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February 25, 2019


Kevin Griffin

You know I think I'd like to have a DK weight yarn. As the location I am in is moving into summer, however ...the AC in most places is way too cold for me! I'd !ake this for my nephew's fiance who takes me to all my treatments!
Kevin Griffin
Kgknitter on IG

Heather Cunningham

I am in upstate NY & DK weight is most appropriate! I also think the DK weight provides more comfort :)

Kelly Sprague

It’s cold and windy here in The Mitten state. Any shawl with warmth is welcome. I would love to knit this shawl in Tosh DK.

Kristin Vien

I usually prefer DK weight. It is cold outside and inside at work!

Kristen Badowski

I prefer DK, even down here in Texas! We are still having semi-cold, blustery weather. This shawl is gorgeous in DK.

Jennifer Edwards

DK all the way! I love the squishy feel of it and even though it is almost March we are still experiencing subzero temps here in Iowa.

Nicole Acuna

I live in NJ so DK weight is always a favorite:) it’s squishier too!

Sarah Sloan

I would love to make a DK Shawl! So far I have several fingering weight shawls and I absolutely love them. My office is cold year round so it would be nice to have a heavier weight Shawl for those days I just can't stay warm! Thanks for the chance to win!


DK! Perfect for cold indoors and outdoors.

Michaeline Reed

In Pennsylvania DK is perfect for the office I work in. So I choose DK.


Shawls are very new to me. But I love them and would love a chance at making this shawl. :)


I'm all about the Worsted Weight projects right now, and dreaming of knitting up a shawl in Bulky! I live in Michigan, so the weather really dictates what I knit and when - except for the fact that I often take so long to finish projects that I end up not being able to wear them until the next year.

But, DK is my favourite all-around weight for shawls. I've knit Lisa Mutch (of Northbound Knitting)'s Agleam shawl several times; it's a beautiful in a DK weight.

BJ King

I would love to make a DK weight shawl. I’ve never made one before. I usually make fingering weight shawls, but it’s super cold in Ohio. So time to make a heavier weight shawl.


Definitely a DK weight shawl. I currently am working on building my handmade wardrobe but I did make a lovely shawl out of some pumpkin colored Cascade Yarns Eco+ which keeps me pretty cozy in the 14 degree weather of NE Indiana. Love your store and thank you for this opportunity!!

Andrea inVermont

Northern Vermont, with wind gusts of up to 55 miles per hour today. I have a fingering weight shawl on the needles, but definitely need one in DK or worsted!! Thanks for the chance.


I could use a warmer shawl right now...I'm in southern NJ, but I have no thermostat, so I'm either freezing cold or burning hot. I like a shawl to warm me up when I'm icy but that I can throw off quickly when I overheat. I have no in-between...LOL!

Jen k

Oh man, those bottom colors of tosh (the purples and yellows) are AMAZING!! I don’t actually have a do weight shawl, but I should! I have fingering weight and worsted weight ones that I switch between based on the weather, but it would be nice to have something in between.

T Craven

I hope you went with the phantasm, mercury, brass combo! Everyone should deviate from their own comfort zone every once in awhile. My preference would be the DK weight. As your post mentioned, it has been downright crazy here in the midwest! Hope the 2nd Tuesday in April is one that you're opened!

Karista Low

Definitely could use more DK weight shawls for our chilly Wyoming winters. My daughter figure skates, so I spend a fair amount of time in cold arenas from Sept to March. Extra warmth around my neck is always good and the number one reason I wear shawls.


I would definitely would prefer to have a DK weight shawl. I would choose Oak, Court and Spark and Life in Mars... I also love the colors Joji made her Odyssey Shawl with. I'm in the middle of a Winter Windstorm (Upstate NY), at the moment. It has been a very long winter.

Nicole S

I'd pick the DK, for sure. It's -32C (with windchill to -44) this morning.

Victoria Williams

DK for sure! We still have plenty of snow and cold weather here in Montana.
I’ve been wearing my Exordium shawl and my vortex cardigan. I LoVE pinks! We’ve seen -20° this winter multiple times. Last year we saw -25 quite a few times. Anyway, thanks for the giveaway!


DK please. All of your color combos are great. I always have trouble putting colors together


I've been wanting to knit dk weight shawls this winter, even worsted. Our weather in Philly hasn't been as nasty as yours but I sure want a heavier shawl on my shoulders. In the summer I always have a fingering-weight shawl with me because the AC is sometimes too much.


My office is super cold! So a DK weight shawl would be perfect for there.

Katherine Hunt

I am starting to love knitting with DK after using so much fingering weight over the years. It knits quickly and isn't too heavy in a shawl or wrap. I find worsted just a little too bulky. The Tosh colors are amazing! Its hard ro settle on just one color combination. And the eyelets in this shawl are so eye catching. I can't wait to start mine!


A DK weight shawl would be wonderful. It would be the perfect cover for my mother when she gets cold.

Katie Porter

I love my worsted weight Hipster Shawl - it's so warm and cozy! I can't really say that I have a favorite yarn weight for shawls as long as they are soft and pretty. Tosh DK is definitely both!


I love the idea of a DK-weight Odyssey in Phantasm/Mercury/Brass!

Gail Fairman

I love the weight of a DK or worsted shawl. It makes me feel cozy wherever I am, inside or out.I would love to knit the new Odyssey Shawl and bring it with me on my summer adventures.

Elaine Whitesel

I love Dk weight the most because it's so easy to wear through most of the year where I live!

Judy Carpenter

DK definitely. My elderly Mom is always cold and we live in northern NY near the Canadian border. Right now she uses a blanket shawl but this would be beautiful.

Terri Cochran

A DK Weight Shawl for chilly, blustery Wyoming!


I would use the sport weight. I live in Arizona, but wear shawls in over-air conditioned restaurants, theaters, etc.

Mary Beth Swager

I love DK for shawls! Makes them quicker and much squishier! Thanks for a great opportunity!!


I live in Southern California so vowed never to knit a garment with anything heavier than DK. Fingering makes the most sense but I have many shawls knitted with fingering weight yarns so dk or sport is appealing and as she said, a faster knit. When I win, it will be a tough choice but I am thinking Dk, no sport.

Marissa Gregorwich

Dk or worsted is my go-to right now! This Midwestern winter is brutal.


I have no doubt the Indiana winters call for a DK weight shawl


I love my fingering weight shawl for throwing on under a jacket or taking into a restaurant but I think I need a DK weight shawl for sitting around in the house and taking out the dog!

Thanks for the opportunity.


I love a good thick shawl! I'm always carrying my baby around this winter so I don't really wear accessories unless it's cold enough to really need them. I'm mostly wearing a Dotted Rays that I modified and used a heavier yarn for this winter.


DK or worsted - South Dakota is still solidly in winter (we don't name the storms, we just call them by the appropriate season).


i just finished a DK weight shawl, so am definitely in the DK mood!

Kate Greenwood

I would like a DK weight shawl as we are in the midst of LOTS OF SNOW in the mountains of Idaho. Brrr!

Diane Jespersen

I would love to try a dk Shawl. I usually make shawls with fingering, so this would be a nice change up. Plus, living in Iowa, we just set a new record for snowfall since Jan. 1, breaking a record from 1886, so apparently I need something a little warmer.

Amy Obukuro

A DK weight like Odessey for sure-- I'm in Tucson and we just got 6 inches of snow! Crazy! I went to bed in Tucson and woke up in Denver!


I have really wanted to knit the Odyssey shawl since I first saw it. I have made 2 shawls in DK/Worsted weight and loved them both, but they have both been gifted! I would love to make this one in the second colors, I love all things blue, and would love to keep it for myself 😉

Patty Thorne

Fingering weight is delightful for SoCal! We have had an incredibly wet February but the temp is rising again as we send our weather Eastward.

Becky Myers

Most of my shawls are made with fingering weight yarn, so I think it might be fun to have a heavier one made with DK weight. Love your website!! Thanks for being there.

Julie M. Olsen

A dk weight for another snow day in Mn.

Anne Ciaccio

I actually can't knit (I crochet) but I have friends who do and I live for yarn. I'm in RI and it's been a mild winter until like.. the last 2 weeks. Now I'm freezing all the time and would use any heavy/warm wrap.

Colleen D'Allura

Dk for sure right now. It is cold here and i love how dk will knit up all fluffy and warm.


My office is always FREEZING. DK it is.

Cheryl A Anderson

I would love a fingering weight. I reside in Florida.


I’m not really a shawl person, but DK would make a nice cozy cowl for the longest February ever (and it’s not even a leap year).


I am ready for DK. Just bought some to knit for a friend, and now I want a heavier weight for me! I have also had my sights on this Jo Jo shawl.

Ann Sinclair

Although it is still winter here in NYC I am thinking ahead to our trip to Iceland/Faroe Island/Norway in June. A fingering weight shawl would be easy to pack, handy to wear on the ship and could double as a cowl when walking outside.

Sarah Raines

Most of my shawls (ok, all of them) are in fingering weight. But living in the Midwest, I'd love to try some sport/DK weigh shawls and I've been finding some awesome patterns recently - Odyssey included. Thanks for the giveway! I loved seeing your color combos!


I would like to try the Tosh dk. I’ve never worked with it before and it looks beautiful!

Roberta Hofmann

I'm working on a dk weight Reyna and am looking for my next project. Living in Michigan, there are only about 3 weeks out of the year when dk is NOT appropriate (only slight exaggeration). Thanks for including me!!


I live in lake effect country. We're right now getting snow and hurricane-force winds. I tend to run cold anyway. DK (or even worsted!) all the way!

Minnie Newman

Sport weight in AL please!!!! Beautiful color combos.

Susan Ipavec

I live in Northeast Ohio, where the weather can go from sunny to snowy in a matter of minutes this time of the year. Since my office turns the AC on when the outside temp reaches 60, I would knit this shawl in DK weight. I tend to gravitate towards thicker shawls, but I have knit lightweight shawls too.

Sue Nelson

Definitely still DK weather here - particularly with that wind yesterday! Love those rich blues and greens!

Patricia Netzley

I’d love to knit a DK weight shawl for my daughter-in-law, who’s expecting a baby soon. She definitely deserves such a special gift.


My shawls are all fingering-weight, and I'd like to make something a little heftier to actually keep my arms warm. DK would be my choice.

Elise McKee

Since I live in New England, I would definitely prefer a DK weight shawl!


I could definitely use a DK weight shawl in my life. I tend not to buy yarns for that purpose because most patterns are made for fingering weight.

Cindy Smith

I do a lot with fingering weight, so working with DK would be a fun change, it would make a nice winter accessory since I do not usually wear sweaters.


I would like to scrunch my small shawl so fingering weight would be the one for me. Thank you

Linda Pirius

I live in Minnesnowta and wrap myself in many layers. DK weight would be lovely!


A DK weight shawl is always welcome in our too cool home and around my neck when I walk outside! The colors you features are just gorgeous! Thanks!

Nancy mullen

I would love to make Odyssey shawl in DK weight.


I just started this shawl using DK, but love the idea of sport. With an upcoming move to Arizona, the sport would be much more versatile.


I am ready for a change of pace and would like to knit a shawl in DK weight and perhaps in solid colors. Maybe in MT or Blue Moon.

Geri Heagy

I would definitely have to have a DK weight shawl! My office is usually freezing and the extra warmth is a huge help!

Paula Wood

Best thing about the polar vortex around here is that it appears to have killed the invading stink bugs. 😀
Dk yarn for me


I live in Michigan, so a DK weight shawl is the most versatile.

Cynthia Rittmer

I would love the DK. Most everything I have is DK or fingering. I live in Iowa and it has been a rough winter

Patsy Coats

I would love to have a DK weight shawl, I have several fingering weight shawls.

Julie Hutchins

I am heading to Greece this summer, from my home in the Midwest. It’s going to be HOT, HOT, HOT! I’d love a fingering weight shawl to keep with me for touring all of those beautiful cathedrals (and the long plane ride).

Thanks for your beautiful designs!

Amy Holterman

I love dk weight yarn especially for shawls. Here in upstate NY, I have been using a worsted weight Hitchhiker shawl in a beautiful touquoise and evergreen mix! But spring is on its way and lightness arrives!

Susan James

I'd knit the Odyssey shawl in a heartbeat!! I love Joji's patterns. And in Tosh DK? how beautiful would that be??

June Ross

I love this design, it looks beautiful. I travel a lot and find shawls are perfect for planes where it's hot one minute and cold the next. Easy on and off. The colors are really special, I cannot wait to order and knit several for friends and family.


Would love to make a dk weight shawl. I've never used Tosh dk but would like to try it. Joji's patterns are always lovely.

Coby Hanna -Butler

I’ve never knit a Joji pattern and would love to try! I actually have never made a shawl for myself, so this would be perfect!!

Kelly Jones

Oh so lovely. I think a nice Dk weight would be perfect. I live in the south where it’s cold in the morning and warm to hot by afternoon and back to cold at night. The odyssey shawl is perfect. I have made many triangle shawls but never a crescent one yet.


Probably fingering just because most of my yarn is fingering, and the leftovers like to all play together.

Mary Ellen

I would prefer a DK weight--even though we have record breaking cold and snow here in Minnesota, I am so hopeful for spring to arrive soon. I teach an dthe temperatures vary in the rooms I teach in.

Pat Mielniczuk

I have just recently started to use DK and am enjoying the journey. My shawls are almost all fingering weight. Living in NY we experience cold winter months where cowls and shawls in DK are great to have.


I am moving from the desert to the midwest, so DK!

Kim Holbrook

I need a DK shawl! I wear a worsted weight shawl often but sometimes it’s a bit heavy. A DK weight would be warm and squishy!

Janis Crutchfield

I prefer the DK weight as it is so versatile. I am in North Carolina, but the weather is up and down and it is hard for some locations to keep the temperature at a constant temperature with outside temperatures vary. Having a shawl around my shoulders is much more comfortable.


The crazy rains, damp wind, and otherwise bone-chilling weather in LA have made DK weight shawls a welcome option. I already downloaded the Odyssey shawl pattern by Joji and am looking for something special to use for it. Also spending more time in the High Desert, and the evening/night temperatures can cool down quite a bit from daytime highs. I've knit some Joji shawls and love the shapes and large sizes which make 'wrapping up' an easy option. Besides, she's such a nice human being!

Lori J. Thorne

I live in frigid Idaho and ToshDK would be my choice! Good luck everyone! ❤❤❤

Anne Yampanis

I have a few DK or worsted shawls, but I seem to gravitate to my fingering ones so I can wrap them around my neck without the bulk. But if a DK one was big enough to snuggle into, that would be great, too!


The shawls I have are fingering weight so I would like to try DK weight for a change. Living in southwestern U.S., the summers are hot but the AC runs so cold in every building I need something that will keep me warm.

Connie G

Even though I wear my heavier (DK and up) shawls less here in Georgia, I always like their warmth and squishiness and find that they are good when I am volunteering in a chilly air conditioned location, so DK for me. Love the new Odyssey Shawl from Joji!

Katie Diffenderfer

I would prefer a DK weight!


I think I need a DK shawl now.

ida silsby

dk is perfect weight ida silsby

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