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November 16, 2018



Oh Allison you enabler, you! I LOVE both Christmas kits.... leaning towards the doggy one. Every year your Christmas Holiday Kit is something I buy myself... give it to my kids to “surprise” me on Christmas!!

Becky Collins

Awe!!!! I can't wait to see what all is in the Christmas kits. 😍😍😍


Love the doggy kit - I have a very spoiled Dalmatian at home - need to get it to celebrate him!S


I too love both kits & leaning toward the doggie one. But I might just try for both & give one to my daughter.

Susan Miller

Wow, I can't wait for all these awesome sales. You guys are my favorite!

MaryAnn Baker

Put me down for two kits! So lovely. I can’t wait. Will you have preorders?

Marjorie Millner

It’s a shame you can’t find a way to fill your time! LOL, when was the last time you breathed? I’m dizzy just reading all this. Those kits are great, by the way! Really neat fabrics and fabulous stitch markers!


love the upcoming Christmas kits....wish I was closer to shop in person for shop small saturday......hope you had a good thanksgiving....

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