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March 25, 2019



Ooh, I'm really liking Alaska from the Walk collection!


madelinetosh sock in Mandala!


They are all so divine. So hard choosing one single color. I would choose Tosh Socks colors first. The others I have to think about...


SY Tender Cherry Blossoms is whispering springtime to me.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I like Madelinetosh Night Hawk. The gray reminds me of tornadoes which happens a lot in the spring.

Jenn h

Oh my gosh too many gorgeous tosh colorways! I would love a skeinbof Earl Grey tosh sock!


I’m intrigued about Stitch Together’s not-yet-arrived spring hues, because their existing shades are gorgeous! Spring means everything turning green for me, so ST Smooth in Endor is my pick— love the little pops of purple, like violets or irises.


Madeleinetosh Tosh Sock in Edison Bulb, because it reminds me of the young willow leaves I saw this weekend.


SG TL Sock Rainbow Sprinkles


So many beautiful colors! MT Night Hawk and SG Windswept are the final contenders for me. If I won a skein I would have to purchase the other :)


Oh so hard to choose just one, but Sweet Georgia Tough Love Stormchaser would top my list of favourites.

Deborah Grce

Oh my goodness...MadTosh Sock in Paradox makes me think of dreamy lace shawls....

Betsy Bradley

Seedling is just about perfect for Spring!


I love Walk Collection's Tough Sock in Mushroom for spring. A slightly delicate blend of pink, beige and cream.

Colleen Dallura

Stitch together studio Folsom blues


Can’t resist tosh dk night hawk!


I love the Tosh Sock in the Spectrum colorway.


Night Hawk with the wonderful pops of color!


ST Smooth Blue Suede Shoes

Sarah R

I have Sweet Georgia's book on dyeing but haven't yet found any of their yarn (I don't think they stock here in NZ). If I found it, I'd be hard pressed to choose between Tough Love Sock Snapdragon and Windswept. Then again, I'd also adopt Tosh Sock Nighthawk and Paradox.

Geraldine Scott

Sweet Georgia's Snapdragon!


Cobblestone is my choice!!


gotta say the MT electric rainbow is really nice!!!


Whatever that first colorway is - I ❤️ It!!!! They’re all beautiful but that one is gorgeous!!!!!!

Audra L

The Madtosh Electric Rainbow looks like a blast to knit up


Sweet Georgia Rose Gold is really pretty!

Nancy Tracy

1just love the tosh yarn maple leaf is so spring need that one thanks for the chance to win


Sweet Georgia Windswept has that perfect Game of Thrones look. Just in time for the new swason!

Kat Gatzke

So many great colors to choose from it’s hard to settle on one. But my current choice is the Sweet Georgia Tough Sock in West Wind.


Walk Collection Alaska - lovely colors!


I love the Tosh Sock in Electric Rainbow! Such gorgeous depth of colour.

Barbara Belden

Alaska rainbow and twister makes my heart sing!!!


The MT Sock Rainbow has my heart!! <3

M Reedstrom

Maple leaf and Electric rainbow.


I love Mad Tosh sock in Fragile!


When I think spring I think flowers. Sweet Georgia Snap Dragon is a flower in yarn! Gorgeous!


Ooh, so hard to choose. Tosh Sock Wildflower.

Becky Myers

LOVE Nighthawk. Can see a beautiful cowl that could be worn with so many colors.

Hilda C.

Tosh Cactus Flower because I live in the desert.

Rachel R.

Ironically, given the beautiful spring weather we are enjoying, I am loving the Madeline Tosh greys, like Arch and Astrid Grey!

Doreen Righter

Alaska screams springtime shawl or coverlet to me!

Brenda Lewis

Socks made from Electric Rainbow would match almost any outfit.

Micheline Prescott

Oh the Tosh sock in Electric Rainbow is yummy!!! Definitely needs to be on my needles.😀


That Tough Sock in Dried Roses is all but singingy name!😁


Paradox! It’s so pretty!


I seldom knit with neutral colored yarn, but I am curious about Sweetgeorgia's Tough Love Bubble Wand. I love the pop of magneta, and it would make a terrific addition to my sock drawer.


Tosh Sock Night Hawk

Rita Brown

Please re-stock the 'music' mechita!!!

Anne Marie

Stitch Together Smooth Rainbow Blip - grey of April showers with the rainbow to go with - very spring

Lou Ann Painter

I think my first choice would be Alaska....But so many beautiful choices.


Walk Tough Sock Cosmic Chaos is a beauty

Erin McKee

Tosh sock in Night Hawk looks perfect

Kara Williams

How fun would it be to knit a welcome spring project with mt-tosh-sock-mermaids-unite!?!?


Ooh, I love the Paradox colorway from Tosh.

Marilyn Hunley

Tosh Sock in Paradox really speaks to me. My 2 favourite colours in one skein. Swoon! And there are so many 1 skein shawls out there.

Amy G

I can't believe I'm going to select Electric Rainbow. Speckles and insane multi-colors don't usually draw my eye, but this one absolutely did.

I think because our theater group is presenting Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat this spring and it will be a GREAT rehearsal project! Thank you!


I am really loving the WALK TOUGH SOCK ALASKA and it is a new to me dyer, too!

Naomi J in OK

Stitched Together Smooth Wicked Please!

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