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December 15, 2018



I love hand made cards with pictures

Mary Anne

I love sending Christmas cards! Last few years I have been sending Papyrus cards. I love their designs. I try to make my envelopes have a theme. This year it was the Santa stamps and Mary Engelbreit Santa stickers. It seems that people have given up sending cards - we receive fewer cards every year. I remember when we would get mail twice a day during the Christmas season because of all the Christmas cards.

Dianne tobias

We do a letter


We run late almost every year now that we have kids but try to send out one with recent photos of the kids at least, not so often the whole family.


I love getting photo cards. We do family photos every 2 years, so that's when we send cards.

Susan Miller

Yes! Absolutely we send out cards. It’s a lost art and I wish more people did! I love displaying the cards we do get, but sadly the number dwindles each year.


Holiday cards seem to have faded away, probably because everyone keeps in touch through social media.


Bah, humbug! The kids are grown, the cards got the axe in the name of “de-stressing”. No more holiday baking, either!

Kate  Greenwood

I did send cards for about 10 years then I went digital and now I don’t send them. Postage really ads up with mailing cards these days!

Jeanne Bush

I do send out cards because I love to receive them. I always include a short newsletter. I admire hand made cards but really prefer ones with some information about what the senders have been doing so the newsletter or commercially printed picture cards are my favorites.

JB Pierce

Great images make for fun cards, regardless of the source. It’s now something I save images for all year —

Susan Trail

I only send out a few cards, but prefer handmade for those people who are far away.


Your card really touched me for some reason. Putting on all the pictures that weren’t “perfect”, but I think in years to come this will bring many happy memories. At this point today I feel frozen with needing to find the perfect pics of my kids. I just need to relax and enjoy and be in the moment. Not feel bad that Christmas cards might not happen or that I’m behind the schedule that I put on myself etc.
I love to receive all sorts of cards. We usually do the photo cards and a couple of years we did photo letters.

Andrea Rademacher

I used to be a dedicated card mailer, but have run out of time the last several years, I believe partly because so many of the friends and family have stopped sending them back. It may be one of those good old days traditions.

Colleen D'Allura

I love sending out our family picture on our cards. Sadly i stink at getting to done on time. But I love recieving any type of card. It is fun seeing a persons personaliy come out in how their cards are done.


I used to send cards but it was such a stress and people kept moving. With social media- I try for the Christmas picture with the boys and post that. If I receive cards, I definitely prefer family pictures!

Nicole Acuna

I do prefer handmade cards I think they add such a personal touch! I save every card I get from friends and family :) cards with photos are also nice as well though.


We did a holiday letter, with a few pictures included, while the kids were growing up. Now it’s letter from the two of us with updates on our lives. We print our own letters, in color, at home. When there’s a big family event like our 50th anniversary where we all went to Martha’s Vineyard for a week or celebrated a daughter’s wedding in St. Martin, we do a photo card. Pictures say more than words!

Mary Tymeson

I don't... I did send one this year, and may do one more. My brother finally sent an address...and my not blood cousin (nephew of step grandmother) is not doing well

I always have good intentions...


I send cards with a personal note to everyone, with our family news of the year.


We send a few and recieve a few.Always enjoy the ones that catch us up on their families and experiences through out the year....


Most years we send out caress. This year we didn’t due to a car accident and all the doings that surround getting it all settled.

I love most any kind of card for Christmas!

Sarah R

I usually buy some cards which are donating a portion of the profit to a charity. I used to send heaps of cards all round the world but over the years, fewer were sent my way. Usually I include a quick update on life in the overseas ones. This year's ones will get posted today!


Our family always sends out a newsletter with family photos. I like to do this because for a large portion of our family and friends this is the only communication we have all year. We try to make the letter fun and informative without being braggy. I don't like to receive the braggy ones myself! 😁

Coby Hanna-Butler

Yes we send out Christmas cards. Usually printed photos of us - and never perfectly looking and smiling either! Merry Christmas!,


I used to send Christmas cards but it got to the point where it just added to the holiday stress. Why do something because it’s always been so. I do enjoy receiving cards with family picture. It’ so fun to see how friends children have grown.

Dana Snyder

I never get my cards mailed. I hand deliver them. I like to receive newsletters. I don’t make cards but it’s nice to see hand
made ones with pictures.


No, I don’t send out cards. I am actually very forgetful about sending them for any occasions, maybe because I much prefer talking to my loved ones. It is a habit I sometimes think I should improve, though—when moving this summer I found some old birthday and Christmas cards that were a bittersweet read as several of the senders have since passed away.

Rebecca Jankowski

I like to give and receive Christmas cards with a religious theme. It’s a chance to slow down and reflect on the real reason for the season. I’m always on the lookout for Baby Jesus and Holy Family tiny pictures I can cut out of the cards and insert in egg ornaments, real egg shells with an opening carefully shaped for the picture, painted and sparkled.


I try to send out Christmas cards every year; I do enjoy getting cards also!


I send out western themed cards. This year I have a snowman wearing a cowboy hat! So fun!!

Lynn B.

I used to send cards, with personal notes and enjoyed doing so. Now, I send a few. However,I love receiving any type card.
Your photo card is wonderful! Love the matching outfits!

Marikay Dobbins

I used to send cards when my kids were young and they always had pictures of the family. I really don’t do it much anymore because I don’t care for the newsletter thing and don’t have a young family for pictures. I do love getting cards from friends and family who do have younger kids so I can enjoy seeing them grow.


No, I don't send cards. That's!


I make photo cards online and get them printed, then mail them out. My kids are ages 5, 8 and 12. This year I included the 14 year old cat in our photos!

I do not like the family newsletters... the ones I receive seem to be people bragging about all their fancy trips!


Nope - no cards anymore. In the last eight years we did cards twice when we moved - 60 cards each time. We’ve only received 2 this year. I think the custom has evolved away.


I always intend to send out cards, but life gets in the way so only my aunt who is 98 gets one lol

Cindy Carpenter

I used to send cards every year. Then the list got smaller as people moved and we lost touch. Now I save the expense and donate it to a charity instead.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Holiday cards mailed to special friends and family.


I use to send out Christmas cards with a letter of the Year's happenings. Then it was an email and now I don't send anything. It gets too hard to remember to do it. I used to have to send a bunch of cards to Canada.


I used to do cards and newsletter, but haven’t done any for the last 4-5 years.


I love making cards to suit the recipient in whatever color palette I have chosen in a particular year.


I have good intentions but, as I’m also responsible for our corporate Christmas cards (hundreds!), by the time I can get to my personal cards the thrill has worn off.


I just started this year after many years of not. I did handmade before but i like glitter and snow! This year's was a glittery snowman!

Kelly H.

I don't send them...I always have good intentions to do it, but it gets sent to the bottom of the list. When. I have sent them, I go simple with a template, insert our family photo(s), and get it printed locally.


We just send cards to the "older generation" of the family, who appreciate getting mail and a hand-written note at the holidays.

Alison M.

I send cards, usually store-bought, but always with a handwritten, personalized message.

Karli Anderson

I send postcard photos. Less and less every year. 😕


We send out cards to a few close relatives and friends. We usually put our dog on them because she likes to wear santa hats


Haven't sent out cards for several years--always a hit-or-miss thing depending on the year.

Aleen Caplan Yamasaki

Did you know that inJapan people send New Year's cards and that postal workers strive to deliver them all on January 1? One in a while we send NYs cards


I always mean to do holiday cards but they are always late...handwritten notes and arrive around Valentines Day. I guess that is a holiday too...

Patsy Coats

I send out Christmas card every year, the Santa ones from the dollar store. I hang the ones I receive around my door.

Barbara Woodson

Used to send out handmade cards but now I knit, so...something had to give!

Ann Hickey

My favorite cards are family pictures or homemade cards. I keep them on display for weeks.


I used to send out some Christmas cards but have gotten out of the habit and now I haven’t been able to plan far enough ahead to make it happen again. Sigh. But I enjoy receiving them!

Alene Sternlieb

Not a card sender. Not really interested in becoming a card sender.


I dose d out cards. As a matter of fact, it’s my main focus today. I get boxes of cards, and write a little note inside. Ikm not such a bag fan of the Christmas letter. We used to send family pictures, but it’s harder to get all 6 kids in one place as they get older.

T Craven

We send out picture cards. 🎅🎅 loved yours!

Victoria Barney

Our list gets smaller each year, as we loose family and friends. But , I write a note on each one that we do send out, just to let everyone know we are still Here! We all keep in touch during the year, though, not just at Christmas. Time passes , there are no do- overs. We make the most of the time we have!

Sarah Delaney

We are hopefully going to get cards out this year since we have our own little guy! I definitely have a preference for the handmade or commercially printed family photo cards as opposed to generic store bought cards but any holiday card that comes in the mail is a nice surprise!

Rachel Lems

I don’t do holiday cards at all, but I do make everyone personalized Christmas ornaments for all of my coworkers every year :)


I do send out Christmas cards. I like the commercial ones and I include a short note. I love receiving cards, all kinds. This is the time of year that we hear from friends living far away and it is a nice way to keep in touch.


I teach elementary school and I love handmade cards from the kids.


No. I do not send cards since I see the family and friends in person.


We send out a New Year photo card, because we can never get our act together enough to send out and actual Xmas card.


I send out cards but my mailing list is dwindling. I buy special Hallmark cards for the immediate family. I like to send religious cards to everyone else. I'm not a fan of family newsletters. I enjoy family photo cards.


We send photo cards. And we love receiving any type of cards people want to send.


I used to send out cards, but I don't anymore. I never have made any. However, I always look forward to the card from a friend that talks about the events from the last year.

Diane Smith

I send out store bought cards that I usually buy on sale after Christmas the year before and add a family photo and a personal note

Linda in Wisconsin

I used to, but I don't any more. The days leading up to Christmas are so busy that by the time I think of sending cards, it's too late for them to arrive before the 24th.


I have stopped sending out cards en masse, but I do send cards as a reply to those received or just because I owe a note.... I love the picture cards, especially with pictures of kids!

Carla in MT

no cards for us... but I like them!

Patty McDonald

i send a few, mostly to out of state friends. this year, with a broken wrist, none will go out. i like getting news as to what's happening with my friends and their families.

Jan Ball

I don't always send cards. I admire those that plan ahead and do it. The photo cards are great. Handwritten are special and more rare these days. Not at all fond of the yearly letter.

Julie Vance

Just sent ours (commercially printed with recent photos) yesterday! I prefer ones with photos or a personalized message. All the others hit the recycle bin quickly.


No cards for me either.

Carrie McDade

I like to send and receive printed holiday cards with family photos on them. I used to send out a long Christmas letter, but now I travel extensively and have a travel blog, so I just send the printed holiday card out with my blog address on it.


I can never get my act together to send out cards. I'd like to, but I don't.
When I receive cards I like the ones people actually write something personalized in. I prefer that to when people just have something printed on the cards.

Diane Jespersen

I don't send out cards anymore. We seem to get info all year now on social media. I like receiving picture cards!


I love getting Christmas cards! Especially with family pictures. I wish I was good about sending them but am not.


No cards this year, maybe next! :)


I am hit and miss with Christmas cards. They usually go out every 3rd year since if I want to send them it’s my job. But I always love getting them.


I'm going to send New Year's cards


I don't send cards any more. I used to and then got busy and before I knew it Christmas was gone and the cards weren't sent. I finally stopped beating myself up over not doing it and stopped sending them. However, when I did, I always sent Lang cards with cats on the front. I loved the pictures and the quality of the card stock.


We send Christmas cards every year— a letter on one side and pictures from the year on the other. We have friends and relatives all over the country and it is a great way to catch up. I know, people do that on Facebook and instagram, but we still love this tradition.


I have several boxes of lovely Christmas cards. For years, every year I’d think I’ll get those Christmas cards out this year. And every year the time just slips away from me. I tend to wish loved ones a merry Christmas online. And my partner sends out a few that I sign.

Jackie  Taylor

I used send cards but many don’t anymore so I’ve stopped. Except one of my knitting groups on Facebook started a card exchange from people all over the world. Most are from the USA but I’ve received one from Australia and The Netherlands today! Which I so cool!

Brenda B

I've always sent out and received cards. A few years ago I would make all my cards for Christmas, Birthday etc, but slowly the knitting took over!! I buy cards now and especially love nature cards or natural scenes,or something nostalgic. I always make sure that I buy cards from good causes though. My cards this year benefit Unicef.

Karla French

Yes I like to send Christmas cards every year. Some years I get ambitious and make Hand Made Cards, other years, I purchase Christmas Cards. Either way I like to make sure the true meaning of Christmas is represented. It is my way to keep connected with many friends, family and loved ones. It is a very special time of the year!!! Merry Chrustmas to Everyone!!


Grinch again. I never seem to get them out.

Katie Porter

I used to, but I haven't sent out cards the last few years. Once the kids moved away I stopped.

Karla French

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!
ETA correction for fat fingering the key pad!!! Lol

Diane Long

I love to send cards, a way to keep connection with family and friends...

Barb Munoz

I send out a few Christmas cards. I address them myself early in the morning and walk them to the mailbox. I enjoy keeping in touch with family and friends.

Dodi M

Your family is adorable! I haven't done cards in several years as I would send out about 200 every year and maybe received 10 (yes,ten).

Heather Lyons

We don’t send cards but I’ve still got last year’s Christmas card from my father-in-law sitting on my mantle. 😄 He’s kind of crazy but he always sends the sweetest cards. These days, cards are so expensive. Even if you make your own, the stamps cost so much! Bah humbug. 🎅

Rose Birchall

I send out cards. I have a collection of special cards I have received.

Lisa M Barrett

I'm too lazy to send out holiday cards but do send out holiday emails. And I think your card is adorable :)


I love sending and getting Christmas cards. I send ones with family pictures and those are my favorite to receive.

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