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March 28, 2019



I'd love 3 skeins of blues - Impressionis, Cote D Azure, and Azules. Love all the colors!!!


Archangel, Arco Iris, & Frank Ochre. i LOVE malabrigo!!!


Aniversario, Cereza, and Caribeno - the colors are scrumptious, but they all are! A friend of mine used Aniversario for her granddaughter's shawl, and I've wanted to use that colorway ever since I saw her knitting it. Or perhaps you could choose 3 skeins for me using one or more of those choices to make a fade shawl of some sort? That's on my bucket list to do in the not too distant future, but I'm not good choosing colors to go together.

Nicole S

Not an easy choice! I think I'd go with Aguas, Immpressionis, and Polar Morn.


Water Green (of course!), Natural, and Ochre. You and your silly contests! Now that I've put these together mentally, I'm just going to have to order them. They're to pretty to NOT have!!


Diana, Fresco Y Sec, and Teal Feather


Caribeno, Whales Road and Cian - I feel like turquoise blue today!

Thanks for the opportunity.


Lotus, Winter Green and Sabiduria
Unless you say they won't make a pretty set

Kate Greenwood

great colors! I'd like Pocion, Indiecita & Flavia :-)

Crystal Parker

Polar Morn,Dewberry, and Caribeno!!
I don't know who I'm trying to kid, I love them all!! ☺


Archangel (which I've always drooled over), Light Love and Ochre, or, you know, any three :)


Candombe, Pocion, Sabiduria are my top picks. So hard to choose, they are all so tempting. I have very much enjoyed my malabrigo knitting!


three skeins of Sock in Ravelry Red would make a lovely pullover for my mom. =) thanks for this chance to win!

Julie K

Whales Road, Caribeno, Piedras bright are my choices! I have several skeins in my stash and have used some to make a shawl/scarf.


I've never knitted with Malabrigo and would love to try someday. As much as I would like individual colors, I'd go for 3 skeins in Sand Bank to make Caitlin Hunter's Tegna.


I would choose Teal Feather, Solis, and Impressionis; I envision them transitioning from one to the other


I’d love Natural, Cereza and Matisse Blue. I’ve only knit Malabrigo in a worsted or Aran weight, so Sock would be fun! Thank you for the contest!


I would have to pick- Sandbox, Aniversio, and Primavera... All lovely colors.

Jeanne Bush

I'd go for Indiecita, Dewberry, and Indonesia. I've knit a sweater in Rios and a pair of socks with Malabrigo Sock.

Anne Marie Hart

Frank Ochre would be my choice


I would love Zarzamora, Violeta Afri, and Flavia
Thank you!


Chocolate, Abril, and Sabiduria!

Susan Miller

I love Malabrigo. You can make some beautiful socks with it! I would love to win Abril, Kris, and Solis!


Piedras, Marte, and Arco Iris A for me please! I’m already thinking of projects!

Nancy F.

Fresco Y Seco; Azules; Polar Morn


Light Love, Matisse Blue, and Dewberry, please!

Coby Hanna-Butler

Oh yummy Malabrigo! Sand Bank, Plomo, and Diana please!!


Every comment I read, I think yes, those. Hard to choose. Piedras, violeta and teal feather or maybe 3 azules. Thanks for the contest.


Light Love, Fucsia and Sabiduria! I have used Malabrigo to make some squishy beanies and mitts!


Archangel, Diana, Arco Iris are my favs!

Cynthia Carpenter

Sabidura, Whales Road and Caribeno please.


Frank Ochre, Water Green, and Lettuce.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

Malabrigo sock - so many great colors! I think I would pick: Whales Road, Indonesia and Archangel!

Teresa Knittingdancer

009-Polar Morn


ANY three colors! It’s Malabrigo, there aren’t any that I’d pass up!

Erin McKee

Avril, Polar Morn, and Lotus are beautiful.


I love coffee toffee, peachy, and Vulcan.

Karla French

Abril, Diana and Piedras Bright!!!
Tough to choose because they are all so pretty!!🎉


OMG, only 3, what a difficult decision!
Dewberry, Piedras Bright, Solis


I can't decide! I want them all. If I win, surprise me.


I can't decide! I want them all. If I win, surprise me.


Archangel is always one of my favorite Malabrigo colorways, I love how each batch is different but always beautiful and it makes me want to collect them all, lol. I’m always a sucker for a good Fuscia and that Sabiduria looks very pretty.

Kimberly Wiggin

Anyone looking at my stash would tell you I had enough of these colors, but I wouldn't be able to resist Ochre, Polar and Natural!

Geraldine Scott

Aniversario, Arco Iris, and Matisse! Pretty!!

M Reedstrom

Cian, Caribeni, and Indiecita


Lotus, Flavia and Zarzamora


Hard to decide. Aniversario, Archangel and Arco Iris.


Whales Road, Indieceta (love that name), & Solis. Cannot resist those blue/green combinations.

Emily Cossins

Cian, Polar Morn, and Whales Road are my three picks.

Elizabeth SanMiguel



Oh man, 2 skeins of Sabiduria and 1 of Archangel would be amazing for the blanket I'm planning to weave for my sister's wedding present!


I love Malabrigo’s vibrant colors! Archangel and Arco Iris are my favorite colors (I like the “A” variant of the latter) and for a shade I haven’t tried before, Fortaleza.


I currently have plans for a nice airy sweater made out of Persia but I kinda want to add a contrasting color for a bit of variety something like Polar Moon would be fun yet subtle. I also really like Dewberry and Matisse Blue is my favorite shade of blue so they are calling my name for other projects....the struggle is real lol

Kara Williams

Malabrigo = joy on a crafty spring afternoon. 😄
I’d enjoy creating something with Lotus, Fortaleza, and Archangel.


Malabrigo is my favorite!

Three skeins of Flavia would be divine, because I haven't seen that colorway yet.

Sarah R

I've never used Malabrigo but I like the story behind it. My three picks - Caribeno, Whale Road and Lotus.


I love polar morn, Matisse blue, and cian

Kim Holbrook

I love them all! Whales Toad, Solis and Azules would be my pick.


lovin arco iris!!!!

Marilyn Hunley

I'd like to see these together to see how they would look:
Matisse Blue
Impressionist Sky

Amy G

Ok - Any would be great! But - Whales road, Solis and Ivy. Or three of one of those for a start on a sweater. I'm not good at combining colors on my own - just can't make up my mind.

I love Malabrigo. The colors are absolutely wonderful. Thank you.


Silly me...I thought "I can choose three?! That will be easy; I won't have to narrow it down."

After much deliberation:

807 Cote D Azure
809 Solis
856 Azules


I'd love to win a skein of Kris, Sabiduria, and Fortaleza!

I am currently knitting a hat with Rios in Archangel and it is knitting up so beautifully! I'll most likely CO a hat with Ivy once I finish this first one up.

Rose Birchall

083 Water Green
120 Lotus
136 Sabiduria

Terri Bringar

Indonesia, violet grape and fresco would be my choices! Thanks for the contest.


That was a dangerous exercise. I want ALL THE YARN. My top three would be Whales Road, Polar Morn, and Cirrus Gray.

Susan Ipavec

I would love to win ALL THE MALABRIGO that I could possibly stuff into my closet, but then there wouldn't be any room for my clothes! My three faves are Cereza, Persia and Solis. But they are all GORGEOUS!

Geri Heagy

Water Green, Lotus, and Arco Iris. Too many pretty colors to choose from!


I love Polar Morn, Cereza, and Plomo


Storm, Lotus & Sabiduria

Rose McDonald

I would choose Polar Morn, Solis, and Indonesia. Thank you for this opportunity!

Naomi J in OK

Fresco Y Sec, Velvet Grape and Arco Iris please!


I would choose Fresco Y Sec, Ivy and Aguas. All are lovely.


Turner. Alcaucil, zarzamora

heights! McNew

Piedras! Piedeas! Piedras! I love the hrights!


They're all so pretty but I've narrowed it down to Aniversario, Caribeno, and Piedras Bright.

sue swartz herr

I love this yarn! Violeta, Impressionis, Polar Morn are easy to choose. Any would do for knitting.

Brenna Delosier

I would choose 3 skeins of Kris to make my mother a squishy shawl .

Anna G

How could I possibly choose only 3??? I love them all! 😂

But ok, if I must: Indiecita, Candombe, Sabiduria!


I feel like a kid in a candy store when shopping for Malabrigo...all those lovely blues and greens. Caribeno is calling me and would be gorgeous on its own or faded with one of the lighter and darker blues.


I would love 3 skeins of Dewberry.


Arco Iris A, Sabiduria and Water Green


Polar morn, water green and aguas

Colleen D'Allura

Solis, whales road and ploar morn


Polar Morn, Plomo, Cereza


I like the combo of Ochre, Cote D Azure and Playa


Piedras, Zarzamora, & Rayon Vert. Not an easy decision. I was tempted to say Indiecita & Primavera - 2 colorways I already have in my stash. But the new versions are different from what I have - a little brighter I think - & I love them. But I decided to go with some I don’t already have. Actually it would be easier to list those I wouldn’t want!


What about a Zarzamora and 2 of that Pines on Rios? Those seen like they'd make a yummy stripey something together.


For three colors - Cereza, Water Green, and Aguas.
Or, just three skeins of Solis for an epic shawl or sweater.

Rhonda Atkinson

Water Green
Violeta Afri
These are all beautiful

Donna Stevens

Hard choice!
But I’d pick: Caribeno, Teal Feather and Cian


New sock knitter, senior citizen, just learning about Malabrigo, hear so many great comments about it I would love to try any color. Thanks

Karen P.

The colors are all amazing and I think anything Malabrigo is great to knit with. To start with...Borrajas, Anniversario and PIANO!


I would like 886 Diana for myself; 247 Whales Road for my sibling; and 141 Dewberry for my BFF (Best fiber friend); however all of the colors are simply amazing!


Three skeins of Malabrigo Sock 120 Lotus would make something lovely. I'm not sure what, but it would be wonderful. Such a hard choice to make!


They are all so beautiful it's hard to choose, but I believe my favorites are Anniversario, Cian, and Indonesia. Thanks for the chance to win!

Clare Gieck

Thanks for sponsoring another contest. Beautiful colors. I am partial to Dewberry, flavia and ochre.

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