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March 18, 2019


Karla French

Oh my!!! Oh My!!! So pretty!!

Marilyn Hunley

The kits look fabulous. You've written that the minis do not include nylon for durability reasons, did you mean to say they don't include cashmere for durability reasons? That makes more sense to me. Just wanted a clarification. Thanks.


Nylon should HELP for durability. I always want nylon in my socks, especially for heels and toes.

Was that a typo? Maybe you meant to say “no cashmere” in the minis.


Oh my, thank you both for pointing out my error. I should have typed "Cashmere" instead of "nylon" being left out of the mini skein for durability. I've now changed it so the text is now correct here on the blog and I appreciate that you agree with me that nylon HELPS for durability. Ha!

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