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December 22, 2018


Karla French

Oh yes, Mt Great American Aran Afghan
I share all of my Knitting projects on Ravelry. I am Suchahappyknitter!!!
I set a goal to complete it in a year, and I did!!❤

Anna Marr

My favorite knit this year was a little poncho for myself. It can be found here. I just loved working with the Poste yarn


This was not a big year of knitting for me. I'm working to find my knitting mojo again. But the project that stands out the most for me is a So Faded sweater in Malabrigo. Still trying to finish the sleeves....

amy g

I have been participating in the Sock Knitter's Anonymous Mystery Socks and have successfully finished three socks this year! Now back to some other projects that are taking way too long!

I'm trying to get better at posting on Ravelry, I certainly am successful at filling my library!

Kristina Peters

Sock knitting has been my favorite project. They work for my feet as well as a warm gift!

Kate  Greenwood

I really enjoyed knitting a couple of Aeque cowls ( using unicorn tails. I loved the colors that I received in a couple of mystery bags and had fun putting palettes together. They are also so easy and soft to wear in winter!


A lot of my knitting this past year has been for charity. Along the way I learned to do helical knitting and it’s been fun making those striped hats, using up leftover, partial balls of yarn. Choosing colors for the hats has been so fun.


Looking back over the year all my FO’s are accessories, none too complicated but with a bit of lace or cables to mix it up. I have a houseful of kids, including a toddler, and I just haven’t had the brain capacity or attention span for bigger projects. I need the quiet, relaxation of simple projects to balance out my day. My favorite projects this year were two one-skein, crescent-shaped shawls. The colors are beautiful and it’s just a little something to dress up my usual T-shirt and jeans. I do use Ravelry and try to keep it up to date. It helps me keep track of notes and makes me feel good to be able to look back at the things I’ve worked on.


2018 was the year of Blankets for me - I joined two KALs with Madelinetosh kits and also picked out 12 more color ways to make my own!

raquel moncada

this year has been the year of crochet and colorwork! My favorite item is the Gamaldags cardigan

Robin J

I have had one big project this year. I joined a blanket KAL last January. I am knitting on our December yarn now. I have made lots of hats, socks, nothing too difficult.


I think the Sockhead Hat is the only project I’ve finished this year. I haven’t had a very productive knitting year and I am awful about adding my projects to Ravely

Teresa Knittingdancer

The things I am the most proud of are 3 pairs of socks that I knitted myself this year. My sister had always knitted my socks for me and I decided to learn how to knit socks this year. My favorite pair is a bright rainbow striped pair. When I saw this yarn knitted up as a sample sock at SSK in Nashville this July I just had to have this yarn. I love my socks!!!


This year I took two months and finished all but one WIP! I finished my first sweater...and it fits, sock pairs 2 & 3, and two shawls! I am currently wait for a nice sunny day to photograph everything! Maybe not the best answer to the question . 🙄


I made my husband a vest. I found the yarn on a road trip to Ontario, intending to make a vest for myself, but my husband saw it and fell in love with the color. I took the general idea from Veronik Avery's Zipped Vest pattern, and made a few mods based on the vest pattern in Ann Budd's book of patterns at every gauge because my gauge wouldn't match the pattern's and because of the comments I saw on Rav about the armholes being tight. The collar comes up and then gets folded down to be double-thick, and I used a soft merino/alpaca blend to feel nice against the chin. And the zipper installation was delegated to a local seamstress, because I can't sew worth squat! Both of us are thrilled with the result, and the photo has garnered tons of likes on Facebook as well.


My favored project this year was Abaia (Lisa Mutch). I knit iwith Post Targhee Sick which I liked knitting and I think the shawl looks great,

Janet Duff

I made a sock head cowl. I love it, but I put it away in a special place this Fall. Guess what, I can’t find it.......🙄🤪


I made a duster length sweater for myself and it's already gotten a lot of wear. It's a great teal color and goes with a lot of my wardrobe.

Joyce Correia

I'm doing most of my knitting projects for relatives in New England or a local craft event. Trying to use up my stash by combining colors - although that gives me partial skeins to use up. Just started the Roiling Waters scarf. There's a brain challenge!


I made a few Irish fisherman scarves. I made a few prayer shawls that I either gave to people that I felt could use them and or the church to give them to those in need.


I didn't really make anything I'd consider stand out... but I am pretty happy with the first pair of socks I made this year. It took me a month off and on of charting them and they turned out the way I wanted them to! So that was pretty awesome.


I made an Evenstar. Pretty epic.


It was a KAL but I was unable to start it until after it finished! This was a mind-bender but I really like how it turned out.


My big project this year was the "Welcome to the Flock" baby sweater and cap - pattern by Julia Farwell-Clay. I made it in a soft green for a newborn baby boy and in mauve for a 2-year old little girl.

Here's the pattern on Ravelry:


I discovered the Fish Lips Kiss heel. With that heel, worsted weight yarn and child sizes, I've discovered sock mojo I never had before. No second sock syndrome!


My knitting victory this year was mastering mittens & mitts. On to fair isle and stranded knitting in 2019!


This was a big knitting year for me. I knit 14 pairs of socks and I’m currently working on #15. I also made 7 sweaters and 6 or more hats and several baby gifts as well. It’s hard to pick a favorite but I plan to do more color work sweaters in 2019. Sorry — this isn’t the best answer to your question.


I am more of a knitter but this year I crocheted a scarf for a special bud. I made a Doc Baker scarf that I could have knitted one but the crochet version pattern I found made more sense to me plus it was a challenge that its perfect but the bud loves it and he has gotten compliments for it see he uses this scarf for his cosplay. I am very proud of the scarf.


My knitting challenge this year was the Butterfly/Papillon shawl by Marin Melchior and it had quite the learning curve for me, and I am glad it is done!
My relaxation knitting was the Hitchhiker by Martina Behm, which I've always wanted to do and finally started it when I couldn't concentrate while waiting for my Dad to have his cataract surgery done. I used a red and black skein of Miss Babs Tarte and it can be worn with black or red or white tops, very versatile.

Dana Snyder

I made a shawl from knit Purl hunter. We did a section a month. It was really fun and it’s beautiful!

Nicole Acuna

Yes! It may sound silly but my cabled owl boot cuffs made me feel that way but I gave them to my best friend as an early Christmas present! I used a tweed yarn and little buttons for eyes but the actual cabled owls looked so amazing!


Double Cappuccino leg warmers! What started out as 1 pair turned into 1 adult pair and some kiddo sized pairs. This turned out to be year of the leg warmer and I have more planned for next year! Addi flexiflips are essential for this project :)


I design knitting patterns, and the one I enjoyed designing/knitting the most is my Bonfire Shawl. The colors and textures just made me so happy! Here’s a link to my project page:


I knit a number of shawls this year. I was excited to use up multiple skeins of yarn, and knit the patterns I had purchased a while back. In particular, I was excited to knit Melanie Berg’s Drachenfels:


I made my husband a Mr Rogers sweater for Christmas! The pattern is the Neighborly cardigan: It's the first time I ever sewed in a zipper, and it was a challenge for me. I'm really happy with it (and so is he!)


This year I made an Icelandic yoked sweater and steeked it. It was such a satisfying sweater to make. It won’t be my last Steeked project, that’s for sure!


This year the projects that stand out for me are the cowls that I made for my sister (for hosting Thanksgiving) and my sister-in-law (for hosting Christmas), one for another sister-in-law for her 65th birthday and one for me. The pattern is the “Jessica Jones Wardrobe Basics Cowl”, which can be found on Ravelry. I used the Mineville Wool Project sock wool that
I bought on sale at It is a very simple relaxing knitting project, but looks like it’s been intricately woven. Definately a pattern (and wool) I will use over and over again.

Diane N

This year was a challenging one for me. I was not able to knit for several months. Today I am finishing up a pair of mittens for my niece's stocking. Looking forward to 2019 to get my knitting mojo back.

Annette Poole

I decided to make socks for everyone in my department at work. I've really enjoyed giving socks to people who have never had hand knitted socks before. The only problem is now they want me to make them more socks! :)

Deb Monnin

I like to make socks and accessories, but this year I made a wedding shawl for my daughter. I do knit to relax and even this shawl fulfilled that mission. Thank you SSYC for all of your inspirational yarns and pictures!


I learned Brioche and promptly knitted 2 What the Fade? One in handspun yarn and then bought the Hedgehog Fiber kit to knit a second one.

Lynn B.

I took a crafty class “High Sierra” shawl. Lace work a bit of a challenge. Finished and love it! Sadly, I stink at posting on Ravelry.

Geraldine Scott

My proudest accomplishment in knitting this year was the knock off of the ever popular Colorado Chic hat. However, mine was knitted in the round, and has a double-brim for extra warmth. This was the first time I did a double brim...and I managed to knit the whole project while on a 10-day cruise to the Panama Canal with no internet for tutorials! Now the thing is sitting waiting for me to attach the pom no pictures!


Made a pair of lace patterned socks.....found out it really wasn't such a challange as I thought....I think my Christmas cast on will be another pair. MERRY CHRISTMAS


I crocheted two large blankets with 20 colors of yarn each, five panels, three of the panels consisted of 5 squares, different stitch motifs, etc.

Beverly J White

This seemed to be the year for cowls. Half my projects were cowls. I made a couple of Copenhagen Calling and loved them. Both are gone so I need to knit that pattern again. I also knitted matching sweaters for my youngest son's two little girls. That was fun.


I made the Mon Manet sweater. Love how simple the construction is and the fit was good for me. I'll be making another.

Brenda B

I made two shawls this year, one pretty lace one for a wedding I attended:

The other was this nice blue one, I particularly enjoyed this one as I dyed the yarn too and was really happy how the pattern and yarn worked together:

Considering I typically make very small projects like socks or hats, I was so please to finish not one, but two larger projects.


My guild had a charity program of All Hats, All the Time, where we'd make a different hat each month, learning a specific skill. My Color Dipped Hat was a beast -- I learned long-tail tubular cast-on (the skill to learn), and how to drop down and hook up properly in fisherman's rib. I chose to do the largest size, and in fingering weight, it took forever!

Joyce Gravino

My favorite knit this year was a crochet item. I made a c2c moss stitch baby blanket. I love the way it came out

Amy E.

My standout project for this year is about to come off my needles tomorrow. It's the Lilli Pilli shawl. I'm in love with the colors and pattern! My friend is going to love it!

Debbie Hallamek

A baby surprise jacket for my new grand daughter.

Ashley W

I finally finished a huge throw made out of all natural wools!


I made a sweater, but I wanted a simple design to show off the Noro Silk Garden yarn, so I developed my own design. It came out great! I have only tried designing my own sweater once before. It did make me feel like an “expert”.

Coby Hanna-Butler

I was taught to knit by the lovely Wallaby Knits, and she taught me to always document in Ravelry. I’m so glad I do too - I would forget half of what I did. ;)

Favorite project was the Therapy shawl , and that’s because of the gorgeous yarn I got at SSYC!

Susan James

I knit a Jujuy Shawl this year, using sock yarns from my stash, and I LOVED the whole process. I loved the pattern, and the way it looked. I'm saving it for a friends birthday gift.


I made 8 pairs of socks in the last 6 months. Finished one pair in 7 days! I swear that I won't make another pair but I just found another skein from Simply Socks and it must be knit!

Rita from Wyoming

This year for the first time I joined a mystery blanket knit along with lots of different stitches and cables. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself.


I wish I could say that I had done some stand out knitting this year, but I am still knitting socks for my daughter, and they are pretty much the same. At the moment I am knitting with Qing yarn which I got from Simply Socks, and I am really loving it.


I have to choose two sweater projects that I made.

The first one was started in 2017 and finished in 2018 - Arboreal, by Jennifer Steingass:

The second one is Starfall, also by Jennifer Steingass:

I really like the stranded yoke style, and I plan to make more in 2019.

Julie Vance

Cable Hats! They eat through the stash, super quick, and make great gifts.


No particular knitting thrills this year - just the usual socks, Ww, & hats.


This year was mostly vanilla socks but my showcase project was started last year and finished in 2018 - The Scottish Ale Sweater for my sweetie. In fact, he's wearing it today!


My most accomplished projects were the Urban Hiker sweaters I know for my grandsons.
They turned so nice and are getting a lot of use.

Cindy Weber

I have yet to knit a cowl. I have patterns and yarn to do so but not yet. Maybe this year.


I made a Dragonflies Jumper by Jodi Locatelli, the most form fitting garment i ever knit. And to my surprise, it fits, and looks great!

Geri Heagy

My biggest accomplishment was knitting socks for my husband’s ortho doctor and his PA. They took great care of my husband while recuperating from a torn Achilles. What better way to treat them than socks for THEIR feet!

Lisa Loback

I knitted 4 sock head hats for some of my grandkids!

Elizabeth SanMiguel

No major projects completed yet. Did finished the Close to You shawl and the large version of the Perfect Retreat Shawl. Proud of how both turned out and gifted.


Made a Sliver shawl for my mom for Christmas!


No major projects ; I like to relax in the evenings and not have to think a lot. Mostly hats and trying to whittle my stash down a bit


I had the yarn in my stash for Heart on my Sleeve cardi forever, but in 2018, I finally knit it, and I love it. It is soft, cozy, and best of all, purple!

Wendy Guindon

The only project I actually finished this year was my Gaptastic cowl.
I have many, many WIP's, but the one I have worked on for the entire year is a Hue Shift afghan. I am so close to finishing.
My goal for 2019 is to finish my first pair of socks!!!

Cindy Carpenter



A lot of simple knits I was happy with, but I also tackled a fingering weight sweater for my daughter with a colorwork yoke of unicorns that often had 4 colors per row. Much more complicated project, not perfect, but I'm proud of how it came out.

Jil Browne

My favorite project for this year has been the Debbie Abrahams 2018 Mystery Blanket KAL. Very interesting squares each month and plenty of beadwork to keep them all favorites. It might surpass my love for the 2017 Blanket which I thought could never be topped.


I learned stranded colorwork this year, so my proudest project was my first successful one, a cowl, though it’s a pretty simple pattern. I have since made a number of hats and cowls, along with the usual pairs of socks.

And as I just finished my holiday gift knitting, I am planning to kick off 2019 by starting my very first sweater :)

Dana Snyder

Another accomplishment was that I completed all 6 stages of the tour de sock on time! Last year I only finished 5/6. I think I finished at least 10 1/2 pairs of socks this year. I only finished one of the tds warm ups sothatll be for next year!


I knitted a the Earnest Cardigan by Joji. I used a sportweight yarn -fabulous design, beautiful sweater. I've moved mostly to simple things...

Kimberly Wiggin

My most memorable knitting project of 2018 is finishing my ZickZack scarf. I had started it a couple of years ago and loved it, but it was taking forever and got put aside (fingering weight, size 4 needles, slow going). I found it in a project bag this spring and still loved it, so I set a goal of a few rows a day and soon it was done. It was so much fun wearing it to Rhinebeck, seeing quite a few other ZickZacks and comparing notes with the other knitters.


I'm a sock knitter so all my project bags are full of beautiful sock yarn. Sometimes mittens or a hat will happen....!

Laurie Bowman

Making socks is meditative and stress relieving to me, so that is what I am usually knitting, however this year I have begun a pair of knit Christmas stockings for hubby and I...not so relaxing because they are colorwork, but I think they will be masterpieces when done!

Sarah R

I knitted socks this year - giant socks for my boyfriend, cabled socks, toe up socks and TAAT socks. I tried something new on every pair ☺


I had a baby this year so my knitting has been lacking. I did make a few pairs of simple socks and a rather large baby blanket.

Heather Lyons

Anything I finish is special since I have so many WIPS. 😆 My favorite was Heidi Alander’s “Nurmilintu”. A shawl that alternates between garter stitch and lace sections, I got about 1/3 through and messed up on a lace section. My lifeline was after my mistake. Completely started over in a different yarn and finally finished it. It was one of those projects that I was just determined to complete.

Marilyn Hunley

I finished 2 projects that I am really proud of, that I will make again and can easily recommend. 2nd Avenue by Amy Miller. A huge shawl/wrap that can be used as a scarf and is a great stash buster. I used all Canadian indie dyed fingering yarn that I loved but didn't want to hide in a shoe. The other pattern is Jason's cable Cashmere hat by Melissa Thomson . I used Aran weight alpaca. I made it for my brotther and it made me feel like a rock star in the knitting world. Knits up quickly too.


I finished two shawls this year (I won't mention how many others are on needles, lol. It is almost as bad as how many socks I have on needles)

Mint & Liquorice,
Forest Serenity,


My favorite project this year was my first barley light. It was my first fingering weight hat, and I managed to get it finished within the timeline on Ravellenic games.

Brenna Delosier

I’m just getting my crafting mojo back after a fight with cancer. My favorite crochet this year was a simple Collegiate Blanket made with 19 skeins of sock yarn.


I first did Brioche during lasts Xmas break but made 3 more projects that had Brioche in them after that. It was fun to learn to do. I made my new great niece a Dog Star by Tin Can Knits, it's done and blocked but need to take pictures tomorrow and update my Ravelry page. Had been sick so didn't want to touch it.


It was not a complicated thing, but I am most proud of a hat pattern that I developed for myself to use up some soft fingering weight yarn. I microstripe solids and speckles to make a really cute hat. I live the feel of the yarn and enjoy putting my own color combinations together.


I found a pattern for string bags for fruits and veggies when shopping that I enjoy using as a stash buster for my #10 crochet cotton....but don’t have in my Ravelry projects yet as they are for holiday gifts. And I have made a few hats this year that I finished—-I was in a “simple project” mode this year as life was more hectic than desired.


My standout project this year is the "Garter Squish" by Steven West. It turned out Queen sized and EPIC!! My youngest son will get it for Christmas... He asked for a blanket. And boy is he getting I also completed 3 other blankets and a ton of other projects. It was a very productive year. I don't have small kids so I have tons of time for me... :)

Lisa M Barrett

A totally simple but charming wee Kitkat Hat - I finally used my skein of Three Irish Girls Springvale in the glorious colorway of Mairin and I love it. My vet does too....


This year the project that stands out to me is the fingerless mitts I knitted with yarn I dyed myself. Dyeing yarn interested me greatly so I started small and dyed one skein of DK using Kool-Ade. It turned out quite bright so I overdyed it using a different Kool-Ade. This time the yarn turned out great and I knitted the fingerless mitts which I wear every day on my walks.

Renee Sawyer

I think my favorite thing this year was the Helen Stewart Impressionist MKAL. I love the way my colors turned out.


I made Christmas socks this year for the first time. One pair I call my elf socks because they are red and green stripes.


I participated in the Crown Wools KAL and really like the wrap. I also have the Goldfish Memory on my needles and is almost completed. I finished some cute hats in the last month too!


My favorite knit this year was Lovella! Easy knit, but a stunning result!

Laura Speer

I knit socks - mostly for me. I made some for my two granddaughters and they loved. The socks were so tiny!

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