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August 27, 2018



My youngest's first regular day of kindergarten is tomorrow! They go to a K-8 informal school that is a city-wide lottery school in the largest school system in our state. We love the school. Unfortunately, we are having a heat wave, so school is dismissing early tomorrow. Not all buildings have air conditioning. I work from home as a writer, so I hope to maybe actually get stuff done while they are at school. Or at least, learn how to read knitting charts :)


I never knew James was such a tiny baby!!! (clicked your link). Walden came out at 9lbs 1oz but now he's such an averagely small kiddo haha.


Jessica, no A/c in this is humidity and heat is not fun. James had his first middle school soccer game last night and a few hours later got quite sick from the heat with headache and ..... more.
Lauren, I can't believe he was a nine pounder! Mine were both well under 7 pounds and now seem like giants! BTW, we had soccer last night and it was definitely different with all the heat and no rain like we had every game all summer. Ugh.


We took the college sophomore back to LA over the weekend. It's bittersweet, because I feel really good about where she is (in her growth and maturity and literally at the college she is attending), but it's sad not hearing her come in through the front door.

Yes, it all goes by sooooo quickly.


Allison, try Gatorade after school before the soccer game and after the game on the way home....we had to hydrate well to avoid those issues during the hot soccer season here in VA. Both my daughters played and we always had their favorite flavor on hand, and it made a huge difference during the hot, humid weather. Or whatever favorite electrolyte beverage they like, there are so many new ones on the market.
My husband even has to drink Gatorade after mowing our lawn in the heat, otherwise he can't think straight from loss of so much sweat if he doesn't take in enough electrolytes. Plain water isn't enough. Good luck!

Cindy Carpenter

Different topic.... didn’t you mention a third new Dyer this month?

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