile, I think I could use it for a sweater pattern I like.

Nicole S

It's hard to choose between a smooth gradient and a set with more contrast, but I think my favourite is Whisper.

Deborah Grce

Oooooooh I would have to go with the Royals set, it has my mind spinning with possibilities!!!


Botanica speaks to me.. I guess I'm really anxious for spring!


I am drawn to teals. I love seashore.


Cabana would be perfect for pops of color in a shawl.

Lisa Smith

They are all so pretty! I think Blueberry might be my favorite!

Susan Miller

I would love to win Golddigger! So pretty!


Sea to sky is gorgeous!


I love Rustle!


Graphite! There are so many possibilities for that colorway.


So hard to choose. Aurora is my favorite


So many that a love. But I think my favorite right now is fairy tale


I am a Voyage girl!


Rose God is really pretty.


Wow! I was just sitting down to start planning a blanket to weave for my sister's wedding present when I saw this post! The Party of Five Royals are exactly her favorite colors, and would look fantastic in this project.

Jane Piotraschke

Thanks for the great contest! I love seashore!


It was a toss up for me between voyage and seashore but I'd have to say seashore to try something a little more colorful than I usually do!


They are all so lovely and inspiring!
I would love to use the Aurora set in a shawl, along with a light neutral.

Rose Birchall

Royals because I’m in a purple phase.

Kathy Shute

Aurora is my total color jam, but in a pinch, I could be easily swayed to use one of the beachy colorways (sea to sky or seashore). But I do so love the speckledy whirlwind! Dang. How do I pick a favorite?


Love the pop of yellow in Honey Fig. All are gorgeous!

Betsy Bradley

How do people choose! I love Seashore, oh and Rustle, oh and Voyage. Thanks!


Hard to choose, but Waterfall is my favorite.


I like Salt Water Taffy.

Sherry Marshall

Oooh, seashore.... or maybe Aurora. Pick 1? You make it difficult.

Terri Bringar

I love blues, so Waterfall is great!


That was a difficult decision, but I think I love Aurora the most.


It's so hard to choose but I love the Fairy Tale set! Aurora is a very close second. 😍


I like seashore. I think it would make a great gradient or transition shawl.


So many beautiful choices! Hard to pick just one. But Graphite would go with everything.

Cindy Steinberg

They are all so lovely but I think Wildfire is my absolute favorite!

Toni Sweeney

So hard to chose but I really love salt water and seashore.

Melanie S.

Cobblestone is a beautiful, neutral set - so many possibilities!


I love using the Party of Five sets. It's hard to pick one but I'm loving Seashore right now.




Whirlwird = wow!


umm, I was apparently so excited about Whirlwind that I spelled it wrong in my previous comment. Oopsie.

Colleen D'Allura


Cindy Bruno

Seashore, because I NEED the seahorse!


I love the tonal variation of the colors in Whirlwind!

Kim Rouke

I narrowed it down to 2: salt water taffy and seashore.

Karen Leonard

I’m n love with Seashore! It immediately all my senses with the sound of the sea, the warmth of the sun and sand, and the tang of the salty air.

Cindy Carpenter

Jelly beans please!


Whirlwind, although they are all beautiful.

Carol C

Hard to pick just one, but Gold Digger is nice.

Kelli L the slight changes in colors!

Nancy F.

Sea to Sky, please!


If I must choose only one then, Cabana is yummy.


They are all so gorgeous! But I really love Sea to Sky!


So many lovely options! I love the tonal variegation in Sea to Sky.


It is the season of waterfalls up north so those colors are on my mind.


Such a hard choice, but in this moment, it's Aurora.



Lynn Winders

So hard to choose but with my love of green, I would have to say Botanicals.

Jenn h

Whirlwind or rusted! Love them both!

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

Maybe because it is spring, the Seashore set is my favorite today. I would love to make a scarf using those colors!


Royals is my favorite.

Jeanne Bush

So many choices! But I'll go with Aurora.

Coby Hanna-Butler

I am forcing myself away from the blues and saying Cobblestone! (although I do really love Voyage!) :)

Katie Lani

Love Seashore with Sea to Sky my close runner up


Beautiful Hanami


So hard to choose. I'd like to add pink to my basic gray, black wardrobe so Hanami or blues which would be Voyage or … They are all so beautiful!


So hard to choose..... I will stay with Cabana

Sarah R

Choosing just one set is a bit difficult! Under duress, I'd have to pick Aurora (although Sea to Sky almost won).


Candy Shop


I love aurora!

Sandra Parr

The lovely, crazy mix of pinks in Hanami are the bomb!!These shades would definitely flatter anyone in a loving shawl


Wildfire - love that warm combination!


I’m a fan of the Escape set.

Renee Huffman

So hard to choose!! Sea to sky or whisper for me!


I LOVE Whisper, but graphite is also calling to me. The blues/purples are my colors but the gray is so relaxing to me for some reason.


I like Aurora. The blending of the blues and green shades are beautiful and restful.


Oh Allison! Must you tempt me so? Seashore would be my choice. I just love those shades of blue/teal and the pop of pinky peach.


Rusted would be my pick. Hard to decide.

Janet Godshalk

I love them all so pretty. I like Seashore. I tend to gravitate toward purple s do this would be a change for mr

Karla French

Party of 5 "Cabana" is my fave!!
I can see a few new colorful pairs of Socks in my future!!!✨💫✨


hard to choose, i guess sea to sky...


kinda love them ALL though..


Gosh it’s so hard to choose I like blueberry cobbler the for the colors and the name


I love Candy Shop!

Elizabeth SanMiguel

All are beautiful.
SG Party of 5 Aurora

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