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October 17, 2018


Ashley W

A tough call to pick just one, but probably Wizard Ambition filled closely by Commin Room.


Ooh, Chicagoland! Go Bears!


I think that Swiss Alps might be my favorite for the reason that I love the color combinations and that when made up into something (because there are so many possibilities) it would go with many things. It is classic.


I also love the new Coeur D'Alene! And my dad grew up in Rugby, ND so that one is calling my name too!

Jane Penrose

Smoky Mnt Violets is my choice. The grays and pinks together are gorgeous.


Poste Stripe Oz just leaped off the page at me, the bright colors reminding me of those small candy dots on white strips of paper that we loved as children - a rare treat only at a summer festival, if we were lucky. A touch of nostalgia......remembering family and fun times.


I've gotta choose Giant's Causeway. It's a great color combo that's good looking but not too bold. I was lucky enough to visit the Giant's Causeway this spring and I loved it there!
(Oz calls to me with that great crayon rainbow too!)


Smoky Mtn Violets!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Kate  Greenwood

Swiss Alps because it makes me excited for snowy skis this winter!

Kristen K

Elm Street! Those would make perfect Halloween socks!


Today...I'm feeling Bryce. Reminds me of Pumpkins, chestnuts and acorns. :)


Struggle bus with choosing just one, but because I have started a tradition of knitting my sister Christmas socks every year, I'm going with Frankenmuth because she liked it too :)


Frankenmuth!!! I grew up there and it’s not often it gets such wide acclaim!


Oh, I just love this base, and the beautiful stripes! But it is really hard to narrow it down to just one! So, for TODAY, I will choose Playa del Amor. I love all those shades of pink and purple!


For me, it's Jollyville. I love striped socks, and I love Christmas socks. I've knit myself a couple pair of red and green striped ones, but this has a little more.... jazz hands, y'know?


Well today I would pick Common Room. But tomorrow it just might be a different color. So hard to choose.


Camp Crystal Lake would make the most perfect Halloween socks, and I'm feeling Halloweeny today, so I'll pick that as my favorite.


Pont Des Art. That colorway takes me back to my childhood Christmas traditions. Chocolate covered cherries!! They were my dad's favorite candy and we'd only enjoy them during the Christmas season.


I would love some Bourbon Street socks!!! I'm a sucker for anything with purple and green!


I love Jollyville. My favorite color combo is red and green but it's hard to find year round. I love this color!

amy g

WOW! This one is very hard! But - I think today it's Goblin Forest. Tomorrow it may change! Thanks for the opportunity!


Tough decision , but Oz just edged out my second choice.

Dari Trout

There are so many I love!! I think I will have to go with Joshua Tree today. Such warm and cozy colors!

Jeanne Bush

I'm going for Vegas Strip - the beautiful bright colors are a pick-me-up for grey winter days.


So many good colors. Poste Stripe Goblin Forest would be my choice today.

Debbie Hallamek

My favorite is Oz. Really bright and cheerful!


I love that Coeur D'alene because of the salmon and aqua, two of my favorite colors.


That 70's Kitchen is my current fave. It is so fun and not the typical colors I tend to go for.


Wizard Knowledge because my husband found out he is in Ravenclaw this year ;-)


Playa del Amor with the luscious pinks and purples,
Coueur D'Alene's soft pinks and blues
Bourbon Street for it's cheerful mix of all my favorite colors, and M-22 for my favorite team!
Poste Yarn socks are my favorites--they become so cozy in the wash and they wear well. Thank you for the great work you do!


I think Ghost Town, although Bryce Canyon is also attractive. As things are turning dull and bare (which is how I see late autumn) I crave bright colors! At the same time it has to be something that I will actually wear, not just knit.


Elm Street is my favorite. I love all the colors!


Electric Avenue -- lots of eye popping color.


Jollyville is my favorite. It's just so cheerful and Christmasy. Thanks for the chance to win!


I love Swiss Alps. The glacial colors really appeal to me. I love an icy look. ❄️


Smoky Mountain Violets. beautiful!!


Right now, I like the Coeur D'alene too, because it's a slightly unusual pairing of colors.
But I keep waiting for Ibiza to make a return!! (hint, hint)


Bryce Canyon or Funky Town, not sure which is better!

Melissa B

Yes! Coeur D'Alene Is such an amazing colorway...hip with the aqua, teal, and reds. Those are the colors I live right now. But my heart is with Bourbon Street because, well, bourbon. And Louisiana. And purple and green together steal my heart every time.


Common room! Because I love Harry Potter, and those are all colors that I like and wear!


Today it seems to be Jollyville.


Swiss Alps is definitely my favorite. It reminds me of snow days. Even as an adult a snow days seems like an invitation to make cookies and drink cocoa in my pajamas and wool socks.


"All" hand knit socks, when your skiing - either down hill skiing or ski jumping are
the BEST. I have several pairs, hand wash
each time they are worn - and WARM!


Vegas Strip because I think I need to wear sunglasses to look at it.

Julie Vance

I just finished the first Harry Potter and live the Common Room colorway. All in one, perfect.


Posted stripe sugar plum hits my "Holiday but not too traditional" buttons. What a sweet colorway.


Smokey Mtn Violets is calling my name today!!!


Today it’s Oz - tomorrow, Fright Night, maybe?

Marilyn Hunley

Electric Avenue. It's just so happy!

Jody Laake

My favorite today is Waitomo Cave - those bright, vibrant greens really speak to me!


Ghost Town!! It's an awesome spoopy colorway for the month, but it's also a lovely mesa/sunset themed color, with a twinge of classic Western.


Today Giants Causeway is calling my name. It was kind of chill this morning and cozy fingerless mitts for a cargo jacket would be super!


Oz, because ... RAINBOWS! :)


I’m loving Pont des Art. It has pink in it which is always a huge plus for anything and it has browns along with the pink. I don’t like greys or blues at all (not even a little) and so many yarns have some in them somewhere.


Bozeman Range color way would be just right for me, to make Christmas sox or a pair of paddy's day birthday sox for me.

Alecia Helton

Bourbon Street

Renee Anne

Oh boy......

Common Room, Elm Street, Wizard Loyalty, Wizard Bravery, Wizard Knowledge, Wizard Ambition, Oz, Green Bay Pride (because home).....yeah, I have a problem :)

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Love the Coeur D'Alene colorway, plus Oz and Common Room. Odd, no Ravelry projects using Common Room.


Court d'alene. Love the colorways!


Coeur D'Alene has so many colors yet doesn't look too busy or clash-y. It's my pick today.

Teresa C

Oz. It makes me smile every time i see it.
BTW a copy of its picture is the wallpaper on my iPad.


Ghost Town! I love turquoise and red-orange together so this color really speaks to me.

Wendy Chase

Pont Des Art, because I don't have anything like it in my stash!

Susie Inman

I love Ghost’s enough to wonder it little toe ghosts come with the finished product...👻

Amy C

That 70s Kitchen won't let go of me. The colors are just perfect.

Marty Ward

I LOVE the Coeur D'Alene! So beautiful. My daughter and son in law lived there for 2 years, and that yarn is as beautiful as the views from their deck.


ashkiga park because I don't have any purple socks. They would definitely be autumnal looking.


Bourbon Street! The colors are so bold and rich, with that pop of chartreuse - very fun.

Nancy F.

Wizard Knowledge. Reminiscent of my high school days: same school colors.


Well, I narrowed it down to eight. Eight!😑 This is so tough as I am feeling the pull from two seasons. Do I go with Bryce Canyon or Jollyville?!🤔 Since it is another absolutely gorgeous Autumn day here I guess I will go with Bryce Canyon but this is tough!!

Becky Jankowski

Definitely Frankenmuth! Been looking for a Country Christmas type stripe for a while now. Plan to order as soon as you have the #1 Duett back in stock. Got the #2 and love it but NEED the #1 as well! I see Duetts have really taken off.


Salem! My absolute favorite socks!


Today, I liked Poste Stripe Oz the best, because it's a happy colorway!

Thanks for the contest!

Arvada Trickle

I like the Fright Night! What a great pair of Halloween Socks this yarn would make!


Brights Grove, it reminds me of spring time!!! Camp Crystal Lake because it reminds me of autumn!!!


Frankenmuth- I grew up about an hour's drive from there, and I have fond memories of watching the taffy get pulled in the candy shops, eating at Zehnder's (spelling?) and of course, Bronner's Christmas shop! I was in a tap dance recital once there, too!


I have been looking for some yarn for a friend who requested mostly green socks and I think Wizard Ambition would be perfect!


Well, I was going to make a short list but then I scrolled down and kept adding to the list. Too much loveliness in one place ! Something bright because winter is coming...nothing pink because I’m allergic...if you draw my name, surprise me twice (once for drawing my name and again with the yarn )😉


Pont des Art. It reminds me of chocolate covered cherries that are just so yummy!!

Julie M. Olsen

I like Coeur d'Alene.


So many beautiful colors but my fave is also Coeur D’Alene. It incorporates some of my favorite colors with the aqua and coral stripes.


Ooh, that's a tough question. Normally, I would say Snowflake VA. But both Common Room and Coeur d"Alene are striking me today. I'd have to go with Coeur D'Alene.

Sarah R

Today my favourite is Smoky Mountain Violets. I don't have any knitted socks in that colour, and there's none of that colour in my stash.


I'm in a Halloween mood and am drawn to Goblin Forest!


Tough call, but I’d go with the Shilin, Stone forest. I’ve been there! My visit there was one of my favorite memories of living in China.


“Lake Baikal”! I don’t know where that is, but the colour combination is great and I can envision a really nice pair of socks for myself.

Lisa M Barrett

My new favorite is Coeur D'Alene. For a looooong time it was Jollyville which I used to make these socks - - but the colors you selected for Coeur D'Alene are stunning and I really like the addition of grey. I think I might need to make another pair of Stitch Surfers :)

Geraldine Scott

Such a hard decision! Not really into Halloween, but Elm Street is beckoning...thanks for the chance to win!


I'd pick Jollyville because I want to knit some Christmas socks!

Jenny K

Ashikaga Flower Park is in my school colors!


Waitomo Cave is my favourite - great colours, and it reminds me of visiting family in New Zealand and seeing the glowworms!


Coeur d'Alene tops the list. The colors are almost holiday, but not quite. I never seem to finish holiday socks until well after the special day. Thank you for sponsoring these contests.

Faye J

What a great contest....I love the colors in Coeur d"Alene. It's hard to pick just one as they all are lovely.

Patricia R

My fave color today is ASHIKAGA PARK. This colorway would be perfect for me to make my sister a pair of socks for Christmas! She loves all shades of purple (and so do I).


So hard to choose. But today Wiatomo Cave wins. I chose green to wear today so apparently I'm in a green mood


There is something about Electric Avenue I find deeply appealing

darcy coffel

I am loving "Ghost Town". The colorway is awesome and I've always have wanted to visit a actual ghost town. I'm easily scared so I don't think that will happen so it would be fun to knit the colorway instead. :)


I've been drawn to yellows lately so I That 70's Kitchen jumps out at me. I tend to wear colors on my feet that I wouldn't wear up near my face.

Michelle E

I've already ordered and received Coeur D'Alene so I guess it's safe to say it's my favorite, I saw the beginnings of a sock on Instagram and love how it's knitting up - Jollyville would be a close second.

Lynn B.

The Chicagoland for the ILLini! Go ILLini!

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