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December 23, 2018



Oh I think this year I knit more for others than for myself..I agree with you, maybe I will make a few things for myself next year.

Deb Monnin

I definitely knit more for others this year. And I enjoy the process: Knit, finish, give away, see the smile. I knit animals, socks and a shawl or two!


I knit (and crocheted) more for others. I made socks for my uncle, two pairs of tube socks for my son, one pair of tube socks for my youngest who turns 6 on Christmas Eve, about 6 pairs of fingerless mitts, two huge crochet blankets (one as a gift, one was commissioned), two hat for my uncle,, a few mug rugs as gifts, and a set of mini stockings for an Advent calendar for my youngest. I did make some things for me, but not too many.

Kristin Vien

I knit more for myself than others this year. My shoulder was bothering me for months and I couldn't do too much at a time. Thankfully it feels much better now and I have trying to finish all my hibernating projects up before casting on something new.


Knit more for myself.


More for others. I kept finding patterns that I just couldn't resist trying. I've got a sweater for myself on the needles now!


I knit more for myself this year as I have been knitting socks and don't feel accomplished enough yet to knit socks for other people.


This year I crocheted a tablecloth to give away so I’d say I created more for others. 2019 is going to be the year of the selfish knitting stash down.

Alecia Helton


Kate  Greenwood

I think it’s about even. Some items started out for me and then I gifted them so I’d say this tear was 50/50. I really do like knitting for myself!


More for my sweetie - sweater, hat and a couple of pairs of socks so far. Just a cowl and a pair of gloves on the needles for me.


I have knitted more for others....a knitting frenzy lately for Christmas gifts....always have dish cloths on hand. Like to try new patterns on dish cloths....but looking forward to knitting the downloaded patterns that are waiting go on needles and have some quiet time.


I tell myself I am knitting all these socks for myself. But they all end up in my daughters sock drawer.


Others. In the 2 years I've been knotting, I've completed 40ish projects oy one of which has been for myself. One of my knit goals for 2019 is to know more selfishly 😊


Usually it's all about me but this year it was far more about others.....could that be why I had such a hard time getting motivated?


ME!! I'm a selfish knitter, and knit mostly for myself.


I've knitted more for others this year.


I don't knit for myself or others. I knit what I want to knit.
That said, this year I had two requests. I knit a hat for a coworker's mom who is sick and texting gloves for my son's now ex-girlfriend.

Diane N

Not a lot of finished projects this year, but definitely for others. My new socks are still on the needles.


I made a bunch of LOSY hats this and kept only one. Along with knitting for the grandboys, others won out this year. It's all knitting and my loved ones are wrapped in warm wooly goodness, so it's all good!


Definitely for others, but I had to take months off from knitting because of hand numbness this year

Kelli Layher

For others! Lots of hats and hooded unicorn scarves this year. But I always pick out yarn every year for a project for myself.

Doreen Righter

Most of my knitting was for charity.

Susan Miller

I knitted more for myself! I think I was selfish this year! :)


I knit more projects for myself but larger projects for others.

Robin J

I knit more for others this year. I worked on charity knitting. This next year I still plan on doing charity knitting but my goal is to reduce my stash which means sweaters for me!

Cindy T

My daughter-in-law. Afghan, hat, shawl, scarf. She’s moving to CO for the Air Force and I want her to be prepared.

Rose Birchall

I knit for for others. Hats for cancer warriors, hats and gloves for elementary students, socks for my granddaughter.

JB Pierce

My friends’ two year old daughter is the winner on the hand knit front this year. Add in a graduation blanket for a family member, and on yardage alone, I knit more for others this year


Definitely more for others. I am on a mission to de-stash my acrylic yarns

Coby Hanna-Butler

I always knit more for others. In fact, I’ve only made myself a few things. I truly enjoy making things and giving them to friends and family.

Mary Tymeson

Definitely others. I got a sweater and 2pr of socks

I knit some for Christmas and friends: 6pair of socks, a cowl, a poncho and 3 pair of fingerless mitts

I also knit for charity: I have no exact count, but at least 8 pair of mittens, 6hats, 3Santa baby saques and 6pair of socks for newborns


I didn’t knit very much but it was all for mr.

Arvada Trickle

This year I have knit more for myself. I have a number of projects in progress.


My Clemson fan grandson!


More for others


I definitely knit more for others this year.


Myself. More for my mental well-being, than anything else. Looking forward to 2019.


I knit more for others. I figure everyone should know the comfort and joy have a handknit pair of socks.

Joyce Correia

I knit more for others. Too warm here for much self-knitting.


I knit for others more often. I can count on one finger what I made for myself. But I actually enjoy knitting for others.

Laura Speer

I pretty much only knit socks - for me. Women’s socks are too small
And men’s sock are too big. Opal yarn keeps my feet cozy all during cool weather and the colors are like very!


This year I knit mostly got myself...other than socks, my family doesn’t wear hand knit things...more for me!


Just did a quick count of Ravelry projects, and I knitted more for my daughter and husband than for myself this year -- my daughter got a lot of shawls this year, and my husband got a lot of socks!

Diane Jespersen

Me, mostly me. I'm a very selfish knitter. Oh. And lots of samples for the LYS.


This year I have knitted more for me than anyone else. I did crochet a Dr Who scarf for a special bud and he is loves it. I am thinking 2019 is gonna be more for others. I have a boss at my job that wants a pair of handknit socks so that could lead to several others at my job wanting socks. And I do have a special bud I want to try to knit socks for him. So we will see where all that goes.


Definitely more for others. I knit about 50 hats that were donated to a variety of groups.

Crystal Parker

I knit and crochet both, and I have definitely done more for other people this year. I am finishing my last present today. Then I am back to knitting my just me!!

Sandy W

I knit more for myself.


I knit for myself, since my projects are mostly items from a class and so many are still WIPS because I took another class before finishing the last class item. And I am a slow knitter. I enjoy the process, but am not a fast knitter. Hopefully in years to come I will: a) knit faster and b) knit more evenly. However, when I asked my youngest daughter what she might want me to knit, she said "I want a long-sleeve sweater" - someday that may happen, but for now, I'm going to somehow convince her to "think smaller."

Debbie Charlton

Definitely others!

Nicole Acuna

This year I definitely knit more gifts for others as opposed to last year. It was a lot of work but so worth it!


My knitting was evenly split between myself and my granddaughter. It’s been fun to make baby sweaters as they knit up quickly.

Susan James

I knit more for myself this year..........I knit several shawls and then decided to give them to friends! LOL!


In actual stitches, I knit more for myself--socks, two fingering-weight shawls, a scarf, and a hat. But in items, I knit more for others--seven hats for kids living in shelters via an annual event organized by a councilwoman here in the city, a hat for a friend who lost his hair due to chemo, another for a bald friend who saw that hat and wanted one, scarves for neighbors who clear my sidewalk when it snows. I'm sure I'm missing some but that happens. For me the pleasure is in the knitting and handling beautiful yarns. I use and love the knitted items but love the knitting of them more.

Christine C

I knitted more for others this year. The grandchildren were the recipients.


I knit way more for myself than others. Over the years I feel people didn’t appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into a hand knit project, therefore my list has dwindled significantly.


I think I was pretty even a few socks for myself and a few baby gifts.


I knit myself a cowl and my sister a hat ... took way longer to finish the hat but the cowl was a bigger project so maybe myself?

Jaime G

This year I knit more for others, mostly strangers who received hats, gloves, and baby blankets thru my husband who works in an emergency dept.

Norma Scheidecker

I knit for others, nothing for myself.


I tend to give most of my knitting away, but I did keep my Crown Wools shawl!!

Mary Eagen

Definitely more for others , though I did keep a couple of pairs of socks for myself !


Usually others. This year I was careful not to be knitting until the last possible minute so I could wrap and ship things, so right now I’m knitting myself a hat.

Ashley W

I think I ended up with more for myself this year, mainly due to the timing of finishing up some UFOs, such as a sweater and a blanket!


According to Ravelry it seems that I knit equal. I find this funny with my OCD tendencies, however that was not planned.


Definitely myself, as usual! It's difficult enough getting stuff to fit me, much less another person!

Mindy ZW

Probably both...myself and others. Who know what 2019 will bring.


More for others this year. I donated hats and a couple of baby afghans to charity.

Anny Overton

I knit more for others this year. I'm hoping to be a bit more selfish next year 😉

Nana Dimmick

I did much more for others, especially grandkids!

Diane smith

Others. I actually think the only things I have that I made for myself are dish clothes I made when I first started knitting.

Janet Godshalk

I have to say others. Made 5 pairs of socks for family , a dozen knitted knockers for cancer patients, San lots of baby bats for Lutheran hospital and also for Parkview Hospital.

Dana Snyder

That’s a tough question. It seems I’ve been Christmas knitting all year and I’m not going to finish. My mom is getting the yarn and a promise that I’ll make her a shawl. I think next year, I’m going to knit less for others and more for myself. See how that works out.


I think I've had a good balance of knitting both for myself and others this past year.


I didn't do enough knitting this year. I think what I did was a fairly even split, because I made things for my dad and a couple of babies as well as myself.


I always knit more for others, rarely for myself. And every new year I tell myself I’ll make some things for myself, but it just doesn’t happen. I always put what I need or want to make for others ahead of projects for me. Maybe this year will be different?


Others which is always enjoyable but a little frustrating when I want to knit for myself.

Mary Anne

A little bit of each - limited my knitting to socks.


Mostly for others (donations to Shelter House and DVIP) but I have kept one shawl for myself.

Stephanie Worden

This has been a mixed year for me. Many projects that started out for me called the name of others as I was knitting them. I've kept all the shawls though. 😊

Katie Porter

I knit more for myself.


I have only knit something for myself once. I spend each years knitting for family, friends and charity projects and I love it.


I definitely knit more for others than myself. I like to knit more than I need anything, but I added a few well-loved items to my own wardrobe. The rest were for my kids or friends. I have a few more projects planned for myself and a lot more in my queue than I will ever get to.

Candice Hope

I definitely knit more for myself this year. I think I finished 3 pair of socks and a scarf. But just this month I knit about 8 Mochimochiland things for Xmas gifts. But they’re quick and tiny.

Alene Sternlieb

About even in time, but one sweater for me and quite a few smaller projects for others


During the year, I’m knitting more for myself. But this time of year, I do a lot of charity knitting. So maybe it’s about 50/50.

Shelly Sargent

Others. U can't remember the last time I knit socks for myself


It was pretty much all selfish knitting this year.

Marilyn Hunley

Everything I knit this past year was for me. No anxiety then about colour, fit or quality of the finished project. I,ve learned that not eveyone appreciates knitted goods as far as time, effort, cost and care are concerned. I'm going to change that tho for 2019 because how many shawls can one person wear?🧶. So it's on to charity knitting, that's my goal.


I’ve.knit more for myself but I think I’ve gifted more this year then any other year.

Sandra Sprouse

Looking back, I think I knitted mostly for others this year. Next year, it might be more about me. 😊


I’ve knit more for others this year. Of the 14 pairs of socks I’ve made 3 were for me. Of the 7 sweaters I finished, 2 were for me. I also made 7 hats — all for others. The shawls I finished were mostly for me this year.


I never know who I’m knitting for, but mostly I give it away. I’ve kept a few things for myself, mostly socks.


Since I mainly knit socks my supply has 20 pairs ready for gift giving as I am still wearing the first pair I knit in 2001!


This year, more for others. Sweaters for 2 friends, 30+ hats and mittens for homeless kids,, and several gift socks. I did get 4 pairs of sicks and a Changing Staircases shawl.

Janet Dolias

I knit more for others now since I have way too many sweaters/shawls/socks for myself. My 2-year old granddaughter loves the socks, hats & sweaters I make her; all my family get hand-knitted socks; I often get requests from friends of friends who've seen something I've made, and I knit for an organization called Awesome Breastforms - we knit (& crochet) breastforms for ladies who've had mastectomies, lumpectomies or ex-plant surgery. A truly awesome group of women have made over 14,000 orders in a little over 3 years - all completely free for the recipients! I'll get around to doing something new for myself soon!

Donna Baker

I knit more for myself but aspire to knit more for others when I get faster.


Well, I knit more for others this year than I ever have in previous years; however, those things paled in comparison to the number of things I knit for myself :)

Judy bowsher

Probably about equal: a sweater & cabled vest for myself, & a all over fair isle vest for dh which took WAY more time. Currently working on leftovers socks for others.

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