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September 12, 2018



At this time I have a few items going. One of them is a sweater from the bottom up in the round using --actually sock yarn. I have a scarf in basketweave that I am also working on.


My main project right now is this baby cardigan for my new granddaughter. It's going much more slowly than I'd like it to because I haven't been able to find much knitting time and I'm a very slow knitter!


Both projects have been neglected this summer, Zircon and Chautauqua Slabs I haven't set knitting aside this long ever. Both are almost done, sort of. I may need new yarn inspiration.

Abby M

I'm working on the Beekeepers Quilt again. I finished a shawl and now am between big projects. I am quilting a full sized blanket though, taking a big chunk of time.


I am knitting the Ara shawl by Andrea Mowrey.

julie ballinger

A Dogwood baby blanket. Such a wonderful pattern!


I'm making a 12-month sized hoody cardigan for my granddaughter's birthday next month. Just finished a stuffed dragon for the same event.

Julie Olsen

Another pair of socks, of course!


Just finished a washable wool afghan (all set for the first blast of winter), cashmere scarf for my DIL for Christmas on the needles, and pondering my stash for inspiration for a pair of socks. I can always use more yarn!


I've got the foot of sock #2 of a pair of stripey stockinette socks going, a ball wound for the next stripey pair, and am past the halfway point on my Hairpin Turns shawl using two gradient shawl balls and the Around the Bend pattern.


A Carbeth cardigan!

Rose Birchall

Two projects going. Socks and dishcloths.

Nancy F.

Just started another Lizard Ridge afghan...


I've been working on my first pair of socks for months now - we're traveling in an RV so very little knitting time. Finished the first sock in late May but having trouble with the heel flap on the second one. I keep dropping stitches and have to tink back a row or two - by the time I'm done I'll have knit that flap at least twice!

Natalie McLaughlin

I just started the Cowl that is on the front of the newest NORO magazine and I am in LOVE. Can't put it down...


I'm actually finishing up a crochet shawl. My last in a line of knitted and crocheted shawls and blankets. whew!

Leigh Gossett

Knitting gifts at the moment, I have quite a few projects going because I am easily bored! Shawls include a Colourist, a Greenlight, and a Starvaell. I have 2 hats going-a Citrus and a Sockhead Slouch. I can always use more yarn, lol!

Alecia Helton

Church mouse poncho in Manos Maxima.

Colleen D'Allura

The om shawl by Drea Renee knits.


I am not currently knitting anything but am planning for lots of basic socks because last winter I realized a lot of mine had reached the end of their useful lives.


Currently knitting a long cardigan that's taking me forever and Halloween colored socks for my daughter.


Working on an entrelac throw in memory of my s-s-l who lost her cancer battle last September - this throw is for her mother who misses her terribly. Also working on squares for warm up America. I just finished a best friend shawl for a previous co worker - I am MarlaF on Ravelry. Thanks for the contest-beautiful yarn.

Wendy Chase

Socks,mittens, and Susan B. Anderson's Litle Dragon.

Kate  Greenwood

Joji’s 3 color cashmere cowl
Thanks for the giveaway!!


I’m working on a crocheted baby blanket, lace shawl with 2400 yards of lace and 3700 beads (what was I thinking) and another shawl. Plus need to cast on for another KAL. I’m a bit busy.


I'm working on a pair of socks, a shawl, and some fingerless mitts!


I just finished knitting a baby cardigan and hat with a really cute sheep design. The pattern is called "Welcome to the Flock" by Julia Farwell-Clay, and can be purchased on Ravelry. I'm currently working on a pair of socks, trying to make a dent in my stash of sock yarn!

Rhonda Atkinson

I am working on the Sockhead Cowl. Just finished #1, now onto #2 and #3 for Christmas gifts.


I'm working on a pair of simple ribbed socks ( and I've also started a Neighborly Cardigan (


I'm working on Little Boxy in a Fading colour pattern and on the last part of a top I've designed for myself. And probably a dozen other things waiting in the wings.

Cindy Carpenter

I cleaned out my crafting area this week and found 8 (yes Eight) pairs of socks started. Since I knit them 2 at a time this is a sizable time investment. I am compelling myself to finish all 8 pair before any new cast ons. One good way to look at it this is a jumpstart on Christmas knitting! I would still love to win this this for when the cast on drought is over!

doreen gilmartin

I am working on a cardigan and blanket right now.
I am so enjoying them.


I’m working on a little black shawl. It’s the Sept. KAL for Fogbound Knits. I’m also working on a sweater for my husband but the wool is heavier, and the temperature is still too high to spend too much time with it. I also have a pair of Flibbertigibbet Socks half done. They were the last Tour de Sock pattern.


I recently finished a Free Your Fade shawl out of Spun Right Round and Long Dog Yarn. Such a fun knit!

Susan Kirkland

I’m working on socks for Christmas gifts. I have so many things to do and that I want to do! 😊


I had to take a big ol' break from knitting because of repetitive use issues with my right hand, so I am actually still not done with my Goldfish Memory shawl, but I started a pumpkin baby cocoon and hat this past weekend and am trying to finish it by this coming weekend.


I'm using up leftovers by trying out a variety of cat toys in an effort distract the kitten from beating up on his big brother!


I am knitting a pair of socks with some BMFA BFL which I bought when you had it on sale.


A simple pinwheel blanket for my daughter out some some rainbow sock yarn I purchased here.


I've got about 5 shawls in the works! Several of them are KALs that have already ended but I'm still plugging along!

Lynn B.

I am knitting the Solfege shawl It is a relaxing knit and for a Christmas bunco party.

joyce hancock

I am just finishing up a merman tail blanket for my grandson. His brother wants one also, so that will be one of my next projects.

Cris Bjork

I'm working on Segel in laceweight.

Gail Fairman

I am knitting candy corn Halloween socks with Vesper striped merino sock. My plan is to send then as trick or treat to my daughter at college. They are not fattening.


Knitting the Mon Manet sweater from Laine and a hat with Spun Right Round

Pamela Naylor

I am working on the many tiny braids that make up the fringe of my Phiarro scarf. Honestly, I think I have spent as much time on these braids as on the rest of the scarf!

Renee Anne

I have far too many items going right now....and I'm actively working on most of them here and there. I have a pair of socks (which is only shocking because I only have one pair going right now), a Clapotis (I'm late to the party), a Sockhead was just started (again, late to the party), my Wink sweater, the Returning Shawl, the Age of Brass & Steam shawl, a granny square blanket, a toy for my niece, an ear-flapped two-color hat that is kind of in time-out until I figure out how to handle the 18-20 st floats coming up, some spinning projects, and a mini-weaving project.....and design projects....and I just dyed yarn the other day.

Far too much happening.


I just finished a scrappy fingering weight scarf. Yarn held double, knit in the round. It used up a lot of my odds and ends and was the perfect mindless knit for a long drive from WI to MT and back. I may start another mindless project (a hitchhiker in MWP sounds good...) that is easy to put down for a while since I have hand surgery next week and knitting will be curtailed for a few months.

Jenn H

I'm finishing up a retest of Lisa Chemerys Latte Coat and its working up so warm and snuggly I want one for me! (polinarysoup on ravelry)


I'm working on my Groc Girls ssock bash socks for the month. They're knit from Casual Fashion Queen's Plush Merino Sock in the Yuna colorway. I'm knitting a chevron pattern.

Connie Rabun

I am finishing my Katie’s shawl from Cozy Up Designs and waiting on my Simply Socks order to start winter hats!


I just finished a Butterfly - Papillon shawl and a Hitchhiker shawlette. I am currently working on the Downtown cowl in Tosh sport in a beautiful blue color "Cobalt" - for my sister. Maybe I'll get it done for her birthday in November - here's hoping!!


have socks on the needles now … six or seven pair in various stages from start to near finishing. some for me, some for others.


A pair of socks on the needles - Opal yarn. Need to start a baby blanket.


Those colors are gorgeous even without being able to see the copper. I am currently knitting a pair of plain vanilla socks for myself in WYS Cocktails Sherbet Fizz. Then I promised my granddaughter a pair of plain vanilla socks in light gray & one of my grandsons a Sockhead hat in dark blue.


Nearing the finish of second sock of DIC sock club yarn. Love mini coordinating skein for heels , toes and cuffs. I need some mitts so maybe those next.

Laura Knoke

Finishing my pair of blender socks. Also working on my first sweater and crocheting an afghan!

Kathleen Haynes

Socks for a Ravelry KAL

Mary Kay Ross

Halloween socks on my needles. It will be before you know it.

Kat Gatzke

Right now I’m working on a pair of socks using Canon Hand Dyes self striping and I’m about to start swatching for a blanket for my living room.

Bev White

I've got several projects going right now, but I'm concentrating on a Nordic Trail vest. I'm using a Beaverslide Dry Goods' yarn from right here in Montana.

Brenna Delosier

A simple scarf out of dream in color.

Karen G.

Just started a shop sample sweater for my LYS. And I need to start a second sock yarn baby sweater tomorrow- 'cause it's twins!


Working on a mini herringbone hooded scarf for my Mother’s 88th Birthday.

Anne Marie

Test knitting a pair of socks for amazing designer Annie Rowden.


I've got a stranded hat on the needles, a Fractured Fairy Tale Hat (, but I've committed the Ravelry no-no of working on the knitting on and off for a week, and I still haven't started the project page yet.


Socks for a 9 year old girl.

Geri Heagy

I'm working on a pair of Christmas socks with yarn I bought at the open house!


I am just finishing the body of my Zweig -

i also started a Joker & the Thief shawl and a Bad Blood cowl over Labor Day weekend (road trip projects!) -- definitely not a monogamous knitter!


right now i am making a cowl for my neice and sox for my moms church fair!!!


I'm working on Christmas gifts already. Using the Hitchhiker pattern but doubled in size and on a size 4 needle. Two skeins of Mineville Wool Project Sock makes a snuggly yummy winter scarf!


Multiple projects:
- Yggdrasil mitts
- Norrland hat
- holiday socks
- kimono jacket
- Jessica shawl

Hilda C

Working on two projects right now both for charity -- a crochet afghan and a hat.


I’m working on my second Kallara by Ambah O’Brien. It’s a great travel project with an easy to remember pattern. I’m using a gradient with a speckle.
Ravelry link to my project:


I'm currently working on another market bag, my fifth. I don't have a photo of this one yet, but the other 4 have photos. The pattern is super easy and free, and make a terrific stretchy bag.

Jeanne Bush

Just finished a pair of socks for a friend, but have in progress socks for me, a cowl, and a sweater, and a poncho - I always need choices when I sit down to knit!

Richelle Chambers Krotts

I've been making Itty Bitty Pumpkins by Sparrow Kelley the last few days - They are so cute and so addictive! I've doubled the yarn and added a few more rows to the center to get larger ones, too!


This yarn is beautiful. I especially like Coffee Grounds! I am currently working on a pair of socks for my husband I Opal yarn, a scarf for the Fall from Quing Fiber and I started my ten afghans for my Project Night Night tote bags for kids in a domestic violence shelter in the South Bronx.


Just finished a Color-Dipped Hat

And now I'm working on a long-term project, my Autumn Forest Blanket

Thanks for the contest!


I just finished a baby Sweater

Now I am working on a cowl

The Quing Fibre yarn is beautiful.


I just finished a boring little garter stitch dishcloth. Whoopie!

Jenny K

Working on a Maile Baby Sweater for a co-worker.

Teresa C

You inspired me to start a Sockhead Cowl, in leftover Wollmeise Blend, Gigante colorway.
The poolong is impressive.


The Cascade Elegance Wrap has turned into a long-term project for me.
I've been working on it for months in between crocheted doilies and Amigurumi. The promise of cooler weather is making me want to start knitting socks for this winter.


I am knitting a shawl for a friend to use as a gift. She gave me the yarn. Now I know I am truly a yarn snob cause I can hardly stand this yarn. Not soft and separates easily. Driving me crazy. I need some Simply Socks yarn.

Coby Hanna-Butler

I'm working on the Gather hat by Tin Can Knits. I am going to be making 6 of these hats for a weekend trip for friends. It's a super cute hat and a very easy pattern to follow. My first time with the smocking stitch. Maybe I'll need some fur poms to go with? ;)


I'm working on holiday socks with the Vanilla Latte pattern on Ravelry.


I am knitting Amsterbam from Stephen West. It is a very simple lace and the results are very nice. Do not have pictures or a "project" page in Revelry yet.

Marilyn Hunley

Just finished a Jason's Cashmere hat in 100% alpaca to gift to my brother who I am now visiting. The pattern says it's a weekend project and it really is. All cables. Because I am travelling right now, I'm knitting a sock from the untreated Portugese wool by Mondim. I'm enjoying this nonsuperwash yarn.


I am closing the second toe of my "Jimmies" shortie socks by Amy Miller. With summer coming to an end I better finish these!

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