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September 27, 2018



I think I'm a process crafter. Even though I like the finished products, I have a terrible case of startitis. Things eventually get finished, but the product is not the priority all of the time. I have a large number of WIPs, some of which are quite aged. I think it might go hand-in-hand with being a procrastinator, too.


Not trying to cheat, but literally as soon as I hit 'post', I thought of the perfect example. I won your 'green yarn' contest several years ago (Yakashima Forest), and finally sometime in 2017 started a Peace Project' cowl - which was a 2016 pattern. It sits, and here and there gets worked on. I'm not sure if I like the size quite yet, but it is wonderful to work on when I get that urge, and until I decide.


I'm definitely a process knitter. I give away most everything I knit thinking that surely, it's more useful for someone else. I rarely knit for myself. This summer was the first time I knit a sweater for myself and I've been knitting for almost 60 years!


I love the process!! Many projects are torn down to become something new and better, because once I see how they are looking, I know better what they REALLY should be!!!


Process knitter, for sure! Especially when things have interesting construction (ahem, Stephen West!), and when I can learn a new technique or two along the way. I have also recently learned how to read a book while I knit, so now I really like "boring" knitting that doesn't interrupt my reading!! haha!!


I guess I'm a process knitter. I tend to start projects, put them aside for something else, and touch base with the first project at later dates.


I think I am a process knitter. I love to have the feel of the yarn going thru my hands. Of course I do like the end result but I love the fact that I can relax from knitting which is something I really need.

Syd T.

Ha! I realized I was a process knitter back in 1972! Was making my first sweater (dropped shoulder pullover) with yarn my soon to be husband gave me for my birthday (just might be why I married him! What man gives a woman yarn for a birthday!!) Quickly finished the sweater which was perfect...except I now had nothing to I took it apart and re-knit it...then I did that again! I just want to knit, I only care about finished projects if I am making them for someone else.

Kate Greenwood

I am definitely both!
When I knitting gifts, I am all about the product.
But when I knit for myself, it's the process- there is no other explanation for the number of shawls and scarves and cowls that I have made :-) when I only have 1 neck!
But I suppose the fact that I knit so many gifts supports how much I love the process..
Thanks for the giveaway and I hope the medium hat works out!


More of a process than a product knitter. Always looking for new techniques and challenges. I tinked an entire sweater because the collar wouldn't/ couldn't be attached. The knitting the second time around was faster and perfect!

Thanks for the giveaway.


I am more of a product knitter. Of course, I enjoy the knitting process, but the final product is definitely a goal for me. I will often look forward to the next project, but not let myself cast on until I finish something or reach a certain point. It actually bothers me if I have more than three projects on the needles. I often participate in knitalongs, which help keep the focus on progressing to the finished product.


I'm definitely a process knitter...I love the finished product but the act of knitting is what I love and enjoy the most!


I am definitely a process knitter. Although I for sure sometimes get to a point where I'm just ready to be DONE with the darn thing!
I recently participated in a Kirsten Kapur mystery shawl KAL. I was about halfway through when I realized I was not going to have enough yarn to finish the section I was knitting. So, I ripped the whole thing out, and started over with a smaller needle. It worked out perfectly.
I was working on another shawl, where the three colors of yarn were supposed to "fade". There wasn't quite as much contrast in the yarns when they were knit up, as it looked like in the skeins when I had bought them. So after knitting a good ways into it, I unravelled it, re-skeined one of the colors, and overdyed it with some food coloring. It is MUCH better now, and I'm so glad I took the time to do that.
There have been sweaters that I have essentially knit two or three times, with all the unravelling. Ha!

Cindy Carpenter

I am a process knitter, but I do finish my projects. If (when) I get too many wip I impose a ‘no cast on’ period until the wip stack gets back to a manageable number.


Hmmm - tough to say which camp I fall into... I definitely don't mind frogging a project if it's not right, because I want the finished item to be the best that it can be. And I often give away things that I make. So I guess I'm more of a process knitter, although I do enjoy wearing the finished products!


I'm definitely a product knitter. I do try to be more of a process knitter and not be afraid of frogging, but there's something very satisfying about finishing a project. I once knit a dove Christmas ornament for a friend, forgot to stuff it, and gave it to her anyway. It was a sad, deflated little bird. When I saw it on her tree, I realized what a dumb move that was, took it back, took 5 minutes to fix it, and gave it to her again. Much better! That's a good cautionary tale for me to remember about myself.


Process! I really need to finish a few things before I start anything else.

Thanks for the opportunity!


I'm both a process and product knitter. I like knitting to learn new techniques and various types of yarns. I also prefer finishing projects before starting new ones because I don't like having multiple WIPs. I would say I lean more towards being a process knitter because I want the project done right than having mistakes.

I knitted the Craft sweater by Kim Hargreaves with multiple strands of reclaimed yarn and I didn't realize I wasn't going to have enough yarn until almost completing the front. I had quadrupled one yarn to get the correct thickness when I should've doubled it to get enough yardage. So I frogged the whole thing and started over instead of giving up. This also allowed me to rework some of the cables to designs that I preferred. After all the changes, I knitted straight through and towards the end focused solely on this sweater because I wanted it done.


For sure a process knitter. I love starting a new project and look at each as practice so I don't feel bad if I have to rip out and start over. I mainly knit socks and have had to use some self discipline to finish each pair before starting a new one.


For me it depends on the task at hand. I am working on a baby cocoon right now and it's very much about getting it done. But my Goldfish Memory shawl is about the process. Would I love to have it finished? Yes. Am I happy to just work along on it? Yes.


I have always thought of myself as a product knitter. I love the knitting but will frog if the end product does not meet my expectations. I lneed to love the end product. Also, I can't bring myself to just buy yarn unless I know what I want to do with it.

Geraldine Scott

Definitely a process knitter if you'd look in my closet and see the pile of finished objects not being used....


I am not sure. I have about 10 WIPs going on at any time because I have severe ulnar nerve problems and had surgery for it last year on 9/5/17. The surgery involved rerouting my nerve and removing part of my ulna. Working with the same hook or needles too long aggravates my symptoms.

I will frog something if it doesn't look right, but sometimes I finish it and give it away. I will make the same pattern 20 times with different yarn because I like the finished product (sockhead hat, vanilla latte socks).

Brenna Delosier

I think I like the process. I have many wips because I’m always on to a new thing. I love finished products but many take a long time to get there.


A bit of both, but more of a product knitter in the sense that if I don't like the product, it affects my enjoyment of the process. Case in point: Find Your Fade. It was a gift knit, and I really didn't like the colors (picked by the recipient), so it really felt kind of like a chore to knit.


I am definitely a process knitter which is a good thing because I am also the world's slowest knitter.


Definitely a process knitter, as witnessed by the bin of nearly-finished shawls (just need blocking), half-finished experiments that will probably get ripped out and multiple works in progress. Will I ever wear them? Who knows, but on to the next "ooh shiny" project!


I’ve known I’m a process knitter for so long that I don’t really remember what convinced me of it. Maybe all the UFOs sitting in my closet?

Nancy F.

Process all the way. Any mistakes, no matter how minor will alway gnaw at I have to start from scratch, no matter how far along/close to finishing I am!

Julie Vance

I'm now a process knitter. It started as a product driven hobby, but evolved as I gained more skills. I enjoy the learning of new techniques, yarn colors, and garment construction. It's just as much therapy as it is enjoyment.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Process knitter. I fail at KALs (and no longer join) because I knit to develop the project to best I can. So if it means that an almost completed project is taken off the needles to recover the yarn to start over then that is what I do. However, the project may then be on a time-out. :)

P.S. Also knit test pieces to see if an alteration will work, to understand the pattern, or to test the pattern in different colors.


I am definitely process knitter. Although I love the finished product, I want it to right!


I think I'm both. I love knitting. I enjoy the process of knitting. I enjoy getting lost in my knitting and not thinking about all the troubles of the world. But I am also a product knitter. I really despise having incomplete projects. They grate on my nerves. I can't wait to finish my project and be able to use it, whatever it may be. So, I feel like I'm both.


Process knitter, but I gotta enjoy the process


I am a process knitter. I have no trouble pulling apart a project and reusing the yarn. Usually I've gotten bored with the project, put it aside, rediscovered it, months or years later, and then come up with a new plan for the yarn. I do care about the projects I make, but for me it's all about the feel of the yarn in my hands every day.

Jeanne Bush

Definitely a process knitter! I'm currently knitting a sweater that is on its 3rd iteration with this yarn. I got the 2nd one almost completed when I realized I just didn't like the way it fit. I'm hoping the 3rd time is the charm!

Mary Anne

I’m sure that in over 55 years of knitting I have unknitted far more projects than I finished. I didn’t know it was because I was a process knitter. I’ve practiced lots of stitch patterns just to see how they looked, made up my own stitch patterns, and abandoned projects due to busyness and boredom. When I started knitting for my grandchildren, I finished a few more because someone was waiting for them. It’s hard to make myself knit for me, but I have a sock for me on the needles right now, and I do plan to finish the pair.


I think it depends on what I’m making but I really have no problem pulling something out to get it right. So I guess a process knitter.


I think I'm definitely a product knitter. It bugs me when i have a project on the go for too long. Right now i have a sock driving me crazy, because I've been trying to finish it for a couple months and its the 3rd time I've knit this thing, due to size issues.


Product knitter! My sweater shelf and my constant desire to add more to it are proof!


Count me in the process category! I love plain vanilla socks and a good project is one that I'll knit again and again like vanilla socks, fingerless mitts, ribbed hats. The movement of the needles, the lovely wool sliding thru my fingers is my heaven.


I'm a hybrid - I'll pretty much only make things where the finished product is appealing in some way, but I also want to enjoy the process - either something really engaging, or something really mindless so I can enjoy the yarn and listen to audiobooks. I tend not to start projects where I'm not interested in the product, and I tend not to finish projects where I'm not enjoying the process.

Genia Potter

Definitely a process knitter!
I growl when I make a mistake I can't live with (which is most of them) but if I don't tink or rip back to do it over, if ruins the whole thing for me. I still remember a blanket I knit for Afghans for Afghans that I discovered halfway through had a YO in about the 4th row. I let it go, and it still bothers me. . . and that was at least 15 year ago.


I am both, but mostly Product Knitter. I have been knitting for Charity for many years. I
knitted for the Service Men and Women every month for a year. I knitted for Heart Babies, 12 purple hats for each of three years. I knitted for the Heart association. The list goes on. I get enjoyment and pleasure from this. I displayed my knitting for the Church, 4 Baby outfits, 10 hats and a Baby Sack. A woman picked out a Baby Outfit while I was there, heck I was only there 5 minutes. I was told the Baby Outfits go fast. Its enjoyment and a pleasure.


Definitely a process knitter. 2 weeks ago I knit the heel on the 2nd sock in a day of meetings. I had picked up the foot when I realized it was a second left sock so I tore it out. Attempt 2 I was 4 rows in when I realized it was again a left sock. Third time it was finally right. But I had a project that ended up lasting 3 full days of meetings instead of just 2 and a day twiddling my thumbs.

Kat Gatzke

I think I’m a bit of both. I do really like the process, but to be honest I’m a little afraid of a lot of techniques. And there are a lot of patterns that I really want to knit so I can have the finished product.


I’m a product knitter, but only because I force myself to be! I am a perfectionist by nature, but it’s brought me a lot of grief in other creative endeavors. So when I started knitting, it was deliberately to be able to *finish* something. It helps that I mostly knit quicker projects like hats, socks, etc.


I am a sock knitter. I enjoy the process of going round and round in small circles but also enjoy seeing the progress.


Awesome! Love hearing about others Fiber stories. I’m a combination. I know there are times when I’m a product knitter, especially if I’ve been asked to make something. I recently tinked two whole rows of about 150 stitches to discover a missed yo. Subsequently, I also did a YouTube search to see how to prevent that much tinking in the future. : ) Through the process I was more excited about finding my mistake than mad that I had made one. This revelation came upon me at about stitch #30 and I was flooded with feel goods because I do consider knitting/crochet my most favorite hobby and never want to feel like it’s more of an obligation than an escape to relaxation. Thank you for this opportunity and I have enjoyed every post regarding this hat!


Definitely a product knitter here, although I do love the process of choosing a pattern and the perfect yarn for it. So maybe a little of both.


I’m more dominantly a product knitter.... but some things I can’t live with so I morph into a process knitter. It depends on the project and the issue at hand! Your work is beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


I am both, bepending on the situation. I definitely find comfort in the meditative proces of knitting. But I also can be very focused on the end result for other knitting projects.
Ypur hats are all lovely!


I am definitely a process knitter. I LOVE the process of knitting, it's relaxing and peaceful and beautiful.....what more could we want?! I had been knitting only a few years, but saw a cowl that I fell in love with at a yarn shop near my Dad's retirement community a few states away from where I live. After being assured by the staff that all the stitches needed were ones I was familiar with, I bought the yarn they used for the project and began knitting the Downtown cowl for my sister. I had it almost finished when I realized I was going to run out of yarn before the end. I looked the project over, figured no one would ever realize that it wasn't finished on the row the pattern called for, but didn't go any further. Visiting the shop on my next trip I talked to the knowledgable staff, and they suggested that I could end it where I was with no problem (my previous conclusion) or I could buy another skein of yarn (they still had the same colorway) but I would have a fair amount left over. They suggested binding off. I went home, thought about it, and frogged it all down into a ball and started again because I realized I had fun just knitting the pattern and was happy to have a reason to do it again. I'm just over half way done. And now I know more than I did before. Someday my sister will have a warm cozy cowl to wear in the winter......probably this winter!

Colleen D'Allura

I am a process knitter. I just realized i knit the rs stiches on the ws of my shawl. I do not mind at all taking out stitches. It is just another step in the process.


I must be a process knitter, because I’ve only finished about a third of what I’ve started. From where I’m sitting right now I see three hats in progress and one sweater only lacking one sleeve and button band. I believe I cast it on 2 1/2 years ago. 😳


I’m more product oriented but largely because I am both sprinter and perfectionist and the meditation of knitting helps me balance that energy. The process is key but finishing a project gives me permission to move to another project and challenge. Progress not perfection!!


I'm definitely a process knitter, especially when it comes to color work. There's a point in every colorful knit that I Realize I'd rather just get knitting than fret about color choices, and that usually begets a piece that I love to make but don't want to wear. And I really don't mind that!


I'm mosstly a process knitter, which I've known for a long time. That was recently reinforced with the pair of socks I just completed. I knit nearly to completion the first sock using a chevron stitch pattern, then tried it on. It was too tight, so I just frogged it an cast on again right away with no problems. Just more opportunity to knit, right?


A process knitter who finishes. I knit gifts but also for myself. I tend to rotate pretty evenly-- then finish three things within a week of each other. I need different kinds of projects to flip between.


I think I’m a product knitter. I enjoy knitting as my “me time,” but I am drawn back to a project because I want the final product. That being said, I love a complicated knit, so I think that also makes me a process knitter! I try to always have at least one simple stockinette project on the needles (currently my Pavement and my Marettimo) and at least one complicated project (currently I have Jailbird Jammies and Pin Up Socks, neither of which have been getting any love). So... I’m both!

Mary Giger

I’m generally a process knitter and will tink or frog a project if i don’t think I can live with it. All that said I’m working towards being a project knitter in that I’m finishing more items without some of the agony I used to have. The more I learn about knitting the less mistakes I make. I’m also learning to make better choices in patterns, yarns and fit.

Morgan James

I think with my current project, Therapy by Laura Aylor, I would fall into the process category. I have knit many rows to find my count is off and have patiently tinked or frogged back to the mistake, resolved it and continued on. I am now 13 rows from completion of the shawl I started to heal after my husband of 15 years asked for a divorce (2.5 years ago). The name fits as knitting is therapeutic for me

Sally Gradle

Definitely a process knitter. It's the meditative quality of it. I made a large shawl while sitting in the hospital with my father when he was dying. It was a comfort. I didn't even block it until months later.


Definitely a process knitter. (I suspect large stash people are process knitters) I would rather rip and re-knit to get 'right' then finish and never touch again because something is 'off'. I get nervous as I am close to finishing a project because then what will I knit on? I have been trying to stagger two sock projects so I don't run out. I find knitting to a deadline kind of stressful.


For sure I'm a product knitter, always looking for the finish. I think it must be that I always have so many projects on the go and feel rushed to finish them.

Sarah Peer

I definitely am a product knitter! I was working on my Sock Arms sweater, and had to take it out four times because the sizing wasn't right, and I kept getting frustrated and annoyed because I wanted to be moving forward instead of backwards on my progress. Needless (or needleles?) to say, I calmed down, figured out the sizing, and finished a gorgeous sweater!

Katie Lani

Process knitter. Getting ready to frog a sweater that I started a while back that wasnt going any where and start over, and I dont feel bad about it at. all. 😁


I'm a process knitter. I actually enjoy reading through the pattern. I learned this long ago when I was so sad when a piece was finished. I have no problem giving a finished piece away. My daughter saw a sweater I had just finished and loved it. I gave it to her immediately. Yippee! Good reason to start another one!

Corlene Forde

I consider myself to be about 75% process knitter and 25% product knitter. I love the process of knitting, learning new stitches, techniques, etc. but I also really enjoy wearing and sometimes gifting (to a select few) what I make.


I find that 95 percent of the time my hats stretch and are too big so you made the right decision. Speaking of percents, I’m half and hal product vs. process but am least happy when I step back and correct my mistakes.


Correction most happy!

Candice Freeman

I thought I was a product knitter, but the amount of wipes I have says otherwise.


I've always been a process knitter! Whether it's to fix the smallest mistake or ripping out an entire sweater :D While it does sometimes feel like a waste of time, I really don't mind because I just love the process. Plus, if you've knit it once, you'll be more experienced with the pattern and it'll got a bit faster!


I think I'm more of a process knitter. I love watching a hand knit from a pattern.


I think I sway more towards the product side of things. I love finishing projects and also I hateeee ripping out a lot of stitches!!!! :)


Definitely a process knitter! I always have several socks and usually a sockhead hat going so that I can just sit and do some mindless knitting when needed 😄

Lorraine Wood

I am a process knitter. It did take me a few years to figure that out. I would refuse to have any wip despite the intense urges to start something new.


Definately a process knitter. This is why most of my socks are vanilla and why I have a sockhead cowl that a giraffe could wear. Knitting it has so many great memories of a trip that I don't want to frog it.


I am more of a product knitter. I love to see the finished knit. However, I almost always have 4-5 projects on my needles at a time.


Must I choose? Some projects I make because I want to understand why they work. But other projects I make because I (or someone I love) wants the result. And sometimes, I get lucky and there's a project for which I'm interested in both the process and the product. If neither one grabs me, into the frog pond it goes, in short order.

Nicole S

I can think of examples both ways. Sometimes I knit something because I want the item, and I'm disappointed if I have to frog and try again because that makes it take longer to get to the item. Other times I'm just enjoying a yarn or technique and the finished item will sit for a while before anyone uses it, and those times I'm more relaxed if I have to frog.


75% project knitter. I do love seeing progress and finding out what it will look like in the chosen yarn. And I have knit way more shawls than I or my sister can wear😉. And 25% process knitter because I love to knit. The feel of the yarn and the fun of selecting and combining colors and pattern browsing is a perfect way to spend an afternoon!!


I am a process knitter. I think I always knew that but it became clear when I completed the Dahlia cardigan, tried it on and realized it was just not right for me. I immediately ripped it back, rewound the yarn and looked for a more suitable project. But I totally enjoyed the process of knitting that sweater to begin with. Challenging pattern.

Audra L

Think I am mostly a process knitter, with occassional bouts of product. There was a scarf with bobbles that my mother in law requested that was pure torture to finish. I hated every step of it but wanted to hand a finished product over. And then she wanted another for a friend... (which i did but then tossed out the pattern). I am now on yr 3 of a planned year of 'me' knitting and its much more process knitting for me.


By the definition, I'd be a process knitter. But it's because I don't want a product with flaws in it that I'm perfectly willing to rip or start things over.

Sarah R

I am a process knitter but I do like to see things finished. I am currently a bit obsessed with socks and try a new pattern or technique (or three) with each pair. I like learning and now that I've learned how to unravel down to dropped stitches, there isn't as much tinking happening!

Sarah Delaney

I am all about the process! I knit my husband a ski mask and it had all kinds of crazy short rows for the nose, chin, and shoulders. By far the most complex thing I've knit so far but I loved it! Another reason why I am all about the process: I can complete some projects in a matter of days but it will take a month or two to actually weaving in the ends!

Anne Marie

The sheer number of WIPs I have makes me think I am a process knitter!!

Janet C

Judging from the number of WIPs that I have, I would say that I am a process Knitter. I'm also a social Knitter, so that complements process knitting. I do, however, enjoy my FOs, and just need to clear out or frog my WIPs from time. Both, I guess?


Hard question! During autumn I am definitely a process knitter - I knit hats, hats, hats... I love to test different yarns with different patterns. I love to learn about the different fibers, how they feel, with which patterns they work etc.
When knitting for my grandsons I am a product knitter. But most of the time I just LOVE to knit - the feeling of the yarns, the movements of the hands, the skills of knitting still improving (even after 45 years of knitting)....
Knitting is simply great ;-)


Definitely a product knitter who enjoys the process. Without the FO it’s not worth my time - although the process definitely helps me cope with life!

Jennie Blunt

I'm most definitely a process knitter! I have CO and attempted the first section of What The Fade....I am not exaggerating at least 15 times. I understand how to do brioche, I keep forgetting what row I am on, or messed up/dropped a st. and I have a 4 yr old. Also, been using my phone for the patter but today I had an idea to print it off at the library and bought highlighters!! I WILL finish this, with no mistakes! I can do this!!

Lisa M Barrett

Unequivocally process. I completed a Motley shawl - - and didn't like the finished dimensions so I unraveled the entire thing. I've done that numerous times with socks and hats too. If they're not perfect, I don't mind frogging/unraveling since it's the act of knitting I most enjoy and the finished products are a pleasant reward.


I want to be a product knitter but if I’m honest with myself I’m a process knitter. I love planning and learning and starting a new project. I want to make everything I see and have way too many wips right now. I don’t like gift giving deadlines but they push me to finish and then I’m in love with the gift :)

Becky Frost

I have no clue which one I am I love to knit. I HATE ripping rows out but I will do it after a few days of thinking about..I currently am working on Find your fade,a baby hat, and my first pair of socks ... worried about turning that heel! I love it when project is done however! Could I be both depending on the day? Lol

Tish Painter

I am mostly a process can take me forever to knit an item or almost no time at all depending on how I am enjoying the actual knitting of it or not. Some things loose their knitting charm and become WIPs and then get picked up again when I need them. When I have to have something knit up by a certain time I have a lot of trouble with it usually as that stress diminishes the fun of knitting it. But I do like the finished product also when that actually happens. And I can sometimes even meet a deadline but I think the process of it all rules overall. 😉

Wendy Chase

Process. Because I have so many projects going at the same time! Once in a while I really focus and make myself finish something before casting on a new project. For me it's all about the joy of creating...and I get bored;)


I'm a product knitter. I will rip and redo even a small mistake if I can tell it is not right.


I think I'm mostly a process knitter, but I do have periods when it's all about product. I do believe as with Asian artisans that it's good to leave at least a small mistake in your art so the Gods don't think you're uppity, but I also have returned a number of ways to be able to fix problems without ripping. Drop to the mistake and fix it is far better than losing some weeks of work! Knitting is my meditation and destressing 'exercise' so driving myself nuts over it isn't going to help. I do love knitting.


I've Learned a number of ways! Not 'returned'! What a laugh...

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