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December 21, 2018



Amazingly, I haven't done any online shopping this Christmas. I went out hunting and gathering in all cases.

Michelle Embry

I don't have to do a lot of shopping, but what I have gotten has been mostly online. Some orders through Shutterfly and Amazon... I've also done a little handknitting. :-)


Mostly online, especially from Amazon.


Mostly online. It's easier with teens to do the Amazon wish list. Shark stuff is hard to find in the stores so that has to be bought online.


wow, now that i think about it, i'd say the majority of my shopping was done in-store! amazing!!

Nancy F.

Family in two countries; mail strike in one. Makes it all very difficult! Online for the foreign stuff; mall-ing it, for the rest.


I hate shopping so it's fortunate I have very little shopping to do. Most of what I did was in person to choose toys for my great-grandson.


I have probably done the items I am giving as gifts to other in that I have made a good portion. I have shopped at actual stores and then maybe a small bit I did over the phone for an item or two.

Kate  Greenwood

All our gifts were hand made either by me or my husband. Yarn was bought online, baking supplies in person, and the wood was cut in our national forest, our yard and my father-in-law’s yard.


Mostly on line shopping. I hate shopping at Christmas time, too much waiting in line. Also, I can order on line and have it shipped directly to the out of town family.


I haven’t done any shopping this year. An unexpected hospital stay has necessitated that my hubby so all the shopping... mostly online.


I tend to pick things up throughout the year for my grown daughters (and stash them away until Dec.), mostly in local brick and mortar stores and at craft shows, sometimes ordering online from them if there is a great deal with free shipping, even if it is only free to the store. I also buy at outlets when traveling and will occasionally check Amazon if I can't find something local or on my travels to visit family in other states. Now that my daughters are grown, they tend to like things like unique but functional pieces of pottery, things from small boutique shops, or unique artisan jewelry or items (like wonderful wooden salad tongs that fold flat for storage) made by artisans. It's fun for me to shop that way, too, because I appreciate the artistry that went into making the item. The bad thing is that sometimes I buy one for myself as well as them - Merry Christmas to me! But I give it to my husband to stash away for me till Christmas, making his shopping easier, and I have to hope he remembers where he stashed it!


Mostly online. I live in a small town and there is not much to choose from. I have to compliment you on your fast shipping. It was a pleasant surprise.Thank you

Amy g

For Christmas, I am a gift card gifter. The gift cards are for locally owned, newly opened restaurants that my family would not otherwise now about. These are for date nights with their significant other or friends - I do individual date nights with me for birthdays.

I have one nephew who lives in New Orleans, so he is the real challenge as I try to find a newer restaurant, or one he hasn't been to. The other challenge is if they have gift certificates and if they will send them - some don't! This year the restaurant I chose sent me a printed sheet of paper that reads - Gift of $____. I will be including the mailing envelope to prove we didn't just make it up!

Candice Hope

I’ve done quite a bit of shopping online, mostly because I almost ALWAYS have a kid with me. I’m currently waiting for the last 3 xmas presents to arrive. 2 I know for sure will get here, but the last may be late and I’ll still have to frame it once it gets here. Crossing fingers it shows up Monday! Luckily it’s for my dad and not from Santa, so it won’t ruin any tiny lives, if ya know what I mean.

Terri Bringar

While we often get some gifts online, my husband and I always take a day and do shopping the old fashion way, lol! This year, we spent the day at Easton Towne Center in Columbus, OH. It is always alot of fun.


My kids are ages 5 (she turns 6 on Christmas Eve!), 8 and 12, so they are still into toys. I mostly shopped Amazon and Target, but throughout the year when good offers or sales would come up. I also made them each some things - fingerless mitts for the 12 year old, socks and fingerless mitts for the 8 year old, and a mini advent calendar with knit stockings plus knit tube socks for the 5 (6) year old. I do NOT deal well with crowds, and my shopping was done 6 weeks ago :)

For teachers and extended family members, I bought Penzey's Spices. I LOVE their spices! I need to finish the socks I'm knitting for my uncle though! LOL! He doesn't celebrate Christmas, so it's okay if he gets his socks for New Year's :)


The majority of my shopping is done online!


We are minimalists about gifts this time of year. Most of our family lives far away, so I either send them a sampling of local items which I pick up in Oct or Nov or order a nice winter centerpiece on line. We put our gift giving money and energy with our kids into their birthdays in order to spread out the fun and expense. A lot of those gifts are ordered on line.


We are trying to shop local....but have shopped on line also for a few gifts. Of course shopping at Simply Socks . MERRY CHRISTMAS....


Gift cards and hand knit socks and a cowl for Chanukah. Christmas gift is done - hand knit hat, cowl and mitts.

raquel moncada

mostly online, but the majority of my gifts this year are handmade. Yesterday I even went to Sam's club and used their app to skip the line and worked wonderfully ( no affiliation here heheheh). Technology is taking the place of us, humans.

Carol P.

I’ve done all of my Christmas shopping online this year due to being unexpectedly away from home for most of the Xmas season. I prefer to shop in person, but this year I am particularly thankful that I am able to order gifts online and know they will arrive quickly (as long as nasty porch pirates don’t steal them off porches)! Thank you, as always, for your wonderful giveaways, and for shipping your goods to those who don’t live close enough to shop at your store in person.

Diane N

I did a batch of online orders the week of Thanksgiving, then finished up with a couple of stores this week. It took just a couple of hours. All I have to do now is wrap!


I mix both methods. Because we have children in Europe and 1000 miles away within the U.S., we end up shopping online for items they've suggested to us. When I can, though, I like to support the businesses in our small town so my husband's gifts and stocking stuffers are mainly locally purchased.


I have a lot of shopping yet to do so it will have to be local. I have purchased one gift online - the only way I could find it. A few things that I have already are knitted socks and at least one pair are from Simply Socks website.


My holiday gifts consist mostly of cash,
I shop online and locally because the variety is on line but I want shops to remain in business so we have then when needed, Our local yarn shop closes at the end of year and I fear there will be no small shops in the future.


I shop online and locally. It is probably an even 50/50 split between online shopping and brick and mortar stores. I love to shop both ways!

Rhonda A

I do hate shopping so a lot of my gifts for my children and grandchildren came from online. But I did go shopping for specific items for my list of people and I actually enjoyed it. I even bought things for myself which I rarely do especially at Christmas time.


I’ve done about an even mix of online and in-store shopping.


I finished yesterday and I am HAPPY!!! I sort of shop all year but ramp it up after Thanksgiving. But I'm done!!

Lynn B.

I have shopped online and in store this year.
Probably 50/50 between the two. I do not like to shop, but enjoyed the in store buying this year. It helped to have family with me.


Whether I shop online or in person depends on what I’m shopping for. Online is great for things I can’t find nearby, which is a lot. My presents this year are gnomes! I’m addicted to knitting them. 🧶


I don't shop for Christmas because I don't celebrate it!


Probably about 50/50 online and in-store. As long as I don't have to fight the crowds, I'm ok with going to the store.

Annette Poole

I made all my gifts this year with yarn purchased either at Simply Socks or my LYS.


I've done about half of my shopping online, the other half at craft fairs. I don't do crowds or malls.


I shop for yarn online to make gifts. I shop at craft sales to find unique handmade items that are not in my repertoire. I try to shop local, in person as much as possible.


Mostly online except for grocery shopping -- I don't think anyone does online grocery in our area, and I do like to pick out my own ingredients. We're exchanging handmade gifts with our daughter this year.


I do almost all my shopping online. I love that it just comes right to my door!

Joyce Correia

Not too much shopping as I'm recovering from surgery. However, I spent the fall knitting tiny sock ornaments for the grandkids filling them with rolled up $$$. I think they'll enjoy that.


This year we've done most of our shopping in stores. There were a few small things that we picked up online, but we don't have a lot of shopping to do, so we enjoy going out to do it. Most of our gift giving is writing out checks, now that our kids are grown!


I shopped in the stores for things that I could get easily and knew right where they were, but the rest was ordered online. I don't care for crowds or a lot of noise, so I try to hit the stores early, when they open. Then when I am feeling crowded, I just beat it home. I have two grandchildren this year and I really enjoy shopping for them.

I don't tend to knit for folks unless they specifically ask, but I always keep a basket of my handknits where all my visitors can see it and I welcome them to take whatever they want. Socks and hats are the favorite picks.


I love ordering online! If it needs to be a surprise, I’ll have it delivered to my workplace, then I’ll wrap it at lunchtime and bring it home (works great if there are Christmas snoops at home). Hubby likes going in person, so we still do that, but at least I only have to do it half as much.


I have actually done more of my shopping at local stores and craft events. I did some online ordering for relatives that live far away.


Mostly I have made gifts..but a little bit of store shopping, which I do throughout the year!!


The only shopping I've done has been in-store. I won't celebrate Christmas with my family for some time yet, so I still have time :)


I have a very small family so we do not exchange gifts. I had fun sending things this year.... like candy & wine. I miss making gifts, especially the year I made Harry Potter socks for everyone. The year I discovered SSYC!

Manette Crawford

Most of my shopping is done online with a few in store purchases. The socks I knit for gifts are from yarn that I purchase from Simply Sock Yarn online or in person!

Rita from Wyoming

Most of my shopping has been online. My family live all over the country, so it is an easy choice to have presents delivered instead of standing in line at the posy office,


I work in a store so you would think I would most in store but with various issues my holiday shopping has been done online. When I am done with my job I want out of that store.


I have done a mixture of online shopping (which I don't feel great about, tbh - but I do love the convenience of!) and shopping at small, independent businesses.


I made gifts throughout the year and bought a few locally. I did buy yarn on line but less than usual. Our neighborhood has been too often victimized by porch pirates who steal packages in a New York minute after delivery services leave them often without ringing the bell or knocking. It has gotten so bad that we neighbors diligently track our packages and let each other know expected delivery dates so we can all watch out and nab the package before the thieves get them. It has taken a lot of the joy out of online shopping.

Michelle Roy

We’ve been pretty evenly matched for online vs shopping locally. We love supporting our small businesses, but they don’t have everything!

All that’s left is a few stocking stuffers and wrapping!


Years ago, my adult kids and I opted out of doing big gift shopping. I always get my kids and their people something. I'm a giver and want everyone to open something for Christmas. This year, amazingly, I knitted, crocheted or baked all the gifts I'm giving. The only online shopping I did was for myself! lol All yarny related and wrapped... (Is that weird to wrap gifts for yourself?!) lol

Karla French

I did all of my shopping with my Sister Diane!!! Being together made shopping so much more fun. 🎉 My grown children are spread out completely.
My oldest is stationed on Okinawa Japan with his wife and new baby girl. My youngest is stationed in California with her husband and 2 boys. But this year she has been deployed to the desert...ughhhh😣 So my sister and I, shopped for them and I wrapped everything up and mailed off their Christmas to each so they coukd have Christmas together before she deployed.🎄 Now, my middle boy is in Virginia with his fiance and I get to spend Christmas with them. 😃🎄😃 I shopped with my Sister, wrapped and I personally get to deliver My packages. My Wonderful Happy Hubby is very content to send me to spend a Very Merry Christmas with my Son!! He is truly an AMAZING Husband!!❤ Personal stopping is my final answer!!😉🎅🎄🎅

Donna Baker

This year we haven't done much gift giving. What little has been online and small gifts from the grocery store. I make food gifts too. We love online shopping though!


We're not doing much this year but what we've done is for folks in other places so it's on-line all the way!

Brenda B

I have a love/hate relationship with online shopping. On the one hand it's very convenient when you're busy and I really hate crowded stores. The downside, especially of things like Prime, is all the additional packaging (one items in each box, really?), and all the additional delivery vehicles driving around. It all adds up to a ton of waste and pollution we can do without, especially in a world where we're supposed to be more aware, instead of just being more greedy.

We've shopped over the year, here and there as always and put away a few things for Christmas, and also got a couple of things online but not too much. It's all about balance for us.

Heather Lyons

My husband and I did all online shopping from various sites. My parents are in Alaska and our daughter and granddaughter are in Georgia so it’s easiest to send something directly from the store online. The traffic here is terrible so, it’s a chore to go out, even when it’s not the Christmas season.

Patty McDonald

with a broken wrist it's been all online. i didn't plan to do it that way because i like to do some holiday shopping in person, but it's a lot easier. i online shop all year because of the convenience.


Most of my shopping has been done online, but I'm taking the kids shopping in person today to buy something for DH so that they can pick out something for him. I like for them to take ownership in that regard - they don't yet understand ordering things online.

Lisa Smith

Most of my shopping was online, with some done in person and of course, a few knitted gifts.


We do very little shopping -- a gift card for the granddaughter and cash for the kids and great-grandkids. We don't live close by so this way they can get exactly what they need. Not exciting but it works.

Geraldine Scott

Mostly online. I do recall hubby tricking me into one shopping expedition at one store...bought a ton of items, but in the end still had to order the original item needed online!

Sarah Delaney

Overall, for myself, my general trend in 2018 has been very little personal shopping and trying to pair down what I already own. I'm trying to be a lot more intentional with what I am purchasing.

For Christmas gifts this year, I have done about 99% of it by visiting stores in personal but this balances my husband who has done about 95% of his shopping online. We usually have a few meaningful handmade gifts to give to our families as I am a knitter and he is a carpenter.


Almost all of my shopping has been online. Did some window shopping and checked out a few stores to confirm colors then ordered online when sales started.


Both. I like to walk through the stores and usually have a list of what I want to buy.
I also like cyberMonday and buy stuff on that day. lol, then I forget something and buy more stuff online on another day.
So this year I did both about 50/50.


I have done NO in-person Christmas shopping this year.
My husband has done the online shopping for us.
I have mainly concentrated on knitting gifts. Most recipients are getting socks, and my husband is getting a sweater. My Christmas gift knitting is done. Now I have started some gift socks for later.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have done all of my Christmas shopping, mostly in person this year.

Ashley W

I’ve done a mix of online and in person shopping this year. I’m actually happy that a lot of the smaller business I shop at have put things on Amazon - I am happy to pay a few dollars more for an item to be able to get everything at once!

Sarah DeSalvo

Most shopping was done online. I had a couple days where I went out in person to pick up gift cards and stocking stuffers, but just about everything else was online. Much easier when you have 4 kids!!!


Nice yarn!!
I've done all of my Christmas shopping in person. I have bought some of the yarn used in my Christmas knitting though online over the year. I don't buy much online because it seems to be really impulsive and hard not to put something else in the cart. Except yarn.


online...since I have to ship most of my gifts. Makes life easier

Diane Lobg

I did most shopping on line for my husband. Much easier..

Julie Vance

I would say about 60/40 ratio of online/in-person. Shopping for kids is easier in person at the consignment shop.


Most on line as I can do it after hours. Then I know what I am getting is there or cam find something else without a lot of running around.
Still and a little in person shopping to do


Mostly online this year with a few things from the store. So much less stressful.


Online mostly because I'm a night owl.

Deborah G.

Most gifts were made by me, with a few things found in Jackson Square in New Orleans. The Street Artists are amazing, and have such beautiful pieces.


It's been a fairly close 50/50 split between online and in person. My in person shopping is very specific and I reserve online for super sales or something I know I can't get locally.


Online! I love to shop local but I live in an area where there isn't much around. Although I bought some artisan items locally, many things ended up being mail ordered.

Brenna Delosier

I love small businesses. I use amazon a lot too though. Christmas shopping was even done early this year.


Just a few local purchases (and a bit of knitting!).


We draw names in my family so I just have to shop for my brother, boyfriend, and niece and nephew (who both got sheets lol). I usually shop online but try to buy things from etsy or supplies to make something (especially for my boyfriend because he thinks knitting is magic) but this year my brother got an anti-fatigue kitchen mat and will be picking up a gift card to go with it. I just hate deal 8k ng with all the people out there.

Rose Birchall

My list is short. I did online, in person, and checks about equal.


Mostly online and small local shops


Online baby.... from Simply Socks .... gifts to me

Rachel Lems

I did all of mine online on the day before thanksgiving. It was the best idea ever.

Robin J

I have done a little of both. I am not much of a crowd person so online is what I prefer.

Crystal Parker

What little I have gotten has been from Amazon! I love Prime!!


A bit of each. Some on line and shipping has been super this year. In store at Target mostly with a plan from toy catalog my grandkids circled what they are hoping for from Santa. And some of in store pickup. Looking on line for ideas has made it a lot easier. And one knitted gift for my niece. Happy Holiday everyone

Yeon Gyeong

Mostly online. My holiday gifts tend to be handmade anyway so the purchases involved are usually yarn.

Susan James

I ordered ONE thing on line. Everything else I went shopping for, or I knit! socks! all my kids, and sil, & grandson get a pair of hand knit socks for Christmas!


I did quite a bit of my shopping from my yarn and fabric stash...then did a bit of online and in person. I have started working on a couple items for next year already.

Sandy C

Most of my shopping was done online. If you wait for sales and free shipping you can get some great deals delivered to your door.

Mary Anne

All my shopping was done online - mostly Amazon.

Donna Glaess

I have done most of my shopping online with Amazon - fast and easy and I don't have to fight the mall traffic.

georgene Thompson

For my buying its been about half online and half in person, but I sure have spent endless hours out in stores shopping.

Dana Snyder

I have hardly done any shopping this year. I ordered a couple things on Amazon but I’m making as many gifts as I can! Either hand knitted with yarn from my LYS or with essential oils. I’m not finished yet though!

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