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December 13, 2018


Cindy H.

I have a tree with all the hallmark ornaments I bought for my son as he was growing up. He passed away in 2014 and every year that tree brings so many wonderful memories that fill my heart.

Kim Holbrook

I like to decorate the entire house for Christmas but have to admit I don’t enjoy it as much now that my daughters are adults and have their own homes. We had a great time decorating together.

jan murphy

I've always been a big decorator. This year is a big change because it's the first holiday season with the "empty nest", which has hit me fairly hard. I'm on schedule(barely) to mail Christmas packages, the tree is up and lit, the other greenery is up, and I've baked a batch of cookies. I know it will get easier, and I sure don't expect every holiday season to be one out of the Hallmark Channel; so it's all good. :)


I go all out for all holidays, but Christmas is my favorite. I have a mantle full of Santas and Snowmen. Last year, I got strings of lights in the shape of the Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story to put up in our dining room. We also have lights and 8 inflatables outside!

Deborah G

My Daughter (and the rest of us) are going to be celebrating our First Christmas in her new home. It is a family effort, in order to provide her with some security in her later years. However, we discovered that somehow most of the Christmas things did not make it in the move, so we are starting over. There won't be much this year, but we are hoping to catch the sales after to get ready for next year!! Since there are no small children in the house, just a mini zoo of Rescue Animals, presents are kept pretty low key and simple. Of course my knitting needles and crochet hooks never seem to stop moving, but that just spreads the love everywhere, right?

Joyce Correia

My favorite ornament is the Christmas angel I purchased in Germany 50 years ago. She is a tree topper wearing a red velvet gown with gold foil wings. She's holding a wax candle in each hand which has melted and turned down toward her toes as she is stored in the warm garage for the non-Xmas season. My daughter (age 52) can hardly wait for me to pass the angel to her.


My favorite Christmas decorations are lots and lots of multi-colored lights! Also, I just started knitting little tiny socks, so next year I plan on decorating my tree with lots of lights and socks!

Kathy M.

My favorite holiday decorations are 6 Steinbach & Orrbach wooden nutcrackers from Germany that my husband bought on annual business trips back in the 1990’s. The first was a Santa Claus playing a fiddle, the next a huntsman with riding crop, followed in other years by a woodsman with a saw, a toyseller with a tray of toys, a mountaineer, and the last, Ebenezer Scrooge. Those and a decorated Christmas tree, large or small, really bring back a lot of special memories.

Annette Stewart

I was gifted my grandmother’s ornament collection by my grandfather. They are so fragile (most from the ‘20s) and sit up very high on the tree. Every year I look forward to placing them on our tree. Memories of watching her put them on her tree are so special.

Michelle Mccrillis

I don’t do a lot of holiday decorating, but I love having the tree up and watching it lit up late at night. It’s decorated with mostly handmade ornaments, some mine, some from the children when they were young, and many from the ornament swaps I’ve done with my internet friends. And one special ornament that my daughter doesn’t like, and doesn’t understand why I want it on the tree each year. It’s a raggedy styrofoam ball from our first Christmas together, when we were young and so poor. She has never had that at Christmas. No matter what we did or have, they has Christmas. This will be the 48th Christmas that that little ornament will be on the tree, along with the few pottery ornaments we bought those first couple of years that have survived. They are reminders that no matter how much we have now, we had love and each other all these years.


I do not decorate inside my house--eight cats un-decorate quicker than I decorate. Several years ago I hung ornaments on the street tree in front of my house. Some were stolen but it was still fun. And the tree grew faster than I thought it would and now there are ornaments beyond my reach (even on my little ladder) so they are year-round decorations (but are hidden by leaves most of the year).

Lenora Shoemaker

I love decorating for the Holidays! My 2 year old granddaughter lives with us so it's so much more fun this year! Thanks for the chance.

Joyce Gravino

This year I saw a you tube video on how to make Scandinavian stars out of fabric that are no sew. I am currently making them for everyone I know.

Pat Meyer

15 years ago I made Nativity sweaters for my grandchildren and myself. Needless to say, theirs are outgrown, but mine still fits. And it goes with my tree which I decorate with Nativity and Chrismon ornaments.


We have fun putting up a colorful display of lights outside and in the the windows. Big bulbs along the edges of flower beds, tiny lights in the bushes and wrapping around tree trunks, and some sparkly hanging light balls!

Lenora Shoemaker

Sorry, still half asleep. My favorite decorations are, well, all of them! I know where each ornament on my tree came from.


I do love decorating the tree with the kids, taking out old homemade ornaments the kids made when they were little makes me so sentimental.My two oldest will be off to college next year around this time sniff sniff. I picture a lot of knitting and brooding in my future!

Lisa M Barrett

As my energy has decreased and we've added cats to our household, we've lessened the number of holiday decorations. However, there will always be a Frasier fir adorned with white lights. Even with no decorations, the trees are still beautiful and elegant.


Hi. I like to put out my reindeer collection, early in December. I have all sizes, shapes materials. About thirty so far. Hanging, mantel sitting, pewter, straw, wood, ceramic, railway tie iron, papier-mâché. It's driving me nuts this year because were not finished renovating and all my decorations are still in 6 boxes at the back of the storage room and I can't get at them!!! I have threatened to go out and buy all new decorations for Christmas!!


Hi Allison - my favorite Christmas decoration is my Victorian Christmas village. It is complete with apartment buildings, shops, church, ice skating rink. Reminds me of one of my favorite Christmad movies "The Bishops Wife"! Just takes you back to a special time.


In theory I love decorating, but I still haven't gotten around to it ...


I like to decorate with twinkly little golden lights. They make any corner of the house look festive and magical.

Crystal Parker

I love skeleton keys, and over the years Hallmark has released Santa keys. Our tree is always full of my keys!


I enjoy decorating for Christmas and love having my sons (6 and 8) help me. My parents, especially my mother, made Christmas so magical as a child that I try to do the same with my kids. One of my favorite decorations that is still in the family is a white light up musical church with stained glass windows. I used to peek through the top of the steeple as the music was playing to see if people were inside the church singing hymns, lol.


Well my fav thing is a xmas tree of some form. We have a Charlie Brown tree that goes up on occasion and this year we put up a ceramic tree that my Mom made when I was a kid. The ceramic tree seems to be trending and you can even get them at Walmart so it seems right.

Norma Smith

I have always been a big lover of christmas decoration. Since I am now divorced and in a condo some of the fun has gone. I put up my nativity which I love and a few other things.


Definitely the ornaments on the tree, most are made, some knitted, some cross stitch and each year when I pull them out I remember the people who made them, it is so very special.

Andi Mallinger

I get excited to decorate the tree and house because I get to display all of my snowman friends again. They just all bring such a smile to my face. I finish the tree with the crocheted lace angel my Grandma made so many years ago.

Marlene Feder

I love getting out the menorah and choosing what color candles for each of the 8 nights. Also LOVE a great winter solstice fire.

Wanda Whiting

Love decorating for Christmas. My tree has some knitted and crochet ornaments on it and other ornaments that I have made in the past.


We decorate with my husbands carved Santas and Christmas Trees.....some are left up all year long.....just a reminder of his craft. We also decorate with the personal ornaments from childhood to present....where did that time go!! MERRY CHRISTMAS

Barb Frederick

My favorite are old fashioned Santa’s I have collected over the years. Mixing them with golden stars and burgundy ornaments, finishing off with burgundy and gold ribbon ! I can’t forget the huge bow on the top!

Jamye Swinford

I like decorating for Christmas. I have a lot of pillows, blankets, music boxes and the like that go out. One of my favorite ornaments is from my parents. It's a clear ball with a rocking chair inside. My dad put it together from a kit and they gave it to me Christmas morning because the armless rocking chair they ordered for me (a knitting chair!!) wasn't able to get there on time!

Lea Weaver

I collect antique and vintage ornaments and look forward to a tree filled with these beautiful old ornaments!

Kirstin Coquat

I love decorating for the holidays. My favorite decorations are bells. I have several jingle bell decorations for my tree: wreaths made of bells, green grapes made of bells, sea creatures made of bells, as well as a Birthday need colored bell for each family member.

Christine Lima

I enjoy seeing the decorations but I don't enjoy doing them. I never feel like I have enough time to do it properly and enjoy the time I spend putting them up.


Starting as a baby, I got a Christmas tree ornament every year. It is so fun to see how my tastes changed over the years when I hang them on the tree.


I dont normally decorate because I move so much and I'm the only one whis sees it anyway. But lately I have really gotten into the norweigan JulBock (straw goats) and gnomes so I just found patterns to knit some up for next year!

Tama Cole

I love decorating our tree with all the ornaments we have either purchased or made since we have been married.


I love snow and winter but live somewhere where the chance of snow is unpredictable. I like to decorate with lots of silver and blue and turquoise snowflakes and ribbon and pine cones. We put twinkle lights on the banister and everything is bright and sparkly. The bonus is that I decorate in December and leave it up through February, by which time I’m ready for spring.

Deborah Lyne Allison

My favorite holiday decoration is a paper chain that we make using the Christmas cards from each year. We have been adding to it every year and it finally reaches around and around the tree. When we started it only went on the top of a very small tree.

Darlene B Hancock

With the passing of both of my parents in the last few years I find the favorite ornaments from my childhood more meaningful. In addition, my father made me two ornamental deer to put outside in my yard. I remember how hard he worked to get all of the pieces out of just one piece of plywood and his meticulous sanding. This year we are changing the color and adding just a slight sparkle along their backs to indicate recent snow fall (we are not cold enough to get snowfall yet.


I enjoy decorating our Christmas tree. Every year since my Daughter was born I’ve bought a picture ornament. So it’s really sweet to hang up the ornaments with her. I’ve also been collecting ornaments from vacations. I try to pick ones with the year on them so I can remember when the vacation was.

J Lallier

I like displaying all the Christmas cards we get. We also have a favorite Santa/Gnome that sits in a prominent place for everyone to see.

Judy Bowsher

I do the nativity & doorwreath 1 week before Christmas & the tree goes up on Christmas Eve. All is put away on January 6. Favorite tree ornament is a tiny wool felt Santa which was my mom's, so it's about 100 years old.


My grandmother operated a ceramics studio. My favorite decoration is a Santa Claus candy or soap dish she painted in 1969. I also do ceramics, and I have made some of my own ornaments and decorations for the season.

R. Jankowski

My oldest child was born December 20, 1978. We will be celebrating his 40th birthday in a week. It was a difficult pregnancy with multiple hospitalizations. Happily, he was born small but healthy and our little family headed home on Christmas morning, 1978. As we prepared to leave, the nurse handed me a special bundle all wrapped in an enormous red and white felt Christmas stocking with a big jingle bell sewn at the toe. Inside our son’s tiny head peeked outside the stocking’s white cuff where a red satin ribbon closed the side. That handmade, very nicely made stocking, the handiwork of a very caring hospital volunteer adorns the first post of our stairway railing each year. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes once again!


My favorite decorations are like yours - the ones that we've collected over the years. My parents passed on all my ornaments that they bought for me as a child and my husband's parents did the same thing. Along with the ornaments we've collected on vacations and trips over the past 22 years, we've have quite a lot to decorate our tree.
Merry Christmas!!

Susan Miller

I do love decorating. Our tree looks like a blast from the 80’s as it consists of my childhood ornaments. Then we combine it with ornaments each year representing special things from our family so it’s a tree full of fun memories. This year we added a guitar ornament representing my son’s love of electric guitars and we added a US Navy ornament as our daughter is a brand new Sailor!


I have a large collection of ornaments that are all different. Some were meaningful gifts from friends and family over the years, some are from the early years of far...46 year marriage, some were my favorites as a child that my mother gave me, and some are treasured ones from my grandmother. Many are handmade. I still have a few pine ones that my grandmother and I painted with then left-over paint from the chain link fence when I was 5 or 6 years old. Every one is a treasure with meaning.

Patty Beadslee

Along with knitting, I am a big time quilter. I have lots of quilted quilts, hanging, table runners, pillows and more. I love the put these out at Christmas time. They make a home so cozy and warm. A lovely Christmas quilt is so nice to wrap up in on a chilly day! I have a small 12 inch tree that I put on a table since we don't put up a large tree unless out kids are coming home. This year we are going over the Michigan to spend Christmas with my daughter and SIL and their two french bulldogs.


I love my Christmas decorations, but due to chronic health issues I’m unable now to do all the decorating myself. I’m thankful for a great group of old girlfriends from high school (we graduated 40 years ago), who come over every year to decorate my home for the holidays. Your reference to the special ornaments that make up your tree made me think of my own; our tree is all homemade ornaments, some made by my daughter when she was school age, some that are crafted or quilted by a friend or my sister, and a new one every year cross stitched or knit by me. Speaking of which I also knit ornaments for friends, so I’ve got some ornaments to finnish and running out of days. I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Jennifer Ortiz

I enjoy white lights in the backyard at night. There is something warm and cozy about white twinkling lights!

René Dees

Love your tree! I love having the tree up but I don’t do a lot of other decorating for the holidays. I just hate the mess! My favorite thing about my tree, or any for that matter, is sitting in the early morning, with a cup of coffee, with nothing but the tree lights on. It’s so peaceful. I have one favorite ornament that my grandmother gave me. It’s a little glass angel and no matter if it matches my ornaments I’ve chosen it always goes on the tree.


I'll be the Grinchy one-- not really.:)


My place is too small so I don’t decorate much. I just put lights on my fireplace and set out my favourite angel.

Geri Heagy

My favorite decorations are my JOY ornaments! It's a great reminder of how my life should be lived.

Lisa Smith

My favorite decorations are for our tree. My husband and I have been together for 20 years and every year, we get a new ornament for the tree - -Maybe it's a vacation we took or something fun we did. So, when we decorate, all those memories come right back. It's so fun.

Hope Cooner

I have always loved to decorate for Christmas. I love all the decorations but the is something about putting up the tree that has always seem to make it the start of the season for me. It always melts my heart into a great big puddle of goo to have my family help decorate. My kids are all practically grown, so that is becoming more of a challenge. So I cherish the time that I have with the ones that are still home.


Since we travel to my sisters for the holiday we don't decorate much. However, there is a collection of lights, snowmen and holiday dish towels that make an appearance in December.
One of the favorite decorations my sister has out on the is a Snoopy on the doghouse digitally shows days, hours and minutes left until the 25th.


I LOVE decorating for Christmas! My favorite things to pull out every year are A plastic ( hey we are talking about the 50’s and 60’s lol!)
garland that my Mom put up every year and An ornament that I loved to put on our family tree . I took it with me when I moved out!
These two decorations tie my memories to my family, especially my mom and make my Christmas special every year!🎄

Jennie Coble

I do love having it decorated, but finding the time to do it is tough this time of year with everything else that goes on. As my girls get older, they help more with the decorating and that makes it a lot more special.


We love to decorate the tree. I always smile when I see the ornaments we purchased on our honeymoon. Still my favorite.

Brenna Delosier

I love our Mickey Mouse tree skirt. A decorated tree and that make me happy.

Pam Todd

I love to decorate for Christmas but my favorites decorations are ones my parents put our when we were kids. I remember this one in particular that was a statue of Santa and Mrs. Claus. It was only about 9" tall but you could wind up santa and he would go around in a circle playing 'I saw mommy kissing santa claus. I absolutely love that.


I love getting out the boxes of ornaments that my husband and I have collected in our travels. We usually go to our local produce market to buy the tree and carry it home together. He puts it in its holder, swearing all the way, trying to get it straight. Then, it's left to me to decorate and I carefully unwrap each ornament and place it on the tree. I love these traditions.

Alison M.

I have moved so much in my life and don't want to cart around boxes of decorations, so I do not decorate. Plus we're always expected to travel to other people's houses for the holidays and are frequently not in our own home for them anyway.

The local library has just put up a giant "tree" that is made out of books, which is pretty neat.

Robin K

Even though our children are grown and we don’t have many visitors, I still enjoy decorating for Christmas. I put up a small but not tiny tree and scatter garlands, flameless candles and other decorations throughout our living area. It puts me in the Christmas Spirit and I enjoy my surroundings while knitting those Christmas presents that I always seem to have going at the last minute!

Carol H.

I enjoy putting up a small tree and having lots of other lighted decorations about the house like our candles in the window and some mercury glass trees. I have a beautiful olivewood nativity that my friend brought me from Israel that holds a special place. Marry Christmas to all!

Terri Bringar

Our favorite part is also putting up our tree. Similiar to you, we have gotten a new bulb - it has to be a bulb ornament - for each year that we have been married. Sometimes we get more than one, if we have somewhere special that year. Over 33 years we have quite the collection! Thanks for having the 12 days of Christmas!


The first Christmas after my husband and I were married, I was in grad school and we only had one credit card to a store - Sears. Everything we were going to buy had to come from Sears. We found some lovely old-style glass ornaments there. But the best thing was a large yellow blown-glass star for the top of the tree. After the lights go on, that star is the first “ornament” to go on the tree. It symbolizes our long marriage (45 years and counting), and our humble beginnings together. We were poor, but we worked hard, and have come a long way.

We are retired now, and have downsized our tree, passing many ornaments on to our grown children. But that star on top of the tree will always remain with us.


We hang garlands that we've collected over the years - nice reminder of the different places we've lived!


I have two trees which remain up year round. One contains my darling TY Beanie Babie ornaments and the other is filled with Lenox ornaments.

Karista Low

I love to decorate! My favorite decorations have our names on them and remind us of special memories through the years.


My favorite decorations are the ornaments I received every year until I turned was a tradition my maternal grandmother did for each of us grandkids. Later in life, I started a couple of series through Hallmark and amassed a collection of VW ornaments to do an entire themed tree

Debra Martinez

We put up the Christmas tree and lights.


I love having the house decorated, but I don't really love the process. We have more than one Christmas tree (we have some smaller ones), and I really love the pencil tree we have in our bedroom. It has mostly hand-made ornaments, which are really special to me.

Lisa W

My favorite decorations are a few ornaments and elves from my grandmother. She loved decorating for holidays and Christmas was her favorite. She passed away a few years ago so I like to think of her when they catch my eye on the tree. The elves are kinda weird and creepy looking so they make me laugh when I see them!

Yeon Gyeong

My family was never really into celebrating holidays, so I've ended up retaining those habits into adulthood unless someone else invites me to a celebration. As a kid I remember often staring out the windows at the light up displays people would put up on their lawns.

Wendy Chase

I do love to decorate and I think 2 of my favorite things are the Eskimo themed nativity set that I gave to my grandmother and that I received back after she passed. I also like to hang all of our Christmas cards on an inside door and I have the last one she gave to me and its treasured and put up every year. She is the one who introduced me to the joy of fiber arts when I was 5 years old.


I love my family’ tradition of not putting up the tree until Dec 24. Then it’s such a special time looking st many years or ornaments. It’s a collection of handmade and store bought (not traditional balls. My family and I reminisce about vacations and fun times memorialized by our collection,


I love decorating for Christmas. My favorite part is looking at the sweet ornaments my children made when they were small. My youngest daughter hates when I bring out the doll she made me for Christmas over 20 years ago (she was 5), but I absolutely love it. It makes me smile every time I look at it😊

Jeanne Bush

I do decorate my house, but my tree is now only a 4 ft one so that I can handle it by myself. I've made most of my ornaments - knitted, cross stitch, painted - and some have dates on them. I think 1984 is the earliest so it's fun to think back on those times in my life. Also some sadness for those who have passed from my life.

Anny Overton

I don't usually decorate for the holidays but I do love seeing all the Christmas lights!


I have a love hate relationship...I love opening up ornaments and getting surprised with them and how my house feels so cozy afterwards. The cleanup afterwards I could do without. I do love seeing the things my kids have made me over the years.

Pamela Ailes

My favorite Christmas decorations are the ones my children made when they were little. My son passed away in 2015 and I have not been able to put those out; it is still too painful to look at. But on a happier note, I have a one year old grandson who makes me laugh and smile! So this year I have gone a little crazy and every room in my house is decorated (except the laundry room)! Glad the Christmas spirit has returned as I have always loved Christmas!

Theresa R

I have a snowman collection I put out every year. They are just fun and hold some fond memories from when they were each purchased. Also, since my mother passed away a few years ago, I put out her Caroler Dolls that she loved and it helps to keep her close.


I absolutely LOVE decorating my home for the holidays. Every room even the powder room gets decorated. My favorite is the Christmas Trees. I usually have 4 trees... I've cut back to two this year. The large one is a Victorian themed one...and a smaller one in my fiber studio. I have too much making and baking this year.. It was going to be 3


My decorations are old and certainly not valuable to anyone other than my family. We love seeing them every year!


I enjoy decorating - it's the undecorating I dread! Instead of souvenirs I buy an ornament (or something that could be an ornament) when we travel to put on our tree. Every year when we get them out it's a reminder of all the places we've been!

Carolyn Benson

Our daughter is 20 yrs old. I have been collection various "Santa Claus" items since her first Christmas. The most enjoyable thing about putting them around the house is that I forget about them during the year and there are always a few that surprise me with their whimsy or their classic Christmas nature.

Jacqueline Taylor

I have a set of three paisley shaped ornaments that I made over 15 years ago! They’re three layers of paisley shapes with sequins! They really turned out beautiful! I also have a shell ornament with a pearl and the word “remember” that I found the Christmas after my father passed away. He bought me my first pearl when I was ten! I always think of him when I hang it on the tree! Merry Christmas all!

April L Stephens

My favorite decorations right now are my smallest ones that my granddaughter and I place on a small tabletop tree in the living room. It's so small, we can decorate it all around. We start on the kitchen table where she can reach every part of tree. Then I carefully move it to a side table.


We don't decorate. We are a mixed-religion household without children and with cats, and neither of us is much "into" the holidays. I enjoy other people's decorations, though.


I love to combine the familiar old ornaments with fresh greens from our farm. Cedar boughs and Holly with red berries are my favorites.


My favorite decorations are all the snowmen I have collected over the years. We also buy ornaments of the place we have been. This year our tree is just "travel ornaments". We have ornaments from nationals parks, museums, Frank Lloyd Wright houses as well as Canada and Ireland. It is wonderful remembering our travels as we hang them on the tree with our grand-daughters. This year my mom moved in with us so she helped decorate the tree with her great grand daughters.


I don't enjoy it for myself, but my mother moved in with me this year and she loves it, so decorating it is! This year we decorated the cat's tall scratching tree with lights and ornaments that are kitty safe, so now we're all in on the festivities!


I lie the decorations that my kids did when they were younger. When they come over they still look to see if I still have them. Now my kids are 34 and 35 so the wear and tear is showing / but I still like them.

Elizabeth Crow

I enjoy putting up my own knitted plushies and ornaments. I make teddy bears, snowmen, etc.


I LOVE holiday decorations! But let's be real - does anyone really LOVE putting them all up and taking them down? lol! Luckily, my oldest loves to do the decorating so I let her do all the handy work this year!

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