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October 01, 2018



My goal is to finally knit my first pair of socks. Have designated this Fall to accomplish this goal... So excited!


I have two pairs to finish this month: tube socks for my 8 year old son (the second sock is 1/2 done); Halloween socks for me (in Opal, second sock needs its heel and foot). Now, if I were a little nuts (which I might be), I would also finish the Christmas socks I started for myself (first sock has its heel, that's all I've done). :)


I have yarn for three pairs of socks that have been in my stash for a while I would like to finish this Socktober along with a bag full of hats. Wool sock and hat weather is just around the corner.

Cathy Green

I would love to cast on a sweater for my husband and get it finished by Halloween! That is a pretty lofty goal especially since I have done nothing in preparation for this other than decide on the pattern. Looks like I need to get it going if I want to get it finished.


To finish the socks for my bestie’s birthday & the pair for Socks For Soldiers.

Renee Huffman

I didn't know socktober was a thing (maybe slightly oblivious the past few years?) But I love it! My goal is to finish a sock yarn shawl, make a sock yarn toddler sweater and maybe even start a pair of socks!!


Oh no! I thought it was HATober :)
I'v been in a hat knitting mood and I see that continuing through this month. I'm halfway through WoollyWormhead's newest, Duality. It's my first sideways hat and I'm loving it. I can see myself moving on to her others in October.

Michelle Kressley

My daughter has requested a pair of socks. I haven’t started any yet. My goal is to finish my current project and start her socks.


My goal is my first pair of colowork socks!

Vicki Miller

Just learned how to use DPN this past month so now going to try my hand at knitting my first pair of socks! Hoping not way outside of my skill level☺️


Planning to knit socks for my granddaughters using the same multicolor main yarn with each of their coordinating favorite colors for heels and toes.


Just finished knitting my first pair of socks thanks to a great online knit along that I found and inspiration from my local knit shop. I already have another pair started and I definitely don’t want to lose the momentum. Plus I have loads of pretty yarn from simply sock yarn to turn into fabulous works of art.


I want to finish another pair of socks for me and start a pair for my husband. The colors for me are so much more fun to knit though 😁

Rose Birchall

Hats, socks, dishcloths, repeat!


I had actually decided to focus on socks this month instead of shawls and wraps. First is a pair for my husband, and then a few Christmas gifts, and of course some Halloween socks for me. Having to readjust to the tiny needles after months of size 6 or 7 for shawls!


I have two pairs of socks to finish this month. One is Andrea Rangel's fabulous pattern Okanagan, which makes very hard wearing socks. The other is my first pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks. All four socks are knit to the start of the heel--now on to the exciting part!


At the least, I'm hoping to finish the almost finished pair that's been languishing in my bag for 3 months (I've done everything I but the after thought heel...which I'm still a little scared of 😊)

Barb Frederick

My goal is to get 2 more hats knitted for charity before weather turns cold. Giving them to a group that works with schools, to make sure all underprivileged have hats for winter. I have done 3 so far. Then it’s on to a pair of socks. I just learned to knit socks, and finished my first pair. It maybe my favorite knitting project.


I lost my knitting mojo for a while and I am trying to get it back. I'm hoping to use Socktober to get back to loving knitting.


I have 3 Pairs of socks to finish. To avoid second sock syndrome, I switch back and forth among socks I'm knitting.

Kate Greenwood

My goal for Socktober is to make my first pair of socks with self striping yarn! I was on a good sock kick earlier this year than I lost my momentum so I think I will pick a new pattern, maybe a different heel construction?, to motivate me!
Thanks for the giveaway!


I think for Sockober I should set a goal of finishing socks that just need ends sewn end. I also have a couple pair that were in time out to see if they need adjustments. If I did that I would have 3-4 new pairs of socks this month (I usually average 1-2 pair a year with just carry around appt knitting)


I have yarn I'd like to knit and patterns I'd like to knit.. I need to match them up.

Julie Vance

I have single sock syndrome and need to finish a pair this month!


I'm hoping to finish one pair that I started in August and start and finish at least one more pair of socks this month... plus work on all the other fun projects I keep planning :)


My granddaughter has asked me to knit her a pair of socks, so I would like to accomplish this soon.


I've been working on a pair of rainbow kneehigh socks for myself - I've got the first one almost done, but it's been a long haul, and I'll need some motivation to start the second and avoid SSS!

Diane Jespersen

My goal is to complete 3 UFOs, two of which are socks, a pair for me and a Christmas stocking. I really want to start a new project in my stash, so the 3 have to get done!


I need to try and knit more plain socks. No stitch patterns, no fancy shaping or techniques like I usually do. Just good old, dependable stockinette socks! (Okay, maybe just oneeee small cable panel down the center maybe?! :D)


My goal is to stop playing Angry Birds POP and get some knitting done!


Need to recover from second sock syndrome and finish my half completed second sock ..... with yarn from Simply Socks of course!!!:):)


My goal is to find the Perfect Purple to make my boyfriend some socks, so he can stop calling the blue/green/brown pair I made purple lol. AND to finish my very first pair of hand knit sock for me. I have knit several pairs of socks over the years and yet I have no handknit socks to call my own. I started a pair last December but they have just been languishing in my project bag


One pair started in July that I need to finish plus another self-striping to start and finish in Oct!

Erin Stone

I want to start and finish my first ever pair of socks this October. I have been knitting 7 months and I am feeling confident enough to try a pair!


Knit four, yes, four!! small pairs of Christmas socks for my grandchildren@ i currently havo no wips sockwise.

Colleen D'Allura

My goals for october are to finish the Om shawl and pair of socks i am working. If i can do that maybe i will treat myself to casting on something new.

Faye J

Finishing a shawl and have started a pair of socks....will attempt to do another pair!

Michelle Embry

Sock goals for this month - finish two pairs that were started in September - start at least two more... maybe a third for holiday knitting... I could go on!

Lindsey Rivir

I actually need to get a hat made for my daughter real quick and of course socks too

Sharon Carpenter

I would like to finish my first color work socks, the pair I just cast on, my stripe socks and Star my fruit stripe socks. Also I would like to finish updated my knitting log for this year with pics and notes

Pam Todd

I have been knitting gloves for everyone in my family but me! My hands freeze at work so I want to finish a pair of fingerless gloves so my fingers don't turn into icicle's. Also want to pull out my Christmas sock yarn and knit some funky socks with Christmas colors.

amy g

My goal is to decide on a sock pattern for my fun Christmas yarns I purchased last year.

Also, my family brought me some yarn from Germany. The sales person sold them three, 420 yard skeins for one pair - HAH! So, I will be knitting a pair for me, a pair for my sister-in-law and a hitchhiker scarf (in-progress) - all in the same yarn!


I wasn't planning on knitting socks this Socktober because my KAL schedule was already so jam packed with sweaters and other things that I wasn't going to have time. Now that I'm ahead of schedule with all those projects, I've started a pair of socks for my cousin's birthday present in November. There's also a couple of other KALs starting up that I want to dip into so I feel obligated to knit more socks with their lovely patterns and yarns. If anything, they'll help me towards my yearly sock goal (7 of 12 right now) and continue to knit down my sock yarn stash.

Becky Frost

I want to finish my first pair of socks! I am just afraid of that heel! And finish my Hitchhiker shawl!

Elizabeth A Merkler

My goal is to finish a pair a socks that have been in limbo for a year, both socks are at the turn of the heel, which is intimidating me.


I'd like to finish a pair of socks that uses the Strong heel.

Arvada Trickle

I have started knitting a pair of socks but never finished them. This may be the push I need to finish them😻


I took a class and made one pair of socks on dpns but would love to try doing them on circulars. I made them a couple of years ago and haven't braved socks again. And socks were one of my goals when I first started knitting a few years ago. I'm going to check with the 2 local yarn shops near me and see if they have small circulars and can point me in the right direction. Thanks for the inspiration of "Socktober"!!

Janica Carter

I want to repair a hole in a sock I knitted for myself and haven't worn in over a year.


Well, I just found out I am going to be a grandma in April... so my focus right now is baby knitting!!! I do have a pair of socks on the needle that are my "just in the mood to knit socks"

Wendy Chase

I just cast on a sock for a grandson who loves hand knit sock. That's what I do most is socks! But I really want to get started on a sweater too. Days just go by too fast!


Knit a match for my 2 singleton socks and add one more full handmade pair to drawer!

Audra L

My goals for Oct are to make a pair of socks out of a Halloween colored self striping yarn and to start and finish the Parasol scarf (In a gifted sock yarn with the colorway name of Hack-O-Lantern). So excited to get started!!! It's a lot of knitting for me (slow sock knitter) so it will be a true challenge.

Jeanne Bush

At the top of my list is to finish a fingering weight sweater (doing sleeves now), finish a pair of socks (almost done with sock 1), and start a pair of cycling socks for my biking buddy. But then I saw that picture of the halloween striping yarn...oh, my!

Geri Heagy

My goal is to complete a pair of socks for my sister in law before we leave for vacation with her October 19!

Linda in Wisconsin

That sock I started knitting five years ago for my boyfriend? Gonna finish it.

Linda in Wisconsin

That sock I started knitting five years ago for my boyfriend? Gonna finish it.


Gotta make some cabled socks for SKA and also finish my blueberry socks. Beyond that, I have one present to finish and a sweater to start and a box of charity knits to fill up.


My goal WAS to put a dent in my sock-yarn stash--until some temptress mentioned Halloween kit. :-)


I really want to finish my daughter’s Halloween socks before Halloween :d

JR Green

My goal is to knit socks with a heel flap and gusset, as I have only succeeded in afterthought heels so far.


Finish the pair for my husband

Mary Margaret Schlais

I am trying to finish a pair os sock for myself, my first pair plain color with a patterned leg. I love the new yarn with the solid toe and heel with the stripped pattern on the rest.


My goal is to finish 5 feet on 5 socks and I will have 5 brand new pairs complete. They've been languishing since June. Not even second sock syndrome... 5 feet and they are done. And then I can finally start on all the new sock yarns I've acquired. :)

Rhonda Atkinson

I have tried knitting up my stash of sock yarn the last 2 years and haven't knit even 1 pair of socks. I am making sockhead cowls for my daughters and daughter in law for Christmas. I'd love to get the 2nd one finished, do a pair of socks for someone, and then get the 3rd cowl done. That is way ambitious for 1 month but by Christmas yes yes.

Gudrun krause

My goal is to keep my sanity between school, children, rescue animals, and household. The only way I see this happening is lots of chocolate and sock yarn ✌️😍😍


My goal is to either finish some socks that have been languishing on the needles or frog them. I gotta decide.


My goal is to finish up my Hermione's Everyday Socks in Hedgehog Raven (one down, one to go)... but first to finish up the scarf that is keeping me from working on them! I need my purple socks!!

Nicole Amey

My goal is to get the kids' mittens finished. Mine are nearly complete, but I need to get the baby something snuggly to keep warm.

Rae Lynch

My goal is to learn to knit 2 socks at once so when I am done I can start a new pair of socks😉

Kelli L

I have a pair of socks that I need to finish...I vow that those will be done before I start another project. And my son has asked for a pair of socks that I want to start!


I've had to take a break from sock knitting for a while. The small needles make my hands cramp and cause my carpal tunnel syndrome to flare up. My goal this month is to complete my double knit scarf in time for Halloween.

Emily Chandler

I have a pair of socks I need to finish up, as well as a couple different fingerless gloves.


My goal is to see how much I can actually knit with a cast on my left hand!

Sandy Rice

While recovering from open heart surgery I am trying to catch-up on my sock knitting.

Melissa Krizik

My goal is to use the Christmas striped yarn I got while visiting a few months ago to make unusual Christmas socks for myself! I'm using an origami type pattern so they aren't quite the typical Christmas socks. Super excited!

Michele L

Socks scare me so I will do tube socks with no toes for my flip flops. Perfect for Florida!

Susan Eberhardt

Finished a pair of socks for my best friend for Christmas. My plan is to make a pair for her husband, too! Just need to get into your store and fine some guy color sock yarn! For some reason, my stash is filled with girly colors!

Connie Cox

I need to knit 5 pairs of socks with self-striping yarn for Christmas. Have not yet started so this is a good incentive to begin.

Lisa Anderson

I just learned and completed 2 pairs of crocheted socks for me, now my goal is to complete at least one pair for my sister for her birthday.

Kathy M

I would like to finish two pairs of socks, both are singles at this point. In addition i want to go for a pair of Grocery Girls (Tracie Millar) socks called “Coffee Talk”. So many sock patterns, so little time!


I have three skeins of sock yarn ready to do the Annisa wrap by Ambah O'Brien. But I have to finish the Mon Manet sweater. This will be the first year my sweater will be ready in time for cold weather (I'm telling myself!)

D’Anna Coots

Challenge accepted, I think I’m going to try to get 2 pairs knitted! In between my cropped cardi I started( in the yowza garden party I just got from you!) and all my other time out projects!

Mary Chick

Need to finish the last 12 rows on a pair for a birthday that was yesterday. We are celebrating in November so I am good. Almost finished yesterday. Then would like to get at least 3 more pair done during Soxtober. Go Red Sox!

Marolee Smith

I need to finish a second sock for me, but have set it aside to whip up a pair of socks for each of my brothers for Christmas

Nancy DeMere

I am in--I have too many single socks lurking around to even count. This Socktober they all become pairs.

Diane Elyea

My goal is to finish my Christmas socks.

Stephanie Ferguson

My goal is to knit more than one pair of socks this month!!!


Allison I buy 70% of my sock from you, way before you opened the post office. I would love to be part of this Socktober. My goal is to knit for Christmas and everyone wants socks. I love the yarn in the Halloween kit, too! Thanks, Alison!

marilyn Steliga

Love your sock yarn. Let me see now, my goal is to finish the two pairs of gloves and 3 hats, plus get back to the socks I started about this time last year. ( I won't mention the 4 sweaters, I'm sure everyone has a stash of 5 or 6 things on the needles at one time. Lol !


I'd like to make my first pair of socks, but I'm so nervous about making them!

Donna celeste

I want to finish a pair of socks that have been lingering since last Dec. they only need the heel finished! I can then knit my granddaughter the Halloween socks she despritly wants.


My goal is to finish the 2 pair I'm working on currently, plus make a pair for myself.


I have several pairs started. I’d like to finish at least one pair during Socktober


Finally knit myself a Hallowe’en theme/colors shawlette!

Cindy Wilson

Finishing a pair for me! Hope I win ;)


My goal for October is to get my crazy ball of leftover sock yarn on its way. I'm wanting to do a half pi shawl with sock bits, and want to get them spliced together.

Mary E

My goal is to start and finish the second sock for my best friend growing up. If I really want to get my sock moji back, I would like to unravel the labyrinth socks I made back to the heels. The heel was too deep.


My goal is to finish those that need mates.


I plan on knitting all the Christmas socks in Socktober.

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