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December 15, 2018


Diane Nocivelli

Growing up my job was to put the cards in the envelope, write the address on it, seal it, add a return address label and a stamp. Many happy memories sitting at the table with my mother. . . .

P. S. I LOVE your card!

Lisa Anderson

I make a couple of special cards for Grandma and Great Aunt. They become New Year cards so I can send our family Christmas picture along.

Noelle Jean

No, no holiday cards for us.


I remember back in the day, how much fun it was to get all the colorful envelopes in the mail. No...I don't send Christmas cards anymore. Not many people do. Hmmm...may get back into it next year...maybe. :)


I used to send hand-made cards (using rubber stamps). Without a work area to create them, I've switched to commercially made cards.

Katie Diffenderfer

We do not send out cards, but I love getting them! Haha’ I love the ones with pictures and a hand written note.


I still send out a few. I used to sendout over 40 a year. Now I go to hallmark and find cards that match the person or family I’m sending them to.

Paulette McAuley

We love cards that actually mention Christmas and normally a rural theme. Still Love sending and receiving cards


I love receiving picture cards but I never managed to send them out when my kids were little


I send out shiny cards.

Linda Van Der Werf

I LOVE handmade cards, but usually don't plan ahead enough to get them all done. This year 1/3 of mine are hand made and hand painted. Hopefully, next year they all will be!

Rita from wyoming

I like doing special pop up cards for family. My sister and I have been doing it for a few years and they add to the decorations each year.

Sandy C

In years past I enjoyed making special cards for special people. Fast forward to today, the people are still special but times have changed and their cards are delivered by the internet elves.

Geraldine Scott

We used to send photo cards when the kids were younger, but now, retired, we have whittled down our list and send cards that reflect the true meaning of Christmas to our closest friends and family...


A few generic cards to some family, but that's about it.

Lisa Loback

I enjoy making handmade cards. The thought and care that goes into each one shines through. I really get a kick out of visiting family and friends later in the year and still seeing my handmade cards on display❤️

Norma Scheidecker

I like to send cards with illustrations of mountain villages - if I can find them- because I live in a mountain village. By including a personal note on a letter that is tucked into the envelope, I hope to continue the tradition of sending cards at Christmastime.


No I don’t send cards
But do like the yearly letters

Leigh Riley

We used to but sadly got too busy. Someday I will go back to them


I send out Christmas cards and I love ❤️ receiving them. I usually make my cards but never enough do it is a mixture. Thai is my plan for this afternoon, after I do some Christmas knitting!!

PAmela Moegan

In years past we used to send out lots of cards. Sadly most of my family has passed away. I sent my last cousin a card this morning. My other friends are close by and we prefer to do get-to-getters and Yankee swaps.

Amy C

I only send a few cards and they’re locally made which makes them very special to me.

Cindy Smith

I used to design a card and get it printed, but over the years I lost touch with folks so I don't send any anymore. I like familt photos or newsletters best.

Norma Smith

yes I love to send out cards. I didn't this year because of the postal strike but love to get them and love to send them. A tradition that is sadly going by the wayside.


We do send out Christmas cards.
Sometimes I write more than what the saying is in the card but other times I am wanting to express the happy holiday saying.
I do enjoy receiving photos and cards from others. I figure it is a great way to keep in touch.


I enjoy getting picture cards such as the one you sent.
However, I am undeserving because I don't send them.

Joyce Correia

I send out very few. And the incoming ones are fewer each year. Receiving more newsy letters or emails now. Sending more emails also.


I send out cards made in the UK that support various charities there. The cards often portray a profound love of nature and the countryside. One of the charities involved was founded in 1814 to financially support professional artists in need.

Mae Patterson

I used to send cards, but have not had time for several years. It is a tradition I am trying to reclaim from the chaos of life. It gives me joy both in sending and receiving.

Doreen Righter

Always cards and a personal note!

Mindy ZW

Definitely send cards. More along along a religious to receive cards from family and friends.


I don't send out as many Christmas cards as I used to when the kids were younger, but I still send some to close family members like my parents.

Brenda luce

For years I didn’t send cards now do again best kind are ones that tell Jesus is the reason we have a Christmas


I love long, newsy Christmas letters with photos, although I'm not very good about sending them. I'm still laughing over your post last year about sparkles on Christmas cards - I don't like them either!


No cards here. But I enjoy getting them!


I like to send handmade cards, but just a few to close friends and family.


I don’t do holiday cards

Kate s.

I haven’t sent cards in a few years but I think we will get them out this year. I enjoy getting photo cards


I love sending holiday cards. Years ago I would take the time to write a personal letter with each one delivered. As I have gotten older, I have less time available but still enjoy writing cards while listening to Christmas music.


I can remember how exciting it was to see the cards come in the mail and then look at them all every night. I only seem to get cards from the oil company and such and send only a few each year. I love cards that sparkle. I know they make a mess but I love them!


I enjoy getting the cards. we used to send out picture cards and a short letter but then life took a turn and we haven't done it for a few years. i doubt we'll do it again.

Crystal Parker

No cards here, I'm full on Grinch, when it comes to cards.


I haven't but I will probably start next year!


I do always send a holiday card. It’s a mad rush to find a suitable family photo and I’m often late, but I absolutely love receiving cards from others (and I especially like the ones that come with letters), so I don’t mind the effort and almost always enjoy sitting down to write out and address the cards.


Those pajamas are adorable!!! I like to send and receive cards, especially from friends I’m not in touch with as often, and I love seeing photos of growing kids—and the parents I’ve known all along. But a 9-month-old and holiday knitting I hope to finish (his stocking), I don’t know that I’ll get my Snoopy cards out. :(


I just love family photo cards!!


We don’t do cards at our house. It may be Grinchy of me, but it feels like one more thing on the Christmas to-do list that I just don’t need. 🤷‍♀️

Suzzanne Lawrence

We haven’t sent out Christmas cards in a while. Never s em to find the time (or motivation).


I love family photo cards ... but haven’t sent them for several years. Still live to get them, though!


I used to send cards and letters to all our family and friends, and would recieve lots of cards and letters in return. Not able to do as much anymore, so I just send out a few now. That also means we don’t recieve as many. I have to say I appreciate any card, photo or letter, but it is nice to hear what people we don’t see often have been up to all year. My sister and her husband, who live on the other side of the continent, always send a funny letter of the events in their life over the padt year. Even though we FaceTime every week, I still look forward to their Christmas letter.


I used to, but with all of my other holiday commitments (shopping, knitting, baking) it caused too much stress. I want to enjoy my holiday too, so something had to go, andbit sute wasn’t going to be knitting!

Sarah DeSalvo

We sent out Christmas cards this year for the first time in many years. I like the Christmas cards with family pictures on them. They don't have to be professional, but I like seeing pictures of your family!


Family used to send out cards growing up. As I got older I gave cards out to special buds and coworkers. Now my extent of holiday greetings is posting on facebook.

Margo Chang

I haven’t sent out holiday cards in a couple of years. I liked doing photo cards.

Sylvia King

I don’t send cards anymore. I’m too busy knitting socks for my granddaughter


We send commercially printed, widely available cards. Some are religious, some not. We also send cards that we've received in the mail for free from organizations to which we've contributed.

This year we're taking cards (both Christmas/holiday and non-specific) of support to a respite home for wounded military. So happy to support them in a small way!


I send out cards, either commercially made ones from recycled paper (Target sells some) or ones made by local artisans.

I like that all four of you appear in your card. It makes me sad when parents don't bother to include themselves -- after all, I like their kids first because they are *their* kids, not just for the kids themselves.


I'm too lazy to send them. I tried once and never got very far. I'm trying to convince my sister to send some with her new puppy this year though!


I have sent out as many as 200+ Christmas cards and newsletters when my family were missionaries, now down to only a small handful since my circumstances have changed over the years.

Jaime G

No holiday cards for us, sent or received.


I send commercially-made cards that I buy in the after-Christmas sales. I look for old-fashioned-looking ones. I especially like cards that come in fancy, decorated boxes. I have saved a collection of these boxes and they dress up our home office at Christmas time. It’s a nice reminder of the pretty cards I sent out in past years.

Jenn H

with our kids so little we do photo cards as they change so much in a year!

Shelly Sargent

I don't send cards any more. I lost my christmas spirit and find it easier to just not do it.


I used to send tons of them, but I’ve gotten away from that tradition. It’s a shame because I know how much I enjoy receiving them.

Karen Murphy

I send out a very few cards, but most are hand made. I enjoy seeing the photo cards from people with children who live far away from me. I love to see how the kids change from year to year.


We used to do Christmas cards when the kids were younger. We don't anymore though. We mostly just see family for holidays now that we live closer to them.

Karen Hirschfeld

I stopped when stamps got so expensive. I send virtual cards now.


I’m a stickler for sending out traditional cards with a handwritten note. It’s my chance to catch up with people I may not talk to much during the year. Picture cards are nice, but I like the personal touch.

Lorie Konopka

I only send cards to certain people, the ones that I know appreciate them, and I take time to pick out special cards, although boughten, that fit each person or family.

Christine C.

We send store bought cards. I do like the personal touch, so I write a personal note. I like getting the same. 😊


We only send cards to a few people, mainly out-of-town family. I try to include a note in each card.


We don't send cards anymore. I send a few to a couple of my friends who live far away. I used to love sending out cards.

Lisa Smith

Yes, my husband and I send out photo cards most years that include our dog. One year, we sent out regular cards with no pictures and we had so many requests for a picture of the dog we had to send pictures after Christmas!

Candice Hope

Nope. I used to but I know it’s just more paper that gets thrown away, and I hate making that decision when I get a card. Xmas, bday, Easter, whatever the occasion I’m like “thanks and now I feel obligated to keep this card for the rest of my life even though you didn’t write any personal message in it.”
Signed sincerely, Ebineezer Scrooge.

Manette Crawford

No cards sent out here. I do but and give some to those I am close to. Just can't justify spending all that money once a year to just write Merry Christmas. Not enough time to write more.

Shirley Nygaard

I just finished addressing the 60 or so cards we send each year. We do a photo card and my husband writes a funny letter to go with it. I love getting cards, photos and letters in return.

Frances Graff

Some years I do and some years I don't send cards out. Some years there is a family newsletter. This year, nothing yet.

Karen P.

I still send out a LOT of Christmas cards each year. We have friends and family scattered across the country. I also make sure to send Christmas cards to shut-ins and our military. The cards aren't home made but the ornaments inside are. I buy cards on sale after Christmas, always with a Bible verse in them. I buy extra stamps throughout the year so that I am prepared. For me, it is a joy!


Yes I still do. I sent cards with a photo of the channel leading to Lake Michigan. I like receiving any card. It lets me know people are still there 😊😊

Lucy Kesler

Nope. Stopped years ago when postage got so high.

Elaine Boston

I like glittery cards, or nature themed Christmas cards, especially those with birds on them. We sent out a few Christmas cards.

Donna Baker

What a great photo card of your lovely family. I used to send handmade cards, newsletters the few years of marriage but recent years have switched to collage photos of highlights of our year. I love that so much because we travel quite a bit and don't always share those photos on social media so it is the first time family and friends are seeing the photos. I also put type on the photos for people to know where they were taken.


I have given up on myself for sending out anything this time of year. It’s been slipping for a while...Christmas cards became New Year’s cards which became Happy Spring cards. We were in the military and always sent out a family newsletter and picture each years to all the friends and family we missed seeing. Our mailing list was around 100. I just haven’t been able to get it together. I might get a picture taken but not a letter and vice versat or a letter and picture but never label the envelopes. Oh well. I just glad our friends haven’t axed is from their lists. I love to see pictures of old friends with their families and to hear what they are doing, especially since I’m not on Facebook.

Carol H.

Sad to say my Christmas cards go out later and later each year. I get very few any more, mostly from people we don't see regularly and that's okay. I send cards that convey the true meaning of Christmas to me. I enjoy getting all types of cards and really enjoy when people send letters with family news and updates.

Barbara Dubois

I plan on sending out traditional Holiday cards in the next 2 days, but love getting the picture cards from friends and family, especially if there are children. It allows me to follow the changes in the children and I love to see them grow. I also love the cards from loved ones far away that include a fun story or a letter allowing us to catch up a little. Plus some people are so very witty and talented in sharing their life events.

Cindy Hannan

We make photo cards with they hilights from the past year. My kids are teens now, one at college and one in high school. There are so many fun moments to share with family and friends. Plus, the kids get a kick out of seeing which photos we’ve chosen.

Sandra Sprouse

I have good intentions every year, but sometimes I fall short. :(

Cindy T

I have sent my Christmas cards out. I love either a newsletter or hand written notes.


I usually do, but it was too much this year. A select few will get a handwritten note instead of our usual family picture card.


Unfortunately no holiday cards this year
I do try to call and talk to family over the holiday.

Robin J

I love any card that has a special hand written note in it. It’s nice to know that someone has taken a moment to let you know you are being thought of during a busy season.

Debbie Charlton

We make flower seed embedded cards so that they can be planted in the spring. The kids have a blast picking out which seed they want to use!


I really enjoy traditional cards (both giving and receiving - I like to hang them on a string along a wall; picture cards don’t hang up and sadly usually get tossed immediately). When I am in the UK I pick up a good selection of them from charity shops. This year’s feature snowy sheep :)


We sent out 60 homemade cards with photos of my husband and I, our 6 cats and a formerly rescued squirrel, Pippin with his wife Poppy

Susan James

first off, I LOVE your Xmas card!! beautiful family!! I always send out cards......there are a lot of people we only communicate at Christmas. I always buy cards that say something about the MAGIC of the season.


Nope, no cards here.

Beverly J White

I send Christmas cards to the kids and grandkids.
I read lots of cards to find the funniest.


We don’t really send out cards anymore. I do buy a few and give them to family members when we see them, I try to be personal and write notes to each person.
P.s. love your family card, so cute!


My 12 yr son is delivering cards to all of his newspaper customers this year to show good customer service.


I don't send out cards; it is not something I have gotten in the habit of. Maybe someday, though it will probably be something pretty simple even then.

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