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December 18, 2018



Indirectly on display in multiple project bags scattered throughout the house.


I do place my current favorites places I can see them till I can see them till I decide what to make with them. And I always have work in progress out. And some over flow storage on the living room sofa. Eventually I plan to take all my yarn from storage boxes and put it in cubbies for storage in a guest room. But I may change my mind if my preferred colors don't match the color I choose for the room.


I decorate by knitting an ornament for the tree.


It’s sort of on display overflowing out of my yarn basket on my side table and my current project peeking out of its bag. And I leave any finished projects out for awhile because they make me smile.

Nancy F.

Not on some other posters, my stash/WIP adorn various rooms! I do have Christmas stockings and a tree skirt that I knit which make annual appearances.

Lisa Loback

I would love to be able to display my yarn but I have 3 loveable but naughty kittens at my house that would love to get their paws on it!!!!


Yes! I have a fillable lamp that I have filled with leftover balls of yarn. I keep it in my craft room.


I never thought of it this way! Now I can just say it's part of the display - given that I have the seasonal colors correct!! I wish I was that clever to actually do it.

Linda McLaughlin

Most of my yarn is in a big basket, my projects are in containers in various places around the house. I have a cat that gets very curious so I do have to take care where I put them.


Only if you count my WIPs as a display LOL!


I don't display my yarn on purpose but there are multiple projects all around the house.


I do not.


Sadly, no. If I lived alone I would. Wait, if I lived alone I'd have a cat so still no!
My office has yarn sitting around as possible next projects but that doesn't really count. The yarn is worthy of art status though!

Ann Borger

Not unless you count the socks my kids leave laying around!

Dee Coots

Not on purpose. I would if I could! Most of my yarn is secret. Lol.


Sort of? I mean, I have an entire room devoted to my stash, but really, it is all tucked away in bins, so I suppose not. New acquisitions tend to adorn my coffee table for a while so I can admire them.

Renee Huffman

I have some crocheted ornaments for the tree, but haven't used yarn itself to decorate.... maybe I should add something!!


I have a smooth woven wire basket in my craft room in which I display a few skeins on my ladder bookshelf. I also usually have new purchases sitting out in my family room to enjoy for a while, since the other basket is upstairs.
I also have a big woven basket in the family room with things in progress and skeins waiting for my next project. And a skein with straight needles sticking out of the top sits in a yarn bowl on an end table, which I practice and experiment on when learning a new technique.

Katie Diffenderfer

I never even thought about displaying my yarn!! Of course that might be because I have a Golden Retriever who LOVES to get into my yarn... so I always have to keep it put away.

Julie Vance

Right now my *just* finished stockings are hanging in the living room. 4 of them in 5.5 weeks. Otherwise, it's usually my Ghana basket with my current WIP hanging out around the house.

Luann M.

I have a few skeins in a basket by my knitting chair in the living room, so I can admire them while I plan projects.

Coby Hanna -Butler

I’ve often wished I had a way to display my pretties. I keep everything in the guest bedroom in boxes by size and color right now. I also have three young boys, so it will probably be a while before I figure out how to display without them getting into it!!

Deborah G.

When we moved into the new home (We are helping my daughter buy her first home), my daughter gave me the largest bedroom, and for the first time in my life there was room for a couple of bookcases that I was able to unpack my stash to, along with my 3 Rubbermaid storage drawers. Now I can see my yarn and pet and arrange it to my liking :) So, I guess that makes it part of my bedroom decor!

Cindy Rittmer

Only yarn out for display is usually an unraveled ball that I gave the cat. Otherwise, my yarn is put away in project bags or totes to keep said cat out of it.

Heather A

I would love to display beautiful yarn...but I have cats. After a scary incident many years ago when one cat ingested a scrap of yarn I overlooked (and subsequently needed emergency surgery), all yarn is kept put away.

Sandy C

I have 2 bird cages in my craft room that are filled with colorful balls of yarn. It's fun to try to remember who received that special pair of socks.

Frances Graff

I usually display my quilts. But in my bedroom I have a wooden bucket full of yarn. I rotate what is on top so I am always thinking of what to knit next


I have a knitting corner, so I display several pretty skeins when I’m not knitting.


I want to decorate with yarn but can't get over my fear of moths! I have had moths get into my yarn once before and it was awful so now everything stays in Ziploc bags.

Rachel Lems

I don’t, unless you count me leaving whatever I’m working on sitting on the table :). It’s just not my thing :)

Barbara Dubois

I would say “no”, but it’s probably more like unintentionally “yes”as I have working yarns for WIPs and the new yarns I pick up here and there in my living room.


No, I prefer to keep my yarn in one place.


Not on purpose. But there is yarn and knitting tools next to my favorite chairs and decorating tables.


I don't currently decorate with my yarn, but I would love to! I recently signed up for a subscription for minis each month and I'd love to get a big glass container to put in my living room and store them in until I am ready to use them!


What a great question. I don’t decorate with yarn, except for a few baskets with projects in them. I’m interested in reading everyone’s responses for some ideas! I may have to start doing this.


That’s a great idea! Never thought about it

Deb Scholl

Yes we use a yarn garland of knitted hats and mittens to hang from our mantel.

Cindy Carpenter

Not intentionally because of the kitties. Sometimes I just don’t get it stored as fast as I should. They (the kitties) think a tangled mess is a decoration in itself. We do have some of those on display until DH untangles it for me.


I do not decorate with yarn unless its a finished project. Throws are all over the house. Yarn skeins and balls live in my workroom/office.


No displays in my house.
I guess because I want the yarn to stay clean snd figure that's easier with storage.

Lynn B.

I do not intentionally. Sometimes a project in the works is on display.


I don't decorate with yarn but LOVE YOUR IDEAS! I'm in a new house, so there are some possibilities for this new display of art!!


Love the photo of Danger Will Robinson on display - guess that might be called cake decorating? I have not decorated with yarn.

Sandra Sprouse

I display my yarn because it’s all over the house!

Natalie H

I wouldn’t say that I decorate with yarn, but I have my stash in a bookshelf in my bedroom that I admire constantly. It makes me happy to look at everyday.


No, I have seven cats who would LOVE it if I decorated with yarn! I keep it in a dresser in my sewing room and do have one skein on display in there in a glass jar...but I keep the door closed so the cats can't get in!

Tracy Meadows

I’ve never thought of displaying my yarn. My stash is in bins in my spare bedroom.


No, I don’t display my yarn.....there is too much. I never thought to put it on display.


I do not decorate with my yarn...way too much!


A couple of years ago I knit a set of Advent mittens, a different pattern for each of 24 little mittens. I hang them along a string across my front window, adding one each day. At the time, a new pattern was released each week, beginning in June (I think). It was one of the few KALs I’ve ever done and a very fun knit.
Last year I knit a tree skirt that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. It’s a cream colored bulky wool with a little bit of cable work and I love how it turned out.


Does keeping the overflow skeins count as displaying? LOL.

Amy G

If decorating with yarn means leaving your unfinished projects lying around the house, then yes, I do. But, I don't intentionally use yarn for decorations. I have plans to knit more of my stash into decorative items, mostly for the holidays - but that is for the future.

Lucy Kesler

Not so much decorating, but what I'm knitting lives in a favorite Texas Ware bowl beside my chair.

Kate  Greenwood

My WIP is usually on display in a basket. I also like to have a few skeins in a pottery bowl and my MadTosh unicorn tails in a basket surrounding all my knitting books on the shelf. It’s a beautiful section of the living room. I also pull out skeins I’m thinking of combing in a project and let the sit prettily on the shelf until I decide if they’ll work like I want them too.


The only knitted decorations I have are blankets...and WIPs.


No, I don't.


Not intentionally. However, I was recently given a beautiful wooden basket that is the perfect size for holding a small project so I keep what I'm working on in it beside my knitting chair. It makes me very happy to look at it. The project and the basket enhance each other. I wish I could share a pix here.


For the most part my yarn is packed away in storage containers and the only yarn I have out is what I’m working with

Colleen D'Allura

I have nevor really considered displaying my yarn. It is a wonderful idea. What a great idea. Now to raid the stash and find fun places to place it!


No, I don’t. My yarn lives in sealed totes, protected from creepy crawlies.

Kimberly Wiggin

I will definitely use a favorite skein of yarn as a decoration. I have a pretty pottery bowl that perfectly nestles a single skein of fingering weight yarn and shows it off nicely. Another favorite is a skein of Sophie's Toes by Emily Parson (I don't believe she is still dyeing yarn, too bad), in her Christmas Lights colorway. I just twisted the skein around a round metal ring and tied here and there with some contrasting green, added a green velvet bow and it's a Christmas wreath!

Crystal Parker

I have crocheted snowflakes over the years that I use on my tree.


I have a huge glass jar filled with little balls of leftover sock yarn. It's full now so I should probably knit a scrappy project, but I think it looks pretty.

Beverly D

I have yarn in many parts of the house, wip, projects I’m considering,
etc. Hardly what I’d term decor, but it makes me comfortable just the same.
Seeing it also helps me make decisions about color.


My mind is blown....I have never thought of displaying just my yarn. I do have projects all around me all the time, but I like the idea of displaying a favorite. Thanks for the idea.


I do not display my yarn. Too afraid of damage from insects.....

Candice hope

Hmmm... I have handknit ornaments on the tree, of course. But other than that I just yarn everywhere. Projects hanging out all over, a yarn bowl that I’ve never actually used as intended. But I also have a wire 3-tier hanging fruit basket that I have full of sock yarn. I better knit faster though because I worry that they’ll fade or attract wool-eating insects.


Oh yes...thought I was the only one. In addition to my studio where there is a LOT of yarn... I usually have a basket or bowl with seasonal colors displayed in my office on my desk. I work from home. I also have a bowl in my bedroom with a skein to match my decor.


I have a glass vase on my desk and I put yarn balls in it for the holidays. Right now there is sparkly red, green and white balls in the vase. It looks so cute. I do red and white for Valentines and pastels for Easter, Green for St. Patricks etc..
It's not a huge vase but enough to hold 3 small balls of yarn

Arvada Trickle

I don’t decorate with my yarn. I guess I never thought of it! I do get it out and look at it and think of different projects. I have a cat and I’m not sure having it on display would work😻

Geri Heagy

My leftover sock yarn goes in a really tall canning jar!

Jackie Taylor

The past couple of years I haven’t had a craft room, so I do most of my knitting 🧶 at the dining room table. It always has a few yarn bowls and a finished project or two on it! I’ve never thought of actually decorating with yarn. I do have a couple of petal dishcloths as doilies for my yarn bowls! 🧶 I bought a couple of clear plastic ornaments I’ve wanted to put some tiny balls of yarn in, with a couple of toothpicks as needles, but justendone it yet!


Nope! Unless, like another poster said, you count wip's as decor :D


If my yarn is seen it is because I am working on it. I have most of the yarn in a small dresser in the guest room

Rita from wyoming

I work on a Christmas theme project during the holidays so the colors fit right in with the festive mood. Right now I am working on Christmas tree socks/


I'm looking for a certain style of China cabinet so I can display my beautiful yarn that I get from Simply Socks!! I haven't found one yet.. :(

Jennifer L

I have a pretty pottery bowl that I keep balls of yarn in.

Rosalind Gibbins

Not on purpose, but presently I have two WIP on the end table next to my favorite chair!

Diane Jespersen

No, I don't. I don't know why not! Why haven't I thought of this? Guess I will now!

René Dees

I don’t but that is a fantastic idea!


Like the other knitters,my projects have become decoratios. My shawl in progress is in my yarn bowl on the piano.....hopefully after Christmas it will get replaced with a new project....Happy Knitting everyone!!!!


I've got a big glass jar on a shelf in my craft room where I toss leftovers. It's a nice colorful accent. Then there are those inadvertent 'art projects' when the kitten gets hold of a ball of yarn! :)

Kate S

The only display is the pile of projects :)


There is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful skein of yarn! I love looking at my yarn on shelves, in bowls, in a’s meant to be admired!

Joyce Correia

No, I don't decorate with yarn. Bring it home, into the freezer for two days, wind it into cakes, put into ziploc baggies, and stash in one of two drawers. I don't allow myself to have more than two drawers of stash at a time. I would have to decorate with yarn if I had filled up the drawers!

Sylvia Buonanni

I use yarn in my gift wrapping. A never ending stash of bows on hand!


I have knit or crochet decorations for each season and most holidays. This includes a basketball garland for March Madness. I also have afghans in nearly every room. As far as yarn in a ball or skein, like most people - in bags and baskets as I work on a project. At one point I did have a vase with straight needles poked through balls and doughnuts displayed as flowers, but I donated my straights to a school, so I no longer have that display.

Diane N

I do not decorate with my yarn.


I have a large glass bottle that I'm filling up with sock yarn. When I finish a project, I roll the leftover yarn in a ball and drop it into the bottle. It's a lovely mixture of colors!

Holly S

I love to use orphan bits of yarn by securing hand wrapped gifts with colorful bits and bobs. Much easier with DK and worsted weight yarn than fingering or lace! :p

Manette Crawford

I sure do. I display many skeins of sock yarn in an old wooden box under my side table. Other yarn is wrap in balls in displayed in yarn bowls around the house. This way I get to see all my pretty yarn all the time.


I have wicker baskets of yarn in the living room - where I work on projects at night. I also display yarn in a antique "chopper bowl" that a client gave me a few years ago.


I keep my yarn bowls filled with yarn and use them as centerpiece on my dining and coffee tables all year round. I also have holiday ornaments made from yarn and other accessories.

Terri Bringar

I don't intentionally display my yarn, but some is always on display via my projects! LOL

Cindy Turner

I have baskets in my craft room and living room with current works in progress, plus a couple of my shawls are always out as I use them throughout the day.


I put my new skeins in baskets around the house to either get me excited about the finished product it will be, or to encourage ideas about what it can become! Also serves as a talking point with guests, who always remark on the changing palette

Susan James

for years I've had baskets of yarn around the I can admire and fondle it! LOL! But then I got a cat 3 years ago. At first she ignored it......but when she was about a year old, she suddenly fell in love with yarn. After finding several skeins torn up, or unraveled around living room furniture, I put it all away. NOW I have to be careful with whatever I'm knitting.....she would dig to the bottom of my knitting bag to get to a ball of yarn!

Yeon Gyeong

Not really. I worry about the dust that could build up if they were left out in the open so the yarn not in use is pretty much all covered by cloths/drawer doors.

Brenda B

I love how you've colour themed your yarn display, but no, I don't display yarn. I'd be scared my husband might finally realize just how much I have, lol! :)


Between kids and cats and dust there is no way I’m leaving yarn out on purpose. Mine is stored in 2-gallon ziplocks inside sterlite containers and drawers. My future (aka fantasy) craft room will change that. The one thing I have started doing is putting my little balls of sock yarn scraps in a large mason jar on my sewing table.

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