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December 15, 2018



We used to send out oodles of cards. In cutting back a little we now only send out about a dozen to those closest. It keeps things simpler in a busy time.
I love photo cards and refuse to throw them out. I keep them in the box of photos as it is wonderful to see them year after year.


I don’t send, but love getting them!,


I go out every year on December 26 or 27 and buy cards for the next year. I used to only buy Precious Moments card but when I think I bought every one they have, I started looking for sheep or knitting types. I've found mittens in the past that looked like a picture of a knitting mitten. This year I sent out Christmas stocking cards though I don't think they were knitted.


I used to send out cards for several years. DH family owned a printing and engraving company so I had beautiful custom cards each year. But then it just got to be too much hassle so I stopped. I’m lazy like that, lol.


We send out purchased cards. We had nice thoughts last year of making them, but, alas, life!


We actually do not do cards anymore, love them. But cannot get everybody to actually sit for a photo to send out. Sadly now it is just email


I always send out a card with photos of the family. It’s fun to look back through the years and watch our little kids turn into adults with kids of their own! I remember the year when I helped my mom put stamps on the envelopes and I put them all on the upper LEFT corner!


I still love sending and receiving Christmas cards, and try to send a personal note in each one. It’s so good hearing from friends and family far away.


I don't send out cards, but I love to get them, especially the ones with a yearly account of the family.


I quit sending out cards when the postage went up so much.


If I receive a holiday card, I do send one in return.
But, I don’t usually send them out.


I haven't sent cards for quite a while.

Debbie Hallamek

I haven't sent out cards for a few years now.

Susan Ritchie

No cards for us! Bur, I enjoy getting them! (Lousy attutude, huh?)


We do not send Christmas cards any more. Too much trouble with cards not being delivered. When we did they were ore printed. Showing my age, it was before Shutterfly or Minted. If I had kids now, I might go that route.

Liz Straw

I like sending out all sorts of cards. I have done homemade, photo, and commercial. I used to send out several. Now I send out a few to close friends and and family.

Susan Eberhardt

I love all the pretty pictures on commercial Christmas cards, but I always select cards with a religious theme, especially one of hope, when I send my cards. I want recipients to remember the true reason for Christmas and the true reason for our hope.


I used to send out cards and really enjoyed sending them - and getting some in return. Life has been super hectic the past few years so I haven't done it for a while. Every year I think, this is the year I will do it again....maybe this year for real :)

Abbye Brooks

I don’t send out cards, but I wish I did!


I send more letters rather than just cards. I prefer receiving newsy letters of what people have been doing - even if it is from friends that I know what they have been doing.


I used to send out tons of cards, and somehow, after 2 unexpected moves, I stopped sending them....just seem to be too busy. But now that my children are grown, I need to get back to it. Last year I got the boxes of cards out, but didn't manage to write them. I've got the cards out now, and I still have some time, so thanks for motivating me! I love your family card - that's real life!! The matching pj's are great!! And if James doesn't go for matching outfits as he gets older, maybe everyone gets to do a special pose or something else unique for the holiday card. I bet the boys might have some really fun ideas on how or where to make future cards. Or how about a shot of all of you from somewhere on your summer vacation? I think that would be fun for friends and website fans to get a glimpse of a fun vacation spot and you enjoying yourself.
And I like all cards. We still get some and I put them on display where we can see them everyday. A card like yours would be "front and center."

Elizabeth Casciano

I send out about 20 hand made cards. I like to have the theme reflect the joy of the birth of our Savior.

Donna celeste

I don’t send cards anymore because we are out of the country at Christmas. I send a few e cards instead.


I send cards, but not as many as I used to. I love receiving the picture cards to see how everyone has grown.

Laura Speer

Each year is different...this year they are comme
Racially printed with handwritten messages.

Laura Speer

Commercially printed — must read more carefully!


I still send a few themed cards - mostly call everybody and chit chat.

Audra L

We used to send cards but now I just send them if I am sending a package. I like the photo cards or cards that have a personal message (even if its just a couple of sentences). Anything with glitter stays in the envelope :P


I used to send cards, but haven't for years. When I did, though, my favorite was when I made the cards.


We do send out cards. We usually try to get a pic of our family, but this year it’s just my Daughter & the pups. We have family all over and it’s nice to receive cards and see how everyone is getting along.

Any Hesting

I do not send Christmas cards anymore. 😬😬 I used to make beautiful, handmade cards each year, but then I learned to KNIT!! I have no time for cards and apparently I’m too lazy to buy them.

Janet Duff

We send traditional cards. My children are grown and we aren’t so cute anymore. 😄🎄

Andrea F

Nope. I’ll sometimes add a card to a gift I’m giving if I see one that I think someone may like, but I never get it together enough to get them out in the mail!

Kris F

Good question! I used to send out dozens of cards, but with email, Snapchat, Messenger, and all the other social media, I don't have anything new to include by the time it comes to holiday cards :)

Rhonda Atkinson

I love getting Christmas cards. Family pics are great. I send a few cards and like religious cards the best.

Tee Munk

I send out a few hand-made ones, but I love receiving ones with pictures of families on them.

Stefanie Canich

I think there are mixed feelings about picture cards, but I love both giving and receiving them! We don't manage to get them out every year though...I still have time this year! 😊

Yeon Gyeong

We don't do holiday cards.


No, I don't send cards out.

Ashley W

I do custom made cards with pictures I’ve taken during the year. I have one from every year I’ve been married!

Sandy W

I send just a few religious Christmas cards.


I enjoy sending out cards. I like to receive them, so I try to send them to elderly relatives who no longer can send cards but like to receive them.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I send out about 75 Christmas cards each year. I send to family members, members at my church, and my friends from my square dance clubs. I use store bought boxed cards.


I love receiving the pictures of family and friends. I used to send out cards but have done fewer and fewer over the years.


I send an e-card for New Years Day, usually a message of peace and love.

Kirstin Coquat

Nope. No cards for us.

Nicole S

I don’t usually send out cards.

Teresa C

Not normally? This year i joined a card swap on a Ravelry group to send out card to others. I found cards at local craft fairs to send. Am enjoying sending out a little joy in the mail.


I was going to say no, as we don't send them out to all our friends and distant relations. However, we have close family across the country that we did send cards to. We too tried to get a nice family photo (and failed, so a collage was made too) and i had my preschooler help make the cards as he enjoys his art time alot.


It depends on the year. If we have a decent picture of us, there may be a holiday card. Otherwise, we send out a newsletter.

Renee’ Sawyer

I used to make over 100 hand stamped cards. Got to be too much - time, money and energy so I quit sending cards. Love receiving them still but now I mostly get the photo cards which are cool.


We send out cards! I don’t care what kind I receive, I just like knowing people are thinking Of me at the holidays when they send them ☺️


I don’t send out Christmas cards.

Donna Stevens

I used to make my own and sent out a dozen or so. Now I’m down to three or four and use the cards that come from the places I donate to. I try to write little messages to personalize them.

Cute family photo by the way!

Linda Maher

I love to get cards with newsy letters and pictures.
I send out about 50 cards. It is a thrill to go to the mailbox
this time of year!


Very few cards make it to people from us, so if someone gets one, they should consider themselves very honored and loved. We used to do cards, but have stopped for a variety of reasons.

Stephanie Tillman

We didn’t send out cards this year. Some years we have sent cards, sometimes photo cards and sometimes family newsletters. Just wasn’t feeling it this year.

Stephanie Tillman

We didn’t send anything out this year. Some years we have sent cards, some years we did photo cards and a few times we did family newsletter.


Stopped sending out holiday cards a long time ago, I have thought of restarting though, but not this year.


I love receiving cards like yours, but I send out a commercial one that I like the look of that fits my mood that year.


This is the first year I'm not sending out cards. I'm kind of sad, but it just feels like nobody else is sending them out on my list. I think everybody posts on FB, but I don't really use FB anymore.


I send cards to the older, less tech savvy in my family. I usually write a short letter to recap the year for them as well.


I fewer cards every year.

Denise Mcdonald

When the kids were younger we did either the photo cards or handmade cards. Now, time seems more limited so I’ve been sending out commercial cards for the last few years.

Mercedes Rivera

We send out photo cards just to the family.

Marilyn Hunley

I send out only a few cards each year, all very carefully chosen and ones that will look pretty on display. Last year I discovered from California and I am totally in love with their cards. Simple and beautiful. I have no affiliation with them only as a customer. Love that yarn!


I love holiday cards! I enjoy getting the cards with photosgraphs the most!

René Dees

I quit sending out cards several years ago.I do love to get them so maybe I should start up again.

Renee Anne

In years past we have sent out holiday cards....but we didn't last year and unless I get myself into gear, it's not going to happen this year either. But I still may get around to it. We'll see what this week brings.

Lorraine C.

No sending out Christmas cards for me. But I do love getting the cards with family photos. Those I keep.

Diane Rawls

Typically we send out family newsletters of all the things happening in the year instead of cards. This year things have been toosy turvey so i havent had time to do it. I know some are bummed but will try to make up next year. Merry Christmas


I do and have for the 33 years I've been married. I love receiving them, and want to let people know I'm thinking of them!

Sandy Rice

Love to send out cards and receive them. Love cards with cats on them. But must have some red on the card. (my favorite color).


Every year I attempt to send cards. I buy them, sign them, address them, then set them to the side and forget about them. Maybe this year they will actually get mailed.

Rose Driscoll

I love to send homemade cards. They’re lots of fun to plan and

Heather A

I sent out cards every year...until I went to grad school. Now, I’m always busy with end of semester grading, mucking out the house after a hectic few weeks, and frantic gift shopping. It’s always a race to get it all done before Christmas. Maybe one of these years I’ll find the time again...

Leann Demeduk

I rarely send out cards but my favorites to receive include the annual letter with some pictures of the family. I keep saying “when I retire I’ll send out cards”!

Joan Matlack

I did a holiday newsletter for years, but life got in the way and I stopped. People who are on Facebook or Instagram already know what's going on, so that helped me decide that it was OK to stop.

Abby M

I do - and they have a cute picture of my girl with Santa on them. Awe.....

Terri-Lynn Gardner

No, haven't sent Christmas cards in many years.


I love receiving them... But I've never sent them out. Maybe someday?

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