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March 27, 2019


Christina Cameron

I have not used it yet. I'm am finally graduating to "real" wool as finally see myself as a "real" knitter. I've knit on and off since I was 5, but it's only the past two years that the yarn, pins and I all seem to be dancing to the same song.
I love the colorways in this yarn and am pleased as punch that it is from a small family business.
The Odyssey shawl is in my que for when it's my turn for something I make. (Start knittingvpublically and suddenly all my friends are in need of hats and cowels.)

Deb Scholl

I have made socks out of Madeline Tosh. My girls love them.

Karla French

I 💖Love💖 Madelinetosh!!!
My first pair of TAAT Socks and my first experience with Madelinetosh!!
It was Love At First Stitch!💕💖💕

Nicole S

I haven't used Madelinetosh yet. I have a skein of Tosh Merino Light in 'Baltic' that I just haven't found the right project for yet - such a beautiful blue.


When I was younger my mom told me I should never wear blue because it made me look washed out, so of course blue became my favorite color (sorry mom!). Madeline Tosh Hosta Blue is my all time favorite, I've made lots of projects with it and the one I wear most is my Honey Cowl.


Most recently, I made the Pavement sweater in Tosh Astrid Grey <3


I am knitting a pair of socks for my husband with some Mad Tosh, it is one of the skeins from the Halloween kits, it is gorgeous, and I am jealous they will be for him....LOL fall is the Tosh Merino Light+Copper, just gorgeous!!!!

Lou Ann Painter

I have some in my stash for socks and maybe a cowl too...

Anne Marie

Sadly, I think I've only knit with MadTosh once. Abernathy Hat by Terri Kruse, and I don't know the colorway ... maybe Nebula.

Crystal Parker

I did a 2x2 ribbed hat for my honey, in Rust Belt, he picked out the color!!


I'm a little surprised to realized I've never used mad tosh. I'm hoarding a sweater quantity of glazed pecan, though.


Madelinetosh is great to knit with. A favorite was Abby’s Blanket using Rios.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have just finished a pair of Coffee Talk socks by Tracie Millar in Madelinetosh Sock in Holi Festival.

Erin McKee

I love so many Mad Tosh colors but I havent knit anything up yet

Barbara Gianlorenzi

I've never used their products before - largely because I'm pretty low income, but I adore the resistance colorway & would love to make some really long arm warmers in this pattern or this amazing shawl!


I used to work at my LYS and madtosh evoked many a frenzy when it came in. I think my favorite project would be helgoland by Melanie Berg in the colors Cousteau, cactus flower, and cloud dweller.

Catherine Ashley

I think that you're Madelinetosh yarn looks beautiful. I am I'm still learning to crochet. I feel like I'm a beginner plus and I'm trying to teach myself to knit. So, while I'm still in these stages, I just can't afford to pay 20 plus dollars for yarn, no matter how beautiful. I am on disability due to rheumatoid arthritis. (I have heard crochet and knitting are good exercises for your hands.) I would love the opportunity to use your yarn on something special. Thank you for the chance to enter your contest.

Jen Devore

I have never used Mad Tosh but want to give it a try because it would look so beautiful as a light spring crochet sweater. I just learned how to crochet about a year ago and have become a yarnaholic. I'm always looking for my next yarn fix and Mad Tosh may just be that

Jane Klemm

Knitting a cardigan right now with Tosh DK in whiskey barrel. If I had to pick my favorite base, it would be Pashmina💗

Lisa M Barrett

I used Tosh Vintage, Burnished colorway, to make a Jared Flood's Koolhaas hat - Great pattern, great yarn but that color was dreadful with my skin tone so I unraveled the hat, gave the yarn a good soak and made an awesome looking gnome instead - The color is MUCH more flattering on him :)

Kara Williams

I’ve made several cowls and shawls, my favorite is probably a loop shawl.

Sarah R

I've never used Mad Tosh and I'd relish using DK to make a shawl - I usually knit socks and bigger needles and squishy yarn sound like a good idea!

Kat Gatzke

I have used Madelinetosh for a couple of hats. Both of them were in their MCN worsted base which is sadly no longer available. One was for my boyfriend in an awesome blue called Folklore and the other for a friend in a purple that I don’t remember the name of.


I am using MT right now to make a Zarya shawl (


New it knitting, but love the colors that you have talked about here.

Mary George

I love how soft it is. I used it as a warp on a beautiful scarf that I wove. I

Kim Holbrook

I’ve made hats withTosh and have lots in my stash. You can’t have too much Madelinetosh yarn!

Marilyn Hunley

I have never used Tosh in any weight. Maybe this is the time? Would love to get some DK for a Malibu shawl I plan to make.

Naomi J in OK

I would love to try this yarn.

Coby Hanna-Butler

Since going to your store, I have become a yarn snob. Unfortunately, I have never gotten the chance to knit with Madelinetosh. #goals


I've used Malabrigo a few times. I made the cutest baby set for someone. Sadly I never saw them worn.

Béguin de Printemps by Julie Partie
Baby Hausschuhe by Ines M.
Baby oaks mitts by Myla Vayner


I have not yet had the opportunity to try Madelinetosh but sure would love to! Thanks!


I have Mad Tosh sock in my stash in Turquoise...sadly, I've never knitted with it! Maybe that should be next!

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