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December 13, 2018



This year inspiration struck. I found a stuffed toy squirrel in the “ dog toy” section of the store. My husband and I decided the perfect place for it would be at the top of the tree ( “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” ). So it’s become our new favorite tree ornament this year.


My favorite decoration is the first Christmas stocking I ever knitted- it was a kit that included several fair isle stitch patterns. It was my first project doing fair isle in - the - round.


I look forward to getting the Dicken’s village out each year. It started with the Old Curiosity Shop which we actually located in London surrounded by skyscrapers!


I enjoy putting fresh greens up. I love to have wreaths and pots and planters of greens to put on my fireplace.

Rosanna Wallace

My favorite Christmas decorations are the ones my kids made in daycare or at school. The other favorite items are the handmade stockings my mother in law made. They are all different & she wrote our name on them too.🎄


I love having the kids help put ornaments on the tree too, but now the oversized stockings I knit for each of them are definitely some of my absolute favorite decorations!


I love decorating for Christmas every year. In addition to the sentimental ornaments we've collected when we've gone on vacation and the ornaments I've knit, I really love my Willow Tree Nativity set.

Kat Gatzke

I’m single and don’t have any children so I don’t do any holiday decorations. It just isn’t worth all the fuss for just me. When I was a kid I did enjoy decorating our Christmas tree with my family, but I don’t remember any particular ornament that was special.

Diane Jespersen

My favorite decoration is a barnyard group that sings Christmas Carols.. Sheep, cow, dog, pig and duck. They "sing" with moo, quack, bark, baa and oink in tune to 5 different Christmas carols. It's light sensor, so it sings as a person walks in the door. I love it. My husband, not so much!

Suzzanne Lawrence

I have made almost 100 Cross stitch Santa ornaments for our tree. That included a tree topper. There is also a stocking with the same Santas for my son who is now almost 18. It's taken me about 20 years to get my Santa Tree!


Christmas will not be until sometime in January, when the girls can come home, so I think we will get a small Norfolk pine and decorate then plant.


Our favorite outdoor decoration is the tree made from lights that we set up in red/white/blue in support of our troops. We are so grateful to them for fighting for our freedom!


I have a porcelain angel with feathered wings. She is very old and has graced our trees for many years. Nothing goes on the tree until she is settled on top and we stand back to admire her and reflect on the meaning of Christmas.

Diana Hook

My favorite tree decorations: little tin robots; lobster ornaments from Maine; patchwork bird ornaments from New Zealand, clip-on shells that glow when you stick a tree light into them; little "Silent Night" music sheet; the wood-shaving stars that my husband and I got for our first Xmas tree 30-some-odd years ago; the giant starfish (real!) that we use as a tree topper.

Geraldine Scott

I don’t really enjoy the process of decorating, but, once it’s done, I do enjoy that! I have a snowman collection that I particularly enjoy, brings a smile to my face remembering the who and when of each one.

Brandy Schmidt

I like bringing out my Christmas characters as I like to call them. I have Moose(s), an owl, gnome, unicorn - you name it. The tree is great but all these characters put a smile on my face when i walk in the door.

joyce hancock

I love decoration for Christmas. I enjoy putting my homemade ornaments on the tree and my daughter helps me put up my plastic canvas buildings I have made. There are 20 of those.


I don't decorate, but my mother used to take out the regular bulbs from her chandelier and put in frosted colored bulbs which was just lovely.

Andrea Fox

I love decorating,especially the tree. I love unwrapping all my ornaments and remembering how I got them. I’m a little nervous about the tree this year, I have two kittens who can be crazy! I’ve got the tree up but have yet to get the ornaments on it!


I love simple colored lights in the house and a little table top tree.

Kathy Stanley

Mine is my Santa Clause collection. My mom started it and I have continued with it through the years

Rose Birchall

My favorite decoration is the sleigh music box that plays White Christmas.

Connie G

Like many, I, too like to decorate my tree with ornaments gifted to me, passed to me that were my Mom's or my husband's grandmother's, or something that we picked up on vacation. Every year it's like opening a present when I take them out of the ornament box.


My favourite ornaments are the dated ones that I've collected every year since I first met my husband and then the ones we've collected as we've traveled all over the world, reminding us of the wonderful places we've seen and the great times we've shared.


My favorite decoration is a ceramic snowman made by my mother many years ago.


Have to say that I'm not loving the decorating but I love having the lights and the house looking festive. Every year it's a little more of a chore to decorate the tree. Several years I have just put up the tree with lights and no ornaments. Very liberating! And also a lot safer when the cat climbs the tree.
It's a MUST that everyone has a hand-knitted stocking and several have now been passed down multiple generations.

Candice Hope

I do enjoy decorating the tree, it was always so fun growing up too. We had this one Avon “candle” but it didn’t have a wick. It was like a wax sculpture I guess, and we kept it in the box of ornaments. So when the box was opened it all smelled like that candle. And still 30+ years later that thing still smells good and every year I take it out and get a big whiff of “the Christmas smell”.


My favorite decorations are handmade glass ornaments.

Brenda Butler

I love to decorate the inside of my house with more natural looking decorations, like wooden stars, and items and colours that generally remind me of the outdoors. I really love a fresh tree and a lot of greenery and pine cones and things like that each year! I also have quite a collection of different reindeer, which I had no idea was a "thing" until my husband pointed it out last year!


I love decorating for Christmas and winter! I hang wreaths and garlands outside, with bows and natural stuff like pinecones and seed pods. We do a Christmas tree inside, which gets dog-safe ornaments. Your tree looks great!


Yes, I enjoy decorating. Always seems to get me into the Christmas spirit. My favorite decoration is a nativity set that my mom gave me when I moved out on my own that used to be in our house growing up.


When I was engaged to my husband (at 17!) I bought a handmade stuffed Christmas angel that I decided would adorn our tree 🌲 for the rest of our lives. That was 26 Christmases ago and every year I pull her out I always smile 😊

Becki Greetan

My favorite Christmas decoration is my tree skirt made for me by a dear friend who now lives on the other side of the country. Where I recently lived. I miss her and all my friends so much. The things they have given me are my treasures.

Kristen E Jarvi

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is decorating the Christmas tree. Most of my ornaments are hand made, many by my children. I also have ornaments that my mother brought back from her many world travels. Our travel gift was generally a local decoration from each country. Each one brings back a memory that makes trimming the tree a day long activity. My second favorite tradition is attending Christmas Eve service at my church and singing all the carols and listening to the Bible lessons.
Merry Christmas!


My favorite holiday decorations in my home are the Mary Engelbreit needlepoint stockings and stocking holders. I started the collection when my grown sons were little boys. Then we added our daughter, then our daughter in law, then our first grandson, and this year our second grandson! As our blessings grow, so has our lineup of stockings! Since the stockings and holders are no longer available, I ‘ve had to find the last several on the secondary and challenging. Visit me on instagram @lindaperrysmith to see a picture!

Lucy Kesler

We put up winter decor every year in December, or whenever I get tired of the fall stuff. This year it's mostly a garland made from my collection of vintage gingerbread cookie cutters and hand made crocheted snowflakes.

Renee Huffman

We have a collection of ornaments from my childhood through all of my kids as they grow up. Our tree may not be coordinated, but it shows the love and milestones in our family!!


Every year I think about decorating. I buy one or two new ornaments or a string of lights. Since it is just me and my husband and we visit family in another state for the holiday and I am usually knitting and baking, ect. prior to leaving I never get any decorations put up. Each year I think that this will be the year that I do, but so far this is not that year. Maybe next year.


My jam is more Fall decorating but my love for decorating for Christmas is to see the smile on my husbands face. He absolutely loves Christmas. This year our almost 3 year old is really into being involved, so by far the best thing has been decorating the tree as a family. My toddler happily sang, “ oh yah, decorating, I looove decorating, mhmm, decorating” haha. She is quite the singer!


I love putting up our tree. We always buy an ornament when on vacation, and now about 70% of our ornaments are a trip down memory lane, remembering all the fun trips and experiences shared together.

Laura Speer

Our family was (is forever) an Army family - we moved a lot.
We bought Santas and/or Nativity scenes in many of the places we lived. The Santas come out each year and are fun to see. The Nativity
Scenes stay out throughout the year.

Alene Sternlieb

I don’t do any Xmas decorations, but I love be to knit

Pam O.

I love getting out all the ornaments collected since childhood (both mine and those given to me by children dear to me). I also love the ornament tree in my studio/office that just has sheep ornaments!

Kristina Peters

Since my husband passed away over two years ago and was in a nursing home for two years before that, I haven't had the energy or desire to decorate but one thing that always goes on the door of my little farmhouse is the red wooden plaque made by our daughter. On it is an old piece of quilted fabric cut into the shape of a Christmas tree and decorated with colorful buttons. It is simple and homey and makes me think of her every time I open and close the door.


I have never felt very good at decorating, so I tend to drag my feet, but once it's done, I love it.
My favorite ornaments are the ones from trips we've taken, plus a few from my childhood and my husband's.
The beautiful wildcat statue we were given as a wedding present (50 years ago now!) always sports a bright red ribbon, although it can be a challenge keeping our cat from figuring out how to get onto the mantel to play with it THIS year!


I love to decorate. I don't really have a favorite decoration, I just love the way all the lighted trees and bears and snowmen all make the house feel nice and cozy.

Brenda luce

My husbands grandmother crocheted white snowflakes an I put those on with blue lights and a angel she made out of crochet thread


Pretty much a non-decorator here. I was planning on putting out all 6 large musical Nativity snowglobes this year along with the two foot tall ceramic musical tree I made years ago, but life intervened in a drastic way. I had emergency eye surgery a week ago for a detached retina so no lifting and not much seeing. I have quite a lot of decorations for a large tree that I’ve crafted over the years but many have been given to friends and family members. Your tree it beautiful Allison!


I love decorating my home for Christmas! We have a 12 ft tree in the living room stuffed full of ornaments I have collected over the years, a massive collection of Santa’s, a smaller collection of snowmen and severL nativity sets. I always decorate the indoors and hubby decorate the outside - we love it!!


My sister gives us a White House ornament each year. I love the tree decorated with White House ornaments and others that are home made. I have knitted or crocheted ornaments I love.


Special ornaments made by my Granny and by friends


Whether a tree or a wreath or two, my favorite decoration is always some fresh evergreens. To me, that fresh piney aroma makes the house smell like Christmas. I also have some ceramic ornaments made by my sister, and I always hang them on the wreaths or the tree.

Patty McDonald

house is decorated and tree is up. was all done the weekend after Thanksgiving and i am really enjoying it. it was good to do it then because i broke my right wrist tuesday before last. i can't drive or knit and i am getting seriously crabby.


I love putting up the knit stockings that I made!

Nathanne Verner

Your tree is so pretty and classic. I got a Christmas tree cookie jar many years ago, and it's so cute, so that's my favorite Christmas decoration. It's a porcelain green fir tree loaded with ceramic presents and decorations, and Santa is on top. It's an English brand, and about a foot high. Now I have to make the cookies to put in it...


I love white lights and silver ornaments so while I might not get my tree up til Dec 20, I thoroughly enjoy it all thru Jan!

Karen P.

Yes, I love decorating for Christmas! (My husband and I have health problems. He'll have knee replacement on the 19th.) So....we've not done all that we usually do. Our tree is my favorite. We have collected a new ornament every year that signifies something that represents our year. This year is a knitting s'more ornament! I've done lots of knitting while being my husband's caregiver :-)


My parents decorate a lot. I usually don't maybe an ornament or two hanging in the den. I do have a snow globe at work that we made during a Holiday celebration one year. I also have a Precious Moments Nativity set put away and will put that out once as I have my own place.

Sandy W

I don’t decorate like I use to. I do buy a few new ornaments each year.

Julie Vance

Opening up the ornaments each year is my favorite! A walk down memory lane every time.


I’m honestly not a big fan of decorating, but I do it for the kids.

Lisa Loback

I love hanging up the stockings and putting the lights up all over the house. It is so peaceful to sit in the dark with just the glow of the Christmas lights.


I LOVE decorating for Christmas! We usually do it over a period of a couple of days/weekend. Since I tend to take one thing out and remember who gave it to us, what year it was, who made it. We have some very special things, like crossed stitched stockings.
Putting all these things out brings those no longer with us into our homes.


I love decorating! Some of my favorites are decorations the kids have made in school over the years. It is fun to watch the progression as they have gotten older.


I enjoy watching my daughter and her children decorate for Christmas. My grandchildren are still young enough that their eyes light up in anticipation for Christmas morning! My favorite ornament would be the Mr. and Mrs. Clause mechanical dolls.


Decorating the tree would be the one I connect to most during the holidays—-except that I deligated it to the husband and kids long ago since he (husband) was feeling left out due to work schedule. I haven’t done it in quite a while and we haven’t gotten the tree out yet this year. First year as empty nesters has thrown off the decorating mojo. Oh my!

Sharon D

I don’t decorate but my favorite memory is the bubble lights my grandma always had on her tree


I use to love decorating a tree and putting up lights but now I just put up a few things. We don’t have any children and Christmas is held at my dad’s house so no one sees it anyhow.

Mary G

My favorite ornament from childhood is a silvery pink ball with a crown of pearls in the shape of a star surrounding it. It is at least 63 years old now. I remember waiting until I was grown enough to hang it in the tree. Now we travel in our RV to Arizona for the winter and to visit with my 91 year old mother. Since RV space is limited we don’t decorate a lot but that ornament is a reminder of a magical childhood. We did not have a lot of material things but we were long in love and that’s the best decoration for Christmas!


I always like to put out Nativity sets as well as decorating the front door area. This year I was able to purchase some of the large “Sugar Pinecones” which take me back to early childhood living in Grand Canyon.


One summer, and knitting friend and I made ceramic Christmas trees. I like to use mine every year---I don't have to decorate it or take anything apart when it's time to put it away after Christmas.

Mary tymeson

I decorate mostly with brass ornaments placed on my wall tree....Garland hung in an inverted v.... Most of them are angels


I put up a tree and decorate the house! My favorite decoration is my
Sara Plain and Tall collection of houses!


Christmas has never been my favorite holiday but we always had a tree. My favorite time of day was when I could shut all the lights off in the living room and just look at the ceiling and the reflection of the lights from the tree. Still my favorite holiday pastime.

Cindy Hannan

My favorite part of holiday decorating is getting our tree. My husband and I started a tradition of going to cut down our tree when we began dating. Once we had kids, they became a part of this tradition. I remember my son swaddled in his sling across me on a cold December to find the perfect tree. We have years of pictures on my husbands back end as he is trying to saw the trunk. It makes it more special and the tree seems more personal, then we decorate it with lights and ornaments. The only sad part is that my son is off at college this year and we had to do it without him, although I did send him all the funny pictures so he felt a part of the fun.

Susan Eberhardt

My in-laws brought us an olive wood nativity set from the Holy Land 30 years ago. I love setting that out every Christmas season. Merry Christmas to all Simply Socks shoppers and employees!

Robin J

I love to decorate my home because we do it as a family. My favorite decoration is my Christmas Village. We have so much fun putting it together and finding additional pieces every year.

Kathy B

This year I’m having trouble decorating. This is the second year dh is in a long term care facility with Alzheimer’s. My all time favorite decorations were the bubble lights. I loved watching them as a child.

Renee Anne

I dislike the act of decorating (putting up actual decorations) but the end result is nice. The tree is kind of a pain in the butt because it's tall and Husband has to help with the ornaments at the top (I cannot reach without a ladder). Honestly, though, I think my favorite things are the Festivus pole and my little Charlie Brown tree, both on the fireplace mantle.


My nativity set is my favorite. It’s from my childhood. Decorating is definitely modified with the kitties. One year we were going out of town for Christmas but still wanted to put a tree up in the meantime. Knowing the cats would mess with the tree while we were gone, we bought a bunch of cat toys to decorate the tree with. The tree was in surprisingly good shape when we got home!

Abbye Brooks

I love to decorate with family. My vintage ceramic tree is my favorite!


I love putting up our tree every year. We downsized a couple of years ago and now the only ornaments I put on are the year dated ones. I add a new dated ornament every year. I have one for every year my husband and I have been married. When our children, now grown, come home for Christmas, they always look to find the new one. Our daughter and her husband are now doing this also.

Rachel Lems

I love putting up the ornaments everyone has made throughout the years :)


We have a very small house so getting a tree isn't always practical. We definitely DO decorate otherwise though! I often opt for more "winter" themed decorations so that when I don't get them taken down soon after Christmas the house doesn't look like we are stuck in Christmas :)

Laura Knoke

The Christmas lights on the tree and upper banister are so dazzling at night! We decided to put up a second tree in our bedroom. The needles have thinned out quite a bit, though, since this artificial tree is 22 years old! I also enjoy the smell of cinnamon pine cones which greets me at the door after work each day! Merry Christmas, All!


I love the lights on the tree and candles. Always a pretty site.


My favorite decorations are all the handmade ones. I have some of my Mother-in-law's plastic cross stitch decorations, my brother and sisters Christmas tree decorations and my favorite one is the one I made from blowing out eggs that I made in 6th grade!


I do not decorate.
I like the ceramic light up trees.


I love my decorations once they are up. Some years I really have to talk myself into them. My favorites are snowflakes ❄️.


I love decorating for Christmas! I try to put little lights and sparkly stuff all around so that my house is extra cozy and inviting. And I love when the kids help and add their own handmade decorations ;)

Mary CC

I love lights! Our exterior lights go up the day after Thanksgiving. Multi-color icicles on white strings along the eaves of the roof, multi-color nets on green strings cover the holly shrubs along the front of the house, multi-color starburst lights on white spheres hung in the red maple tree in the front yard. We call it our “ gingerbread house.” 😊. Inside our tree has a ton of lights, and ornaments that all have memories and associations to our travels, our children, family members, places we’ve lived, special events, favorite pastimes etc. One of my favorite decorations is a soft, fabric Nativity set I made from a printed fabric panel when our eldest was young. It comes out every year and gets played with and relocated by children and pets all season long. 😄. I love to turn on Christmas carols, turn off all the lights but the tree, grab a cup of cocoa or glass of wine and just relax and enjoy the beauty. 🎄🍷🤶🏻


I enjoy putting up the ornaments I have collected from all of my travels overseas. Each ornament brings back special memories. Also decorating must be done with lots of Christmas music and hot chocolate.


I love putting up the nativity scene. It was my grandmother’s set that she brought home from Israel. So many memories.


my Christmas decorations are minimal now that i'm alone. I do think of the decorations I made so long ago … my sister still hangs the ornaments I made for her tree 40 some years ago - small thread crochet, starched and stretched and sprayed with sparkling hair spray, maybe three dozen, each different, still sparkling, on her tree again this year.


I used to decorate inside and out. But the kids are grown and we are busy so now it is mostly my Christmas trees. In recent years I get out two pencil trees early. One is a mix of ornaments but mostly rustic and fiber related. I also have a tree with hand blown ornaments. This year I added a white tree with a pipe cleaner chain garland to shine through the sidelight and glass front door. Later the actual tree will go up. That's plenty for this stage in my life. Less decorating means more time for baking or knitting.


Love decorating, but I haven't done enough lately. My mom used to go all out all over the house, but without my dad's help, she can't. I miss her collection of Santa figures.

Leann Demeduk

I like having my grandkids decorate my house. They do an awesome job, so I just get to sit back and appreciate their hard work! I love all the colorful lights, inside and outside.

Ashley W

I love having a live tree in the house covered in lights. I have lots of ornaments with fond memories attached, but even when only one or two cons out (like this year with a 16 month old), the lights and smell make the magic for me.

Shirley Macemon

I love setting up our Nativity scenes. Now that the children are no longer a danger, I can use more than one!


I love holiday lights!

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