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December 13, 2018



I enjoy decorating my tiny space! A small tree and stockings make things festive and cozy. I can't imagine the season without some sort of decorations.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I keep Christmas out all year. My mother loved Christmas and had a large collection of Santa Clauses and Christmas villages. She bought a large 4 shelf curio cabinet so she could leave out part of her collection all year. When she had her kitchen cabinets redone she had them to leave room on top of cabinets and ceilings so she add a railing around the top of the cabinets so she could display more of her Santa’s and snowmen all year.


I love our Alaskan made ornaments. They remind us of some wonderful vacations. I usually let others decorate the tree and mantle.


I love December, winter, Christmas, and cold weather! It’s also my birthday month. When my mother was pregnant with me, she began my ornament collection. I also love decorating with live greenery and snowmen everywhere. With the many snowmen ornamemts, I include clear glass balls filled with bright red novelty yarn. Great accents on the tree.


Xmas tree ornaments. We have some that we got on travels, some that were given, some that we make. Each year we get a few new ones to add to the collection, so that each year we bring them out there are reminders of past year's memories.

Renee Sawyer

I think my favorite decoration is my Dickens Village. I have 6 houses and a few side pieces but it is so pretty.

Patsy Coats

My favorite Christmas decoration is my nativity scene that was given to me by my friend Gina, about 18 years ago. I have to put it out every year..


We decorate a real tree and hang a simple string of lights across the front of the house. My favorite ornament that I love to pull out of the boxes every year is a mold of my college-going daughter's hand when she was in a preschool tot program. It's hard to believe her hand was ever that small.


My favorite part is “decorating” with delicious smells from baking. My house smells of ginger, spices, chocolate, cookies, and other lovely holiday treats from about now through the Feast of the Three Kings. It is so comforting to walk in the door, turn on the beautiful glowing lights of the tree, inhale, and just relax.


I love decorating our tree and enjoying each ornament.

Sandy Cash

I don't have a large tree anymore. But I like to decorate with small table top trees of all types. I like groupings of three, sequined, burlap, mercury glass. I try to add new sets year.

Amy C

We used to do a lot of decorating, but now we live in a tiny house, so there’s just a gorgeous hand-made wreath on the door. To be fair, we live where there are many balsam firs so every time we go for a walk, it smells like Christmas.


One of my favorite decorations is the very first Santa, who came home with us from Athens, GA, and started a tradition. Our collection now numbers over a hundred. All shapes and sizes.

Barbara Belden

Yes most definitely! I have a small desktop tree on my desk that stays up year long. The ornaments are knit and crochet things. They are stars, stockings, sweaters and scarves.


It’s fun decorating for Christmas. One of my favorite decorations is a large ceramic Christmas tree with lights. I also like to decorate with natural items like grapevine wreaths.

Jennifer Daub

I love my little red apple ornaments that my mom let me take from her Christmas decoration stash when I moved out on my own when I was 20. I still have them and put them on my tree each year. My kids think they are a bit unusual and tease me but I think they are so cute and sweet.


I have ornaments for each year until college. But I think my favorite one is the mama kangaroo I got the year I was pregnant with my first, who turns 22 next month!


I no longer decorate. I went all out when my children were at home but they have grown and then two years ago on January 1st my mom passed away and I just haven't been much in the Christmas spirit. I did always love having the kids help decorate the tree and placing all their ornaments on the tree that their grandma and myself bought for them every year.

raquel moncada

I enjoy putting my special ornaments (things I've made, gifts from my family) but that's it. On the other hand, my husband is the one who enjoys putting all kind of Christmas decorations everywhere!


I haven't decorated much the last several years since my husband passed away. I use the excuse that I'm not here much at Christmas anyway but the thought is niggling that perhaps it'd be nice if it looks like Christmas around here. Maybe it's time.


I love putting up my tree and seeing all my family's ornaments along with new sentimental ones I have picked up along the way. I also love when the menorah is lit next to the lit up Christmas tree.


I purchase a tree ornament wherever I travel. I love reflecting on the adventures I had and the people I was with.


Lights, lights, lights for me!


We enjoy a 2nd tree decorated with just woodland creatures bottle brush animals we are collecting whenever we see a nice natural design ( no pugs in tutus for us) mainly squirrels fox bear deer ...


I might be slow putting up the tree, but I leave it up all thru January because I like the white and silver trimmings glowing at night . So, Christmas decorations not so much, but winter sparklie stuff oh yeah! Snowflakes and icicles and snowmen, white lights ~dreamy sigh~.

Lynn B.

Decorating the tree with ornaments is my favorite. I have a lot of ornaments, some passed down from family, some handmade from the kids, some stitched by me and then store bought. I have so many favorites. I also like a lot of lights on the tree. Your tree looks beautiful!

Cindy T

I love to decorate for Christmas. The tree is up as are my quilts and knitted items. Christmas is in our home.

Heather A

The first decoration I pull out each year is our advent candelabra. It’s a bright red Scandinavian style with floral embellishments. It’s also an odd size, so finding candles that fit well is always a challenge. This year I caved: I bought battery powered candles. The up side of this is that I can enjoy them for longer periods, and don’t have to stand guard to prevent the cats from setting the house in fire when they’re lit. 😸😸 🕯🕯🕯🕯


They are all my favorites. When the girls were little, my aunt gave each them an ornament for Christmas every year. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I added a label with each ornament with the year and description and "From Great Aunt Carolyn" to each ornament package. That makes them even more special.


Not any more. Maybe if I ever have grands coming for the holidays we may do it again. I have always loved cutting our own tree from the nearby county forest or our own land. Mostly charlie brown trees--so I do miss that.

Stephanie Tillman

I enjoy putting up our tree and stockings every year. My favorite ornaments are the few knitted ones that I have from my grandmother that she made well over 50 years ago!

Coby Hanna-Butler

We LOVE decorating at our house. My kids get so excited to see the Advent Calendar and the Santa tree topper is a favorite with all three! I personally love putting on the ornaments, as so many of them have sentimental stories attached to them. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

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