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October 01, 2018



Socks are my favorite thing to knit, but I haven’t kept a single pair for myself. Time to change that. Planning my first trip to simply sock brick and mortar store. Yea.... can hardly wait


I would love to set a huge sock goal but since my daughter gets married on October 13 I will be happy will finishing my Halloween socks I started over the weekend.


Along with many other knitting projects, I'd like to finish one pair of socks each week for the month of October


My goal for October is to finish a shawl I am making.

Linda A

My goal is to complete a pair of socks this month. Some nice pattern with lace in a delicious color! For me!


I need to finish up a couple more pairs of socks for my boy. The spoiled brat says his Army issued ones are crap. 😂

Pamelyn Woo

I'd love to finish my 4 wips! Not impossible. Some of them have a whole first sock.

Stephanie Stagner

I'm about to cast on some Halloween socks..

Jody Laake

I would love to join in! I have about 4 pairs of socks that only need the toes finished and then I have 3 other pairs that are works in progress. My goal will be to Kitchener all those toes and finish my pairs in progress! Then (and here I’m being really ambitious) I would like to knit a pair in Dream in Color Smooshy Riot Girl.

Rhonda Cary

It has been a sock year for me but this month it would be really nice to get a couple of pairs off of the needles. At some point you realize that having eight or nine pairs of socks going at once might be a tad overboard.


My goal is to finish the socks I started before my daughter was born earlier this year. And maybe knit another pair too!

JB Pierce

Too many goals! The immediate and most pressing ones are fixing a sock-weight hat that had bad metrics and finishing fingerless mitts made from, yes, sock yarn

Melissa G

I want to learn to knit socks. I have some Buckeye yarn from you shop, just need to sit down and learn!

Sue Boisvert

I pair of cashmere socks for hubby - he needs some spoiling 😌

Christy Finecy

I am not ready to give up my summer footwear, so my goal this month is to knit my first pair of flip-flop socks.

Amanda Guthrie

I’m getting ready to cast in a new pair tonight! It’s been at least a year since I’ve made my last pair and I’m itching to get something fun on the needles!

Chris T

Yay Socktober! My number 1 goal, I hope I can finish a pair of socks this month. I suffer from Second Socktober Syndrome. Once I finish “a” sock, I want to knit all the other socks! I should really learn to do 2 at a time. Fingers crossed I will finish Socktober with a pair of matching socks! It’s important to try new things! Happy Socktober!

Vanessa Fernandez

My goal is to make my husband his very first pair of socks!!


My goal is to knit an adult pair of socks and a toddler size pair. We got this!!


I want to finish a pair of Christmas socks for my honey bear! 😀


My goal is to finish my Gandalf socks in time for my husband’s birthday this Saturday, then knit two sock patterns by Claire Ellen (In a Hole in the Ground, and Attercop). If I have any more Socktober knitting time after that, I will begin a pair of cabled socks for a Christmas gift. I am over-run with ideas this month! Yay Socktober!


I have retired to take care of my ailing husband, which means I'll be spending a lot of time sitting watching him sleep. Maybe I can overcome my fear of starting socks (my mitten was a one off a few years back and still is) and really try some this fall. Socks are what I wear 7 days a week!

Jeanette Dickaua

The goal is to finish the pair of socks that is almost done and the vest I just started. I always have to have a pair of socks on the go just in case I need something in my hands when the conversation boring!

Vickie Yattaw

I run a local yarn shop and my goal for the month is to teach 10 people how to knit socks this October.


I love socktober!!! I have a pair of scrappy socks on my needles right now.

Barb Good

My goal is to knit 2 pairs of socks as Christmas gifts, using "Joshua Tree" striped Poste yarn. Almost finished with the first pair!


ahh, to finish a pair of sox for myself … am finishing those giveaways, but my own are languishing in their little boxes, bowls, bags or cans while my tootsies need toasting.


I’d love to finish all of my sock WIPs (I think that is about 6)


My goal is to complete all my half-finished pairs. Then I'll reward myself with something special, like maybe some PrimroseYarns.

Karen machado

Hi. I plan on knitting Milky Chai socks, which is on ravelry, now. I have a cute speckled yarn that I am waiting to knit it up in. There is also an adorable pair of socks, by Andrea Mowry, in Alain’s issue 6. Happy sock knitting to you all! Can’t wait to cast on!

Karen machado

Sorry that is Laine 6. I got autocorrected and didn’t check before I posted.🙃


Today I started knitting my first ever baby socks. I’m amazed that Soktober is even a thing and I’m glad I started Just in time


I'd like to make 4 pairs of socks. All my mom wants for Christmas is a pair or two of handknit socks.

Alycia M

I’d like to finish at least three sock WIPs and start a Christmas pair.

Karen G.

I've got a sweater to finish and then need to start working on Christmas projects. I'm overdue for a selfish knit (maybe socks) so I hope to sneak one in before the gift knitting begins!


My goal is to knit a pair of self striping Christmas socks 🧦 with a different color on the cuff, heel and toes. I have two frogged attempts but I’m determined. Bring on Socktober!

Susen Button

I am going to make a double knit War & Peace style pair for my daughter. I have so many single socks that I believe this may be the only way I end up with a complete pair.


Im keeping my goals simple so I’m more likely to meet them. I hope to finish my granddaughter ‘s plain grey socks & knit a sockhead hat for my grandson.


my goal is to start a pair of socks, and to make a tea cozy, oh and finish up the thumb on my fingerless mitts that I have been putting off since August, its only like 8 rounds, seriously just finish it already!! LOL

Lisa p

My goal is to knit a sock a day (newborn and preemie size) to donate to our local hospital. I use leftovers from all the regular size socks I knit.

jenn h

Well gosh since its socktober i should probably knit some socks that my moms been asking for! But id love to get a self striping yarn for myself!


KNIT socks. I really need to put a timer by my computer so I knit more and surf less!

Sarah R

I'm going to finish my first ever two at a time toe up socks. And my speckled space socks which are being knitted in a colourway called Ziggy Stardust. And maybe to start another pair...


I’m finishing up a pair of purple socks for a friend, organizing all my sock yarn into one tote, and starting a pair of socks for me!

Michelle Mccrillis

I’ve got a pair of socks on the needles now for one granddaughter to finish and a boatload of sock yarn to play with. Of course I’ve also got two lace shawls going too. Socktober should be fun.

Lyn Carriveau

My goal is to finally finish my first real pair of socks! (first pair were worsted slipper socks) I have the first sock finished except for the afterthought heal. Then on to sock two! Wish me luck.❤


Finished up the toe on one pair yesterday and have a goal of a full pair - start to finish - the rest of the month!


I really want to teach myself how to knit two socks at a time so I never have to experience"single sock syndrome"again! That's my goal!

Shawn sweeney

I have knit 5 socks, but only 2 of them match. I would like to finish a 2nd pair this month by completing a sock that matches one of the other 3.

Jacquelyn Fitzgerald

My goal os to finish my 2aat socks I started this summer!

Karen Fridy

I started knitting to learn how to make socks. I made two pair and started a third. And then of course I had to start a vest, a blanket, another blanket,...

The third pair of socks still languishes on the needles about at the heel turn which I've now forgotten how to do! :-) My goal is to sit down with my instructor and get a refresher course so I can finish those socks and start another pair!

Betty Huss

I was at your shop in August and brought home several banks of your yarn. Finishing up a pair of Patriotic socks for Nov 11, have several more pairs to do. Love knitting socks with beautiful yarn.


My goal is 3 baby 2 toddler and an adult Santa hat. Undecided if they will be traditional or Penny style. I have to find traditional Mall Santa red, and white yarn. Knit and Ship in time for Christmas pictures. Hope my count is right. There could be more.

Wendy Guindon

I want to finish my first pair of socks that I started in April. And I have a sweater on sleeve island that would be great to have completed!!


I'd like to knit a complete pair of socks, finish at least one second sock, complete my Goldfish Memories shawl, and start a pair of mittens.

Mary Harting

My goal is to make as many pairs of socks I can for family and friends

Coby Hanna-Butler

I'm still on hats! I go to Chicago every year with my friends. I thought this year I would try to knit everyone a hat as a small gift, so I've got to get 6 done by Thanksgiving. I've got 2 done and one on my needles. Should be plenty of time, but you know how life likes to get in the way. Wish me luck! :)

Sonja Sokol

I love to knit socks! My sister loves them and had two total knee replacements this summer. I plan to knit her a special pair for celebration of walking without pain. I love her with my whole heart!!♥️


Happy Socktober! I will be knitting my second and third pair of socks this month. I’m pretty new to the knitting community and knit a pair of “Hermione” socks last month. I cant wait to keep learning new things 🤗


My goal is to finally knit something for myself, a cowl using Mineville Wool Project Super Sock.


I have a test pair started in craft store yarn. I'll do the next pair with the good stuff!!

Diane N

I always keep the first pair of socks for me. Started this year's on Jan 1st. Still have 16 rounds to go. What? It's October? My goal is to finish mine and start, if not finish, another pair. Otherwise, it will be a knit-less holiday this year.

Regina Verow

Can’t wait to start my newest pair of socks!

Meg Caulmare

I'm inspired by Ms. Frederick's comment above - knitting for charity as the cold weather gets nearer! There are lots of socks in my sock drawer, and I even have handspun wool/alpaca bed socks, so I'm going to use self-striping and painted yarns to make hats and mittens for kids in need. There's a local yarn shop (Sheep and Shawl in Deerfield, MA) where they run a collection year 'round and distribute hats and mittens to schools around the Valley. A very worthy cause, and quick knitting in front of the TV at night. First stops: Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Poste. Thanks for highlighting the Wurm Hat and the simple ribbed one in the September 25th blog post. Here's hoping I can finish a set a week for the month.


My goal is to finish a pair of socks...I tend to stall out at the heel and/or second sock.

Donna Dye

That solo sock has been languishing in its very own tote bag for a year now. It has a picot border on the cuff and that's the problem. It was a bear to do that picot and I've been procrastinating about starting the mate sock. If I win this contest, I PROMISE I WILL KNIT THE MATE!


The moment I'm finished with the 2nd sock of a gift pair I'm starting a lovely new shawl I've had my eyes on (although the Fade sets at SSYCO make me want to take the plunge and splurge for a different look). If only you sold knitting time Allison! This instep is dragging no end this time!


My goal is to finish A pair of socks. I was so close the other day and I realized when I got to the toe that my circ. needles were positioned wrong. I have made every mistake possible, I THINK! October is going to be the month.....then it's socks forever!


Haven’t really gotten into the whole sock knitting thing but so far this year I’ve managed to complete 3 pairs and have one pair on the needles. Spooktacular!!!!

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Love the Common Room colorway!

I've been knitting vanilla socks so it is time to do either a textured or 2 color sock. Not sure which yet but you helped me to set a goal to do something different for my sock knitting this month. Thanks.

P.S. Did you see KP's OCTOBER 2018 CALENDAR?


I have 3 pairs on the needles that I intend to finish in October. I'll be all set for Christmas if I do!

Beth Aalberts

I have 3 pair of WIP socks that have been languishing in the WIP bin for months that I'd like to finish and get in the drawer this month, one is even Halloween colors. I started with 8 pair and have whittled it down to 3 so I need to make that final push.

Brenda luce

To make Christmas morning socks for each of my five grandkids


My goal is to finish two pairs (one pair has 1.3 socks completed, the other is at .7) and start a third.

Susan Miller

I want to make socks! I’ve been stuck in sweater land, but oh I love socks! Such a great portable project as well. This motivates me to cast some on.


Finish a double-knit cowl from the summer. I only have the bind-off row left to do, but I have to figure out exactly how I want to do it, so it's been languishing for a month or two already.

Cathy Rayner

1st I am going to knit a pair of mis-matched socks for my daughter. 2nd I’m hoping to snag the Halloween sock kit today. Those colors😍! Those socks will be for little o’ me! 3rd At least get started on socks for my mom’s Christmas present.

Annette Poole

I only have two pairs of socks done for Christmas. I still need to complete 5 more pairs. My goal is to get at least three pairs done in Socktober.


My goal isn't sock related. I'd like to get a Christmas gift finished. I've been on a self-imposed hiatus for repetitive use issues with my right hand and I'm itching to get back to working with fiber.


I have one pair of Fall-colored socks to finish plus yarn for two additional pairs and Christmas socks to get started on!!!


Love your Halloween striping yarn and would love it to be my first pair of memade knit socks!

Debra Cohen

Socks are always my number one project!!!! I get fidgety if I don’t have at least the start of a pair on my needles. They are great to grab and go fact they kept me sane as a 2 hour layover in Denver was stretched to 5! The gates kept changing but I kept knitting. And since I knit socks 2 at a time on circular needles ( I start on double points then change over) I never have to deal with second sock syndrome.😊


Oh dear, this year, I'll be lucky to get one pair done this Socktober! I haven't been knitting as many socks of late, but do tend to start a pair when I need a quick project I don't need to plan out.

Judy Drew

My goal is to keep on knitting socks for friends and family.


I want to use a sock blank for first time.


my goal for Soctober is get the second socks knit for the 4 test knits that I have done recently. One I think has been waiting since July!

Joan Merrifield

I`ve knitted 724 pairs of socks so far and have given most of them away. Love to knit socks they fit in my purse so I have my knitting with me always.


My goal is to finish a Halloween pair of socks for me and a pair for my daughter. I'm halfway done with my daughter's socks.


My goal for Socktober 2018 is to knit my first pair of socks. Earlier this year I learned continental knitting and the majic loop. I will use these skills to hopefully, make wearable socks!

I've tried socks 4-5 other times, with no success. I really want hand knit socks!

My hat is off to you folks who can knit those fiddly little boogers!


Knit two pairs of socks for a couple of dear friends that joked about me knitting them socks. They have no idea they will get them for real!

michele spahn

I've knitted socks for years top down on dpn's. Now I'm retired and have been reading and watching YouTube to learn the magic loop method and TAAT socks. I'm ready to go and what better time to start my first pair in Socktober with yarn from Simply Socks!

Elizabeth Zbikowski

I have knit 31 pairs of socks the last 5 years just for me. As Christmas gifts the last two years I knit my adult daughter 12 pairs of socks one pair to match each month. I started in July. I have also knit just one sock for someone who was in a wheelchair who only had one foot. I love knitting socks and have 4 pairs waiting to be finished. I guess I will put these at the top of my to do list for October.


I want to finish 4 pairs of socks. I have been spending a lot of my knitting minutes on socks these past few months and loving every minute of it. The only problem being, I am having so much fun, I have more cast on than I should. I am on the second socks for two pair-one shortie and one regular sock and first socks for the other two. I seriously need to hide the bag of awesome sock yarn that is waiting to be cast on in someone else's house. It is just too tempting sometimes. 😊

Kat Gatzke

My goal is to finally finish 2 pairs of socks that have just needed ends woven in for an embarrassingly long time.

Barb B

I love the Socktober idea. I'm crazy about fall and the changing leaves. I'm thinking Fall Frolic Bluemoon Fiber Arts yarn made into socks with a fall leaf design.


I'd like to get my knitting mojo back and finish a sock that's been on the needles for way too long.


I would love to make a hat with sock yarn and add one of your funky green pom poms to it.

Susen Button

My goal is to make two at a time socks dk War and Peace style socks for my daughter.

Deanna Arnold

Okay. I would like to knit and FINISH something for myself. Only for myself. Out of ballet pink in the squishiest yarn. With huge MARSHMALLOW pom on top. Yep! Carry on.

Dolores Hutchens

I just came across this site as I was looking for a pattern to knit a pair of socks using Opal's Illusion. I loved the comments I have read and was wondering, for those who have knitted using this yarn, is there a particular pattern to use and a way to make the sock patterns the same? Any help will do. Either way, love the site and will return.

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