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December 19, 2018



I have been known to stop a thank a service member for their selfless act of bravery and love for country and for my family. Once running through the local grocery chain to hand them a gift certificate to help with their current purchase.

To thank a police officer for their service to our community and to apologize for all they have to see when handing them a coffee.


Thank you for your donation to Community Harvest! That's one of my main charities too. This season I've taken a special interest in keeping kids warm on the Pine Ridge Reservation. I've purchased coats and boots to be delivered to them and I try to knit up hats and mittens for them. I've just gotten hooked on knitting socks so I'm knitting those as fast as I can to send up there too. I never liked knitting socks for me but worsted weight, child size socks have really grabbed me. Thank you for the nice reminder of passing on the kindness!


Since it's busy and we seem to be eating out a lot at this time of year we like to leave a generous tip. A twenty dollar tip at the diner might mean a lot to someone during the whole month of December.


I made a donation to Doctors Without Borders in the LSG Fairy Hoarmother campaign.

Debra Scholl

My everyday goal is to make a stranger smile. Just saying a kind word can make the world better for someone. I feel we have been put in the place we need to be and that person needs to smile.


When I had my first period, my mother made me use my babysitting money to buy my own supplies. I even had to ride my bike to the store, she wouldn't take me. I forgot about sales tax and didn't have enough money. The lady behind me in line paid the balance so that I could get what I needed.

Two or three times each year, I donate a huge contractor's sized trash bag filled with maxi pads to the school nurse at my kids' K-8 school. I buy them when they're on sale and add them to the bag. When the bag is full, I make arrangements with the nurse to bring it in. The school system doesn't supply pads for emergencies. If girls' families don't have the money for pads, the nurse gives the girls a full pack of them to take home, and they can return to her when they need more.

I have done this for a few years. The nurse knows why, but the girls don't know where the pads come from. Those memories stick with you for a long time, and I'd like to think that the dozens of girls I've helped will also pay it forward if they can in the future.

Sheila P

Acknowledging someone else’s presence. Sounds cheesy but just smiling at others and saying hi. In this time of so much hatred towards people who may not be like you, taking 5 seconds to be kind to the person checking out your groceries, delivering your chips and salsa, or passing you in a crowded store goes a long way. Also, just took a bunch food and hygiene product to local community pantry.


I believe these sort of gestures are more important, and poignant, when done all year round and not just because of a holiday. So, that's how I try to act. I'd rather do that than exchange Christmas gifts anytime.

Arvada Trickle

I try to say “Hi” and give people a smile when I’m out and about! I may not know them but I feel that maybe that will brighten their day!

Lynn B.

I make a regular donation to a soup kitchen locally. It is a great place and fills an important need.

Amy G

I make an effort to have money available for the bell ringers during this season - especially when it's cold. The thieves have been out again, so they need a little extra to supplement the stolen money and I will be stopping at the grocery and increasing my donation. VERY Easy! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Manette Crawford

A big tradition around here is to pay it forward when you are in line at Starbucks or Tim Horton's and pay for the persons order that is behind you in line.


Any male human society donation. I’ve used their services and nwant to repay that kindness


Since it’s the season of people being in a hurry with so much to do I’ve been taking my time. I was at the Dollar Store the other day and had the nicest conversation with an elderly women. She was so sweet. I hope our conversation brightened her day as it did mine.


help people, especially elderly at the grocery store...also just smile and be talk to them, they love to talk!!!

Caroline Thompson

I’m going to make a contribution to our local humane society. The work they do is so important!


I work in a shop. When a young person is buying a gift for a parent, I try to discount the price.

Mary Anne

Send an anonymous gift card from Wegmans - our local grocery chain - to a family I know is struggling. Also tip generously this time of year.

Nancy F.

I work in downtown Toronto, where a large portion of the office buildings are connected by a maze of underground tunnels. Whenever I see a tourist or other visitor looking with puzzlment at the signage, I offer whatever directional assistance I can!

Terri Bringar

Our family always tries to find another family that needs a little extra help for Christmas. This year we participated in the Salvation Army paper angel program - had a lot of fun shopping for little ones again.


My Mom is part of the local Elks club. When the holidays hit they take donations for poor families. What I did was donated some hand knit scarves that some little kid is gonna wear this winter. The year before I made 2 hats for local kids. The knitting for some kid feels good to me and I like doing it.


I love buying small gifts for family when I’m out and see something I know they’ll like. Also, before my grandma passed last month, I used to take her shopping, or do her shopping for her after she couldn’t get out anymore.


I have collected for the food bank and will drop it off today. I also have hats for our local oncology unit.


I donate the the Freestore/Foodbank because i believe both adults and children need sufficient food before they can learn and work.

Cindy Smith

I always make a point of smiling and thanking waitpeople and clerks, especially this time of year.

Laurie Brown

Besides trying to be extra friendly during the holidays, I like to pay it forward, paying for the person's order behind me in line,etc.


This morning, I'm going to finish knitting the last sleeve cuff and buttonband for a baby sweater, destined for an unknown recipient. I'm also going to start looking through the cookbook library to (sigh) start weeding out the books I don't think I'm ever going to cook from and don't enjoy reading, so they can go to a library book sale and make other people happy.


My library has collection boxes year-round for nonperishable food items. They go to an assortment of local food banks. Every time I shop I spend an extra $10 for that box, being sure to get high-protein items. I go to the grocery store and the library all the time — makes it easy.


Donation to Brother's Brother Foundation.


My mom and I knit scarves and then donate them through our Church to the Ave Maria House. This a place where homeless can go and shower and do laundry and get something to eat. It is a win-win. I get to use some of my stash for a good reason and I know others will enjoy their scarf.


The little things make people smile - like courteous driving, especially at this time of year when everyone is rushing - letting folks get into the lane you're in - at least one car if not two when traffic is heavy and they need to move over.
On a larger note, many different churches in our valley in Virginia participate in the nationwide Family Promise Network where we house homeless families for a week at a time for dinners, overnight and breakfast before they go to the network center or work, if your church buildings have facilities for showering and sleeping (the network brings the rollaway beds). We are paired with other congregations that don't have facilities to house the families - they help with dinners and visiting as "hosts" in the evenings. We are planning to sing carols this week, with my husband playing guitar and my (grown) daughter and myself singing and visiting with the families, making it seem a wee bit like normal. And since I didn't get to help out as much as usual this year when it was our time to host, we chose Family Promise as one of our charities to make a financial donation to as well.

Joyce Correia

I'm going to a kitting class today for the Roiling Waters Scarf. If I can offer any suggestions to a fellow classmate, I'll be glad to do it. I've always been thrilled when someone would offer me a knitting tip. There's a lot of knitting knowledge out there to be shared.

Amy C

I’m making bread and granola to take to my dad, then cookies for a friend to take to her daughter. I’m also hoping to get a little knitting time, as there are still two gifts that I need to finish knitting before Christmas.

Geraldine Scott

It's not today, but on Monday we headed to Walmart and bought a shopping cart full of XXL-3XL undies and socks for men and women and laundry detergent for our church to pass out to those in need in the inner city area...

Karla French

Sharing true concern and kindness to the people I love, respect, and Just happen to meet!!


At the Kroger checkout I pay for the $5 tag to donate to local food banks. It's not much, but I'm glad I can do it.

Joan M

I knitted fingerless mitts for our local homeless to go with the hats others in my Senior Center knitting group knit. One of the ladies who comes to our knitting group is homeless so I gave her one of the pairs.


I made a donation to my my local animal shelter and a donation to the Alzheimer's foundation


My favorite way to bring some light into a persons day is one on one — a kind word, a smile.
Recently at my gym, we have been collecting for Santa for Seniors. It is so important to remember that there are elderly people without much money who need basic things at Christmas — toothbrushes, shaving cream, etc. We also add things that will brighten a day like large print crossword puzzles and books as well as lap blankets.


A young man, maybe 12 years old, held the door open for me at the convenience store. When we reached the register I paid for his and his moms beverage.


My boyfriend and I work at the same organization. I usually get to work earlier and like to leave little treats for him on his desk. Especially at this time of year.


I try to do an extra kindness of some kind every day for someone else. Today I am making chocolate chip cookies for college students. I also try to keep little comfort dolls and animals on hand for a spur of the moment smile for "kids from 1-99"
I discovered even the ladies in the nursing home love a cheerful little soft doll or animal to hold. :)


I will pack up some cookies and deliver them to new neighbors.

Abby M

I'm not going to take my sick toddler in public today - to keep everyone else from getting sick.

It's a bad time of year to catch a cold, if I can keep someone from being sick over the holidays I should.

Lisa Loback

Be kind. You never know what another person may be facing.

Debbie Charlton

While paying our electric bill this week, I'm going to pay our elderly neighbor's bill. She's always doing things for others and I know she"s struggling to keep her heat on. With colder weather coming in, I hate to think she's going to be without heat.


I try to make someone laugh as I am out and about on shopping days.... Releases happy chemicals... :o)

Cynthia Carpenter

I am a correctional officer. I put forth the most positive and professional outlook and attitude possible everyday so the offenders I supervise are treated fairly and consistantly. Everyone of those men is someones son or brother. 'If not for the grace of God go I'
It's not always about money, because I could make a greater wage elsewhere but I make an impact here.


Donate our scarves we make all year long to Children & Women’s shelter ;)

Diane Long

Donated money to family in need in our community. Such a great feeling.


First I want to say, thank you to Cynthia, two comments above. It sounds like you you do your best to see the humanity in the offenders you work with. Not everyone in a similar position of power chooses to do so.

Every year, my extended family pools money and donates to one or two causes close to our hearts. In addition, my husband and I donate to a help sponsor a less fortunate family so that they can enjoy some special gifts at the holiday season as well.

Alice W

I'm going to call my sisters

Robin J

This year I have tried to make it about others. I have made two donations to animal shelters in need. Breaks my heart to see animals so abused. I hope what little I can do helps them to care for these babies.
I also decided not to do exchanges at work this year. I decided to do a basket for an employee that is going through chemo. She can’t work full time so lost her insurance. I’m hoping her basket of items brings her cheer and helps her through her everyday life.
And last but not least my knitting group has knit hats all year. We gave them to a group that helps children and families in need.
I wish I could do so much more.


I try to have a happy attitude while out and about running errands especially this time of year. I regularly let others with smaller loads in front of me in line at stores. Most people are truly surprised by this gesture which is sad in a way because that means it's not occur often enough.


Our hospital sets up what they call “The Mitten Tree” in the month of December. People hang new mittens, toques or scarves on the tree, which are then given to people in need for Christmas. Every year I donate several hand knit items that I’ve knit through the year, it just so happens I’m dropping them off today.


I just made a donation to Classic Tales Podcast. I love to listen to them on long drives, and the podcast are free, but I think it's important to support this person trying to make a living in the arts.

Beverly D

I knit and donate hats for infants. I donate as much as I can to organizations that work to find a cure for a variety of cancers.


I always try to say please and thank you. Small courtesies mean a lot. Smile and listen and be respectful.

sharon massena

We donated to California Fires program. But the most difficult thing that I can and will do is to drop what I am doing and give that time to someone who really needs my help and attention.


I donate knit hats to homeless shelter. I knit year round for the local Ronx McDonald house

Rose Birchall

I do random acts of knitting. I knit comfort hats for cancer warriors. If someone likes a post about something I’ve knitted, I’ve been known to send the project to them.

Diane N

One simple thing I will do today is to drive politely. Traffic is crazy, so someone will need a chance to get into line.

Jil Browne

I’m knitting some fingerless mitts with some cat’s whiskers added to give to the local shelter’s Cat Cafe for them to sell to have more money to support the Cat Cafe and the felines who live there. Best place to, yarn...and cats.

Audra L

I wanted to bring a little holiday break to the people I work with. So today I left a basket full of drink choices (teas, cider, cocoa) and a pan of caramel puffcorn in the 3rd fl breakroom. Hoping my coworkers feel a little bit of warmth and cheer!

A pet rescue in our area has put a call out for supplies. Its on my to-do list this week to look up their amazon list and help out.


I donated some cat food to our local animal shelter. Can't forget the fur babies!!

Lori Stone

It’s simple things such as a smile and postive communication with everyone I come in contact with. You never know the impact you have on someone else or what they are going through.

Kathie Frazier

I just finished my 2018 Charity Knitting so I can get back to my real knitting (Lace Shawls!!!). Will also be dropping off some big tips to local waitresses in local restaurants! They work hard all year.


I’m wrapping and sending some childrens’ clothing I bought for a family in need


Every year I like to make donations to World Vision and Compassion. I choose something different every year based on something that I am grateful to have in my own life, i.e. this year I chose to support mother/baby funds and funds for birthing attendants because my own daughter had a baby.
Each day I try to take the time to REALLY see the folks around me... And thank them sincerely using their names and looking them in the eyes with a smile. This applies to my family and to the fellow that bags my groceries. Everyone matters!!!!

Nathanne Verner

I like to help out local charities, like Unity Home for Abused Women and Children, or the local humane society.


Well, just this morning I am trying a new recipe for nut/peanut free cookies for my grandson who has a nut/peanut allergy. When taking cookies or goodies to functions where you don't know people, it would be so nice to label the nut free goodies or purchase a box or container of commercial cookies that have nutrition information so everyone feels welcome. A couple years ago I helped with my grandson's 4th grade class holiday party. I wasn't assigned refreshments, but decided to bring a box of Rice Krispie treats in case the person bringing the treats wasn't aware. As it turned out she thanked me for bringing the Rice Krispie treats because she hadn't thought of it and had bought brownies at a bakery. And there were 2 other children will allergies who could eat what I brought.


Already did it this morning - I repaired a sweater for a paper delivery person. It is one they wear all the time - until too cold.

Julie many opportunities to do something selfless and usually they are reasonably spontaneous. I have previously donated our winter coats to a local school where I volunteered (in a very underprivileged neighborhood) AND I also gifted many pairs of handknit socks --just so the office could give them out to any child in need.
Really warmed my heart one day when I was there volunteering and one little boy was wearing 'my' pink socks and he had no idea where they had come from. Of course I never said a word --just smiled to myself knowing that I had helped someone without making him feel insignificant.

Annette Poole

I just made donations to my local food bank and humane society


Smiling at people! I sometimes think people look sort of surprised if you just smile at them as you pass by. It's so simple and free and yet, we rarely do it.

Kathy Shute

I like to leave small piles of quarters on those little toy vending machines so the next little kid can get a bouncy ball or some trinket!


This morning on my usual morning walk I ran into a woman I have seen walking in the past. This morning she needed someone to talk to about her ill husband and, fortunately, I was that someone. As many of us know sometimes you just need someone to listen. Today I was that someone.


I'm going to reach out to a friend who hasn't heard from me for awhile, either via email or I'll send her a card


I make a donation to the local food pantry and to the local humane society. There is always someone short on cash at Christmas who needs good dog food. Next year I should knit hats for the homeless shelter with some of my yarn stash.


I am going to visit a family member in the hospital. He probably won’t be able to be at home for Christmas.


I volunteer and donate a couple dollars a paycheck to the Little Rivers Wetland Project.


I am knitting a hat for a relative that has been sick. I also like to give gifts to young women I have had the opportunity to interact with during the year. Most of these young women are parents and working full time and they deserve a little something special at the holiday time.


We usually donate to the local food bank. This year, I've been thinking about a goal for next year: using my leftover superwash yarns to make child-size hats for donation. It'll be interesting to see how many hats' worth I have in my leftovers bin!

Stella M

I also try to acknowledge our postal carrier, our garbage persons, and especially UPS and Fed Ex deliverers. Have also sent a basket of traditional Dutch goodies to my parents as they are alone till the last day of Christmas when my Mother will be 90 and we can all be there. Lastly, babysit my almost one year old and two year old grandsons so my daughter can bring the magic of Christmas to her family.

Teresa McPherson

I’m volunteering at the local food bank.

Teresa McPherson

I’m volunteering at the local food bank.

Carrie Mc

This year I donated to the North Valley Community Foundation to help, in some small way, the people who lost their entire community in the Camp fire in CA.

Kimberly Wiggin

Despite the typical holiday craziness and an extra-busy time for my job, I am trying very hard to keep the magic in Christmas for my family. My girls are both in their twenties, so I'm sure we could let some of our traditions go or adapt them more, but as long as they find comfort and joy in what we do around the holidays I really want to make an effort to keep things fun for them and make Christmas about showing love for others and making them feel heard and appreciated and loved.

Diane Jespersen

So many things. Pay it forward at a restaurant, coffee shop, etc. is such an easy thing to do.

Beverly J White

It's time to donate to Pintlar Pets. It's our local animal shelter. Those people deserve all the help they can get.


Smile and be nice to the workers in retail. Not just during the holidays, but all the time. They have a thankless job and being kind to them makes their day a little less stressfull.

raquel moncada

Give the gift of free time! My husband has been running like crazy and he needs time for himself.

Martina N

I try to always express my thanks for help or offers of help, or offering help myself whenever it seems appropriate. A smile always changes the atmosphere. I'm an older person and know how grateful I am when an extra hand makes life easier and try whenever I can to return the favors. When I was young, my grandmother told me that I should always treat others as I would wish to be treated. It's been a great rule for a good life.

Kelli Layher

I too have had some recent revelations and have made some donations anonymously to local families. This is something I want to continue throughout the year.

Kate  Greenwood

Yesterday I bought books and gifts for a family that my husbands office is sponsoring for the holidays. And today I walked a friends dog.

Patty McDonald

i try to make everyones day a little brighter in any way i can. i do that all year, but try to do more at Christmas. i wish everyone a Merry Christmas. i pick 2 or 3 charities a year to support and send more each december. this year it has been the american diabetic association, pbs, medic-alert and a local group where i live that gives to the kids in this city.


We "adopt" an elderly citizen each year from our local Salvation Army. They give us a list of needs and we purchase the items. This year we are donating items to our local veteran's home, items that we take for granted ie soap, underwear, slippers etc.
Monthly, I help write checks and visit with a women who has Parkinson's and is unable to write the checks. The most important thing is helping and giving year round not just during the holidays. The food pantries are overflowing at this time of year but come March/April they are low again. Each of us can do a little part.

Teresa Higus

Today a man came into our church to warm up and I warmed up the chicken and noodles I had brought for lunch for him to eat. I could go home and get more for myself. He needed it then.


Why not adopt a rat? Hero rats, a type of large rat, are trained to detect land mines and TB in third world countries. Apopo, the organization responsible, sent me updates on how my rat was progressing with his training, and then on how he was doing "in the field". It's a very humane organization, very communicative, and older rats are given a nice retirement. The Apopo website will explain it all.

sue swartz herr

I’ve done several biggies this year, too personal to describe. But I also made a $50 monthly donation for 2019 to the community food pantry where my daughter lives. The need is great.

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