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August 15, 2018



My two "boys" are 47 and 49 and I still think of first school days each August.


It has always seemed to me that September 1 should be the beginning of the calendar year. It has always seemed like the time of new beginnings to me. And I think it’s outrageous that a lot of schools now start the school year in mid-August. They’re robbing kids of at least 1/6 of their summer! When I was a kid, we went back on the Wednesday after Labor Day which is September 5 this year. My grands go back to school on August 29, a full week earlier. That’s bad enough but their former schools (Baton Rouge) started on August 9. I suppose they have to start earlier to accommodate the Mardi Gras holidays. My daughter was posting first day of school photos form 6-10 years ago. Ah, the nostalgia - especially when you have teens & are looking back at their 2nd or 3rd grade photos!


My 5 year old has her kindergarten assessment next Friday. My 3rd and 6th graders return next Thursday. First regular day of kindergarten is 8/28 for all the kindergarteners. Thankfully, we have full day kindergarten!


My two girls are grown and live far away, yet every year when school starts here in Virginia, I remember taking those "first day" pictures each year, (even though they've even finished college and graduate school at this point), and I get very wistful and nostalgic watching my neighbors' kids getting off the bus, and their moms waiting for them, welcoming them home with hugs........I still miss those days and remember them fondly.....
Hang in there, have a good cry (if it helps) when they leave each day that first week, and welcome them home with lots of hugs, fun snacks, and your full attention when they bubble over with what happened that day at school!! Enjoy their growth as they mature and marvel as they become their own unique personalities. And bake lots of yummy, homemade cookies!


Di, that's a great idea! Homemade chocolate chip cookies for them when they come home!


My baby (24 yo) will start grad school in NYC this month. Yikes!


After a long hard struggle with a sub-par school system then home-schooling my 21 year old grandson with autism received his GED and is enrolled in an IT program at a technical college.


This is my last back to school. My baby starts her senior year at Purdue on Monday. I've been shifting between being teary-eyed at this prospect and jumping up and down because there is only one more tuition payment remaining.

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