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January 04, 2019



Oooo a hard choice but 9656 speaks to me.
I haven't have any yarn in that color combination.....Thanks for the offer....and the needles are interesting also.

Kate  Greenwood

I like the earthy colors of 9657. :-) It reminds me of a walk in the woods


I think that 9655 has the perfect amount of orange!


9654-verpuppte schonheit, because I love blue and green.


9656 - I have a lot of sock yarn already, but none in this color combination. I’ve loved teal with purple ever since a friend used those as her wedding colors ( still married).


Hmm looking at the picture if I had to choose one I would go with 9656 but looking at the picture I wouldnt turn down any of them. all are very pretty.

Jane Penrose

I choose 9655. I want to bring Joy into my life for 2019 and this colorway makes me smile.


9654, this is the year for me to learn how to knit socks and I love this color.


I'd choose 9650 because those colors just make me so happy! And, I'll be in tomorrow!! :)


9656 because the colors are ones that make me happy.


Loving 9653, the green, blue and purple are so calming.


9653, I love the green and blues together. Reminds me of the ocean!


9653 because i was asked last night to knit a friend some yoga socks and I think she'd like that color.
Anyone recommend a pattern?


I'd choose 9654 because I love the blues and greens!


I am loving 9652, too, because of the happy orange mixed with some depth of the darker colors. I haven't tried the Addi FlexiFlips yet and I am super curious about them! I love my DPNs but they are hard to travel with and not have a needle pull out along the way.


9656...all my favorite colors together


9651 warms my heart.
I have a German set of the bendy needles. Love them

Lynn Nicholson

I like more than one of them but 9651 jumped out at me so I’ll choose that first. Also I’d like to try those needles as well.

Susan James

I'd go with 9612! I love Opal, I've knit with it for years, the colors are always great! and the yarn holds up well!

mary tymeson

9656 I love teal and purple. none of my other Opal sock yarns have that color combo


9653 because I gave my green socks to my daughter when she was home for Thanksgiving.

Colleen Clarke

I'd choose #9657 'cause everyone needs a pair of camouflage socks.

Kimberley Bierly

I would choose 9654. That colorway caught my eye first. Opal is such great yarn and has been my favorite commercial yarn for years.


I would choose to knit 9654, because they would look great with jeans!

Andrea D Ellis

9655! My son is in LOVE with handmade socks and these would be great with his wedding tux! LOL!

Cheryl Pratt

I would pick #9586 because it reminds me of spring.


9656 looks beautiful!!


9654 my favorite colors.

Jean Wright

9652 though I like them all. I’m interested in the flex needles. Fun to try.


I’m a blue/green fan, so it would have to be 9654.


I would choose 9653... love purple & green!
The “flips” look like they are fast & fun!

Linda L

I would pick 9651, this yarn has my favorite happy colors, yellow, blue purple, and it reminds me of Spring flowers.

Karen Murphy

I love the 9656 but all the colors are lovely.

Brenna Delosier

I like 9653. They are a soothing color.

Robin Kellman

I love 9651....beautiful the way the colors work up. Have been using flexi flips for hats and socks...would love to try the bamboo as I favor working with “wood” needles

Anna Marr

9650. I love the colors. They are all wonderful. Hard choice. I have 2 pair of the aluminum flexiflips and I love them. Very excited to see they have come out with bamboo. I have always wanted to love to knit socks and never really did until trying the flexiflips.


9656. A pair of socks for my bestest of friends. She's a knitter but doesn't knit socks....and I do.

Julie Vance

9653 is the one that jumps out at me this morning. I'm curious how the Flexi Flips work, can't quite wrap my head around them 😊.

Tracey Carsto

I love the color 9651. The new needles look awesome. No more double pointed needles or doing magic loop.

Mary Anne

9654 - love the blue and greens - has a calming effect. Love Opal yarn!

Deb Rupp

Ohhhhh, 9650, the brighter the better. They would look great with my new wool clogs.


9653. I love flower garden colors. I've been wanting to try FlexiFlips, but my knitting budget is zero right now. :-(


9652 Love the vibrant colors!

Rachel Lems

9656! It’s so pretty!!!

Susan was a tough decision

Susan Barnes

9653. Blues, purple, green. Three favorite colors together. Would have to get this colorway.


I would knit with is the color of spring


9656 is definitely my favorite. Most of my socks are very “sensible” and this yarn looks much more cheerful.


I would like #9650; #9654 for my husband. Either color would work for me. Love those needles.

Susan Miller

I would choose 9657 as it really just call to me. Love the green! I have never tried the needles either. Very interesting.

JoAnn Peippo

Love 9651 and sure would like to try those flexible flip needles. Someone's thinking cap was working to design those! Thanks for the contest.

Jacqueline Taylor

I think I like 9656! Teal and purple!

Alene Sternlieb

I would choose 9654. I think the colors would make for a peaceful and soothing knit pair of socks


9657 is a nice blend of nature colors. My daughter's favorite colors are green and brown and I am always knitting socks for her so this would be ideal.

Renee Huffman

9653 calls to me as my colors, but 9651 would have to win as it is the colors that represent my daughter who passed from childhood cancer (gold awareness ribbon), had Pitt Hopkins syndrome (blue awareness) and purple was her favorite. She flies with the butterflies now, and I would love some butterfly yarn!

Marlene Jones

I like 9654. That would make many nice socks for my up-and-coming grandson.


I love the brights in 9656!


I like #9656. The person who would receive socks made from this yarn likes these colors.

Diane Smith

9581 my son loves green and since I just learned how to knit socks I'd love to make him a pair with this color


9652 for me, too and for the same reason. I had Monarch caterpillars eating milkweed growing in the tree pit in front of my house this past summer. Saw a few monarch butterflies but no cocoons. :-(


Love color 9650!

Audra L

9653 looks bright and fun. Time to think spring!

Christiena Ervin

I would love to work up 9656 for my mom. She uses her homemade socks to teach her preschool students colors! Thank you for the drawing offer!

Cindy T

I would have to say 9656, but they are all so pretty. It really is hard to decide.


I love 9650, it is gorgeous.


I like the 9653 colorway and I would love to try the bamboo flexiflips.


9651 just leapt off the page at me without any hesitation because it said "your irises in the backyard" before I could even think about all the colors or look at them longer. It was instantaneous when I pulled up the page. Wow.
On another note:
I can't wait until I am in Ft. Wayne again to shop when you are open, but in the meantime, I have to thank you for your comments on Old Crown coffee - my son-in-law ordered some for us when he came to visit after I told him how much you like it, and it did not disappoint - we savored cup after cup while he was visiting from Ft. Wayne and thanked you in my kitchen for the recommendation!


I think I would choose 9650


Clarification - I did mean "my" irises in my backyard.


9655!! Love the wild color combination. The winter season always makes me want to reach for bright colors. And i love my addi flex flips!

Heather C

9653 - winter feel with a touch of spring with the greens (wouldn’t be finished until spring, HA!)

Lol Fraser

I love 9656 - those socks would be perfect to wear with my favorite magenta vest and a turquoise turtleneck. When its dark All THE TIME this time of year, you need to wear bright colors to keep your sanity. Thank you!!

Sharon Gill

Wow! Love them all. 9656 is lots of fun! Thanks for running this contest.


9656 for me! I love the turquoise!


9656 — love the teal & purple!

Karen Behr

9652, it makes me think of summer bright butterflies!


I would choose the Opal 6 ply in Little Secret. I love the cheerful colors and the sturdy 6 plies. Thanks.

Suzzanne Lawrence

I’d choose 9653. The color combination really speaks to me!


9651......the purple is making me think of spring flowers!!🌷🌸


9657 ( but was waffling back and forth from 9654 )


I would choose 9653- but that is today and it could be different tomorrow. The colors just look so relaxing

Sylvia King

9650 but I love them all

Geraldine Scott was waving at me frantically to be chosen!


9652, because the orange color on the toe glows like the summer sunshine. And I'd love to try the FlexiFlips!

Diane N

I would choose 9656 because I love the turquoise and purple combination.


Honestly, any of them - I love them all! If forced to choose, I’d say 9650; something about the colors just speak to my mood right now?


9652 looks interesting. It would make some wild socks.

Lucy Kesler

9654. I love all of the oranges, but probably half of my socks are already orange. Time for a different color! Thanks!


Oops I meant 9651, but I would happy with any.

Margie Farley

9656. Ohh the colors just speak to my soul.
They are amazing. Love them


9653. Reminds me of all the dragonflies that come around in the summer.

Cindy Walton

9657 is just perfectly lovely. Hoping to make it to 25 pairs of socks this year, you can never have too many.


9654 I always need more green socks

Liz Fox

9656 because it has lots of favorite color...even my current hair color :)


I'm a sucker for yellow and purple together. So 9651 is the color for me. Reminds me of spring flowers: crocus, jonquils, iris, pansies, violets, get the idea.


9656. Pretty colors. Would make neat socks or wristlets. 😊


9655 is my favorite!


9656 - something about the brilliant blue and purple together


9654, because it's the most subdued of the collection.


I also like 9652 because of the contrast of bright and dark.

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