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March 27, 2019


Nancy F.

I love using Madelinetosh for small shawls/neckerchiefs.

Susan Miller

I really love the colors from Madeline Tosh. I recently got a shawl kit and it contains one skein of Danger Will Robinson and No Farewell. The pattern I will be using is called This Way by Connie Peng. I can't wait to see the two skeins come together in the shawl. I would love to win some more so I can make hats though.


I have used their Holi Festival and love it!

Venice Smith

Tosh Tough Sock in Alaska is just gorgeous.


I have some in my stash, but I haven't used it yet.

Venice Smith

Tosh sock in Twig!

Cynthia Carpenter

I just finished (as in yesterday) a simple pair of socks in mad tosh sock colorway the radness, which is discontinued. Prior to that, a sport weight pair in poison from mad tosh. Nice yarn in whatever weight I want.


I have only used MadTosh yarn once but I have TONS in stash - quite a bit is earmarked for projects already too. Except for all of my Seaglass; I just like to hoard that colorway because I love it so much!

The base I have knit with is Farm Twist in the Hermosa colorway to make a Khione Shawl. It turned out so beautiful and I want to hoard as much FT as I can now. It is easily one of my favorite yarn bases! I've got a lovely red SQ hoarded for a cardigan that I hope to knit before it starts getting cold again.

Barbara Klotthor

It is great to work with!


LOVE it. Have a big stash, have made socks and am collecting for a large long swirl.

Darcy coffel

I love Tosh yarn! I’ve much of it in stash. Made the agent 99 cowl with it. Lovely yarn.


I made the Comfort Fade Cardi last year: Allison and her staff helped me select the four colors: Plaid Blanket, Oak, Yoko, and Gentle Monster. I love that this yarn is so comfortable to wear!


I love to make socks and hats with Madeline Tosh yarns - there’s nothing better and you can find absolutely any color your heart desires!

Julie Kelley

I have not used this yarn yet, but I am currently making the Honey Cowl. I agree, it would look amazing together.


Love the feel and colours of Tosh yarn. I have knit too many hats and shawls to name them all. Thanks for the giveaway, the Resistance colourway is beautiful.


I have used Madelinetosh before and at the moment I am making a prayer shawl from two skeins.

Beth Fulton

I have lost the ball band...but I knitted a simple garter stitch scarf with my tosh...been so long...but so soft and comfy!


I have Madelintosh in my stash just waiting for the right pattern.....thanks for the offer.


I used Madelinetosh Light for a Color Affection in 2012 and it holds up well and soft against skin. Just wore last week. In Calligraphy, Curiosity and Dried Rose. So many colors to choose from!


Unfortunately, I've never used this yarn before, but it's definitely on my radar!! Thanks for the chance!!


I have never used this yarn before but have heard a lot about it so am very curious to try it!

M Reedstrom

I love working with Madelinetosh yarns.


This is not a product I have yet tried, but love the colour and it would make a nice cowl!


I have used Madrlinetosh
Sock-Descrnt into Madness-Denim, Worn Denim
-Queen Lucy's Fingerless Gloves-Denim
Light- Color Affection-Silver Fox, Mourning Dove, Stovepipe
- Breezy Cardigan-Van Dyke Brown
Yes, I like it...saved every leftover ever.


I have not used any Madelinetosh yarns yet, but I've certainly admired them. I would probably use this color for a nice cowl or small shawl scarf.

Rose Birchall

I have Tosh Sock in my stash. What am I waiting for?


I have never used Madelinetosh. I need to try it sometime!

Thanks for the contest!


I have the Downtown cowl on my needles for my sister in the luscious blue Tosh color, Cobalt, (sport weight) that she chose when I offered to make it for her. I have a few other skeins of Tosh in my stash, with various ideas for what they will become when I finish this and pick up one of them! I just "float" around in the Tosh section whenever I get to visit your store (I live in VA) when I am in town, feeling like I've gone to "Tosh Heaven" - I've never seen such an incredible selection of different weights and colors - to die for! Thanks for being such a great stockist of Madelintosh. I would love to try that colorway you are showing!

Kate Greenwood

I love Madtosh Unicorn Tails- I have purchased the mystery skein sets directly from them and the variety of colors never disappoint. I've used them in shawls and cowls- such great yarn!

Carol P.

Years ago I knit a Tea Leaves Cardigan out of Tosh DK in Amber Trinket. It's beautiful and the yarn is wonderful to knit with, a real dream. I also recently knit a pair of Coffee Talk Socks (by Tracie Millar) out of Tosh Sock, but I can't remember the color way. I stopped posting my projects on Ravelry a long time ago, just due to laziness, so I don't have a link to share for either project. Sorry.


I have only used Madeline Tosh one time. I made a pair of socks for myself. I did a straight vanilla sock so I can admire the yarn. I still covet the left over mini skein.


Astonishing to relate, I've never used Madelintosh. Something I'd like to remedy.

Geri Heagy

I have not used Madeline Tosh before. Good time to start!


I've never used any Madelinetosh but hope to in the near future - not sure if I want fingering weight lacy shawl or worsted weight keep me really warm shawl!

Thanks for the opportunity.


I have used Tosh for socks and hats and love it!


I've used pigtails in shades of blue green for a hat. Purple and blue for socks. I really like how the colors so far have stayed true even after washing. Very little bleeding.


I have the yummiest shade of red MadTosh sock to make the vitamin D sweater!


I've made a pair of socks for my husband with Rainwater.


I have not used Madelinetosh yarn yet, but I would live it give it a try!


I am working on the Odyssey Shawl in the color ways Joji is wearing


I have knit several projects with Madelinetosh. It's hard to pick a favorite but I think it would be a pair of fingerless mitts in the pattern Resonator using Earl Gray. I get lots of complements.


I think the first thing I ever bought from Simply Socks was a skein of Tosh Sock in Plaid Blanket. I made a loooooong pointy hat out of it - long enough to wrap the top of the hat around my neck on a windy day.


I have lots of Tosh DK yarn. I love it. Right now I am making Point Edward Mitts. I love this pattern and I am trying to start Christmas knitting.


I used Madelinetosh yarn for a KAL where I received a different color small skein each month with the pattern which made a scarf at the end of 12 months. Love the yarn!

Faye J

Tosh yarn is gorgeous! I've used it recently for a "Kallara" shawl that I donated to our local Cancer Services for a fundraising event.
The Alaska color way is beyond stunning!

Hilda C

I haven't used Tosh but would love to try it.


I used Madelinetosh Vintage to make my officemate a hat for Christmas last year. He loved the Dubrovnik colorway!

June S

I just looked through my stash and I don't think I have ever used Madeline Tosh yarn. I have usually purchased and knitted with Regia or Opal. Your idea of a cowl and hat combo is appealing, especially with the Resistance color. I have a dear cousin who has a blue coat that I know would love the set. I usually give what I knit away as gifts. Can't keep and use everything I make!!

Michele Almeida

I haven’t used Madelinetosh before although I have always loved its colors. These beautiful colors would look fabulous in The Bermuda Shawl pattern I am knitting now using NORO. I had a hard time when I first tried knitting the shawl back 5 years or so, but was encouraged to try again and it is coming along great!!! So much so I have thought of doing another one for my daughter-in-law who loves the beach!!!


I’ve used MT twice; a OOOK purchased years ago at Stitches Midwest, which became a cowl everyone comments on, and a special colour for MSF which became a hitchhiker. Last week I ordered a SQ of “Ink” which I’ll hold together with some silk/mohair for one of Leeni Hoi’s lovelies.


I used tosh merino light to make a boxy. Great sweater!

Jeanne Bush

I made a sweater called Whippet with MT Light in a dark almost black purple. It was a fun pattern to make. Now waiting for warmer weather so I can wear it.

Gail Fairman

I just gifted a Honey Cowl that I made for my niece from mad fish. I always have trepidation giving my picky relative something handmade but she immediately wrapped the soft cowl around her neck.


No, sadly I've never knit with Madelinetosh.


I have honestly never used it but would love to try it in a shawl

Michelle E.

I've used Madelinetosh several times and have a couple of WIPs using some. The first project I made using Twist Sock was a pair of Elm Socks in the Chicory colorway.


I've been knitting Madelinetosh since I first saw those yarns years ago. Too many to remember, let alone list, but mostly beautiful shawls.


I have never used Madelinetosh yarn, but I have heard it raved about and seen it in many projects. There are so many colors to drool over, I’m not even sure where to begin. Resistance is such a great name and a great color...resisting it may be futile.

Lisa Loback

Mira’s Cowl in glittery Antler...beautiful!!!


I have nerver used Madelinetosh yarn before. It does look awesome!

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Made the Simple Simon Cowl by Hanna Illuzzi with Rios.


I have used it in more than one Hitchhiker. Love it!

Jeri Jahns

I have a ton of madelinetosh in my stash, my faves are Tosh Merino Light and Farm Twist. I collect it because of the beautiful colors even if I don't have a specific project in mind. I love it for shawls, hats and blankets.

Penny S Mosher

I don't have a lot of Madtosh in my stash, but I've used it before. My favorite colors are Mansfield Garden Party and Tart. I've made at least 3 Mara shawls and love that pattern - they are easy to wear and keep you warm.

Rhonda Atkinson

I have made socks with my Madelinetosh. My last pair with this gorgeous yarn was in red. Don't remember the colorway. I also have several skeins in my stash.

Diane Scott

I made Joji Locatelli’s Hipster Shawl in the colorway Found Pottery 😊


I have made socks and a hat with Madelinetosh
I love this yarn!


I've use Tosh DK for hats and in a blanket. I've also used Tosh Merino Light for a shawl and am currently making Joji's Spector. First time for a fingering weight sweater!

Julie Vance

I prefer MT for drapery, next to skin garments and accessories. And the colors are always amazing!

Colleen D'Allura

Love love love Madelinetosh. I have made the honey cowl in optic and andrea mowrys om shawl in Madelinetosh chunky. It is so smooshy!

Doreen Righter

I have not used Madelinetosh before but have heard so many oohs and aahs that it peaks my interest. I do love all the colors!


I LOVE Madelinetosh.
I love their Tosh Merino Light for shawls. I'm using 5 skeins of it right now for a fade shawl by Joji Locatelli.
I've knit several Honey Cowls with Tosh DK.

Rose McDonald

I have not tried Madeline Tosh before, but it is on my list to try!


I've used Tart in a couple of the bases. For shawls. Gave the ALL away.


I have some tosh in my stash, but have yet to use it. I love their colors, so I have to keep stopping myself from buying more.


I am pretty sure I made a pair of tosh sock "fireside" a while back..maybe plain vanilla sox....Love the yarn


I have soooooo much Mad Tosh I cant even start to tell you what I have made, and I still have a bunch stashed. It's my favorite. I have a couple sweater quantities saved up but and too afraid to make a sweater lol, but have made many different hats and socks with various colors and bases.


Given that I lived in Madelinetosh’s home city when I first started knitting, it was the very first indie dyer I fell in love with when I branched out from Michael’s. I’ve made a lot of projects with MT yarn but my favorite remains a Toolbox Cowl made with various leftover bits of Twist Light. But awaiting cast on I have some of the Copper Merino Light in Afterglow and Nocturne for a Starry Night wrap, and a sweater quantity of Prairie in Seasalt for a drapey cardigan.

Carol C

I made a scarf with MadTosh Light. I wear a lot, still get compliments. I also made a shawl with Tosh Light, a MKAL which used a new color each month. Love Madelinetosh!


Used madeline tosh pashmina for a fall wedding shawl - so soft. Temps were in the 80's that day and it was not worn. Darn!


i made socks!!!

Brenda Lewis

I have not used Madelinetosh before. Me so sad.

Kelli l

I have some stashed...been saving it for a baby sweater for an anticipated niece/nephew. (Fingers crossed!)


So many! I love the Merino light and DK for garments, and the twist light makes great accessories!

Mary Anne Tucker

Madelinetosh is my FAVORITE sock yarn. I have made many pairs of socks using this yarn. Cosmic Wonder Dust is my favorite colorway. I just made a pair using that colorway and sent them to my friend in Colorado.


I have not knit with madelintosh yet. I had a skien in thd gorgeous prairie colourway, but was lace weight, which i don't knit with, so it was culled in a recent destash, sadly

Cherry A Hudson

Used it in reyna.

Cathy Guinn

Madelinetosh is my all-time favorite!
I mostly use Tosh light for shawls, my go to knitting item. Madelinetosh rocks!!


I've knit a few projects with Madeleine Tosh, and enjoyed it every time. I think my favourite was Tosh Merino Light in the Chicory colourway, knit into an Auspice shawl by Lisa Mutch.


I love MT. I made the magnolia sweater with Mad Tosh mo light, in toner cartridge. I love it!


Yes, a Darkened Cedar hat in ASAP in the Ember colorway (; and two hats in Vintage, but only one has photos posted, my Cushy Hat in the Terrarium colorway (


I just bought some Madelinetosh in Hydroponic colorway. I plan to use to make a shawl or use to make a sweater for my daughter.


I made two hats in Tosh Vintage Ink and Cove using Churchmouse's Boyfriend Watch Cap pattern. Lovely yarn, lovely hats.

Sandra C.

This yarn is beautiful! I haven’t used it yet but I would love to make a hat or shawl with the beautiful colors for myself or my daughter.

Emily C

Gorgeous yarn!

Emily C

Shoot! Hit the post button before adding my project. Just finishing up a Mara shawl in Ever After.

Patsy Coats

I knitted a Kate shawl in a pink colorway. I don’t remember the name of it, but enjoyed knitting with this yarn.


I have not, although I have a couple skeins in my stash.


I’m currently making a Hitchhiker out of Holi Festival. Sooooo squishy!

Kathryn Brooks

I love Mad Tosh. I’ve made several shawls and scarves with it. I just finished a cabled hat in Spectrum, which is my favorite MT colorway.

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