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December 17, 2018


Joyce Correia

Oh, yes, I stash. If it looks pretty, I buy it. Going into a yarn shop is like going into a candy store - so many things look appetizing! Recently I cleaned out my stash and passed it on to my daughter and granddaughters. Now they are drooling over it.


I love shopping for yarn and have a large yarn stash. I knit with a group of ladies and part of the enjoyment is shopping together and planning projects!

Diane N

I love to stash yarn!


Oh my - I definitely stash! I regularly work on trying to use my stash but can’t resist sales or fun yarn when I see it.


I stash. There are too many great yarns and not enough time to knit everything in a timely fashion.

Donna Baker

Oh I love Mad Tosh yarn! I tend to buy for projects. However they sit until I'm inspired to start them and I get bored sometimes so then I move on to another so I usually have like 5 WIPS!


I have a huge yarn stash. I have curated it to remove the scratchy acrylics that no longer appeal to me: those I donated to the K-8 art teachers at my kids' public school. They were overjoyed because it meant that they could use their meager art budgets on other supplies! Sadly, most of my yarn stash is not on view. It is sealed in bags, then in bins with lids. Although, if it were on view, it might be the rude awakening I need to stop stashing, LOL!


My stash is contained in one very deep drawer, and it's filled to the brim. I'm determined not to buy any more yarn than will fit into that drawer.


Definitely a stasher! I do more stashing when things are on sale.


NO RULES. All the yarn, ALL the time. :.)


I absolutely cannot help but have a stash of yarn. I feel if I don’t get what I love that it will be gone and I will not be able to get it. I love to stash dive and I do frequently find what I need.

Beverly J White

Oh my! Stash, stash,stash. If I really like a yarn I might as well buy it or I'll think about it for a very long time. I never leave a yarn shop empty handed.


I am in the stash camp and have been for a while. When I see a good price on something I know I like I will buy it. I like knowing that if I want to make something I don’t need to go out or order the yarn for the project. I tend to stock up and then go for a long stretch of working with only what I have already. I do have a positive yarn balance, but it’s beautiful and fun to sort through and organize for projects.


It’s not hoarding if it’s wool . . . right???


I stash! Boy do I stash! Lately I've been trying to be a little more organized about what I stash, and get multiple skeins of something if I think I might want to make a shawl -- there have been so many times that I bought the perfect LE yarn, but only one skein of it! So now I'll try to get 2 or 3, unless I know for sure it will be socks or a hat.


I stash, but then I have to remember to knit it, too!


I love going into yarn stores. I love touching the yarn. I love bringing the yarn home. I love thinking about the yarn in my stash. I love thinking about the yarn I left at the store.

I could have worse habits, right?


Oh, I most definitely throw caution and rules to the wind when I stash. It's so easy to do!


oh...definitely stash..It has taken me decades to have a dedicated Stash..I mean Fiber Studio. small kids...lotsa room now!! I do mostly try to knit/crochet from stash. Mostly.. Unless of course, I see a sale. lol


When I first learned how to knit (about 4 - 5 years ago) I couldn't be persuaded to buy yarn, no matter how incredibly beautiful it was, unless it was for the next class I was taking. And most of what was so beautiful wasn't what we needed for our class projects. But...somewhere along the way I crossed the line - to stash - and there's no going back. I love to find some beautiful yarn on vacation and bring it home, it's a happy memory waiting to be made into something wearable. I also love to go on our local yarn crawl once a year where we visit a number of shops within our region and come home with a special yarn, often with a special pattern. Each LYS orders yarn specially dyed for their shop for the crawl, and offers a suggested pattern which they give you if you buy the yarn. And the sample of the pattern made up in the special yarn makes it irresistible. Since I've built up a stash, I now try to come up with a pattern if I see a gorgeously irresistible yarn so I buy the right weight and yardage to complete a project. Or I take a pattern with me and look for a gorgeous yarn for it. But......there is always an exception to that plan!!


I have a very small stash, i like having a bit of yarn on hand if I need to cast in immediately. I do not have SQ as I like to pick that out as I go along.


I love to stash then once in a while takeout all out to look at. So pretty.
Vacation purchases are the best so many lovely memories.
Then it’s double fun when a new pattern and the stash


I started out only purchasing yarn as I go, then all this beautiful hand-dyed yarn started appearing and there are just some I have to have! So, I stash!


I stash, some because I live in rural Canada, but just because I love the fiber, color and feel. I stash sock yarn mostly, because I make socks all the time....and 1skein at a time makes for a manageable stash. (Or so I keep telling myself)

Geraldine Scott

I trust my gut. If I LOVE it, I get it! But I do think twice before hitting the 'buy' button! It's kind of a double-edged sword...I love having a selection on hand when that perfect pattern comes into my hands, but it also feels great to lessen the stash!

Candice Hope

I definitely stash. There really aren’t any rules to it. I try to analyze the weight and yardage of any stash yarn and get a good quantity for a project. But there are no rules for sock yarn.


Oh, I definitely stash! No rules...if I love it and have the $$$ it's mine. I try to knit from it, and I do actually have patterns in mind for nearly everything I own, but that doesn't always work. It brings me joy every time I look at it (in person or on my ravelry page)!


I stash yarn, and I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who displays a selection of it -- I have three apothecary jars full of yarn on my shelves.

My knitting has scaled back in the last few years, so I've tried to buy less yarn to compensate, but am not always so restrained when I see something pretty, particularly if it self-stripes.

Robin J

Oh do I stash! I have a thing for yarn. I want it all. No rules but this year I have vowed to use from my stash and not buy yarn. That would require me to stop looking online. Yea right. Like that will happen.


As the stash has gotten bigger, I have gotten pickier. I toss the entire thing every year or two and find gems I forgot about and always a few to gift or donate.


Yes, I have way to much yarn. I have been trying to use it for projects before buying more... but that doesn't usually happen. If I see sale yarn that I like will buy it.I don't have any rules about stash. I didn't think there was rules!!!

Lynn B.

I do have a stash, but feel that it is under control. Ha!


I do stash. I have the intention to knit or crochet as it comes in, but life happens and the stash grows. I do often think I need to get better organized in regards to it. No real rules, same as you - responsibility first.

Michelle Roy

Stash. Stash. Stashing through the snow!

I try to make thoughtful purchases, it helps to keep things from getting too out of control. Sometimes there is something that just speaks to me, and then the lack of self control kicks in.


I stash because yarn sales and destashes are my enemy. I love seeing all the gorgeous colors I've acquired over the years and having that 'Oh yeah' moment when I find something I forgot about, even with my spreadsheet. I enjoy the hunt of finding a project that works with my stash yarns without needing to buy more. Plus I have it on hand and can start right away rather than waiting.

sue swartz herr

I have stashed too much, though! At first, I loved lace yarn and I stashed that—especially Fiesta Gracie’s Lace. Then I lost my way amidst sock/fingering weight yarns. Now I’m trying not to stash but to USE! I do have an issue—for myself and not for others—with sheer accumulation. Looking at beautiful yarn, though—does that count as still stashing? I enjoy this blog very much as it helps me do the looking form of stashing.

Lisa Smith

I do stash! No real rules. I love when it's time for a new project and I can rummage around for some yarn in the closet.


I love to stash yarn! When a project comes up, I check my stash to see if I have the right color and right yarn. I love to pick up yarn on our travels and add it to my stash. And I'm not adverse to a yarn sale! I can always add more to my stash. :) My favorite yarn to stash is sock yarn but I do have quite a collection of DK and Worsted weight too.

raquel moncada

Oh yes, most definitely! I consider my stash more like a collection of beautiful skeins: sometimes to be admired and others as a personal little shop

Marie Saur

Stash. I might decide to knit something Sunday night so I shop in my stash or at that's my story.


Oh, I stash! The main thing that keeps a rein on me is my budget. My stash is like yours, in that it's more of a collection. I rarely buy more than one of the same colorway, although I seem to coordinate the skeins I do buy at the samae time.

Lisa Loback

I love to stash!!! The yarn looks so nice and I love it when I find a pattern I want to make and get to go through my stash to find the perfect yarn for it!!!

Jeanne Bush

OH, I definitely stash! Rules? No such thing. I buy yarn that I like just to have, maybe with a project in mind but often it becomes something else instead. Then I might find a pattern that I want to make and go buy yarn specifically for that pattern. Yarn is such a pleasure in my life.


I enjoy stashing yarn. I don't have any rules, but I'm starting to run out of space, so I should probably develop some.

Susan James

OMG!! I LOVE TO STASH!!! Esp sock yarn. Sock yarn is my big weakness!! LOL! I was really afraid to let my daughter see my sock yarn stash, but wanted her to pick out something for me to knit her a scarf..............she didn't faint. OR tell me I was insane! I was sooooo relieved!!! LOL!

Donna Stevens

Oh yes! I love to stash! It’s nice to have a collection so that if you are bored you can go into your stash and pick a beautiful skein of sock yarn and start something new. But that being said, 9 times out of 10, if I have a project to start, I will buy new yarn instead of stash diving !

Kelli Layher

Definitely stash. My safe stash is sock yarn because I always have a pair on the needles and give them as gifts. If I have had yarn on hand for a while, I post polls on Facebook for them to choose yarn and pattern. Helps alleviate decisions (other than who I’m goong to give it to.) 😁

Karla French

I once received a package of note cards from you, Dear Allison, as a gift. My favorite one in the package:

"Tell me I'm pretty and buy me yarn!"❤
I sent it to my husband that day!!!

Stash, Stash, Stash and Stash some more!!
That way I am prepared for when the sheep decide to keep their precious wool for themselves!!
You never know when they are going to go on STRIKE!!🐑❤🐑


I'm a stasher! I may love looking for and buying the perfect yarn even more than knitting, don't know, it's a toss-up! I can't resist the beautiful colors and textures of each ball of yarn. Each one is so different and unique, and I want them all, lol!


STASH! And how! 2018 was my year for working through my stash. HA! I made a little progress and then I went to your holiday open house and fell right down the rabbit hole again:) I discovered Yowza and ended up ordering more. I'll never knit through all of it but I do love being able to knit whatever mood strikes because I'm bound to have yarn that works.
PS I LOVE the attitude of yarn collecting. That puts a really nice spin on it! Yep, I want it sitting around where I can see it and pet it like a cat.

Rachel Lems

I stash, and way too much. Let’s not think about such things....and there are no rules!

Diane Long

Oh yes, Definately can not have enough yarn. And coming to simply six company the yarn is the very best..

Laurie Brown

I have a huge stash, I cannot lie. My rule is, I buy what I like when I see it!


I have a stash but I would rather buy what I need for a project and then finish it before moving on to something else. I have way too much yarn and my tastes have changed and it is really good yarn so not sure what I am going to do with.

Janet Duff

I don’t really stash. I mostly buy it as I need it. I do have a tendency to stash patterns. 🙂


I bounce back and forth on stashing (though I definitely /have/ a substantial stash at this point). On the one hand, sometimes yarn is fleeting and if you love it now you may never see it again. On the other hand, sometimes a person's taste changes and even though you love it now, you might not love it in five years. I tend to stash slightly faster than I knit. Right now I'm not knitting much (I'm in school taking 5 classes while working 20 hours a week while teaching dance and knitting classes), so I'm also not buying much. When I knit more, I tend to stash more too. Regardless, I always seem to shop faster than I knit, oops.

Kat Gatzke

Absolutely I stash. No rules really, but I do try to keep most of it fingering weight since I live in Houston and lighter weights will get worn more. I’m trying to yarn diet now since I haven’t had much time to knit lately. But of course a few skeins here and there manage to sneak their way into the stash.

Carol Herzog

I love to stash yarn especially for small projects like socks or a hat. I have to be somewhat prudent because my husband is retired now and sees it all come in the house. I used to be able to smuggle it into the house when he wasn’t home!!! I love to take out the skeins I have to look at the beautiful colors. I also buy yarn on vacation. It’s fun to look back on the places we’ve visited via my yarn stash.


I don’t really stash much, maybe one or two special yarns that I bought on vacation (my idea of the perfect souvenir).

Rebecca Jankowski

Yes, I stash. Duhhh! Out grew the first tub, got a bigger one. Out grew that one and got an over the door hanging plastic shoe organizer for my nice mostly sock yarn. 24 plastic enclosed rectangular slots that hold 3 or 4 skeins each or 75 to 100 skeins! The yarn stays virtually dust free. I can “pet” my stash, organize and reorganize as much as I like. Now I’m in need of a second hanger as I fallen hard for knitting hats plus my sock yarn stash has grown significantly. I’ll put it in a spare bedroom - maybe my husband won’t notice!

Nancy F.

Oh, do I stash. The extent of my obsession was revealed a number of years ago when we were getting our house ready to put on the market. We rented a storage unit where we put furniture and various sundries so to declutter the house for staging. A large number of bins that went into storage contained my collection of yarns!


I stash and I'm not ashamed to admit it!
I love to be able to start a project anytime I want. Though I do sometimes get paralyzed with too many choices...but I will accept that problem any day!

Amanda Swanson

Oh, I'm a stasher. I try for the most part to only stash with a pattern in mind, but things creep in. I'm a sucker for Madelinetosh on sale, and HHF are so pretty, and the Life in the Long Grass would be so great for that new Romi Hill pattern. . . Well, that and I stash faster than I knit. Sigh! It has gotten to the point where I look at my stash and think that if by some miracle, I knit everything in it, I don't know where I'd keep the finished items. Oh look, that yarn has sparkles!


I love to stash but am trying to cut it down to a smaller portion of my home so trying to buy less than I use this coming year


I have such a stash. I love looking through it and trying to separate it for projects. I am definitely more of a stasher and less of a buying for project kind of gal..


No rules other than- keep it away from the kids, show it some love and acquire more.

Kate  Greenwood

In my younger knitting years, I bought yarn for projects only but as my experience and budget increased, I became a stasher! The beautiful colors and hand of special skeins bring me lots of joy and my husband built me a large wooden box on casters to house them all:-)

Katie Diffenderfer

I love to stash.... too bad my wallet can’t keep up with my wish list! Haha!!


I live shopping for yarn and both collecting and using my stash. I always thought that was a part of knitting!

Sheila P

I love my stash but wish it was not so out of control. I usually have phases where is go overboard. Just went through one the last two months thanks to the SSYC's Poste and Mineville colorways. Must knit faster in 2019.


I have a stash but it's relatively small -- or so the other members of my knitting group tell me. I generally have 25 or 30 skeins on standby, some earmarked for specific projects and others just because I loved them. I'd feel pressured by a large stash, but to each her own!

Anny O

I am definitely a stasher!

Wendy yount

I'm tryingto use only what I have but somehow
(Somehow??!!) I keep getting more yarn.

Brenna Delosier

Oh yeah I stash. I can shop my own personally curated yarn collection at 2 in the morning if I need to.


I am a stasher! I try to be careful how much I buy, but I do like to try new to me yarns and new indie dyers, etc. 2018 was the year of self striping yarn and miniskein. I try to keep my stash to one large rattan trunk, but honestly, I am well past that right now.


I definitely stash. Don't have any rules persay except to stay in budget. So even if I already have 10 skeins of hot pink (actually I'm not sure how much hot pink there might be already lol) and I see one more that catches my eye, the stash goes up by one... ;)

Sandra Sprouse

Oh my... I can’t even put into words how big my stash is!!


I stash with great guilt. It drives my husband nuts! I'm tring to contact a high school or middle school knitting club to donate some of my older stash.


I love to stash! If it’s an impulse buy of a single skein then I tend to gravitate toward sock yarn since I feel it can be used in a variety of projects. If it’s more than one skein or a different weight yarn then I try to shop with a project in mind.

Teresa Mc

Proud stasher here! :)

Sylvia King

Oh yes I stash. Who can resist a beautiful new yarn.

Terri-Lynn Gardner

Oh yes, stash for sure.

Kate s

Yes - I am a yarn collector :) and knitter!

Audra L

I love my stash. I have a little curio cabinet full of sock yarn that is so inspiring to look at. This past year I tried to be more mindful of all the pretty yarn I already own and kept track. 34 skeins out and 32 in this year(and I still have a week to go). Going to do the same nxt year. I will always have a stash but I would like to rein in my hoarding/materalistic tendencies just a little.


I have a small stash and an accidental stash of extras from projects. I once bought a kit to make 2 bags, made them, then a few years later made 4 hats. Still have some. But the desire to buy all that good looking yarn is very strong and takes a lot of will power to keep from buying it all

Judy Bowsher

My stash is small (in my opinion), 1 sweater quantity & a few small projects. Most purchases have a deliberate intention, except for travel souvenir yarn & fiber fest acquisitions. Oh yeah, then there's yarn crawls.

Sue Kieft

Stash! When I have a bad day, I pet the yarn to feel better 💗💗💗

Amy Hesting

Stash!!! I’m trying to better about planning my projects & using the yarn I buy though.

Sandy C

There is no such thing as too much yarn.

I stash
You stash
We all stash


I do stash, but now that it's substantial I'm much pickier about what I purchase without an immediate plan to use. I have a lot of sock yarn so I've been stashing more Dk or worsted. Almost never sweater quantities unless I have a plan to cast on shortly.

Renee Huffman

I definitely stash!! I recently reorganized and have 3 plastic tubs full. Mostly I buy when I fall in love with something, or when there is a good sale on something I know I love working with! My only rules is to try to have a ballpark idea of what I want to make so I can buy appropriate yardage, and when I have anxiety about how much I have, I don't get more

Deborah G.

I do stash. In small bits and bobs. Lovely hanks of sock yarn or lace mostly, as I love to knit shawls and fingerless gloves. I have been informed that what I have is considered a rather small stash, but it has mostly lovely special yarns in it, along with a grouping of "last minute whip this up into something quick" yarns. Some yarn has projects tied to it that I have not yet started, but those gorgeous hanks that call to you when you see them have pride of place on my little shelving units in my bedroom.

Shauna Barnes

You have to stash!! I often buy colors not knowing what yarn weight I’ll need but especially if it’s a DK weight for a cowl or indie dyed sock yarn... I love it all!! The more the merrier!


Yes, I have a stash so to speak or a collection. It can come in handy but then again I might not have enough of the color or weight I need so......BUY MORE!!!!!
No rules the thrill is finding a forgotten stash.


Oh yes, How I stash! I think I prefer calling it a collection. I do buy for specific project, then ziploc the yarn with the intended pattern. Sometimes I get to it, sometimes it lingers and sometimes the yarn is repurposed.


I am a stasher. I also love to go stash diving for a project. I love to fondle my stash and I love to reorganize my stash. Sometimes it might be by color, by brand or by weight. It changes all the time. I also display some in a basket and that changes often. All of it has good feelings attached to it.


I have a stash. I love to look at it and squish it. I am slowly using it up.

Katherine Radic

I go on a yarn buying binge and don't quit until I feel like I have been completely filled to the brim with yarny goodness. I then slow down and knit and knit until the next binge episode hits. LOL!My stash is like my treasures.

Kristina Peters

Not only do I buy yarn without a project because it speaks to me but also am a spinner and shepherdess with a hand spinning flock so yarn is very important to me. Besides isn’t it insulation?

Suzzanne Lawrence

I’m a stashed. Most of the time I have a project in mind. But occasionally something just calls my name and it has to come home with me!

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