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December 16, 2018


Joyce Correia

It's two cups of Peet's English Breakfast tea in the morning. Then in mid-morning and mid-afternoon, it's Peet's coffee - usually Kenyan, Ethiopian, or Arabica Mocha Java. And of course this time of year - STARBUCKS EGGNOG LATTE. Yum, yum.

Renee’ Sawyer

Coffee, definitely coffee. We used to buy orange coffee (which was wonderful) at a store in town but they closed. No luck finding it online without spending an arm and a leg.

Debbie Hallamek

I don't drink either. I'm very sensitive to caffeine. Keeps me wide awake all night.

Lynn B.

Love,love coffee! My children say that I am addicted. Ha! Green Mountain dark magic is my my favorite.


Tea, please. My current favorite was bought in a teashop in Flushing, Queens, hidden inside an unassuming mall. The shop was like an oasis of calm amidst the chaos that is Chinatown.

Diane Nocivelli

Coffee! I read an article about a taste test for the best coffee for drip makers. The winner was Starbucks Pike Place. I tried it and now I'm hooked!


Hmm I drink both but I generally start my day off with coffee from my coffee machine. I generally get coffee pods from target. Lately its been the holiday flavors. When I am off or not rushing into work I like hot tea in the afternoon and or evening. When I go to work while everyone has bottles of pop, me its always a bottle of iced tea.

Christine Goodendorf

Tea. Definitely. I visited the Celestial Seasonings factory in Boulder Colorado for the first time this past summer and fell in love with their Emperor’s Choice blend. Actually, any of their teas are delicious but I tend to steer toward the herbal blends.

Karla French

Coffee Coffee Coffee and an occasional cup of honey chamomile tea on a not feeling good day. My favorite cup of coffee is after traveling from
Georgia to Roanoke, Indiana, my Brother Jeff has a fresh cup of Khalua Coffee in hand for me to enjoy!!
Delish!! And yes I am spoiled!!


One cup of coffee in the morning and tea the rest of the day.


I drink both.
Can't resist eggnog latte at this time of year.
Tea to warm up and relax. I think a good one to gift is Steven Smith Teamaker.


I drink both. I grew up on Red Rose tea (a Canadian thing). I don't stick to a particular brand or favor of coffee. I have 3 bags right now in the fridge. I would suggest if someone is looking for gifts. My husband use to drink Coke but now he drinks Mangosteen tea from Stash.


Both! If I have to choose one, it's coffee. I have a subscription to Craft Coffee and brew at home. I also love hot tea. I seem to buy Stash and Twinings the most. I stock up on the Stash Christmas blends to keep me in bags for the whole year.


I'm a tea lover and I'll drink any kind of tea. I like Christmas Morning tea from Stash. It's the best!


I am a coffee person in the morning (2 mugs, caffeinated) and tea (decaf) in the afternoon and evening.
My favorite coffee is local in VA - Dark Hollow Roasters - their "city blend" that was distributed by Four Corners Farm. They distribute through different farmers/organizations and I think also online for retail. Often my order had been roasted 2 - 7 days before I picked it up - incredibly fresh and amazing!!


I'm a tea drinker. Unfortunately, due to medical issues, I have to drink decaf - not as good as regular tea. Although I like the smell of coffee, I've never developed a taste for it.


Strong black tea is my beverage of choice -- I like Irish Breakfast from They've got a great selection of flavored teas, and herbal teas, too!

Sandra Sprouse

I love coffee and tea! Iced tea from McAllisters is favorite, and I love coffee from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.


I drink both - a lot! For coffee my favorites are Kona (direct from the growers in Hawaii), Jamaican Blue Mountain (hard to find unblended), and the best (read most expensive, only had it once) Kopi Luwak.

For tea I will drink anything in the store at Gong Fu Tea ( I especially like the Blue Spring Oolong and Witch's Blend (seasonal).


Coffee for me and I'm not fussy. I am truly addicted! Some afternoons I may have a cup of tea but I much prefer the taste of coffee.


I am a coffee lover.....but I now have to drink
1/2 decaf and 1/2 regular.....hard finding the right combination for home MacDonalds works great.....hubbie brings it home in the morning......!ove it!!!!!!

Candice Hope

I love coffee. Could drink it all day, with whole milk and too much sugar. The caffeine has no effect on me, my shower in the morning is what actually wakes me up. So I can drink regular at 8pm and sleep like a baby. I love Caribou Coffee. A lot of them closed around me but just today found out that there is one inside the hospital I work in!!! I could just jump for joy!!!
But in the summer there is nothing that compares with a mocha Frappuccino with an extra shot. And always whipped cream.


I love both coffee and tea, although I admit I add a spoonful of hot chocolate mix to my coffee in place of cream and sugar. I prefer Green Mountain coffee, and my favourite blend is “Golden French Toast”. The aroma as it brews brings back memories of my Mom making french toast. My favourite tea is Chai, and my preferred brand is Tazo. My daughter bought me a milk frother for Mother’s Day, so I can enjoy my Chai now with frothed soy milk.

Norma Smith

I drink herbal tea. I am totally smitten with Angelwings by Silk Road.


I’m a tea person. Generally anything from Teavana. I was bummed when they closed their stores.

Leigh Riley

Tea for me. I don't much like hot drinks so it is ice tea all year long for me. Not a connoisseur, though


I am a neither tea or coffee person. However bring on the hot chocolate or hot cider. I've found that I love Nestle hot chocolate the best, followed by a gourmet one from a local oil store. As for spiced cider the Alpine caramel apple cider is most delicious!


Coffee! I love Balzac's Coffee Roasters or Kona coffee. I usually switch to tea to stay warm in the afternoon/evening. I'm really liking Green Chai at the moment.

Karen Coldren

I drink both coffee and tea- coffee is hands down my favorite and Green Mountain Southern Pecan is #1.

Beverly D

Coffee for me! I buy hazelnut coffee and
add some cinnamon to it. I drink coffee until lunch.
The rest of the day I drink hot tea, always fruity.

Shirley Nygaard

Coffee for me. I’ve tried many times to like tea, but it just doesn’t happen. The best coffee I ever had was Jamaican Blue. It’s hard to find and very expensive. Day to day, Costco coffee works for me.


Both, please. PG Tips is my go-to tea. A friend went to England and brought a huge box back for me. We have quite a few good local coffee roasters here so I rotate among them but for something different I often try a bag of Trader Joe's special blends.


Coffee and definitely whole bean from Old Crown then French pressed.


I enjoy both coffee and a variety of teas. Tealuxe has a great tea selection online

Manette Crawford

Coffee is definitely my preferred drink. I will occasionally have a cup of tea though. The best I have had is Tim Horton's Dark Roast.

Kate s

I really prefer tea to coffee. My favorites are the chai flavors from stash teas

Rita from wyoming

I drink both but coffee is my favorite. My coffee favorite is Kona not Kona blend but 100% Kona I have even ordered it from Hawaii.


I love both, but mostly stick to tea in the winter because I feel like tea helps me avoid sickness. My favorites are all from Jasmine Pearl tea company!


I'm definitely a coffee person. Coffee shops are a great place to loiter when you're living a nomadic lifestyle, so I've spent time in shps all the way from Montreal to Arcata, CA, and Edmonton, Alberta to Nogales, Arizona.

We did find a great tea shop in Calgary - does anyone know if Steeps is still there?


I love both, but can't drink either after 12 noon, unless I want to be staring at the ceiling with eyes like bulls eyes at 3 a.m. My favourite coffee is illy's espresso roast, and my go-to tea is an Earl Grey-flavoured roibus.

Arvada Trickle

I enjoy coffee over tea. I have a Keurig coffee maker and enjoy trying all the flavored coffees. My favorite is Green Mountain Wild Blueberry! You can really taste the blueberry flavor!

Rosanna Wallace

Both...a very dear friend introduced me to this coffee many years ago & I still order it today. The flavor is Highlander Grog from an online coffee site called San Marcos Coffee! They have tons of flavors available in ground or beans. I buy mine in the 5lb bags!

I love all kinds of tea too. My favorite is white chai Ayurvedic! Full of flavor and so yummy! I used to buy it at Tevana but that store is closed now.

I will need to find another place to buy it!


I’m more of a coffee person. This time of year I love adding a little eggnog to my coffee.

Elaine Boston

I love coffee, and at this time of year, I like egg nog lattes.

Jaime G

It used to be all tea, all the time, but then my husband introduced me to Bustelo and Hazlenut creamer and now I am a total convert!

Diane Rawls

I drink both coffee and tea. Tea in the evening. I am a coffee and tea snob so to speak. I use whole bean coffee and grind prior to using. Hondurian coffee and Papau New Guinea is very good smooth coffee. I like OOlong and white tea as well as hibiscus tea, chamomile sometimes.. Also i make my own Kombucah using a mix of green and ceylon tea. I like Adagio and

Melanie Perron

I love both but coffee is my favorite. I must have inherited my love of coffee from my dad who drinks coffee all day long. I wonder if he drinks water sometimes... Anyway. I love to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the evening and decaffeinated coffee is not always good. If you are looking for good decaf coffee, I'd say Kicking Horse is pretty good. I tried it with the french press method and as an Americano. I like the latter better.


Coffee! Any time of day as the caffeine doesn’t effect me. As long as I have coffee creamer I’m good to go! There is the occasional chai tea latte....

JB Pierce

Some of the best coffee I’ve had has been brewed at home by people who study the chemistry of coffee. That is my new favorite place to get a cappuccino. Not being so dedicated, I recently acquired a Nespresso machine and milk frother; pretty happy with the results.

Rebecca Jankowski

I’m definitely a tea person. Love the smell of coffee but not the taste no matter how much you dress it up. I’m pretty much Plain Jane with my tea, mostly black and unadorned. My cups, however, are a different story. I splurged for myself last fall and bought Charan Sachar cups in the garter stitch and the stckinette stitch in blue with matching tea bag holders. It’s a tea party for one!


If we’re talking hot, it’s coffee. Cold, it’s tea. I like both both ways, but find that hot coffee is more readily accessible since the hubby is a coffee addict. 😉


I need a cup of coffee in the morning. On cold afternoons I enjoy a cup of tea...not fussy about the kind.


I love both! My favorite coffee is the sbux pumpkin spiced latte. It is so high in calories I try to only have one per year but YUM! For tea I've been enjoying the Trader Jo's candy cane decaf green tea. Add a little sugar and milk and it is a delish treat before bed :)


I like both but reliably drink tea and my favorite is PG tips. The best coffee ever was on the beach in the Dominican Republic, strong dark and rich.

Sue Kieft

Love both! Newman’s Own organic black tea and Organogold black coffee.


Not really either but maybe I just haven't found the perfect tea or coffee that will turn me into a diehard fan yet!


Green or white tea all day. Trader Joe “Well Rested” herbal tea before bed.
Head to Starbucks for an Americano when I’m out.

Coby Hanna -Butler

Ummm...neither? I know, I’m the freak. My parents don’t drink coffee, and while I love the smell I don’t enjoy the taste. Plus coffee shops have their own language and just seem intimidating. ( why can’t it just be small, medium, large? ) 😉


Use to be a many cup a day coffee drinker. Currently have one small cup for breakfast and then drink tea for the rest of the day. I like tea because caffeine is less and caffeine free tastes good. Tea has an amazing number varieties and flavors and I can even satisfy my sweet tooth with no calories. My last online order was with based in Utah. ( NOT Canada based David’s tea) Really good.


I am usually a tea drinker and a very specific kind at that. I like mint and chamomile and then lemon-ginger teas. during the winter many mornings I have tea to warm up.

Susan Miller

I LOVE coffee!!! I really recommend you try a local coffee roaster that we have here right in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hatchet Coffee has a great holiday blend called Holiday Magic. You will love it!


I have always enjoyed hot tea, even more so now that I can make up my own chai latte at home. I have gotten into coffee more lately and have graduated from the occasional gas station coffee to Starbucks. (Thanks a lot Starbucks.) It is pretty pricey, so I diy mochas at home most of the time. But there is a little coffee shop in town called Cordial Coffee. It’s a cute little place with a good mocha made even better by the made to order Belgian waffles yo can get on the side.

T Craven

I'm totally addicted to coffee and tea. Favorite coffee would be Harry and David, with my favorite being the summer blend. It his a hint of orange. Decaf tea in the evening, a little lavender and honey stress relief by Yogi.

Frances Graff

Herbal tea. Although my favorite is a cup of Spanish hot chocolate. It is thick and Rich and absolutely amazing


Coffeee only...and quality coffee.

Mindy ZW

Always coffee...and not Starbucks.


Tea, never liked coffee ever.


Well, I'm the weird one. Don't drink either one. Maybe iced tea every once in while.


I am a tea person. My new favorite is Good Earth sweet and is available in some stores but I order it on line because I live in "no shopping " land.


Tea drinker...a cup of strong tea once I get to the office and a second cup in the afternoon, usually something less caffeinated or decaf since I have trouble sleeping. Never did like coffee!


Mostly coffee. I love the Fireside Rum flavor at World Market .


Tea please! My all time favorite is Twinnings English Breakfast tea. I have quite a selection of teas: English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Cinnamon Tea, PG Tips, and more!


I’m a French Press in the morning girl! And it’s always Cafe Cultiva, its not available online. However, it’s worth the drive to Bisbee, Arizona!


BOTH! I love Starbucks but always stop in local coffee shops too! Kaldi's Coffee "Café Kaldi" is my favorite to brew at home.

Beth W.

I’m coffee all the way. Love a basic latte without any flavors, any time of day. When I’ve been to Ft. Wayne, it’s with a non-coffee person, so I haven’t had the opportunity to try any of your local coffee shops. Boo...

raquel moncada

Both: coffee before noon, tea afternoons and nights!

Crystal Parker

Both, but coffee is my favorite. I'm not terribly picked as long as it is strong, hor, and black!! :)


Kona coffee for me, black

Rose Birchall

I’ll drink tea but I prefer coffee. My favorite is Kona Coffee from Hawaii.


Both!! This time of year, I love pumpkin flavored coffee and candy cane lane tea.

Hope Cooner

I like both but drink more coffee than tea. I have my usual cup in the morning and then if I need a pick me up, it is usually a cup of chai or and herbal blend from a local herb shop. My most favorite place to get my coffee from, Flying Baron Roasters, went out of business a couple of years ago. A place that I found since them and like to order coffee from is Philz Coffee. I love their Dancing Waters medium roast. My husband likes their Turkish dark roast. :)


I love dark roast coffee especially Starbucks and right now the Christmas blend. I brew Door county coffee at home. They roast their own coffee and have lots of varieties to choose from. We like their medium roast breakfast blend which is available in regular and decaf which makes it easy to make 1/2 and 1/2. Dark roast favorite is Death’s Door. I also love tea from Harney and Sons. They have a black fruity decaf tea called Paris which is divine!


Coffee. Every morning.
Except when I am cold, that is when I need a cup of hot Tea! Fresh nettle tea is outstanding. Unfortunately, there are no nettle bushes in my yard. Traditional Medicinals Nettle Tea, available at my supermarket, is a very good substitute for fresh nettles.


I love both. Favourite tea this time of year is David’s Tea - Cold 911. It could be all in my head but it totally works to prevent colds.


I love the smell of coffee but not the taste and hot tea makes me think of growing up and being given tea when I had a stomach ache. My hot beverage of choice is hot chocolate on a really cold day. On the go, I like Dunkin's with whipped cream, at home I like Silly Cow hot chocolate - Chocolate Chocolate.

sue swartz herr

I drink both coffee and tea. Fresh roasted rich coffee, with real half and half. But my latest passion is brewed hibiscus tea, mixed with a pack of Alpine cider and some honey (if I need it). Hot. Stays good even as it cools, of course. I first drank hibiscus tea in Egypt—in the shops our group visited. It’s available on Amazon, as is the dry cider mix. Have at it.

pat levy-weber

Earl Grey Cream Tea from a small business....Sensibiliteas. It is soothing and smells fantastic

Julie Vance

Herbal tea during the warm months and coffee with cream during the cold ones.


Both coffee and tea....mocha, so chocolate too....


Neither, really. I occasionally buy premade Chai from Costco that I can mix with milk at home for a fraction of the cost of Starbucks for a sweet treat, tho.

Marie Saur

Neither. I get my fix by drinking a Pepsi at lumch

Shelly Sargent

Best coffee ever is tim hortons. Live me some timmies. Available in NY state and nj. Nor sure about Indiana.

Robin J

I love both. I have coffee in the morning. I drink Gorilla coffee. In the summer I drink sun tea. In the winter I prefer warm tea with honey or peppermint tea.

Beverly J White

Kona was the best, but now I stick with decaf. Only when it is really cold outside do I have a cup of Constant Comment.

Donna Stevens

I love both but have recently been exploring Celestial Seasonings teas. I particularly like their peppermint tea and the vanilla honey chamomile at night. If you go to their website you can buy all of the flavors that you can’t always find in the stores.


Total tea monster here. My favorite is Ten Ren Jasmine. Mmmmmmm.

Audra L

Usually a coffee person. Addicted to Caaribou's peppermint crafted press at the moment. I like English Tea Shop teas and the herbal tisanes from our local shop, Nicholes. They have an orange gingerbread and a Sasparilla that are very cozy feeling.

Karen Murphy

I never acquired a taste for coffee. I like Darjeeling tea a lot but mostly drink Lipton and put in a good splash of lemon juice.

Cindy T

Coffee usually with the occasional cup of tea. I don’t have a specific type of coffee I get. The tea is English Breakfast Tea.


I love a good cup of coffee! I worked at Starbucks for 11 years so I have a few favorite fun drinks ..from a doppio espresso with a pump of mocha sauce to a full blown mocha concoction my store named after me (a Tish Hug) and maybe a holiday special-peppermint mocha at the end of the year. But in the evening I have herbal tea - usually one with ginger in it...or spicy in some way with a touch of local raw honey. 😋

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