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February 25, 2019


Nancy Williams

I would chose the DK weight. I love shawls -- so versatile - and have many in fingering. But would love to do this great pattern in a heavier weight. I live in the MId-Atlantic region and our weather, although not as cold as the much of the US, bounces from one extreme to the other in a short period of time. So shawls are always a good thing to have.

Stacy Clayton

I love a DK weight shawl. Not too heavy, not too light, it's just right.

Wendy Chase

I dont have any shawls, I have yet to knit one. I cast on one months ago and got distracted with other easier projects. Dk weight would be great, the offices where I work are a bit chilly!


We've had a very cold winter in Southern California (cold for us, that is) so I'd like a DK shawl for next winter to keep me cozy. Plus DK shawls knit up so fast!

Amy Higgins

DK weight for sure! Thanks for the chance!

Elaine Smith

There’s room in my closet for a DK or lace shawl! I love both. Living in the Midwest means we “need” both weights. I think I have fallen in love with the last colorway shown from Less Traveled Yarn. Swoon!


Either shawl would be good for New England weather but i would definitely get more wear out of a dk weight one


I live in Maine and it will be cold for a while more yet. I could definitely use. Dk shawl. I am also a good sturdy girl so like a shawl with some size. I just finished the Rose City MKAL shawl and can't weight to get it blocked.


I would enjoy knitting a dk shawl for sure. The Phantasm/Mercury/Brass colorway is beautiful! We are not having all the snow many parts of the country are experiencing but definitely have the cold blustery winds here in the Texas Panhandle.


I prefer DK weight

Lyn Dorman

Fingering weight works well for indoors in the winter and outdoors for the other three seasons.


I’ve only made a few shawls: 2 in fingering weight, one worsted and one bulky. I like the lighter weight versions because they are easy to wear and work for several seasons. I like knitting the heavier weight because they knit up in a flash, but I just can’t figure out how to wear them and not have to fiddle with it.

On a side note, your color combinations are wonderful. You have a great eye for a good mix.

Beth P

I e never made a shawl in DK. I would love to try this pattern, it’s beautiful

Michelle Carter

DK is perfect for the weather we've been having here in the east. I've never made a shawl before, but this would be a perfect start! I've got the pattern ready. Even if I don't win, I am going to find three colors that I love and give it a go.


Fingering weight for me.


I'd prefer a DK weight shawl. I've knit a lot of light weight shawls, which are nice to toss around my neck for added warmth. But a heavier weight shawl around my shoulders would be great in my chilly office.


Wow! What a wonderful contest! DK for me, as I am in the polar vortex midwest!

Cathy Robinson

I really think with our bipolar weather here in Tennessee, I'd need something in every weight.

Kimberly Wiggin

After lots of fingering weight, I made my first DK shawl last autumn, and it won't be my last! It was still plenty lightweight and drapey, but I have been very grateful for the extra bit of warmth and coziness on some of the blustery days we have had this winter. Plus, the knitting went so fast!

Beverly Davis

Here in Wisconsin, with never ending wind and snow, a worsted weight shawl would be lovely.


In California (not in the snowy mountains), fingering weight shawls only, please. I knit a two-skein worsted weight shawl a couple years ago, and I need to go frog it and free up that yarn for something else--it doesn't get worn.

Lisa Collins

These color combinations are gorgeous!! I think I’d prefer DK, I live in a warm climate but it’s been a cold winter and my office is set to frigid. I’ve been wearing my rockefeller shawl lately, I’m almost done with find your fade and have radiata and the rain outside in the queue!

Nancy F.

DK for Toronto winters, for sure

joyce hancock

I would prefer a dk shawl because it would be done quicker and so many of the shawls I want to make are fingering weight.

Andi Mallinger

I live in Chicago area and DK would be perfect. It is so cold!!

Anne Marie

With more snow on the ground than I've seen in years, this California girl transplanted to Nebraska wants a DK shawl all the way!!


I think I’d prefer a DK weight shawl like Odyssey! And I love its large holes! I’ve always been drawn to the large holes.

Thanks for the contest.

Annette Poole

Definitely DK. That is the perfect weight for spring in Indiana.

Jenn hen

Im perpetually cold so dk calls my name for sure! Especially with 50mph+ winds today! Im loving that joji shawl! Especially in the greens.


I'd say DK given the option as I have way more fingering yarn on hand than heavier weights. My wrists would appreciate the shorter turnaround time too.

marsha willey

I live in Arizona and usually make everything out of Fingering weight yarn; however, considering this kind of winter (and the fact that even in Tucson, AZ we just had a few inches of snow) I think I am ready to make a shawl out of DK weight yarn. Thank you for the opportunity to win this gorgeous yarn.

June Potere

Sport Weight for me 😊. Over air conditioned offices and restaurants in the spring an summer!


DK please, I like a larger shawl.

Latassha Henderson

I would love a DK weight shawl! I live in Maryland where we can have some really cold winters. A DK weight shawl can work well here during the cold months as well as keep me warm and comfortable during the spring and Summer months when I'm in an air conditioned building.


Chilly here in the NW and DK weight would be perfect for puttering around my 66 degree house.


I think the DK weight would be perfect in Upstate NY, especially as I look outside at the very blustery snowy day! Thank you 😄


I love the squishiness of a DK shawl, but I'm always running hot, so the lacier lighter weights are a bit more practical for me. DK would be great to cover my head and shoulders in when walking from car to office though!

Anne Westbrook

As I hope it soon will be spring, fingering weight would be more appropriate for Maryland where I live. However, I do so love the DK shawl Odyssey. I would love to try the Phantasm/ Mercury/ Brass color scheme!


I tend to be careless with lace items, sad but true. I like a DK weight in items like this. Love the pattern and thank you for sharing with us.
The yarn you feature has great colors.

Leigh Ditto

I prefer fingering to DK most days!

Robin V

Here in Michigan, definitely DK. We survived the Polar Vortex, and we survived yesterday’s crazy wind. Surely spring will arrive soon?

Nancy DeMere

I am in the midwest too, so nothing lighter than DK and maybe worsted and then at least 3 shawls piled on top of each other!


I love a DK shawl! They're so squishy and cozy and perfect for chilly Bay Area weather!

Debbie Briwn

I just became a grandmother for the first time this weekend. A DK shawl would be just the
Perfect weight for rocking this little fellow. He would be bundled up warm and me too!


Ohio weather has been wild! I like the idea of DK for a shawl because it would knit up faster.


Dk probably. I have fingering weight ones.


Probably a sport weight but the dk would knit up a tad faster, no? I’m all about instant gratification right now. Lol.

Rene Bowman

I'd prefer a DK weight shawl as I'm cold all the time. I'm living in VA, but promise you that Fiji is on my bucket list! We Almost went this year, but decided to move to a small farm instead. I still need Fiji in my life though!


I’m always so cold that I would need a DK Weight Shawl for sure! Those new yarns are stunning!


With all the cold and wind here I am definitely ready for a DK weight shawl!


Most of my shawls are Fingering weight. I’m loving my Gloamin’ Tide in MadTosh Merino Light right now (perfect travel scarf!) but I’d love to knit a DK scarf! I just love scarves!


Living in Maine, a DK shawl would be so warm and cozy!

Annie Tarbox

While the inside of the shop is a reasonable temperature most of the time, a DK weight shawl like Odyssey is just the thing in Maine, especially for times when you have to run out to the mailbox or help customers to their cars with their purchases.

Mindy Cheyne

I would love and wear both. I love the pattern in Odyssey. Love summer weight shawls and we definitely need them in Alabama if we want to continue wearing our works of art.

Dee Thompson

I would love to see you carry some nonsuperwash yarn. Thanks!

Jeanne Bush

I'm thinking a DK shawl would be a great change of pace for me since most of the ones I have are fingering, and this pattern is stunning.

Jenni Westman

I'm between you and Indy and I don't have any DK shawls. I've done lots of sock weight, but haven't branched out much. I wear something handmade every day to keep my neck warm. Does anyone else pick their clothes for the day based on which yarny thing you want to wear?!

Barbara McCarthy

DK for this Alaskan.


I like DK weight shawls the best, although to be honest, a lot of mine are lacy fingering weight because I think they look classier. The DK ones that I do wear, I wear A LOT!


... I'm on a shawl knitting streak this year. I already have this pattern lined up and ready to go. I usually do neutral, natural yarns... but I'd love the opportunity to make it in your beautiful color ways. I really love the Danger Will Robinson/ Cenote/ Time to Pretend combination. Hope I win! ❤️


I definitely would like a DK weight shawl. I sit under a vent!


I would love to have a DK or worsted weight shawl in my life - I am visiting my Dad in Pennsylvania for his 87th birthday, and it is SO cold, I would love to wrap up in a warm, warm shawl.


It's been super cold, but I have a lot of light weight shawls already. I definitely need DK!

Chris Reber

I would honestly have to say I would love either one. I love working with both weights of yarn.

Barb B

The shawl is pefect and I would love it in DK as I don't have any shawls in DK yarn. Sounds wonderful,warm and quicker than fingering weight.
The combo with Mulberry and Barbie Goes Hunting sounds scrumptious!
I don't have anything with coral tones in it.

Lori Malarkey

DK is my favorite.

Niki Vogler

DK would be great. I’m in soggy, soggy NC, where we have had nearly 40” of rain (a year’s worth) in the last 6 months, and it has rained something like 75 of the last 90 days. We are damp, and cold, or damp and sort of warm, or just plain wet.


Living in the Midwest, I am a dk or worsted shawl person. I get outside for at least 30 minutes a day and I always bundle up in a shawl.


Love DK yarn. Not too light, not too heavy, just right!


I have lots of fingering weight shawls but would love a DK shawl. Winter in Chicago seems colder every year!


I would prefer the DK weight right now and would get more mileage out that weight. Can't wait for spring!


DK weight is warm and has nice drape. It is a gorgeous pattern!

Paula Reynolds

DK is my favorite with living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Tomorrows high will be -18. Plus the bonus of being kept warm as I crochet away.. Good luck every one!


I think a DK weight shawl would be handier in my climate.... I also love a larger shawl I can wrap myself up in! I love the Coquette Deux/Copper Pink/ Found Pottery combo! Yum!

Meta Kruzel

I would love to knit a DK weight shawl. I always knit fingering weight shawls, live in norther MI and warmer is better right now!


I think I’d prefer a shawl in a DK or heavier weight yarn. Like you, We in Chicago got hit by the Polar Vortex & the 70° increase in a few days. Also I like to take long train trips & the temperature can vary a lot on trains. And a heavier weight shawl canalsi substitute for a blanket when needed. I think my Clapotis has gotten more use that way than in the traditional use.

Leslie Morgan (jakesknittingmama)

Where I live we just got 11.5 inches of snow. A DK weight shawl would be wa wonderful item to add to my wardrobe for keeping warm.

Kara F

DK is the perfect weight for my office! When
it's really cold I can wrap it like a scarf or when it's just a tad chilly I can toss it over my shoulders.

Zoe Dellinger

Definitely DK! It’s my go to for so many projects to wear in our fickle Virginia winters when it’s 30 degrees on day and 60 the next! I’ve never had a chance to knit with Madelintosh so it would be a real treat.

Tanya Bankert

Would love to ya e the shawl in dk weight!


Sometimes I could use a heavier shawl, but typically fingering is sufficient. It doesn’t get too cold in California. Thanks for the chance to win!

Teresa Knittingdancer

I could use a dk weight shawl. I have a lot of fingering weight shawls already.


I live in a desert, so get to deal with temps anywhere from 30-120 degrees depending on season and whether it’s daytime or not. So I get use out of shawls of all sorts of weights! I have been cuddling up with a DK weight in my poorly insulated office this winter, but I’m about to cast on a laceweight mohair/silk wrap for warmer weather.


I'm a fingering weight yarn person. I enjoy the smaller needles and compact projects. Good luck to all the contestants!


DK weight for me. Northern NY have cool summer nights

Jen Barr

We are escaping the polar vortex soon and traveling to Tulum. It's been so miserable here 3 extended family members have gotten their passports and are traveling with four the very first time! So I think a fingering weight shawl in ceynote blues would be perfect as a wrap!


It is moving into spring here, in Pennsylvania. But, I'm always cold, so a DK weight sounds glorious to me! Those color combos are gorgeous, but the last DK one, with the yellows/reds, sets my heart afire!

York, PA

Kelli L

Most of my sharks and wraps are in fingering...would love to try DK this time around. Michigan’s weather this winter has been something. Getting ready to gear up for some more snow!

Janet D

DK weight Odyessy would be appropriate for out winter in MO. ⛄️

De'Anne Hite

I would definitely make a DK weight Odyssey! I think that is the perfect shawl weight..size...drape!!! And Tosh DK would be yummy!!


Living in North Carolina gives me a lot of flexibility with shawls. When I’m in the mountains, I love DK weight shawls and certain times at the beach call for fingering weight.

Debra Cohen

I love the look of shawls but don’t usually wear them. This pattern could make me change my mind. Dk weight would be my choice.

Rachel R.

I think I would love to have a DK weight shawl! All my shawls are fingering weight, and something a little heavier would be nice - I'm ALWAYS cold, and could use a little extra insulation!

Ana Procopenco

I live on Cape Cod, MA. I definitely need a DK weight shawl, as the ocean will delay the arrival of warm weather. And the Odyssey shawl is so pretty!

Kathy Davis

Tosh and DK in any combination, what could be better!


I love the look of this shawl and would love to do it in a DK weight.
You have some beautiful color choices!


Dk for sure! I live in a warm place but I always keep a shawl with me since everyone cranks up the A.C. I love Miss Joji's designs, she is a genius.

Rebecca L Garza

I just finished a few fingering weight shawls so I would like to do something different in DK weight.

Erica L

Definitely a DK weight and Odyssey is such a gorgeous pattern! I am in the Midwest and work in a library that tends to be 58-62 degrees when the weather is cold outside. Great for the books, but no so great for the humans!

Amanda Wright

As I live in Idaho, a DK weight shawl is perfect for a solid half of the year, under a coat during the winter or over shorter sleeves during the spring and fall.

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