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October 11, 2018



Either while watching tv or while reading a book!

Lennye S

I like to knit while waiting to pick up my son from swim practice or while watching TV. I also love to meet a friend at a local coffee shop and knit.


If I am watching (or listening to) TV, I am definitely knitting at the same time. It just feels really weird if I’m not.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Love the new Coeur D'Alene colorway.

Always keep some knitting in the car. You never know when you have some time and it can be great stress relief too.


I knit on my lunch at work and then about an hour at night watching TV.


When I was still working, I would knit on my 2 15 minute breaks & on the train ride to & from work (unfortunately only 15 minutes each way) & occasionally at lunch. I thought that, when I retired, I would have hours each day to knit. Unfortunately that has not been the case. I retired early because of my fibromyalgia & the muscle pain & fatigue often keep me from knitting & sadly it is at its worst during cool, wet weather which is generally the best knitting weather. To compensate, I generally knit small projects like socks, hats, mittens. I also occasionally knit blankets (large but no finishing). I encourage myself to knit by doing so while watching political talk shows every evening, just about every time I’m in the car (I don’t drive so I’m the passenger) & while waiting for medical appointments. But, as a process knitter, I find I don’t much mind not being able to complete a lot of projects.


I mostly knit during kid's appointments lately. I have been daydreaming of having a afternoon with coffee and a tv show or movie of my choice and knitting.


I try to have 2 projects going. One is fiddly and one is easy. The fiddly one is for tv watching or riding in the car. The easy one I pull out while I'm waiting for things to boil on the stove or that final 15 minutes before dinner or waiting in a doctor's office. Find your minutes; they add up!


When my boys were growing up, I found that knitting at their sporting events was a great way to get something accomplished. I mostly stuck to small easy projects. Now, I knit in the evening and often in the morning on the weekends, and I do bigger more complicated projects, at times. Still like my small projects to feel accomplished!

Julie Vance

Church - main service and Sunday School is my main knitting time outside of the house. The girls are in their own classes and I can knockout some serious progress. 😂

Lisa p

I knit any spare time I have, and I NEVER leave home without some knitting even if I don't plan on having time. You just never know. . . I've been glad to have it for bridge lifts and other unplanned waiting time!


Used to knit at all the kids' sporting activities but now that they are grown, mostly in the evening when I want to relax. Old habit: always throw a sock-in-progress in my bag/purse so that I have something to do while waiting...


If I’m sitting but not working and the cats aren’t nearby, I’m knitting.

Marlene B

I knit while watching TV.


At night before bed. And always when/if I watch tv


I often knit on car trips, but not to worry; I don't drive. My goal for 2019 is to finally be able to walk without the use of a cane, so I can knit while walking. That'll add at least an hour of knitting daily, so fingers crossed!


I've stopped watching most TV and that has decreased my knitting time. And I find that the stuff I do watch is something I want to pay full attention to, so I rarely knit while watching anything now. Maybe I should start rewatching all those DVDs I have that I've seen enough to be able to ignore somewhat!

Nicole S

Right now I'm not working, so I have a lot of time to knit, but when I'm employed it's mostly at home in the evening. It's what I do instead of TV.


We're retired so it is easier now to find knitting time than when I was working. I mostly knit after dinner dishes are done & we have something streaming from Netflix. Always carry something for doctor waiting rooms even if it is just dish cloths. If I want to make something requiring good light and all my attention then I get up early and knit while hubby fixes breakfast.


I knit on the elliptical and while walking my kids to the bus stop and while walking in the bleachers at their swimming classes. Who says knitting has to be sedentary?! Of course, it only works for sock knitting... would definitely not work on a big blanket!


I usually am able to knit a bit at night after the littles are in bed, while watching a TV show by myself or with my elementary/middle school kids who get to stay up a bit later. 😊


I’ve been doing a lot of my knitting while I watch tv.


I try to get up early on Saturdays while everyone else is sleeping to knit and listen to podcasts. The rest of the week I just try to snatch a few minutes here and there in between doing school and chores and feeding kids. I always have knitting in my purse in case I am stuck waiting somewhere or I’m lucky enough to be the passenger and not the driver.

Cindy Carpenter

I knit during the carpool. Others drive obviously.


I either and waiting at a doctor's office, at the end of the day while I am watching tv, when I need to relax a few minutes. I have even knit at one of my sister's bridal shower and then later at her rehearsal dinner.


While riding the bus to and from work, as well as during my lunch break.


I’ve got a five year old and a six month old. There is not a lot of knitting time 🙂 I steal my stitches when I can


I make it a point not to watch tv, even sports, without my needles in my hands. Too bad I don't watch enough television.

Cathy Green

I knit at night while hubby watches sports.

Cindy h.

I usually knit in the evening watching tv.


I like to start the day feeling happy knitting, so I get up and knit with my first cup of coffee....which sometimes extends into my second cup. If I don't keep going in the morning because I have to be somewhere or accomplish something, I try to sit down once dinner is simmering or baking and knit a few rows before or even right after dinner. But the morning knitting is the best, what a way to start the day! And if I am going to my LYS in the morning for our sit and knit group, I just gulp down my coffee and get out the door to meet the gang. And knit for a couple of hours.


Since my soccer-practice/game-knitting days are over, I've made it a point to sit with a cup of coffee and my knitting late in the afternoon, for at least a half hour, sometimes longer, to give myself the dedicated time before working on dinner. Yes, sometimes dinner hits the table a bit late. That's okay.


I've been making progress on my sock by knitting at work meetings and on conference calls.

Abbie Norderhaug

When I'm on the bus on my way to or home from work.

Kate  Greenwood

I knit while walking our dog. It’s got to be simple knit and purl and a small project but it allows me to get an hour in when the weather is mild. Now that it’s mitten season in Idaho, I’ll often forgo reading and knit instead!

Teresa C

During a video meeting at work. It takes careful positioning of the webcam.

Wendy Chase

Usually I give myself the treat of half and hour of knitting before bed, but I've been so tired lately I just do some in the morning while I neglect my to do list. I'm not getting any younger and there's a pile of projects/yarn waiting to be worked up so I'm learning to change my priorities!

Jenny K

I used to knit while waiting for the kids at music and sports lessons. Actually have less down time now that they can drive themselves.


Ah more time to knit would be wonderful! I knit mostly at night watching tv. And I knit as much as I can fit in on the weekend!!! Darn work inerfers but hey more yarn funds.


I like to knit on airplanes and in airports.

Renee Sawyer

When the grandkids played sports I would knit! At work on breaks I would knit. Now that I am retired - I knit. Plan outings with friends and knit. You have heard the saying "If I'm sittin, I'm knittin"
so true... and even sometimes standing up:)

Jody Laake

I actually set the alarm a half hour to an hour earlier than I need to wake up - I really find the most relaxing way to start my day is with my knitting!

Erin Stone

I knit in the stands during events for my girls and in the evening while my husband and I wa some TV.


I sneak time in after work and dinner. If I can stay awake and concentrate at that point in the day! There are many days I can't because of chronic pain, so it's a real treat when I can!


I knit any time i sit in front of the tv!!!!

Nancy F.

There is a knitting group at my office that meets one lunch hour a week, which is really helpful. Also, I knit during my kids hockey games and practices. Also, whenever I am able to watch TV, which isn't very often.

amy g

I just started a new job and there are many rather dry on-boarding pieces I need to read. To help keep me focused, I started knitting while reading them - it is a big help! And I make good progress on my current project.


Great colors!

Most of my knitting time comes during lunch, in the car (when my husband is driving), I also have 2 knitting nights with friends.


While husband is watching football OR while I am at work!


After dinner while watching television. Mostly on the weekends after the chores are done. Once a week with knitting friends at the local Tim Horton's. I'm surprised we haven't been asked to leave as we are a noisy bunch!


It's so hard to make time. At the end of the day I am too tired to knit. So I knit at meetings, long traffic lights and on Saturday afternoons after a particularly despised chore (cleaning the refrigerator or stove). It's a challenge. Recently, the library at the Community College where I teach started a weekly knit plus lunch group. Yay!


My daughter is getting married next year and to save money for it I go to the library on my lunch and knit instead of shopping for things I don't really need. That had just been a habit I had got into and had been wasting a lot of money.


I eat lunch for the first half of my lunch hour and knit the second half!


I knit while the hubby watches tv or while we sit outside on the back porch.


My knitting moments are not too creative. I make sure I have something while I'm watching TV, and definitely when I'm on the plane. But unfortunately, I don't really have opportunities to knit while waiting for something, or in a car (I'm usually driving!).

Brenda B

I almost always knit on my mandatory lunch break, it really helps me to turn away from the pc and chill for a bit too, but that doesn't always stop the interruptions from happening. Last year we were all asked to provide a personal safety commitment and write it down... most people put stuff like turn their cell phone off whilst in the car. Me? I put "If it's lunchtime and I'm wielding the pointy sticks, back off and I promise not to hurt you"!


If I know I'm going to have a busy day with very little time to knit, I set the alarm for an hour early and use that time to knit. It's a good way to start my day off right and gain some knitting time!


I know everyone's schedule doesn't allow this (my daughters are grown), but I knit after dinner every evening in front of the Red Sox game or the news. I get in a solid one to two hours per day this way.

Debbie Hallamek

After work in the evening is my knitting time.

Jeanne Bush

I am retired so I have the luxury of being able to knit at leisure, but mostly I knit in the evenings in front of the TV. I also knit as a passenger when on road trips. I've been to Coeur d'Alene a couple of times and your new Poste yarn is perfect!

Renee Anne

I wind up knitting during swimming lessons, which only equates to about an hour every week, which just isn't enough. I sneak it in here and there, when I have a hot minute.

Brenna Delosier

I knit at home during the day.


I knit while watching tv at night. I always have a project ready to go when we take a car trip and usually get a lot done in the car.


I do keep a sock knitting project at all times in my car. Pull it out at RR stops, MD visits, dentist visits.. whatever.

But mostly I encourage myself to knit every knit every night even if it is just a couple of rows..


I knit while watching tv shows!

Melissa B

Church and work meetings! I always carry my knitting and consider it a way to weave life together.

Elaine Hager

I knit whenever sitting and not driving. At night at home, at grandkids games, waiting rooms. My knitting goes where I go.


I am a TV knitter. It works well since my go to sock pattern is one that I can comfortably knit while watching. I've also found that while my DH cooks I can get in quite a few rounds (I do cleanup) and it makes me unwind from my long office days.


I watch jeopardy at 7:30 - 8:00 pm, thats guaranteed knitting time for me.


Lately I've been finding just a few moments when the boys are playing in the afternoon. I get to sit on the couch and supervise with my knitting, at least until the squabbling starts.

Lisa M Barrett

I take a project EVERYWHERE so if I have a moment's downtime, I can knit. I also knit every night during TV time because honestly, there is nothing more interesting than my knitting!


One thing that I have learned, knitting and cooking do not work well together for me! I knit whenever I can steal a few minutes.


I knit on my train ride to and from work. If it weren't for that I would knit at all. I never have time when I'm at home. Maybe if I ever get to retire I'll have more time.

Linda Molinari

I knit on my train commute and in the evening while listening to an audiobook.


I knit when I'm listening to podcasts. I knit in my breaks at work. I knit on car journeys if I'm not driving. I'd quite like to be able to take a train to work so I could knit then, but it's a bit difficult to knit when I cycle to work!

Marilyn Hunley

I'm a lucky person. I'm retired with not a whole lots of outside commitments so I can comfortably and easily sit in my living room, listen to music and KNIT. Yay. Once a week I get together with a friend and go to a cafe/used bookstore to catch up with each other, check out the books and KNIT. A guaranteed three hours right there. I have been known to knit in the car, at bookclub, waiting for the dog to get groomed, etc. Thanks for the opportunity to win some yarn.

Faye J

I knit whenever I have a spare minute or two but lately, when my dear husband watches all of his sports (marathon weekends), I knit without guilt. Life is good and knitting is therapy along with a Snickers candy bar!


I knit with my friends on Wednesday nights. I carry my knitting bag with me and knit while waiting for appointments. I knit whenever someone else drives .


Right now I mostly knit while watching my daughter’s aerial dance classes (although I stop a lot to take video for her to review later- she has a hoop hanging in the basement). I also knit as we walk around zoos, museums, gardens, etc.


I knit in the evenings listening to audio books. My life isn't so busy now and I find more time to knit.


I try to get a few rows in at lunch and after dinner. My sock knitting bag is always clipped to my purse so when I’m waiting in line I can get a few more stitches in. It all adds up to a nice pair of socks eventually LOL

sue swartz herr

Totally late at night, knitting time!

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