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December 24, 2018



this year I am going to try to be more organized. I need to spend some time getting myself together,using free time a little more wisely!! I plan to finish up half finished projects-especially knitting!!!!Best wishes to you+your family for a healthy new year..


I was downsized last month, so my resolution is to find myself a new job, preferably one that I love.

Geri Heagy

I am going to tackle some “harder” patterns this year. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone and stretch myself!


Enjoy your time with family and friends.

My new year goal is to live life to the fullest. Hold nothing back.


I want to declutter my house and re-organize my yarn stash, then knit more for my family. I need to better balance my charity knitting to have more time to complete family knitting projects!


I have said so many times"itis what it is" so the things I can't change will be.....
Finding balance and setting boundries. ..and of course KNITTNG.....
Peace to all you followers of Simply Socks.


I don’t usually make resolutions, but I make goals ie walk at least
3 times a week, read so many books, etc. I write down in Jan and review throughout the year. Some times I meet all or most. This year my life change with my 90 year old mom moving in so my goals will also be adjusted. Have a wonderful Christmas and happy New Year.

Candice Hope

Gratitude. My kids especially need to learn it and I hope to model some good gratitude behavior for them. Oh, and more knitting.


I don't usually make resolutions but I like to list some knitting goals/new things I's like to try. For 2019, some of those are: to always have a garment on the needles and to make more socks for two of my knit-worthy kids.


I don't do resolutions, but I am hoping to finally get back into yoga this year. I am too creaky and stiff for my liking. as for knitting, 2019 is gonna be the year of the garment. sweaters here I come!


I have a noteand at the end of the year list goals. I evaluate how I did and I tweak for the next year. Nest year I want to learn new techniques in knitting. (ie. socks, brioche, mosaic,stranded colorwork) I also want to spin as a priority and sew.
For personal goals...I want to get fit and make time for myself. (a priority for 2019) I would also like to take a road trip or do a retreat.


Knit down my stash and get out of my comfort zone by trying some more difficult techniques.


Use the rest of my stash of Lopi yarn by knitting myself a couple of sweaters. For someone who usually knits socks, bulky yarn just flies.


I need to get back to exercising. I want to knit another cardigan.


I think I’ve gotten too old to make any resolutions. I have several decades of not keeping them!


No resolutions. Why bother?

Nancy McIntyre

This year I would like to improve my knitting skills and thus make my sweaters fit and look better. I look forward to trying new and more difficult designs.

Diane N

I want to knit more and complain less!


Moving 10 minutes a day whether this is shoveling the driveway or dancing or walking; finishing all my 2018 WIP and having nothing in time-out.


I need to make more time for exercise. I have been successful with making some major dietary changes for health reasons. Now I need to get back to the same level of exercise I had been at. I keep getting sick (respiratory infections), which makes it difficult to do a workout!


Nope, those are a curse to me!


To be honest, I haven’t really thought about it.


I'm going to try to use more of my stash and eat healthier. I think those are within my reach. Merry Christmas to all!

Kate  Greenwood

I’m going to try and knit from my stash and embrace a little minimalism with purchasing.


Not really...just the usual finish projects and ufo’s before I start anything else....


I set goals such as walking, reading and of course knitting.


I’m training for my first 5k, so health is one resolution. As far as crafting goes, I’m going to knit up/spin up some stash. And, of course, get everything ready to begin retirement.


Don't usually make new year's resolutions but resolutions throughout the year to keep working to improve myself in body, mind, and spirit.


To continue going to the gym and doing home PT exercises.


I no longer make them because I never keep them!

Beverly J White

I need to cut down on stash. I know I'm not going to be knitting until I'm 150. Also, need socks. Merry Christmas!

Hilary H

Well let’s see...putting my newly minted college degree to work in the form of a new job, get healthier, be happier, find a new apartment, buy a house... 2019 will finally be my year???😜 Merry Christmas everyone


Spend more time crafting - at least a couple of minutes every day just because I WANT TO!


Hoping to cut back on the amount of sweets we keep in the house... and to learn to bake bread! (These may be conflicting resolutions, lol.)

Nicole Acuna

My resolution is to knit more larger projects instead of socks all the time. I also want to finally get over my fear of brioche knitting and try it out finally :)

Joyce Correia

My resolution is to continuing de-stashing. I also want to knit a pair of socks. Haven't done that for several years.

Cindy Smith

I need to update my Etsy store so I can share my knitting--it overtakes the livingroom sometimes.

Rita from wyoming

This year is my year to clean out closets and trim down even more. To knit the 12 moths of socks, one pair per month for myself!

Sandra Sprouse

I’m not making any this year... no need to disappoint myself. 😉


Find a knitting group, incorporate more movement into knitting (a la Carson Demers recommendations), find a way to volunteer in the community.


This year I plan to improve my organization and discipline overall. I am going to declutter my spare room and my craft room, to exercise regularly, cook and eat healthy. I plan to get rid of clothing and things I don't use, to be mindful of what else I bring into the house, and hopefully with my decluttering and organization, I will have more time to knit - I already signed up for two new knitting classes in the new year, to learn new techniques, brioche and other things. Can't wait!


No resolutions this year. I'm slways a work in progress.
Thanks for a chance at all your days if gifts. Merry Chrisrmas
Happy days to all who read this.

Chrissy Long

I don’t know how this is going to work out but I would like to go into 2019 with not stressing as much (work related stress). A resolution is to join (again) the SSY knit club! Have a Merry Christmas!


I usually do not make resolutions. I try to be a good person each day. I have stress and anxiety in my life and I would like to work at getting those down to a lesser degree.


I want to work on organizing my house and cleaning out the excess stuff.

In knit/crochet, I want to finish up WIPs, do more for my favorite charities, and generally just do more crafting.

Merry Christmas to you and your crew!

Harriet Atlas

No resolutions. Just to try to stay healthy and keep knitting.


My knitting resolution is to try and knit while sitting up straight, with my elbows on the table. After so much knitting this year, I am turning into a hunchback!


I don't do resolutions but I look forward to getting back to running. I had one injury after another this past year and hope 2019 is injury free!


Back to a lower carb diet and more movement. More time with the grandchildren and more knitting!


Cook more often! Life’s busy and I end up just grabbing Panera too often ;)

Suzanne Smiley

After my knee surgery, I want to get in better shape. I also want to improve my weaving.


I’m hoping to learn some new knitting techniques and remodel my bathroom!

Lisa Loback

I’m am striving to be more organized in 2019!! Hoping that by being more organized, I will have more time for family, and of course... KNITTING!!!!


Mine is to stay positive! Remember to count my blessings! Knit more stress less and finish my first pair of socks! Merry Christmas and God Bless

Crystal Parker

Getting healthy!! Possibly trying to spin yarn with a drop spindle... Oh and knit a pair of socks!

Sharon McCarthy

I’d like to get back to walking. I used to walk so much but since becoming a caretaker for my mom, my “me” time has been crowded out. ( although I have lots of time for knitting. I’d like to knit more sweaters next year. Thanks for the encouragement to think about goals. And thanks for all your generous gifts to the knitting community. How I wish I could visit your store in person.


Knitting goals for 2019 include trying something new— Maybe steeking.
Personal goals: stay healthy by eating well and exercise.


I want to try to eat healthier and be a bit more active

Kim Marley

This year I want to focus on being healthier by being more active and eliminating work stress by doing more of what I love, knitting!


I never really plan on making a resolution, i think a new year always just feels like a good time for a fresh start.
I would like to take this opportunity to say Thanks for being my favourite knitting site, and for all the great products & surprises throughout the year!

Teresa Knittingdancer

I don't think I am going to make any New Year's Resolutions this year. The only one I can think of is to finish all of my current WIPS.


I don’t normally make resolutions but this coming year I would like to make healthier choices in what I eat and get in better physical condition. Being a senior citizen, things seem to go down hill pretty quickly😁. Here’s to a happy, healthier, and more peaceful year for all.

Tara Paine

I dislike using the word "resolution" because I'm committment phobic. However, I would like to do a few things...
- go grain free for 30 days. Im.having some inflammation issues & that will help.
- begin strength training 2 days/week. I've been having back issues so core strength will help.
- I've reorganized my Raverly queue so I'm going to try and work from that & be a little more mindful about starting projects.


I never make resolutions, but I am hoping that I'll be a bit more productive knitting in 2019. I need to embrace not designing EVERY single thing I make, while simultaneously putting more effort into the things I do make up myself.


My resolution is to have what I want and want what I start with clean my house. Be thankful for the friends and family I have. Just be happy. 2018 has been a year of big changes for me. Now I just have to be happy with them.

Julie Vance

Resolutions: using my planner regularly as a a journal. Recycling and resuing as much as possible. And knitting socks, my drawer had only one or two pair this year.


Not necessarily a resolution, but more of a goal: I want to go through the attic, basement, and closets and take a good, hard look at what needs to go. My children have all moved away, but near each other. My husband and I want to move near them when he retires in five years. I only want to have to move what I really need and like!...and listen to more audiobooks while I knit!


My resolution is to only knit socks... no sweaters! I tried... it didn't work out, what was I thinking? In 2019 I'm sticking to socks. :)

Allison Dalton

In 2019 I hope to knit just as much as, but to write and do other kinds of making more than, I did in 2018. This means a shift in the way I think about “productive free time.” That shift is the real goal, to erase all the lingering subconscious distinctions I make between the value and the pleasure of making in different ways.

Kelli Layher

I’ve been thinking about this...I think to be healthier, but balance it. Enjoy the treats but not go overboard. Also, I’ve been trying to be more mindful and self-aware and trying really hard to be the person I want my kids to grow up to be...I want to continue on that path. I’d like to learn how to knit with new techniques, maybe some color work and brioche.

Alecia Helton

To concentrate on doing healthy things.


I would like to knit an adult sweater. I am going to try to find more time to knit. I also hope to have more time for bicycling and yoga.


My resolution is to exercise more and add fresh fruits and vegetables to my diet. Which means everyone in the house joins the diet. Mwahahaha

Karen T

Resolving to knit from stash as much as possible (haha), and find more balance in my life after going back to work full time, moving, and going through a divorce. I think I got all the kinks worked out, now just have to smooth out a new routine!

Lisa Sheridan

I want to try knitting a pair of socks! It's been on my knitting bucket list for awhile, and 2019 will be the Year of the Sock, I think! 😊


Last year my resolution was to take a year long break from writing, which was actually really great, and now I'm excited to get back into it! I want to make specific resolutions about writing and really keep up with it.


I'd like to tackle color work and sweaters this year. Work out more than once a month. (cough, cough ;)

Dana Snyder

I’m going to try to finish more projects that I start. I have about 50 UFOs. See how that works. I love staring new projects when I get new yarn. I also started taking swimming lessons this fall to train for a sprint triathlon. I need a bike yet but I’d like to do another sprint tri and i’d Like to be able to swim a mile without stopping!


I don’t usually make resolutions. I’d like to be more intentional about spending less time on my phone and more time reading, though!


hmm Resolution for 2019 havent even thought of anything but maybe if anything in the craft world see if I can knit a sweater. The ones I have seen are so pretty. I would also like to figure out more how to crochet. There is so many crochet items that are pretty.

Karista Low

I hope to use some of the beautiful yarns in my stash in 2019! There are so many projects I look forward to doing. I also hope to design some patterns.


I have the usual goals of reducing the clutter. That includes some of the yarn. I also must finish a couple of UFOs. Fewer socks and a more organized life. The usual.

Anny O

I try not to make resolutions but next year I'd really like to work down some of my existing wips. There are way too many!


No I'm not making any resolution. I don't believe in making resolutions for new year. I believe you should try to improve regardless of the date. :)


It’s pretty cliche but I’m going to get a gym membership in 2019. I’ve never been an active person and would like to feel much stronger, physically and hopefully mentally! That and eating much healthier which I’m always off and on about anyway. Thanks for this giveaway! Love you guys!

Brittany K

I don't make hard resolutions, sets me up for failure. But I do have a goal to continue trying to eat healthy most days, and to exercise regularly. It's hard to drag yourself out of bed too exercise when you have a migraine. But exercise helps manage migraine pain. It's a chicken and egg scenario that I'm trying to get a better handle on.


Balance is a great goal! This coming year, I will strive for calm. I have a lot of anxiety and have been meditating. I will make daily meditating more of a habit than an occasional thought, which will help my anxiety tremendously.


I am planning on working out more and knitting a few more socks to add to my drawer!


I want to knit and exercise, but not at the same time.

Cindy T

I want to be more at peace and grateful for all things from God. I want to tackle some more difficult knitting patterns and try some different sock patterns and use up some of my yarn stash. Also need to use up more if the quilting fabric stash.

Nicole S.

This year I'm resolving to spend more time outdoors.

(I may have to take my knitting with me.)

T Craven

Finish what I start...... 😱


My resolution is to decrease my WIP pile!


I don’t make resolutions


I met my goal of 18 finished projects in 2018, with #19 being a baby girl! I don't think I will probably be as productive in 2019, but I resolve to clean up and organize my craft room!

Mary Giger

I have all sorts of intentions for this coming year but only one resolution:
To be more present for the people I care about.


This next year I am going to spend more time being accepting of myself and I am going to go easier on myself. I plan to enjoy each day and be thankful for where I am and what have.

Geraldine Scott

Get back on track with healthy eating and move my body more! I guess that is a conflict with more knitting? LOL!


No really. Knit more of course, lol. Other than that, just changing a few little things that I won’t stress out about if they don’t happen.


I'm going to fuel my body with real food and stop with diet drinks and sugar substitutes. I want to take care of myself so I can knit!!!!!

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