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February 27, 2019



Wow - that's a generous improvement! Thank you!!


I agree with Suellyn that it’s a generous offer. As someone who’ll never take you up on it, I appreciate that you’re still prioritizing online business.


SSYC is the best online store for sock enthusiasts. I appreciate that you have kept your focus on sock yarns. I used to shop some other stores that moved away from their commitment to sock yarn and added fabrics, quilting, and other fiber arts. Which is fine, but the sock yarn suffered for it. I always recommend SSYC to my fellow sock knitters looking for the best selection of yarns and excellent customer service.


Glad to hear it, thank you!
Yes, our online supporters are the reason we are still thriving after 13 years and we greatly appreciate that. We love being open to the public and sharing SSYC in person, but it's important for me to spend our time and money on ways to affect our online supporters. Like offering really personal service/help via e-mail, spending time on social media and connecting virtually, and constantly increasing our inventory and offerings that everyone can enjoy. And when I get to a point that we can do all that and also add another shop-open day, I will. But we aren't there and I have to focus on what keeps our doors open! I'm glad this change is appreciated and I look forward to more changes in the future as we continue to grow.

And yes, we will continue to focus on sock yarns while adding more and more and also easy care yarns as you can see. I don't see a need for us to grow too large and forget our market and what made us and continues to make us. I like that we are still a small staff that focuses on a narrow part of the yarn market, and hopefully doing it really well.

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