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August 16, 2018



Very nice! I especially like the Symphony of Dreams. My oldest grand loves orange so I’m thinking 9610 would make a great Sockhead hat for him.


Yes, that's a great one! I think it's a good red/orange combo with a bit of a rainbow flair. Can't wait to see it.


Can't wait to see what you cast on, the colors are all scrumptious, and hope the cookie baking goes as well as the knitting!

Cynthia Carpenter

Will you be getting both the 4 and 6 ply in?


I really enjoy that name of the caterpillar Rainforest color roughly translates to "vegetable hooligans". Might have to get it just for that.


Hi Cynthia, thanks for asking. I do have the 6 ply Rainforest on order (it's finally being offered in the US!!) but I don't have a timeline on when it will arrive. Really looking forward to it though.

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