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July 31, 2018



I must be in need of knitting something yellow because Lemonellow got me all WOOOO


Don't Rain on My Craft Parade just speaks to me.

Bente Waag

Don't rain on my craft parade is stunning! Yes, please!


Don't Rain on My Craft Parade is SO great.


Just Jack!!


In a pickle is GORGEOUS


I had an amazing all black cat named Onyx, so I would definitely go with the Black Onyx colorway!


I nearly drooled when I saw Fowl Play - not my usual fare, but it truly speaks to me.

Sarah Peer

Pixie Dust Unicorn!


Oh, tough choice... Rhubarbie Girl is awesome, as is I Am Groot.

Pam Hunter

My favorite is Fowl Play. I fell in love with it when I saw it.

Mary Cherrey

Neon Lights on Broadway is wonderful!

Nikisha Shoulders

Just Jack!!

Candice Hope

I think I love Free Range Chickens and/or Marbles. And now if I win I will have to choose. Shoot.


Don't Rain on my Craft Parade definitely!

T Craven

Autumns Up! I'm a fall palette enthusiast. Fowl Play is a very close second.♥️


Don't Rain on My Craft Parade looks like so much fun!

Colleen D'Allura

Dark side of blue M!!

Teresa McP

Oh my gosh! So many choices! Chillaxin just speaks to me today.


Intropeck or Joy to the World are reaching out to this hour.




Joy to the World, it will be here before we know it!


They are all beautiful! I will go with Wild Irish Girl!


Scaelette begonias!


Beautiful yarn! I love the Rainbows!


Fowl Play spoke to me.

Sheila P

At the moment I am loving the Angry Elf.

Nicole Acuna

The Foliage Is Fall is stunning but all of BMFAs yarns are gorgeous!! My 2nd fav is Fire On The Mountain :)

Adele D

Squashed looks very interesting.

Carolyn Faulkner

ELECTRIC KOOLAID us so lovely and my favorite but I also like Angry Elf.


I’m really digging Fowl Play.


Stars Hollow for me.

Dreda Lombardo

This yarn is wonderful! I have not entered for a prize before but just love these

Dreda Lombardo

Forgot to put name of yarn --- sorry. I love- love- love "don't rain on my parade".

Dari Trout

Today's favorite is Apron Strings.


I am utterly enamoured with #shepersisted in Super Sparkle as much for the name as the colours. Thank you.


I love “Don’t rain on my craft parade”!


You make it very difficult to choose, but I would have to say Blk Dragon Wisteria.

Deb Kellen

I love Don't rain on my craft parade.


So many fantastic choices is hard to narrow it down to just one. I love the color and especially the name SHEPERSISTED.

Marlene Biddle

Soooo many gorgeous colors. To pick one would say Seal Rock!

Lisa Thompson

Today, my favorite is Just Jack!

Shoshana Silberstein

Ilove the Fowl Play!


I love Imboloc, it is beautiful!

Annette Poole

Cootie Noodle. Doesn't BFMA come up with the best names?


Christmas balls 😄


Lady Edith please


Rainbow Reindeer


It’s very grey at my house today...definitely need some Electric Kool Aid to brighten things up.

Abigail W

Love the color explosion of Don't Rain On My Craft Parade!


I’m actually really liking fowl play. So pretty!

Wendelika Cline

Heirloom Tomato Jam

Suzanne jewison

Don't rain on my parade is the best yarn ever!

Stevie jewison

I love fowl play,very unusual x

Jessie Dodington

Don't rain on my craft parade is looking scrumptious! There is so much going on in that yarn!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Renee Anne

Blk Dragon Wisteria was the first one that caught my eye....


Fowl play

BillieJo Shae

Fowl Play caught my eye! Thanks for sharing!


I'm drawn to the subtle hues in Stone-smoked Porter. thanks for this chance to win!

Beverly J White

So many choices. Guardians of the Skeins really caught my eye.

Jeanne Bush

Cootie Noodle for me. How do they come up with all these clever names???

Megen Weber

Jeepers Creepers is really making me ready for fall!


Put the Lime In the Coconut, at least today.


I like Dream Cloud!


Right now, Taste the Rainbow!


Hollidazzle is by far my favorite!!

Marjorie Smith

Don’t rain on my parade is my favorite.

Wendy Chase

It's a tossup between Supreme Black Dalek and Goodbye Kitty. Love those speckles but I also love the tones of the Black Dalek.


Right now I love "Dark Side of Blue Moon"

Heather Goforth

Don't rain on my craft parade pops to me. I like them both, though.

Wendy Gaffke

I love shepersisted!


She Persisted!


Cranberry Bogged!!! heart eyes!

Dawn Bertch

Loving fowl play! So many amazing ones though. I think I have more bmfa in my stash than any other brand and most have been purchased from you lol

Audra L.



Today it is Hush. It would be perfect for baby hat to make for a coworker

Colleen Clarke

Right at this moment, my favourite is Obsidian.


At this moment....Dragon Wisteria....

Jackie Trembley

I'm thinking about Christmas already, so Jingle Sprinkles speaks to me! Would make awesome Christmas socks!

Mary Anne

Imbolc is talking to me!


Electric Koolaid definitely speaks to me! Hush and I Am Groot are close (more subdued) runners up, though. So many fun colours!

Rose Driscoll

Dragon Wisteria would be my favorite but there are
Way too many that I would like to add!!


Ack! How to choose? Introspeck or just jack.


At the moment? Chillaxin.


Rhubarbie Girl.

Janet Godshalk

Love them both but 1st is fowl play

Mary Beth Shell

Love them both but fowl play is my favorite


Skyrocketing Puddle!!!!

Sandy C

“I am Groot”. Jumped right off the page. Not usually my color way but I just love it

Charity Feit

Definitely don’t rain on my Craft Parade.

Elaine Boston

I like Chillaxin! Great Color!


I’m intrigued by “Fowl Play”. It would be a departure for me, but I’d love to see how it works up.

Leslie S

I love Heirloom Tomato Jam, beautiful colors and speckles!

Allison Chicka

It is such a nice blend of muted colors with neon pops that I think it would make a lovely shawl. There are soooo many beautiful colors to choose from.
I’m hoping to do some of my own dying this fall with my two year old - let her creative flag fly - and then knit something interesting with it.

Sue Kieft

Fire on the mountain! 💗💗💗

Darcy coffel

I love dragon wisteria!!

Joyce Gravino

I love all of the buffy colors but my favorite is Giles.


Today it is Goodbye Kitty - who knows about tomorrow!

Thanks for the opportunity.


Today it's The Foliage is Fall.


Candy Stripe

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