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March 25, 2019


Carol Acola

Electric Rainbows remind me of Easter eggs. Everyone needs socks to match their Easter basket!

Susan Miller

I am really loving the Less Traveled Yarn Lipsmackers color way. Feels very Easter like!

Geri Heagy

Snapdragon! Such a rare flower to see anymore but one that my mom used to have every year in the garden.

Lisa Dykstra

MT forager is gorgeous! I would love to have socks in that colorway.


Electric Rainbow is awesome.... I'm eyeing that and a new pair of Flexiflips.


I thought I would select Maple leaf or Paradox but then I saw Snapdragon. All would make great socks or a small wrap/cowl. All of the colors are beautiful!


That Electric Rainbow really looks amazing! I haven't picked out any yarn like that before, and I'd love to try it out!

Lori Stathem

Loving the electric rainbow!

Kelli L

I love that Madelintosh nighthawk! I love the gray with a punch of color!


Metaphorically, that Rainbow Blip colorway from Stitch Together reminds me of the explosion of spring bulbs after a long, grey winter. My early crocuses *just* made an appearance over the weekend, and I can't wait for the rest of the crocuses, the daffodils and narcissus, hyacinth, and tulips...

Susan barnes

Wow. These are really great colors. Love too many of them.

Marilyn Robinson

Electric Rainbow is my favorite. I would love to make myself some beautiful socks with Electric Rainbow.

Louann Chatfield

Electric Rainbow. Sure looks like a fun knit...

Nicole S

I’m more a fan of tonals... and SweetGeorgia’s ‘Celery’ looks like a beautiful green for spring.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

You have listed some amazing colors! My eyes are popping for the Tough Sock - Rainbow color. I can already imagine it knit up into some hand mitts!


Sweet Georgia Snapdragon is so pretty!


Sweet Georgia's Yarn in Neverland screams spring to me! Gorgeous.

Deanna Sylte

Night Hawk would make some purty socks (or anything else, for that matter!)


I love the MT Tosh Sock in Hydroponic!

Julie Vance

Love Twister!! It is a lovely spring color that isn't typical of expected spring palettes.

Annie Tarbox

Twister is definitely more reminiscent of Maines's current spring colors. The hints of green and purple are definitely there. The only thing missing are the slowly melting snowbansk...

Katherine S.

I really live the electric rainbow colorway. But all those yarns are lovely!

Cathy Green

I love Stitch Together Studios’ Queen of Tarts! With coral being the color of the year this one fits in that category very nicely! I can see a lovely shawl in the works with it.


Tosh Electric Rainbows is hard to beat but I love Mermaids Unite for spring

Traci Schanewolf

I'd be torn between Tosh Sock Electric Rainbow or Night Hawk, and Stitch Together's Toxic Nebula. They're all so pretty! Need to work up an order this week! ♡♡♡


So many great colors, wonderful choices. I'd like to make a shawl in Sweet Georgia's Honey fig or Raspberry Swirl. At the moment, they are my favorites, melt-in-your-mouth colors!

Pam McGinty

That Electric Rainbos is BEAUTIFUL! I love all of your sock yarns and will be visiting your shop May 11th while on a vacation! Can't wait to see the shop! And, I'd love to win some yummy sock yarn!!! Am knitting Opal Monet socks right. Now and love them already!

Cindee Schroll

Love the tough sock corals but they are all beautiful,


Walk Collection's Alaska brings back memories of my two trips to Alaska: first, an air trip to Juneau when the children were just babes, and, second, a 7-day cruise up the Inside Passage to Glacier Bay, celebrating our 30th anniversary. Alaska is a fairy-tale place for me.


Sweet Georgia's Party of 5 set in "Escape" screams spring Easter eggs to me!

Debra Bremer


Twister would go well with the St Louis weather in the Spring!


Can't decide between the three Sweet Georgia skeins-Snapdragon,Windswept and Seedling- all look like spring to me. Thank you for the giveaway.

Debra Cohen

Tosh Sock Gold Lion makes me think of the pop of daffodils in my garden!!


I'm really digging the gray/rainbow (night hawk?) from mad-Tosh (go figure). The grey makes me think of grungy melted snow drifts of spring and then you get that pop of bright colors and rainbows. That's truly spring in the midwest.

Sheila Hensler

Sweet Georgia sock petal or snapdragon


Paradox! So stunning...


The Electric Rainbow is amazing!! 🌈🌈🌈

Patsy Coats

Walk. Tough Aurora makes me think of new leaves.


Definitely Electric Rainbow -- I've already got a skein of that in my stash in pashmina!

Beth Fulton

That Electric Rainbow would surely make my color happiness overflow!!


It difficult to choose just one but right at this moment Alaska has really caught my eye.


I keep coming back to Electric Rainbow - just WOW!

Christine T

That Madelinetosh Night Hawk Sock is absolutely amazing! Feel free to randomly pick me!!


Kayanna's Toxic Nebula is to die for.


Electric Rainbow reminds me of how I feel inside when spring comes around! The plants come back to life, the sun returns, and I feel energetic and renewed.


I love them all, but my heart settled on Electric Rainbow and wouldn’t be moved!


I like Stitch Together's Smooth Witches Garden.


Seem like spring to me!


The SGB Snapdragon reminds me so much of the colors of spring; something that takes a long time to arrive in NH!! Scoks are always my favorite.


I can't get my eyes off of Seedling by Sweet Georgia. It reminds me of the new grass coming up and the blue and light yellow flowers I am planting.


Silence was Golden on Tosh Sock! It's like Maple Leaf, but somehow even better.

Kate  Greenwood

I like Twister on Walk Tough Sock :-)


OMG. That Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in Windswept is just so ME!


SGB- tough sock in Carnary Island just shouts Spring to me.


I love all the color of so many of these yarns. They make me happy!


What fun colors! Can't decided between Paradox, Alaska, Windswept or Queen of Tarts - any would be wonderful in a hardworking plied yarn with nylon. Thanks for the opportunity!

Annette Poole

I like the Walk Rainbow or Speckled Rainbow. Very pretty!


Electric Rainbow is fabulous. I would love to give it try in a pair of socks.


The Electric Rainbow has it all! I love it! I’m just now knitting my first pair of socks and love it!

Jeanette Dickau

Love love all the crazy colors. That speckled madtosh is amazing. But I think my fave is the Sweet Georgia Windswept cuz I live at the beach.


I think the ST Grindylow is very springy!


I would love the Tosh Electric Rainbow...such fabulous colors.

Rhonda Atkinson

Sweet Georgia TL Sock Mirror Pond would look great for me. Thank you.


Tosh Nighthawk is my choice. Thanks


MT Tosh Nighthawk is gorgeous!!!!


You had me at Electric Rainbow.

Carol Herzog

Love love Twister. The colors of the sky after a storm has passed y. It would stunning socks I’m sure.


What fabulous spring colors! I love the Tosh Sock Electric Rainbow. Definitely brightens up a grey day.


Paradox reminds me of hydrangeas


MT Tosh Sock Himiko. Such a rich purple!

Thank you for the contest!

Rose Birchall

MT Sock Beautiful Liar
I can see a beautiful shawl

Nancy F.

Sweet Georgia Mirror Pond!


I love Electric Rainbow I could see it in a shawl!

Jeanne Bush

Sweet Georgia Snapdragon immediately caught my eye - such bright colors.

Linda Ladwig

That MadelineTosh Tosh Sock in Electric Rainbow just shouts SPRING! :D


I LOVE that mad tosh in electric rainbow!!!


I love the mad tosh in night hawk!

Rose McDonald

The Walk Tough Sock Swimming Pool looks awesome!

Niki Vogler

That Electric Rainbow is absolutely inspired!


Tosh “Paradox” caught my eye


Sweet Georgia’s Snapdragon is gorgeous! Hot pink and lime green is one of my fall time avorite color combinations.


I really love Seedling. What a gorgeous skein.


I like Windbag from Stitch Together Studio Single-pretty blues and little pops of color

Laura Nixon

So many pretties it's hard to choose just one. But I have narrowed it down to two; Stitch together Nebula and Queen of Tarts. They are callint to me!

Cindy Carpenter

Already listed, but I adore Tosh’s Electric Rainbow so much that I have made 2 pairs of socks with it.


Stitched Together’s smooth in the Pixie Stick Pucker, the pops of color remind me of new leaves and crocus popping out.


Love the Madeline Tosh Electric Rainbow, and many others! So ready for Spring!


Walk Collection Twister - love those colors!


I love Stitch Together Studios in Toxic Nebula, the bright colors with blips of black here and there are just amazing. I cannot begin to fathom what that would look like worked up!

Karen Machado

I would really love Stith together’s smooth brain freeze or permanent mauve for a Cassapinka shawl that I would like to knit. The colors are totally 80’s and rad!🥰. Thank you and happy spring!

Judy Schlabach

Beautiful colors. I want it all!

Cindee Goodling

Sweet Georgia's Snapdragon is speaking to me right now (but they're all gorgeous!). I would love to make some socks out of it.


They are not at all like colors I usually prefer but I LOVE Night Hawk by MT. I think it would look fantastic combined with Maple Leaf in a Shawl.

Kim Holbrook

Oh, that Tosh Electric Rainbow! It’s slightly outside my usual yarn comfort zone but I ❤️ it!

Carol Crosby

MT Electric Rainbow needs to join my stash!


They are all so pretty, night hawk and twister are a couple favorites😊


I <3 Twister too! I'm also eyeing Tosh Shire for my tootsies!


Love Sweet Georgia - the TL Sock Songbird is beautiful.


Walk Tough Sock Seashells. It was a near impossible task, but I made myself look at all the yarn.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

SG TL Sock Shipwreck

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