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October 02, 2018



Love these, especially the Overlook Hotel. Not really related to this but for the self-striping yarns, I wish you'd post solid colors you carry that would be appropriate for heels & toes. I spend a lot of time comparing solid colors on my screen and order something that looks right, but often it isn't quite right when I get the yarn.

Patricia Acquaire

Very cute. Love the colors.


Hi Jane, thanks for asking! I will be more consistent with coordinating solid color recommendations. I'll share that for this one, I wished I had a bit of plain black at home when I got to the heel, as I thought black would have been the best accent to bring out the black stripes in the yarn. You could use Simply Sock Solids, West Yorkshire Spinners or Cascade Heritage. Links:

Doreen Righter

I have a question I have been wondering about for some time now. If you are using a bag with a zipper, doesn't the yarn get caught in the teeth of the zipper and shred it? Thanks

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